MagiReco Main Story 5.1

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. The Girl's Voice at the Radio Tower
  3. 5.1.1
  4. [flashback to the prologue]
  5. ??? (Ui to Homura): If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City.
  6. Homura: Fate? Kamihama? What are you talking about?
  7. ???: In this city...
  8. Homura: "In this city...?"
  9. ???: "Magical girls will be saved."
  10. Homura: "What do you mean, saved?"
  11. "What do you know!?"
  12. [back to present, in a restaurant]
  13. Madoka: "Homura-chan? Homura-chan?"
  14. Homura: "Uh, I'm sorry, Kaname-san..."
  15. Madoka: "What's wrong? You looked like you were really pondering something..."
  16. Homura: "Umm... I was thinking about today's homework..."
  17. Madoka: "Oh, that reminds me, we have to turn it in tomorrow, right?"
  18. Homura: "..."
  19. *What does it mean, that 'magical girls will be saved'?*
  20. [In Iroha's room in Yachiyo's house]
  21. Iroha: "I'll put all these trinkets here..."
  22. "All right, that seems good."
  23. "..."
  24. *Ui...*
  25. *Now that I've started living in Yachiyo's house, I finally cleaned up my side of the room.*
  26. *I was surprised when mom and dad said they were going overseas, and I was wondering what to do since I heard there weren't any openings in dormitories...*
  27. *But thanks to Yachiyo inviting me to stay at her house, this hectic moving of house went smoothly.*
  28. *Now, your big sister is going to be searching for you based at Yachiyo's house.*
  29. "..."
  30. "...sigh..."
  31. [flashback to the vision of Ui at the Kuchiyose Shrine]
  32. Vision of Ui: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City. In this city, magical girls will be saved..."
  33. [flashback to the Black Feather in the sewers]
  34. black feather: "In this city, Magius is working to release magical girls from a spell."
  35. [flashback to the field above the sewers]
  36. Mifuyu: "Maybe, somewhere I don't know, Ui has joined the Wings of Magius..."
  37. [back to present]
  38. Iroha: (There's no way, right?)
  39. (That Ui was fake, after all...)
  40. Chapter 5: The Very End of Solitude
  41. [knock knock]
  42. Iroha: "Yes?"
  43. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san, I'm going to go shopping for dinner now."
  44. "Would you like to come with me?"
  45. Iroha: "Hmm, what should I do?"
  46. mini-Kyubey: "Let's go!" and "Maybe we shouldn't." [I picked the former.]
  47. Iroha: (I'm out of pencil lead...)
  48. [now the latter]
  49. Iroha: (But I'd like to learn how Yachiyo-san picks out ingredients...)
  50. "All right, I'll go."
  51. Yachiyo: "That's great. Actually, today there's a sale on ice cream."
  52. "By myself I can only carry one, so I wanted some help."
  53. Iroha: "Ah, yesterday Tsuruno got angry."
  54. Yachiyo: "Yeah, Felicia ate all the grape flavor."
  55. "I thought it was the perfect opportunity."
  56. Iroha: "Then I'll gladly help!"
  57. [battle]
  58. Iroha: "In the end, we didn't buy any ice cream..."
  59. "Tsuruno-chan might be angry still..."
  60. Yachiyo: "It's Tsuruno, once she goes to sleep she'll forget all about it."
  61. "But more importantly..."
  62. "Has our culprit Felicia-chan finished peeling the onions yet?"
  63. Felicia: "Mmh?"
  64. Yachiyo: "Hey! What are you doing reading manga!?"
  65. Felicia: "I don't like onions because they make me cry."
  66. Yachiyo: "Just rinse them under water. I showed you yesterday, didn't I?"
  67. Felicia: "You did?"
  68. Tsuruno: "I'm heeeeeere!"
  69. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan's here..."
  70. Yachiyo: "If she's being that noisy, she's probably not angry anymore."
  71. Tsuruno: "Ohhh, you're preparing dinner!"
  72. Iroha: "Welcome back, Tsuruno-chan."
  73. Tsuruno: "Haven't seen you since lunch!"
  74. "Ah, I bought this, so I'm gonna put it in the freezer."
