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  1. Script category Description
  2. auth NSE scripts related to user authentication.
  3. broadcast A very interesting category of scripts that use broadcast petitions to
  4. gather network information.
  5. brute A category for scripts that help conduct brute-force
  6. password auditing.
  7. default Scripts executed when a script scan is executed (-sC).
  8. discovery Scripts related to host and service discovery.
  9. dos Scripts related to denial-of-service attacks.
  10. exploit Scripts used to exploit security vulnerabilities.
  11. external This category is for scripts depending on a third-party service.
  12. fuzzer NSE scripts focused on fuzzing.
  13. intrusive A category for scripts that might crash something or generate a lot
  14. of network noise. Scripts that system administrators may consider
  15. intrusive go here.
  16. malware A category for scripts related to malware detection.
  17. safe Scripts that are considered safe in all situations.
  18. version Scripts for advanced version detection.
  19. vuln Scripts related to detecting and exploiting security vulnerabilities.
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