Pokemon Randomizer Permadeath IRONMON

May 17th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. People have really enjoyed the Rental Rando Challenge Runs, so I wanted to come up with a "New" challenge that revolves around the mainline series. I'm dubbing it the Pokemon Randomizer Permadeath IRONMON Challenge. Now you'll notice there are a few similarities to another challenge out there, but this one has a few changes to it to make it really a bit more difficult and rewarding and one that will feel really good once I complete it. So this is how it works.
  3. I must complete the game (Beat Champion) w/ the following rules
  5. 1. I can only carry up to 6 Pokemon at a time, and cannot use the Box. If I want to add a 7th Pokemon, I must release/store one.
  6. 2. I can only catch/kill one Pokemon per Route. It does not have to be the first one I see.
  7. 3. I can only gain XP by defeating trainers. No Wild Pokemon Grind.
  8. 4. I can only use items that I pick up, no stores. (Pokeballs/Repels are an exception)
  9. 5. Once a Pokemon Faints, I must release/store it. No exceptions.
  10. 6. Once I've wiped, the run is over and I must restart.
  11. 7. I must choose the starter at random, NO PEEKING.
  12. 8. IF you kill a Pokemon while trying to catch it on accident, you will not be able to capture a Pokemon from that Route.
  13. 9. You have to talk to MOM when you start your journey, otherwise that's just rude.
  14. 10. I cannot catch legendaries. Trainers will still have them, but I cannot catch something that is deemed "legendary." If a pokemon evolves into a legendary I can use it, but only then.
  15. 11. 50% Level Increase on All Trainers.
  16. 12.You can skip randomizing your starter pick ONLY if one of your 3 favorite pokemon are an option (Mine are Gengar, Wailord, and
  17. Tentacruel)
  18. 13. No Lucky Egg EXP Item.
  19. 14. In the event that you kill or capture more than one pokemon per route, you must forgoe killing or capturing on the next route
  20. 15. If a pokemon dies with an item attached to it, the item cannot be salvaged.
  22. ULTIMATE IRONMON RULESET (Includes all of the previous rules) Final Version. For Now :)
  23. THIS IS FOR THE ULTIMATE GAMER ONLY. "this ruleset is about making a mistake"
  25. 1. All Pokemon have Fluctuating Growth Rate + Legendaries are set to Slow. (this ensures no pokes evolve into legendaries)
  26. 2. No Leftovers + Soul Dew (This item is NUTS for Latios/Latias)
  27. 3. No Way Out Gyms - Once You Enter a Gym or Dojo, You must defeat ALL TRAINERS + CANNOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU GET BADGE. Beat it or Die.
  28. 4. No HM Moves in Battle
  29. 5. You may only obtain 6 Pokemon for the Entire Run
  30. - IF you lose 5 out of the 6, you may catch more ONLY FOR OUT OF BATTLE HM USE
  31. - IF a Pokemon that is an HM friend get's Whirlwind/Roared/Dragontailed etc Into battle, Immediately Swap
  32. 6. One Shot Dungeons - You can only enter a dungeon once unless the story requires a revisit
  33. - Dungeons include - Caves/Hide Outs/Mansions/Buildings w/ Trainers
  34. - Dungeons DO NOT INCLUDE - Forests/Routes/Safari Zone
  35. 7.You must use Set Only Battles
  36. 8. If a Pokemon is about to evolve, you can’t stop it/ or use Everstone
  37. 9. No Questions (LMAO)
  38. 10. IF you have a Prime Gaming Sub, be sure to use it on your favorite IronMON streamer!
  40. ----------------------------------------------
  43. A) Must immediately fight Rival on Boat before other Trainers on Boat
  44. B) Must fight the rival in order to leave Lavender Town on first visit (Come back later for Progression)
  45. C) You Cannot Travel to Bill's Island
  46. ---------------------------------------------
  49. --------KAIZO IronMON-------
  51. These rules are meant to be insanely stupid and hard, and may actually be impossible.
  52. These are not meant to be fair, and possibly not even fun. But if you are truly someone who wants an impossible challenge, this is THE hardest way to play the game. ALL rules from Regular + Ultimate apply. These rules are also non-negotiable. If you choose to do this challenge, you can't alter or change them. This is meant to be the HARDEST ironmon. If you wish to adjust rules just play normal ironmon and Ultimate as your ruleset.