  75. Iroha: "Ah, ice cream?"
  76. Tsuruno: "Ehehe..."
  77. "Yesterday I was acting immature, so this is a symbol of making up!"
  78. "Sorry I got mad at you yesterday, Felicia."
  79. Felicia: "This is for me? Can I eat it?"
  80. Tsuruno: "Yes, let's eat it together!"
  81. Felicia: "Yachiyo, can we eat it now?"
  82. Yachiyo: "After dinner, you can."
  83. Felicia: "Yay! Tsuruno's the best!"
  84. Yachiyo: "Then, Tsuruno, can you help us get set for dinner?"
  85. Tsuruno: "Of course!"
  86. Yachiyo: "Then take out a pot and put on the heat..."
  87. Tsuruno: "Aye-aye sir!"
  88. Iroha: "Haha..."
  89. Tsuruno: "Hm? Whassup, Iroha-chan?"
  90. Iroha: "I was thinking it really seems like we're a family."
  91. "..."
  92. *A time I couldn't have imagined, just a short while ago...*
  93. *Spending time and having fun with others so naturally...*
  94. *Really...*
  96. 5.1.2
  97. [flashback to a classroom]
  98. Iroha: *Before I moved, lunchtime was always spent eating with friends and having fun.*
  99. *I used to think that was perfectly natural.*
  100. *But in truth, I never actually had fun during that time.*
  101. classmate A: Tamaki-san, let's go already!
  102. Iroha: "Um, I still have day duty work left..."
  103. classmate A: "Hmmmm?"
  104. classmate B: "Tamaki-san, you're not coming?"
  105. classmate A: "She said she'd rather work than be with her friends."
  106. Iroha: "T-that's not what I said."
  107. "I'll finish up soon, so please wait!"
  108. [now flashback to a mall]
  109. Iroha: *Back then, I was like a baby chick constantly following its parents.*
  110. *Afraid of being alone, smiling so they wouldn't hate me, frantically trying to keep up with everyone.*
  111. *That's why...*
  112. classmate A: "Sometimes, Tamaki-san, I don't understand what you're thinking."
  113. Iroha: "Huh?"
  114. classmate A: "You're always, always smiling, you always say yes to whatever..."
  115. classmate B: "Oh, I get that feeling sometimes too."
  116. Iroha: "Umm, I'm sorry..."
  117. *People found me suspicious like this...*
  118. [fade to gray]
  119. Iroha: *Whenever I'd try to say what I really felt, I'd get scared and be unable to...*
  120. *I was always trying to match my surroundings, so when they hit the mark like that, I'd have no response.*
  121. *Wanting to change things and the fear of changing...*
  122. *The two looped back into each other into a repeating vicious cycle, and every day became more difficult...*
  123. *But that's why my place of comfort was at home with my family.*
  124. *And also the hospital where Ui and her friends were.*
  125. [flashback to a hospital room scene]
  126. Iroha: *That's right, Touka-chan and Nemu-chan said this:*
  127. Ui: "Why do you fight all the time, Touka-chan, Nemu-chan?"
  128. Nemu: "..."
  129. "The reason is clear."
  130. "Home is..."
  131. "A place where a person can show their true self."
  132. Ui: "Oh?"
  133. Nemu: "That's the words of Andre Malraux, a French author."
  134. "This is like my home, so I can show my true self and fight."
  135. "So you don't have to worry when we fight and don't talk to each other, Ui."
  136. "You and Touka both are my best friends, but also like my family."
  137. Touka: "pf, ha, ahahaha!"
  138. "We're all best friends? We're all family?"
  139. Nemu: "Is there something strange about what I said? I merely laid out my true feelings."
  140. Touka: "No, best friends is a good way to put it. It's astronomically unlikely, you see."
  141. Ui: "Astronomical? Touka-chan, what do you mean?"
  142. Touka: "It's a veeery small probability."
  143. "Depending on the era and the ages, the results vary, but..."
  144. "There are all kinds of statistics and papers on the number of best friends."
  145. "At the latest developmental psychology conference, they announced it's usually 3 people..."
  146. "Right now, the earth has 7.4 billion people, so..."
  147. "Just to meet one of us is a one in 2.4 billion probability..."
  148. "If we convert that to percent..."
  149. "It's zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero 4 percent."
  150. "A suuuuuper small probability."
