Chapter 1598

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  1. Elliott - Mars included three idioms this chap, hmm...
  3. The involuntary cry of Venerable Venerable Cang Yu startled the entire Nine Glories Heavenly Palace and causes noise to arise from all directions.
  5. This was especially true for the Palace Masters of the various branches. Almost all of them instantly broke through the roof and flew out but they immediately came to a standstill in the air. No one dared to continue forward.
  7. How could it be so easy to approach the core of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace? As for the two silhouettes in the air, their location was above the nine great palaces, at the core of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace. Yet, none of them had noticed how they had arrived.
  9. In a split-second, the Nine Glories Heaven's alarm sounded out in all directions, and the figures that rushed out were like locusts that filled the sky. Being silently infiltrated by others into the core space of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace where the nine great palaces were located, was something that had never happened in the history of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace.
  11. From the palace masters to the disciples, the might of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace amounted to millions of people, not to mention the large number of outer palaces that covered the entire Thousand Desolate Realm. If the two of them barged in just like that, it would be no different from courting death. Even if all of them just spat on the two they could drown them to death.
  13. However, the palace masters, hall masters and disciples who had escaped from the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan were instantly drained of all color.
  15. How could these two fiends, who had almost scared them to death, suddenly appear here!
  17. "Yun Che? He is the one who killed the Main Palace Master!?" Palace Master Cang Jing said in a deep voice, the black sword in his hand flashed: "Good! It also saves us the trouble of pursuing him! Today, I shall let them live as sacrifices to the spirit of the Main Palace Master!"
  19. "Cang Jing stop!"
  21. The moment he said this, several shouts sounded out at the same time, each carrying varying degrees of fear. Cang Yu directly rushed forward and suppressed the profound aura and sword aura he had just released, "Don't act reckless!"
  23. Cang Jing's eyes quickly swept across the expressions of the few people present, and said solemnly: "This is our Nine Glories Heavenly Palace! Even if their strength really approaches that of a half-step Divine Master, what is there to be afraid of!?"
  25. "I said, you're not allowed to attack!" Cang Yu's tone became more serious… Cang Jing did not accompany them to the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan, nor did he personally witness the Desolate Sky Dragon Clan being smashed into dragon corpses that littered the ground. He did not see the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable being instantly minced into eight pieces.
  27. That terrifying scene nearly destroyed the soul of every Divine Sovereign present. Facing such a terrifying figure, if they were to really clash head on with him, even if they were able to win based on numbers, the entire Nine Glories Heavenly Palace would be covered in blood, and their losses would be unimaginable.
  29. Having just lost both the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable and Venerable Cang Jing, the current Nine Glories Heavenly Palace could not suffer anymore losses.
  31. "Cang Yu is right." Another palace master said, "You haven't seen it with your own eyes, but their terror surpasses your imagination! Furthermore, since they dared to appear in such a manner today, they naturally have nothing to fear. The hatred we feel for them for killing the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable, we will definitely get our revenge… But it is definitely not today, and even more so, it cannot be here."
  33. Cang Jing's hand tightened and his aura weakened. The palace masters who had just returned were not weaker than him, but their fear was not fake. Moreover, if they were to fight here, no matter what the result would be, there would definitely be rivers of blood running through the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace.
  35. Cang Yu stepped forward, cupped his hands, and said. "So it's Venerable Yun and… Fairy. I wonder if the two of you would have any advice now that you have personally come to my Nine Glories Heavenly Palace?"
  37. Even though he was extremely afraid and resentful, he couldn't help but smile shamelessly.
  39. "Advice?" Yun Che's low voice pierced through the entire Nine Glories Heaven: "We just killed your Main Palace Master, yet you guys didn't rush out to avenge him, and instead kneeled down low to the ground? Heh… So, the so-called Nine Glories Heavenly Palace was raised to be a group of incompetent, miserable wretches?"
  41. These words were extremely humiliating and vicious; it was enough to make anyone furious. The Nine Glories Heaven is instantly filled with enraged auras, but Palace Master Cang Yu instead laughts heartedly while supressing the various auras: "Venerable Yun's words are incorrect. Main Palace Master indeed died in your hands, but you two are as powerful as Divine Masters, and Main Palace Master did not offend the two of you. Although we don't intend to, the death of you two would not be considered an injustice, and although we are extremely saddened, we have never tried to investigate this matter."
  43. "On the contrary, the people of our Nine Glories Heavenly Palace have always held expert in high esteem. Since the two of you have come, you are honored guests. If you have any orders, we are willing to help you. And if you can give me just a little bit of guidance, it would be our Nine Glories Heavenly Palace's greatest fortune."