  54. Link to OG IronMON Rules ----->
  57. 1. One Pokemon at all times. The only additional pokemon you can carry is an HM Friend(s). If you wish to SWAP a pokemon that you see in the wild, you commit to that new mon the moment you catch it UNLESS YOU STATE BEFOREHAND THAT ITS A HM FRIEND (HM friend cannot be used in battle swaps, same rules apply as the ultimate rule) (You do not need to kill your HM friend if they die)
  58. 1A. HM Friends cannot be used to your advantage when it comes to Abilities like Pick Up.
  59. 2. Banned Moves: No Healing Moves of any kind (Recover, Milk Drink etc, No Drainpunch etc, No Leech Seed. No Refresh/Aroma etc) No Spore No Assist. (This does not include moves when they happen from metronome) (It's now Unlimited Catches)
  60. 3. NO TM or Move Tutor EXCEPT TM's you get from GYM LEADERS. You must use the moves that your pokemon learns naturally or the GYM Leader TM's
  61. 4. No 599+ BST Pokemon + No Legendaries unless they evolve (No Trading for Them Either) (Favs Still qualify for starter, but they must be under 600)
  62. 5. Catch or Kill rule is now Catch Only. No fighting any wild pokemon.If something explodes etc, thats fine, but avoid fighting at all costs.
  63. 6. No Huge Power/Pure Power. If it evolves into it, you must catch a new mon to replace. If you are swapping into a new Mon, but you currently don't have Huge Power + Pure Power, and it does. Swap back to your OG. IF a poke you catch does have huge power, you can either catch the alternate ability mon and only the alternate in that route OR you forfeit the catch in that route entirely.
  64. 7. No HP Healing Items while outside of battle (This includes status heals and PP Restore items. PP UP/PP Max can be used outside of battle)
  65. 8. No Held Items (Except Berries and EVO items)
  66. BIG DISCLAIMER - This is prob a rule that you are going to accidently do a lot due to muscle memory. IF that happens, just reload the save and do your best to replicate the situation while also taking some sort of penalty. IE, a free hit from a pokemon etc. I don't want people forfeiting good runs because of an honest mistake.
  68. 9. No Pokecenter-like healing in Dungeons (Example - Rocket Hideout, SS Anne, etc) Forced heals are fine like Lance/Pokemon Tower, but you cannot go back for seconds
  69. 10. You can only catch a pokemon that is equal to or lower than your current pokemon's level
  70. 11 - No Flutes
  71. 12. Static Pokemon MUST NOT have level increase. Forced Fully Evolved at Level 30. No "Make Evolutions Easier"
  72. 13. IF applicable, You must add 3 Additional Pokemon to Boss Trainers
  73. 14. You may use Move Relearner. BUT, you can only learn a single move one time. That means, you cannot learn sketch 4 times, only once.
  76. FAQ
  77. Q: Where can I Find the randomizer creator
  78. A:
  80. Q: Isn't this just a Nuzlocke?
  81. A: The title says Pokemon Randomizer Permadeath Ironman Challenge. I don't know what you're talking about
  83. Q: This seems like a Nuzlocke, are you sure?
  84. A: I'm SMH right now fam.
  86. Q: Hardcore Nuzlocke purists would say you've compromised the integrity of the entire playthrough by calling it this, what do you have to say to this?
  87. A: Twitch Prime
  89. Q: What are the Rando Settings?
  90. A: - -
  92. Q: What versions have you done?
  93. A: Beat HG/SS. Working on FR/LG. Have Played Black and white
  95. Q: Can you use VS Seeker?
  96. A: No, no refights on trainers allowed.
  98. Q: Is this even possible? This seems Impossible
  99. A: "I'm saying it is straight up not possible. You could tone it down just a bit to make it possible while still being very hard. As is, gym leader 8 ace is level 75, and champion ace is 95. There is simply not enough exp in the game to keep up with that scaling. 100% fact, not just me complaining, promise."
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