  151. "Including your sister, that's like picking the one out of that, three times."
  152. "So for all of us to be talking here..."
  153. "It's an astronomically unlikely relationship, don't you think?"
  154. Ui: "Nemu-chan, Touka-chan..."
  155. Nemu: "It's pointless to talk numbers about human relationships."
  156. Touka: "pout"
  157. Nemu: "pout"
  158. Ui: "Please stop!"
  159. [in Yachiyo's kitchen]
  160. Yachiyo: "Watch out!"
  161. Iroha: "Ah..."
  162. Yachiyo: "Are you all right? Did you cut your finger?"
  163. Iroha: "I'm... I'm sorry..."
  164. Yachiyo: "What were you doing, spacing out like that?"
  165. Iroha: "Oh, it was nothing."
  166. *So I have the same thing now, a family-like relationship with everyone.*
  167. *And it feels like it was astronomically improbable for us to be chosen, like what Touka-chan said.*
  168. *But that's embarrassing, so I couldn't say it...*
  170. 5.1.3
  171. [in Yachiyo's living room]
  172. Felicia: "There's one hour left until the event, everyone get ready!"
  173. Yachiyo: "Event? What's going to happen?"
  174. Iroha: "A smartphone game that I'm playing with Felicia where you build a city."
  175. Tsuruno: "I remember that, you can cooperate and look for treasure."
  176. Felicia: "That's right, and I'm all ready to go!"
  177. Yachiyo: "So that's what you were doing on your cell phone the whole time."
  178. "...wait, your town is entirely farmland!"
  179. Felicia: "That's right, I like cows."
  180. "Yachiyo, your city is... ugh, all police officers?"
  181. Yachiyo: "Peace and quiet is most important, right?"
  182. Tsuruno: "My town is flourishing with restaurants!"
  183. Iroha: "They're all Chinese restaurants!?"
  184. Tsuruno: "I'm aiming for the hundredth Chinese Restaurant Banbanzai!"
  185. "What's yours like, Iroha-chan?"
  186. Iroha: "Mine has been invaded by Felicia-chan's escaped cows..."
  187. Felicia: "Sorry about that!"
  188. Tsuruno: "My oh my..."
  189. Yachiyo: "Okay, that's enough of the game for now."
  190. "I hope everyone hasn't forgotten?"
  191. "Treasure hunting is important, but we also have to look for Wings of Magius..."
  192. Iroha: "That's right... We haven't found even a single one since then."
  193. Tsuruno: "We also have to convince Mifuyu to switch sides too!"
  194. "Hmf, hmf!"
  195. Iroha: "But even though we've been searching for rumors, we haven't run across her either..."
  196. Felicia: "That's because you're going after unknown, small-fry rumors."
  197. Tsuruno: "Yes, that must be why!"
  198. "We have to go after a dangerous rumor that pulls in people."
  199. "You need big bait to catch a big fish!"
  200. "It's just like the food chain!"
  201. Felicia: "I'll bash up the strong ones for you."
  202. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  203. "There is a rumor in the Kamihama Rumor File that has my interest..."
  204. Felicia: "What kind of rumor is it?"
  205. Yachiyo: "In the Central Ward there's a Rumor of the Radio Girl."
  206. "Unfortunately, there's not much to work with."
  207. Felicia: "Ehh, why? We should just go looking!"
  208. Yachiyo: "I've investigated it once before."
  209. "But it didn't lead to that 'Oh, you've already heard?' like usual..."
  210. Iroha: "Ah, I see..."
  211. "Up until now, all of the rumors that became real were like:"
  212. [fade to gray]
  213. rumor dude: "Oh, you've already heard? Who'd you hear it from? The Rumor of Misery Water?"
  214. [back to the living room]
  215. Iroha: "They were all like that."
  216. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  217. "So I thought that the Radio Girl was probably just a normal rumor..."
  218. "But even so..."
  219. "Investigating rumors is our only way to make contact with the Wings of Magius..."
  220. Tsuruno: "Yes! Master Yachiyo!"
  221. Yachiyo: "What, Tsuruno-san?"
  222. Tsuruno: "If that's so, then let's investigate a really big rumor!"
  223. Yachiyo: "Hmm..."
  224. "I can't think of anything else to try, so tomorrow let's do that."
