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  1. Overflow - It appears as a strange Crustacean-like Deep Flood creature, with a ridged orange primary shell with two prominent, almost thruster-like bumps at a sort of "shoulder" point, a pair of massive curling blue antennae, eight glowing pink eyes, a pincer-like mouth of a similar shade to the shell at the front, and a pair of two massive shelled arms in blue which end in lighter blue snipping claws. Behind this primary body is a long segmented lobster-like tail primarily in shades of blue, ending in a group of six heart shaped exoskeletal green fins, with several small legs along the length of this tail, each bright green in coloration. There is a hole in the middle of its main body, from which can emerge a translucent, but mostly blue-themed exoskeletal being of a vaguely similar appearance to a Phronima parasite, with four prominent, scythe-like forelimbs and smaller limbs ending in little pincers, as well as a tale that ends in a scythe like blade. In place of insectoid eyes, it has two swirling humanoid pink ones, and in place of an orange brain in its head, you can see a bright pink heart instead. The front of its head is marked with the Lucia symbol in black, breaking up its otherwise translucent exoskeletal appearance. Both creatures can swim through the air as is standard for Deep Flood creatures, though the host has thrusters on its back that allow it to move at rapid speeds. It attacks through pure brute strength, smashing with its claws, chomping with its beak, ramming with its body, and lashing with its tail, while the parasite attacks with a mixture of graceful slashes with its tail and forelimbs and casting of Deep Flood magic, ranging from lightning bolts to orbs of cold, purple fire, to miasmas of darkness and even summoning the Deep Flood's waters into the battlefield directly. The host is extremely sturdy while the parasite is exceptionally frail, and if the host dies first, the parasite will gain new abilities such as creating small black holes and summoning other Overflow familiars, while if the Parasite dies first, the host will enter a complete rage and attack unpredictably, as well as slowly healing damage dealt to it.
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