We're rich! (twixAnon, short silly SoL comedy thingy)

May 26th, 2018
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  1. >"Oh my gosh, Anon! We're rich!"
  2. "W-whu, what? What time is it--"
  3. >"Look, look!"
  4. "Wait, it's fucking three o'clock, what the fuck twibtwab, why did you wake me--"
  5. >"This is crazy! I never knew the rate of bits were so high in your word!"
  6. "What the fuck are you talking about you crazy horse,"
  7. >"I'm not a horse!"
  8. "Of course you are, you're just small and spergy and you talk and you look cute is all,"
  9. >"Awww, I love you too... but don't change the subject! A bit coin is worth over 7000 dollars! Look! This is insane!"
  10. "Ugh, just go back to sleep,"
  11. >"What?! How could you possibly sleep after such a revelation?!"
  12. "They're not bits, spergle, they're bitcoins,"
  13. >"What's the difference?"
  14. "They're not even real coins, they're virtual thingies that are worth a bunch of money, something something China took our jobs and then the rates skyrocketed or something like that, absolutely nothing to do with you silly horses,"
  15. >"Virtual? You mean, numerical data like what your computer uses?"
  16. "Yes, kinda like that,"
  17. >"How does it even work? Why would something that doesn't exist even be worth anything?"
  18. "I don't know, people are dumb,"
  19. >"Huh..."
  20. "And it'll crash soon anyway,"
  21. >"Crash? Why?"
  22. "I don't know, that's what everyone says,"
  23. >"Humans are weird,"
  24. "You're a talking pastel horse with magical powers, you're the weird one,"
  25. >"I'm not a horse!"
  26. "Yes, yes, let's just go back to sleep now, alright? Come back here and let's cuddle--"
  28. >"No! No more cuddles until you promise not to call me a horse anymore! I'm a pony, not a horse!"
  29. "Mmmh, I don't know, on one hand I have to tell you that I don't negotiate with terrorist, but on the other I'm kind of curious as to what's in it for me,"
  30. >"What? I told you, no more cuddles!"
  31. "Yeah right, as if you wouldn't be the one suffering from it the most,"
  32. >"W-that's not true!"
  33. "Alright then, no more ear and back scratching,"
  34. >"What?! You can't just... outbid demands like that!"
  35. "The question isn't whether I can or cannot, sparkle, it's whether anyone is capable of stopping me from doing so,"
  36. >"Humans are evil,"
  37. "Horses are silly,"
  38. >"Stop calling me a horse!"
  39. "Make me,"
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