  225. Iroha: "Umm, Yachiyo-san?"
  226. "After that, may I go look for Nemu-chan's house?"
  227. Yachiyo: "Yeah, of course you may. I hope you can find her tomorrow."
  228. Iroha: "Yup!"
  229. Yachiyo: "Also, Felicia, make sure you go to school."
  230. Felicia: "Nwha!?"
  231. Yachiyo: "Did you think I didn't notice?"
  232. "Tomorrow I'll take you there by force, if necessary."
  233. Felicia: "Aww, she found out..."
  235. 5.1.4
  236. [on a street corner in Sankyou Ward, in the evening]
  237. Iroha: "sigh..."
  238. "I printed out the map, but now it's all covered in X's..."
  239. (Seems like I'm going to cover the entire Sankyou Ward...)
  240. "..."
  241. (I wonder if Yachiyo was successful...)
  242. (Felicia-chan really didn't want to go to school...)
  243. [flashback to Yachiyo's house]
  244. Felicia: "Hey, Yachiyo, there's some fallen money over there!"
  245. Yachiyo: "Ah, where?"
  246. [Felicia runs away]
  247. Yachiyo: "Did you think I'd fall for that?"
  248. "Don't run away!"
  249. Felicia: "Gyanyah!"
  250. [back to the present]
  251. Iroha: "She was trying to escape like that..."
  252. [her phone rings]
  253. Iroha: "Ah, a call from Tsuruno-chan?"
  254. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan Iroha-chan Iroha-chan Iroha-chan!!"
  255. Iroha: "Ow, my ear!"
  256. "Umm, what's wrong, Tsuruno-chan!?"
  257. Tsuruno: "Hurry over here! It's amazing!"
  258. "Bye!"
  259. Iroha: "Ehhhh!? Wait, don't hang up!"
  260. Tsuruno: "Hurry and come! Hmf hmf!"
  261. Iroha: "Calm down, Tsuruno-chan!"
  262. "I'm going to go, but I don't know where yet!"
  263. Tsuruno: "The Central Ward radio tower!"
  264. Iroha: "Radio tower? What happened there?"
  265. Tsuruno: "You'll see when you get here!"
  266. [battle]
  267. **Central Ward**
  268. [in Central Ward by the radio tower at night; the tower resembles the Tokyo Skytree]
  269. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo! Iroha-chan! Over here!"
  270. Felicia: "It's awesome! Check it out!"
  271. "This has to be a witch or a rumor or something!"
  272. Iroha: "Do you see something?"
  273. Tsuruno: "Rather than seeing it, we heard it!"
  274. "I came to pick up something I ordered, but then I heard a girl's voice coming from nowhere."
  275. Iroha: "Is this a scary story?"
  276. "There are a lot of people around, it has to be one of their voices..."
  277. Tsuruno: "That's not how we heard it! How should I put it..."
  278. Felicia: "It's like the air was talking!"
  279. Tsuruno: "Yeah, that's right!"
  280. Iroha: "Ehh? You've gotta be kidding..."
  281. [fade to black]
  282. *heh... hehe...*
  283. [back by the tower]
  284. Iroha: "Ehhh!?"
  285. Felicia: "See? The air was talking!"
  286. Tsuruno: "If you strain your ears, soooooooometimes you can hear a girl's voice!"
  287. [fade to black]
  288. *heh, hehehe... Aha, ahahaha...*
  289. [back again]
  290. Iroha: "A-again!?"
  291. Yachiyo: "The Radio Girl, huh..."
  292. Iroha: "Is this the one you were talking about?"
  293. Yachiyo: "Yes it is, but something's strange.."
  294. "Before it was saying 'Save me... save me...' and other sad things like that..."
  295. Iroha: "Do- Stop saying things like that!"
  296. Yachiyo: "But it's true."
  297. girl a: "..."
  298. girl b: "..."
  299. "Hey..."
  300. "That voice before, was that a girl from our school?"
  301. Iroha: "Huh?"
  302. "Yachiyo-san, did you hear that?"
  303. Yachiyo: "Yes, that girl who walked by sounds like she might know something."
  304. Tsuruno: "All right, leave it to me! I'll go ask her now!"
  305. "Wait, they're lost in the crowd already!?"
