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  2. UB Anonymous Feedback
  3. Help us make Unbalanced a better guild, we are always looking to improve and we can only do that with your feedback!
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  5. How long have you been in the guild? *
  6. 1+ Year
  7. 6+ Months
  8. 3+ Months
  9. Less than 3 Months
  10. Why did you join the guild? (You can select multiple choices) *
  11. Two-Day Mythic Raiding
  12. The Tuesday and Thursday Schedule
  13. The 8-11pm PST time slot
  14. Friend in the guild
  15. How do you feel about our Loot Council? Do you think loot is distributed in a manner consistent with our goal of being a Cutting Edge guild? *
  16. Here we go boys.
  18. Loot system is the worst. It's unclear, unpredictable and has loopholes.
  20. First, it is never clear why someone got a peace of loot over me. I have to either dwell in uncertainty and saltiness, or go and inspect that person before he equips a new piece. And if the piece is already equipped, I need to go to armory/ and inspect it there. All while the rest of the raid keeps pulling trash. And when I find out what piece did that person have, boy it better be worse than mine, otherwise I'm going to be mad for the rest of the night which doesn't improve my performance.
  22. The same issue from the other perspective: if I got the item, I still wonder who did I get it over. If I pressed BiS but the item is the same ilvl of my current item and only has better traits which give me like 0.5% dps increase, and other person who rolled would get 5% dps increase, I would feel bad and greedy, which also would not increase my performance and happiness.
  24. Second point, unpredictability. I never know when I'm going to get the piece of loot I want. There is no building up towards it, there is no confidence I can influence it. It's random. I don't like it.
  26. A side note to points 1 and 2: it's especially infuriating when someone who doesn't need loot from specific boss and is allowed to come on alt, comes in and gets the piece of loot for his alt over my main. Like what the fuck? (I'm actually not sure if this happened to me personally or I observed it, but it happened at least once).
  28. And third, loopholes. I could trick the current loot system if I wanted. And people can already be doing this, intentionally or not, I haven't checked. The key is titan residuum. Assume there are 2 persons, A and B. Person A decides to stockpile residuum to buy one BiS piece for 7k. Person B decides to roll random pieces for 1.7k. First strategy gives you nothing for like 7 weeks and when it does, you and the raid already don't need it. The second strategy is generally better for the person AND for the raid. So suppose person B rolled a random 415 with sub-optimal traits, and person A got nothing and is still wearing 400 ilvl piece. They come to raid, a BiS 415 drops, and who do you think gets it? Right, person A, because he has 400 ilvl piece and it's bigger upgrade for him than for person B. Person A ends up with BiS piece AND all the titan residuum, while person B got inferior piece and no residuum, even though he followed a better strategy. Sounds fair? I don't think so.
  30. Another example, I think I saw someone rolling BiS for two pieces for the same slot, say azerite piece. WTF?
  32. Now, you may want to counter all my rant with the "yeah, it may not be too fair, but it's better for the raid". But is it though? Because of this, I don't trust people I raid with.
  34. I highly prefer EPGP my guild used in Legion. I haven't checked if this is still a thing with the loot council removed though.
  35. Do you feel like we need to add or modify our expectations for our raiders? Do you feel like we enforce the current expectations? (Link to current expectations *
  36. You may want to add few more requirements:
  37. 1) Get the coins before the raid.
  38. 2) Get the talent changing tomes.
  39. 3) Specify that we start pulling at 8pm, not logging in.
  41. A note on existing requirements:
  42. 1) You require raiders to research fights beforehand, but do you actually enforce it? I have a very strong feeling that while some people learn the shit out of the fights, others don't even know what's the difference between heroic and mythic.
  43. Do you feel like we use our raid time efficiently? What can we do to improve it? *
  44. Hell no, I don't feel like it.
  45. First, we start pulling too late, like 10 minutes late.
  46. Second, the raid sits there and waits for officers to finish chatting in their private room. If they need to talk, they can get there earlier, they are officers after all, put some extra effort, will you?
  47. Third, there are too much talk between the pulls, and very often it can be shortened or completely cut off.
  49. Over the past few weeks first two issues were kind of resolved, but I feel like we're slowly crawling back to them.
  50. For the third issue, I think it's not needed to list every person that died early that pull because a) it makes the person uncomfortable b) leads to excuses from them which is more talk. I believe people themselves know why they died. If there is something consistently wrong with them you can talk to them after raid or during the break. I heavily believe that doing more pulls teaches people better than talking. Also, as a side benefit or more pulls, more people will experience more mechanics.
