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  1. Quirk: Bonedrinker
  2. Abilities: Utilizing a needle like tube in his wrists Moroi is able to penetrate bones and siphon the marrow out of them for his own sustenance. Each source of marrow must be penetrated separately to be drained requiring several penetrations to fully drain a human body. Any section can be fully drained in between ten to fifteen seconds and must carry mostly human physiology.
  4. Weaknesses:
  5. - Moroi suffers from bone degradation and any time longer than a week without feeding on fresh marrow his bones will begin to become steadily more brittle.
  6. - A rigorous diet is required to maintain a healthy state, in addition to regular feedings of marrow he must consume many foods such as red meat, select vegetables as well as calcium rich foods.
  7. - The tube that he feeds with can be broken with enough force and though it will regrow such takes around two weeks if fully snapped off.
  8. - A full 'meal' can take upwards of a half hour to complete, thus he often prefers to not resort to feeding where he might be interrupted.
  10. Other Abilities:
  11. Bloody Impostor: Due to an odd aspect of his quirk Moroi's blood type and even the traces of his DNA will become that of the person he has most recently fed off of making him difficult to track through forensics as any traces he leaves behind always show up as different people.
  13. Grappler: When properly fed and healthy Moroi can be a formidable grappler, able to pin or tangle up foes his size and slightly larger with relative ease if he gets the jump on them.
  16. Equipment: Bokken: Moroi is often seen with a pair of sturdy wooden bokken. He prefers these to blades as to incapacitate his prey without causing extensive damage to the bones that he seeks to feed from.
  17. Silenced 9mm Pistol: Moroi is not too proud to admit when something is beyond him and will resort to more direct methods if he is in quick need of his nourishment.
  19. Statistics:
  20. Power: 3/5
  21. Speed: 4/5
  22. Technique: 5/5
  23. Intelligence: 4/5
  24. Cooperativeness: 2/5
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