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  1. Pokemon Showdown Voice Application
  3. [B]About You[/B]
  4. Username: Kangaaroo
  5. Pokemon Showdown Join Date: Dec 8, 2013
  6. Gender: Male
  7. Age: 17
  8. Favourite member of staff: Jasmine
  10. [B]Application Questions[/B]
  11. 1. How active are you on the Smogon University Pokemon Showdown server?
  12. I come on every day (or when I can). I'm not going to lie, I will not be on as frequently when school is back.
  14. 2. Are you conscious of the responsibilities of being a voiced user?
  15. Yes, I fully understand
  17. 3. Are you already well acquainted with members of the Smogon community? If so, list five.
  18. Xero-Sama123, Feliburn, King K, ThePhoenix and zharrison.
  20. 4. Do you have any female siblings? If so, please provide pictures. These are important for identification purposes.
  21. No I don't....
  23. 5. Are you experienced in the art of competitive battling, and are you familiar with basic matchups?
  24. Yes I am.
  26. 6. What can voiced users do that normal users cannot?
  27. They can broadcast commands and speak in modchat.
  29. Please complete this application in a new pastebin, and upon completion, PM Nails on the Smogon forums. Direct link:
  31. Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.
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