  45. Cang Yu's words were clearly words of humiliation and submission, but he still spoke in an imposing manner. At the same time, he was also telling everyone in the entire palace that these were two people who could not be provoked, and that no one was allowed to act rashly.
  47. "Very good, I like smart people like you." Yun Che seemed to reveal a slight smile: "Since that's the case, I'll ask for a small favour from your Nine Glories Heavenly Palace. I believe that since you guys respect experts so much, you won't refuse, right?"
  49. "Please speak, Venerable." Cang Yu said: "As long as it's something my Nine Glories Heavenly Palace can do, I won't let you down."
  51. "It's very simple," Yun Che said: "It seems as if your Nine Glories Heavenly Palace has existed for hundreds of thousands of years in this Thousand Desolate Realm. Even if it's a bad topic, you should at least have some resources. I just happened to have a shortage of devil crystals recently…"
  53. Cang Yu immediately let out a sigh of relief in his heart, and said, "So that's how it is. Although i don't know how many devil crystals Venerable needs, but as long as it is within the limits of my palace, I am willing to offer it to you at once."
  55. "There's no need for that," Yun Che said as his gaze slanted to the side. "Take me to your sect's treasure storage."
  57. "What!" Palace Master Cang Yu raised their heads all of a sudden, and everyone's expression all of a sudden changed.
  59. The treasure storage of any sect were the accumulation of that sect's resources, it was absolutely… This was a forbidden zone that could not be entered by outsiders!
  61. Even in the vast Nine Glories Heavenly Palace, there were only five people who could enter.
  63. "Why, is there a problem?" Yun Che said coldly.
  65. "Venerable, this…" Palace Master Cang Yu did his best to maintain his calm, and said: "The treasure storage is the biggest forbidden ground of the sect, the sect's accumulation and secrets are all within, outsiders are not allowed to enter. This point, I presume Venerable… "
  67. "I don't want to hear nonsense." Yun Che interrupted him: "Either you bring us in, or i will kill you and go in, there isn't a third choice… Don't blame me for not giving you a chance!"
  69. Every word was cold and decisive. There was no room for negotiation.
  71. "Venerable Yun, about this matter…"
  73. "Bastard!" Cang Yu still wanted to say something, but Cang Jing was already completely furious: "Cang Yu! They are insulting on top of our heads and you are acting like a defeated dog! Are you prepared to throw away all face that the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace has!?"
  75. When the black sword appeared, profound aura erupts. Palace Master Cang Jing had already rushed into the sky, straight at Yun Che. "Let's go together! Even if the nine palaces are dyed in blood today, they will still be kept here forever!"
  77. "Wait!" Cang Yu quickly reached out, but was unable to stop him. He gritted his teeth as he chased after Cang Jing, tightly dragging him down. When he looked at Yun Che again, his face was as heavy as water: "Yun Che, we have already given way more than once, We have already given an inch, do not try to take a foot!"
  79. "We, the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace, have existed for tens of thousands of years. If we use our trump card, it won't be difficult to kill you two! If we can resolve this grudge, then we, the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace, are willing to take a step back and not pursue this grudge, if you demand a life and death fight… My Nine Glories Heavenly Palace will accompany you to the end! "
  81. "No, you're wrong." Yun Che serenely said, "Only the fish will die but the net will not break."
  83. Cang Yu's face completely darkened, and he roared: "Assemble the formation!"
  85. The eight great Palace Masters, who had been accumulating their power, all leapt into the air and released their sword aura immediately. In an instant, eight pitch-black sword formations appeared in the Nine Glories Heaven, and the sword formations were linked together again the moment they were formed to form an enormous Eight Glories Sword Formation.
  87. The Nine Glories Sword Formation created by the nine great palace masters could completely defeat the Main Palace Master of the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace. Right now, even though it was lacking one light, its power was still tremendous. The world shocking sword might and the formless darkness might has enveloped the entire Nine Glories Heaven in an instant.
  89. In that instant, the mountains buzzed, and the river of stars trembled. All of the people below were instantly suppressed, as if they were suppressed by heavenly might, as if every living being was akin to ants.
  91. "Yun Che, die!" Since he had already taken action, then there would be no more reservations.
  93. Yun Che stood there motionlessly, his left hand placed on Qianye Ying'er's waist as he pushed her away heavily. His right hand grabbed the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword and casually swung the sword downwards, releasing a pitch black sword beam.
  95. The sword beam was only eight feet long, appearing extremely ordinary. In front of the Eight Glories Sword Formation, it was as dim and weak as the glow under the moonlight.
  97. The eight great palace masters completely disregarded the sword beam that was obviously just made from a casual wave. All of them had ferocious expressions as the Eight Glories Sword Formation was suddenly activated and shot straight towards Yun Che… It was also at this moment that the pitch black sword beam collided with the Eight Glories Sword Formation.
