Day 9 by KrishnaKarnak (Candy Mane/Babs)

Jan 30th, 2014
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  1. Day 9 by KrishnaKarnak (
  3. ---
  5. (Sorta sequel to 'Bad Apples 1+2')
  7. “How's your homework going, sweetie?”
  9. Babs Seed, who was laying on her belly in her lime green pajamas, looked over at the door. She had her legs crossed, arms folded, and a pencil in her mouth. She spit out the pencil and it landed in the crease of her science workbook. Her mother walked across the room and sat on the edge of her bed.
  11. “It’s goin’ pretty swell, actually,” Babs replied happily, jerking a hoof at the page in front of her. “Dis ain’t nothin’ I can'ts do, I’m gonna ace my test.”
  13. Her mother smiled warmly and ran a hoof through her mane. “That’s my girl…”
  15. Babs beamed at the praise, but her smile turned into a frown when she saw that the expression on Candy Mane's face was sad. Suddenly, a weight slipped into her stomach.
  17. “Oh, no… tonight ain't the night, is it?”
  19. “I’m afraid so, hun,” Candy Mane replied with a sigh. “Number three. However, you’ve been really good the last couple days, Babs. It’s not going to be as bad as last time.”
  21. Babs gave a little whine, but accepted the fate quickly. She was used to this by now, although she certainly wouldn't be thinking that in a few minutes. Besides, if it wasn’t going to be so bad, there was little point in arguing; resisting might make it worse. Folding the book over, she dropped it over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Her stomach squirmed. Giving her mother one pleading look, Babs hesitated, hovering a hoof at the waistband of her pajamas.
  23. This would be the third spanking of her five ‘maintenance’ spankings, something her mother had decided to give her after a lengthy spell of bad behaviour and slacking off. Babs Seed, of course, was absolutely no stranger to a warm bottom. For reasons she could never satisfactorily explain to herself, in a weird way, she kind of looked forward to them, too. Even though she was always reluctant when it came to actually facing them. This particular punishment sentence was fifteen days long, with a bottom warming every third day. The severity of each and every trip across that lap during the fifteen-day span would be based on her behaviour in the days leading up to the individual butt-roastings.
  25. Her mother, however, didn’t notice the pleading look Babs Seed was giving her. She was glancing at the floor, looking almost reluctant. Babs could tell that she didn’t really want to do it tonight. However, she also knew that her mother had a determination streak that could never be broken. Realizing that the night was about to get a lot worse no matter what, Babs tugged at her pants and pulled them down around the bottom of her thighs. The draft coming in from the open window was cold on her warm fur. Praying none of the neighbouring colts or fillies would hear what was about to go down, she crawled across the bed to her mother’s right side, preparing to scurry over her lap.
  27. Candy Mane, however, leaned across the bed and reached toward the window, pulling it closed. Babs felt a small twinge of gratitude, mixed with the dollops of both fear and anticipation. As she expected, it was always the same; some part of her looked forward to these spankings, but the rest of her dreaded it. As her mother adjusted her position on the bed, she glanced over at Babs at last.
  29. “Pull your pants up, love; Mommy’s going to spank your bottom on your pajamas tonight. You’ve earned a break.”
  31. The feeling of elation continued. As bad as Candy Mane's spankings always were, the absolute best of them were always on the seat of her jammies. Babs took a moment to tug them back snugly over her round rump and crawled across her mother’s knees, feeling them pressing into her chest and the pudge of her waist. Now in this familiar position, she felt Candy place her arm over her back. Candy Mane gave her usual warnings.
  33. “Remember,” Candy said gently, rubbing Babs' bottom softly, “keep your tail out of the way and don’t reach back. You don’t want your bummy to be sorry, Babs.”
  35. “No,” Babs agreed hastily, a thrill of foreboding shooting through her. “I don’ts.”
  37. “And remember… Mommy loves you, and you know why I’m doing this,” she continued, still in that gentle voice.
  39. “Yes, Mama… I love ya, too...”
  41. A few seconds of rubbing later and the hoof left her backside. Babs clenched tightly in anticipation for that first smack, but knew only too late that she was wasting her time; her mother always waited until those cheeks relaxed. Within five seconds, the glutes deflated and her pudgy bum was immediately assaulted. Candy Mane’s hoof connected across the right cheek, a pretty hard slap to start, and Babs clenched her teeth. No sound escaped her, however. Smack! The left got it, this time. Still, Babs did not whimper. She was a champ when it came to the start of a spanking, especially since the next few were softer than the first two.
  43. Unfortunately, though, the sting from the first spank was still lingering. Candy's hoof smacks were still quite sharp and always left a lasting burn, even through pajamas. No matter how good she had been the last three days, the next two smarting spanks to her rump’s right half told her that her cheeks were going to be wet with tears when the other cheeks were whet with sears. Another two, this time across the left. Babs kicked out her back right hoof involuntarily, the dull inferno building in her bum starting to become very uncomfortable. Her tail twitched. The seventh spank connected across both cheeks and she let out a cry of pain.
  45. “Aaah!”
  47. Another double-spank followed. Babs smacked her back hooves against her mattress as the stinging grew heavier.. It didn’t help that that particular smack had come in at an angle, glancing off the surface of her pajamas but still leaving a painful mark without impacting her buttcheeks.
  49. “Aaaoooowww! Mama, please! No mores like da-aaah!” Babs was interrupted as a similar strike skipped across the chubbiest part of her left cheek, the fatty droop just before her sit spot.