  51. What do you expect from our raiders during progression? Do you feel like we have the right attitude during progression? Is this something we can improve on? *
  52. First of all, I'm happy with the technical side of the matter i.e. I don't see very often that someone has disconnects or hardware issues during the raid. I'm also glad that there are almost no breaks during the raid when we're waiting for someone who left without notice. There are also no cases when person came 1 hour late. I've been in such guilds and it sucked. Our raid lives and breathes for the entire 3 hours.
  53. Overall I like the atmosphere in the raid, it's chill and I don't feel stressed usually.
  54. Attitude is fine too, we just need to pull more.
  55. How do you feel about our sheets that help coordinate our raid? (Comp and Loot sheets)Are there any improvements we can make? *
  56. 1) Comp sheet. The idea is great, but the implementation is meh. I often found out during the raid that the actual comp was different to the spreadsheet. So what's the point of using it if I can't trust it?
  58. 2) Loot sheet. This one is better but I would like to see more reasoning on people's gear choices. Like why does someone put 2 weapons on the list? We could also add priority tiers, because not every piece is equally beneficial. For example, if I want a belt from some boss, and other person wants a weapon, that person should have a priority over me to get the spot in the raid. We could even use raidbots to sim pieces and provide dps increase if needed.
  60. 3) One idea I had is to have a sheet for attendance where people or officers could mark/unmark available dates to have a quick view of raiders available at specific date. For example, if someone goes on vacation he could sweep the whole period in red. Its just an idea, I know its hard to maintain.
  61. Do you feel like you have visibility in how the guild is run? If you don't, how can we improve this? *
  62. I don't get this question. So I think I'm fine.
  63. What would you like to see from our recruitment process? Any information or improvements that you would like to see? *
  64. I just hope that when you inspect people's logs you don't just look at damage or healing but also at avoidable damage taken, mechanics assigned and done, utility, and RNG.
  65. How do you feel about our officers? Is there any additional support they can provide? *
  66. I don't know what support they provide. But I know that some of the officers are among the people who fail the most. Get better.
  67. How do you feel about the raid leader? What improvements can be made? *
  68. He is a good guildmaster and raid leader, but there are always things to improve:
  69. 1) His constant attitude like "Why is it so hard to do the mechanics guys, look at me, I'm a god, why can't you be like me". I think he reminds me of TMSean sometimes, which once yelled on stream "IT TOOK US 11 SECONDS TO DO THE BOTS AND THEY CAN'T DO THAT IN 30!!!!". People do mistakes, live with it. Some people learn fights slower, some people don't get mechanics as often to get practice, some people don't even watch the video of the fight, some are just not as good of a players. Saying "this fight is so easy, just do X and Y" is not helpful. But you know what's helpful? Doing another pull.
  70. 2) He often threatens to replace people who fail when things go south, but I've never actually seen it happen. I know, it probably happens behind the scenes, but I don't see it. All I see is empty threats. You either say A and B, or don't say anything.
  71. When you are not in for a fight do you understand why? Would you like more feedback on the reasoning? *
  72. No, I don't. I don't seem to get any explanation unless I ask. What I think I would like to see is a dedicated discord channel like @ub-comp where comp would be announced for the night, something along the lines of "Hey team, we adjusted the comp for today's night to reduce the amount of melee because this fight favors ranged class, check out the relevant comp at <link to the spreadsheet>" or "Hey team, we keep the same comp for tonight because we are close to a kill and don't want to change anything". And, of course, only officers/RL should be able to write to this channel.
  73. Do you feel like you are part of a team? If not, what can we do to help? Additional guild activities etc. *
  74. I'm good.
  75. Do you have any other feedback not covered in previous questions?
  76. It took me a while to find the time to fill this form because I took it kind of seriously and I didn't want my responses to be influenced by emotions too much.
  78. Additional feedback:
  80. 1) Voice chat during pulls. Some people just can't shut up. Only RL and people assigned to some mechanics should talk. Although I think it can't be achieved since many people come to raid to play with their friends rather than progress.
  82. 2) Extended lockouts. I don't like them. I know the reason for them is our very scarce raid time, but I just don't like them. I want to kill bosses, I want to get better gear and parses, I want some sort of accomplishment. Sitting on the same boss for a month getting nothing in the meantime sucks. It's like doing the job you don't get paid for.
  84. 3) Overall I'm fine with the guild, but mainly due to the fitting raid time.
  86. 4) I actually have a slight hope that one day we'll be top 3 two-day guild on the server. My dream is to be top 10 among all guilds on the server. I've been there and it felt great.
  88. Bottom line: talk less and pull more.
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