Breaking Her In (RGRE) (Femanon/Caramel)

Nov 29th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. > Be Femanon, adapting as best you can to living in horseland
  2. > The spa sisters were kind enough to take you in and give you a job
  3. > A lot of the customers you saw to were skittish at first, but melted easily enough under your hands
  4. > More than a few stallions got very relaxed around you
  5. > Perhaps too relaxed
  6. > You talked to Aloe about it, and she just grinned and told you it was a perk of the job
  7. > Back home, you were pretty vanilla, you know?
  8. > Romance novels, a taste for ravishment, and you even tried to stick a finger up your butt once, but didn't get far
  9. > But nowadays you can't stop looking at all the unsheathed horsecock
  10. > You mean, his member, it's just so big.
  11. > Ugh, you can't believe it's just so long and girthy, it's like out there
  12. > Caramel rolls onto his side, discreetly hiding it with one of his hind legs
  13. > "Something wrong, Femanon? You stopped."
  14. > He's smiling at you, is that a smirk?
  15. > You blush and shake your head
  16. "No, just got distracted about something else. Go ahead and roll back onto your belly."
  17. > He complies, and you straddle his back and start working on his withers
  18. > Caramel groans happily under your hands
  19. > You work your way up his neck, and when you get to his ears, you scratch behind them, a habit from when you had a cat
  20. > Caramel's breathing hitches and his muscles stiffen beneath you
  21. "Oh, shi-uh, sorry, I forgot ponies don't like that sort of thing."
  22. > He swallows
  23. > "Could you..."
  24. > You get off his back and stand to the side
  25. > Ponies can get skittish about predator types in their personal space like that, and you don't want to spook him more than you have
  26. > "Bite my neck?"
  27. > You freeze
  28. "What?"
  29. > There's no way you heard that right
  30. > Caramel isn't looking at you, but you can see the blush on his cheeks
  31. > "I mean, that was totally inappropriate of me, and if you want to just forget I said anything..."
  32. > You run a hand through your hair, trying to figure out what to do
  33. "You're asking for predator play, right?"
  34. > He whimpers and nods
  35. > Cute
  36. > You lean down and whisper in his ear, "Roll onto your back."
  37. > Caramel obeys after a moment's hesitation
  38. > He looks up at you with wide eyes, forelegs tucked up against his barrel, horsecock fully unsheathed and trembling against his belly
  39. > You lick your lips
  40. > Your heart is thundering in your ears, and you feel a dizzying warmth in your stomach as you contemplate what you are about to do
  41. > You lean down and open your mouth wide, gently pressing your teeth into the warm flesh of his neck
  42. > Caramel whinnies, arching his neck, but doesn't really struggle
  43. > You run a hand down his barrel, his body feverishly warm with arousal
  44. > Your hand hits something firm and sticky
  45. > A glance reveals that Caramel is dripping nicely from his flare
  46. > You stroke his shaft, marveling at the silky texture and the heat of his flesh
  47. > His hips buck abruptly and he nickers
  48. > You release his neck from your mouth and look him in the eye
  49. "Do you want to go all the way?"
  50. > Caramel stares at you with eyes half-lidded and bites his lip
  51. > "Take me, you glorious predator."
  53. > When Caramel leaves, Aloe takes one sniff of the room and presses a button on the wall
  54. > Fans in the ceiling whir for a minute, then power down as the air fresheners all release at once
  55. > You raise your eyebrows
  56. > Aloe grins at you
  57. > "You're a full masseuse now. Just keep what happens here to yourself, and you'll get to keep one of the sweetest gigs in Equestria."
  58. > You salute
  59. "Yes ma'am!"
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