  51. “Hush, please, Babs Seed,” Candy Mane scolded softly, adding the same smack to the right. “When you have your own little filly across your lap, you’ll decide how the punishment will go. Take this like a big girl and it’ll be over before you know it.”
  53. “Y-yes, Ma-OW!” The firm cracks of that hoof were getting harder, adding to the building pain in her right cheek. Babs bit her lip, blinking her eyes, unaware before that point that her tears were collecting in the corners. “Yes, M-Mama…” Another little whine escaped her clenched teeth.
  55. Babs tried to focus on something other than the growing burn in her butt, but it was impossible. Her mother’s smacks were relentless, and she arched her back, squirming her bum side to side to try and evade the whacks. All she could think about was how much her bottom was starting to really, really smart. After four more slaps, the third and fourth landing against her tender undercurve, Babs whimpered quietly as a tear leaked from her left eye, cutting a cold path down her cheek and around to the end of her chin.
  57. Candy Mane was always such a very good spanker. Every smack from that well-trained hoof felt different from the one before, but always reignited the venomous sting of its predecessors. Babs was the third of three children so far, all brought up with many trips over her lap, so Babs got the misfortune of having the version of their mother with the most experience in making a bummy dance under a hoof. As a result, Candy always got a sniffling Babs from pajama spankings.
  59. Babs tail twitched again, but instinct made her keep it where it was. The last time Candy Mane had promised a tanning on her jammies, a misplaced tail and a hoof later got her the prize of a very firm bare bottom spanking. It didn’t help that Babs knew there was a hairbrush sitting on the dresser. Between the solid pangs of pain impacting her buttcheeks, Babs’ imagined having her hooves pinned over her tail as her mother gave her bum a good brush paddling, alternating left and right without mercy.
  61. She was unable to keep these thoughts in mind as she kicked out again from another sharp slap to her right sit spot. Tears were dripping softly from both of her eyes by now, her breathing heavy as she squirmed a little, her chest feeling sore already from those knees. However, the backside was feeling a lot sorer. Three well-aimed smacks across the middle, going from top, to centre, to sit spot, had Babs writhing a little, mouth open slightly as a long whine left her.
  63. “AAAH! MAAAMAAA!” Babs bawled, feeling the first of the heavy smacks to deflate the bubbly bottom of her right cheek. “P-PLEEEASE! NO MOOORE! I WAS A G-G-GOOD G-GIIIRL!”
  65. “Yes, sweetheart,” she agreed, landing another hard smack to the middle of the left after a moment’s pause. “Mommy knows you were a good girl, but you are still getting this sore bottom.”
  67. “B-BUT M-M-M-OOOWWW!” Babs gave another cry, booting the bed with her hooves again, as the slow and hard smacks continued. Squirm and wiggle as she might, Candy's hoof landed true against her sit spots, one after the other. “Waaaah-haaaaa-haaaaaaa!”
  69. “Please, Babs Seed! No more fighting, sweetheart. You can wiggle and squirm all you want, but begging won’t get you anything but a longer spanking, because you know better.” Candy punctuated every few words with a good whack across the middle of either cheek.
  71. It was true, though: as the intensity wound to a whole new level, Babs writhed over her mother’s lap, bummy burning and giving little hoofy-kicks while her front hooves bunched up her bedsheets between them. However, as long as she never tried to block the spanks, she was allowed to struggle as much as she wanted under that arm. Thankfully for her, however, this spanking was approaching its climax.
  73. These slow, methodical, heavy spanks continued for another minute. Babs’ bum was aflame with searing pain, the nerve endings twitching, her back hooves pounding the bed as she kicked, her front hooves whacking the bundled up sheets as she broke down completely, her mouth hanging open, snot and tears cascading down her face as she wailed like a foal. Although the spanking had lasted anywhere from five minutes to ten, she would never be able to make an accurate guess, Babs’ bum was throbbing as though it had gone on for twenty. Luckily, Candy Mane's hoof spankings only strung real bad during the ordeal itself.
  75. As she lay there sobbing, buried in her sheets, the fires of her punishment were slowly diminishing, little by little, second by second. In time, only a dull pulsing, like the beating of a heart, would remain. For now, her mother pulled her jammies down to the bottom of her bottom and ran her hoof across those worn cheeks in a deep rub. With one hoof running through her mane and the other massaging those pudgy pounds of puppy-fat, Babs’ crying dwindled to a low sniffling and, slipping an arm under her, Candy pulled Babs into a hug.
  77. “I know it’s not fair,” she explained clearly, whispering into her daughter’s ears, “that you got a spanking after you’ve been on your best behaviour, but we need to consider the future, darling. Mommy’s doing this because it’s for the best. But I promise you: if you’re a really good girl the next few days, we’ll skip your last two spankings. Mommy’s already very proud of you.”
  79. Babs nodded softly into Candy’s shoulder. Although she wasn’t exactly a little filly anymore, there was nevertheless a comfort to these encouraging words. As Candy kissed her forehead, Babs slipped off her lap, moved toward her pillow, and rested her face against it, giving another sniff. With that deeply pink bottom exposed to the world, Babs heard Candy open the window again, stroll across the bedroom, turn off the light, and closed the door.
  81. Babs was left to enjoy the quiet reflections of a very good spanking and the warm feeling that always followed them, even if she hadn’t exactly earned today's correction. As the cold air blew across those warm cheeks, Babs closed her eyes, deciding to sleep above the covers tonight. Nice, playful dreams would be welcome as she drifted off, anticipating the break from these routine spankings that she would, sadly, never experience. After all, she was going to end up starting quite a violent fight with her brother the day after tomorrow.
  83. The hairbrush was going to suck!
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