  99. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  101. It was the most terrifying sound they had ever heard in their lives.
  103. That foot long pitch black sword beam had actually pierced through the Eight Glories Sword Formation like a demonic blade that came from the depths of hell…
  105. The moment the sword beam disappeared, the huge sword formation formed by the combined forces of the Eight Glories Palace Master's was split into two halves.
  107. It was like shredding cotton silk!
  109. That seemingly ordinary sword beam, actually carried the power of the initial stage of Darkness Everlasting!
  111. What… What!?"
  113. At that moment, the eyes of the eight palace masters widened, as though they were facing a terrifying and absurd nightmare. The power of the sword formation dispersed crazily, and the huge backlash made them feel as if they had suffered a heavy blow, their aura in chaos.
  115. At this time, Yun Che unleashed his second sword strike. Instantly, Golden Fire covered the sky and the eight people were sucked into the Golden Crow's flaming prison.
  117. A huge sound shook the air and the eight glories palace masters were blasted downwards. Each of their bodies were burning with golden flames and their miserable screams were so mournful that no one could believe that they came from the eight powerful Divine Sovereigns.
  119. The people from the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace were all dumbfounded. When the news of the Nine PGlories Heavenly Venerable's had died in the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan spread, they knew of the name "Yun Che." The attitude that Palace Master Cang Yu had showed even more clearly that he was an incomparably terrifying person.
  121. However, never in their dreams would they have thought that he would be terrifying to such an extent… The sword formation built by the eight glories palace masters was enough to defeat the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable, but it was casually smashed by a single sword strike of his. The second sword strike had heavily injured all of them.
  123. They were the Eight Glories Palace Masters, existences that could be said to be some of the highest level existence in the Thousand Desolate Realm. However, in front of him, they could not even withstand a single blow!?
  125. His strength … Could it be on the border of the Divine Master Realm?!
  127. "Open... realm! " Cang Yu used almost all of his strength to let out a loud shout that tore at his throat.
  129. Suddenly, thousands of dark pillars of light shot up from different directions of the Nine Glories Heavens, and at the same time, they intersected at the same point in the sky. In a flash, a gigantic darkness formation realm was formed, and the nine core palaces were completely enveloped within it.
  131. At this moment, their auras were also completely cut off from each other.
  133. The eight great palace masters were still struggling and howling as they were burned by golden flames. When they finally destroy the golden flames, their bodies were already covered in wounds and they looked like they were half human, half ghost. They were in an extremely sorry state. But as they looked at darkness formation who had instantly spread out and Yun Che who was isolated from the outside, they all heaved a sigh of relief.
  135. As they relaxed, the only thing that remained besides the pain on their bodies was fear and pain.
  137. "Divine… Divine Master!?" The tenacious and unyielding personality that Cang Jing had previously, was no longer present. He was half-kneeling on the ground, and was almost unable to stand.
  139. He finally knew why Cang Yu and the other palace masters that returned from the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan were so afraid of Yun Che.
  141. It had only been two strikes, but they were in such a sorry state!
  143. Too outrageous... This was too outrageous!
  145. "Yun... Yun Che!" Venerable Cang Yu stood up. Even though there was the darkness formation that created an absolute safe distance between them, he was still unable to completely suppress the fear in his heart. He panted and said, "This is our Nine Glories Heavenly Palace's great protective formation. Once it is activated, nobody can break the formation!"
  147. "We, the Nine Glories Heavenly Palace, do not wish to become enemies with you. If you retreat now, our grudges will be resolved, and we won't pursue the matter of killing the Main Palace Master. But..." Cang Yu used all her strength to voice her anger: "If you keep forcing me, we will immediately send a sound transmission to Thousand Desolation Divine Cult and invite them over, at that time, you won't be able to leave even if you want!"
  149. "Heh," Yun Che laughed, and floated down, nearing the boundary of the formation: "With just this tortoise shell?"
  151. (Wu Guike: Who? Who called me?)
  153. Cang Yu said ruthlessly, "This Nine Glories Heavenly Palace's great protection formation was built by our ancestors and connects the dark veins of the nine hundred sky-upholding mountains below us. Even if it was the Thousand Desolation Cult Master… Even if the entire Thousand Desolation Divine Cult were to attack the formation at the same time, they wouldn't be able to break through it! If you don't believe me, you can give it a try! "
  155. Yun Che narrowed his eyes and slowly stretched out a finger. A black light shone on the tip of his finger and he lightly poked at the formation.
  157. Bang!
  159. With a light sound, Yun Che's finger directly pierced inside the formation.
  161. In an instant, with Yun Che's finger as the center, the dark protection formation had thousands of cracks appear on it, and in an instant, the cracks had spread across the entire formation.
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