  306. Iroha: "..."
  307. *When they try to make up, they get taken away by the Breakup Rule...*
  308. *When you meet the person you're looking for, everyone goes to sleep at the Kuchiyose Shrine...*
  309. *The Misery Water causes people misfortune.*
  310. Iroha: "If the voice of this Radio Girl isn't a rumor but instead is the voice of a person..."
  311. mini-Kyubey choice: "Then we should investigate." or "Then we shouldn't investigate."
  312. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyukyu" (first choice)
  313. Iroha: "Maybe someone has gotten caught up in a rumor..."
  314. mini-Kyubey: MokyuMokyu..." (second choice)
  315. Iroha: "But someone might have been caught up in a rumor..."
  316. "Yachiyo-san, why don't we look into the Radio Girl once more?"
  317. Yachiyo: "Right, my assistant, I had the same idea."
  318. "Tomorrow we'll split in two and investigate the Radio Girl."
  319. Iroha: "Then, Felicia-chan..."
  320. Felicia: "Hmm?"
  321. Iroha: "Umm, could you tell me your contact info?"
  322. "I was thinking that I didn't have it."
  323. Felicia: "Then you tell me your ID too, Iroha."
  324. "It's a problem if we can't contact each other!"
  326. 5.1.5
  327. [we see Felicia and Yachiyo in pajamas in the living room]
  328. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san! Grab Felicia!"
  329. [screen wipe]
  330. Iroha: "hnn... Take this!"
  331. Felicia: "Bwah!"
  332. Yachiyo: "All right, sit just like that. You have to dry your hair."
  333. Felicia: "That takes too long, and it'll dry on its own just fine."
  334. Yachiyo: "It'd be such a waste if such pretty hair got damaged, though."
  335. "Here, I'll dry it for you."
  336. [screen wipe]
  337. "Well, how was school?"
  338. Felicia: "Hm?"
  339. "There wasn't really anything interesting."
  340. "There's nobody to talk about manga with. Or cows, either."
  341. Yachiyo: "Cows... now that's a tough hurdle."
  342. Iroha: "So you didn't talk about anything?"
  343. Felicia: "Well, I did some, but..."
  344. "It was all about idols and live broadcasts and things like that."
  345. "And then some weird webpage."
  346. Iroha: "A weird webpage?"
  347. Felicia: "Today, some people said it was really cool so I asked them about it."
  348. Iroha: "What kind of page was it?"
  349. Felicia: "Dunno."
  350. Iroha: "You didn't get to see it?"
  351. Felicia: "They told me about it, but I couldn't get in."
  352. "So I gave up."
  353. Iroha: "You couldn't get in? So there's a webpage like that..."
  354. [battle]
  355. Yachiyo: "There we go, all dry."
  356. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san."
  357. Yachiyo: "Hm?"
  358. Iroha: "Felicia-chan's asleep."
  359. Felicia: [snoring lightly]
  360. Yachiyo: "She sure is a free spirit..."
  361. "..."
  362. "Poke!"
  363. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!?"
  364. Felicia: "mmmmnn..."
  365. Yachiyo: "Wow, her cheeks are really soft."
  366. Iroha: "Really?"
  367. "Then let me try..."
  368. Felicia: "nyuuu..."
  369. Iroha: "They are! Just like a baby."
  370. Yachiyo: "Poke, poke..."
  371. Felicia: "Mmm... unh!"
  372. Yachiyo: "Ow! She bit me..."
  373. Felicia: [snoring]
  374. Yachiyo: "At least she's cute when she's asleep..."
  375. Felicia: "Mm... yuck..."
  376. Yachiyo: "No, not cute."
  377. Iroha: "hehe"
  378. [Iroha's phone rings]
  379. Iroha: "Ah, a message."
  380. Yachiyo: "It might be from your parents."
  381. Iroha: "Yep."
  382. "..."
  383. "Wh-what's this?"
  384. Yachiyo: "What, what happened?"
  385. Iroha: "Ya-Yachiyo-san, this is from someone I don't know!"
  386. [fade to black]
  387. *"Would you please save me?"*
  388. [back to the living room]
  389. Yachiyo: "It looks suspicious..."
  390. "It's probably just some dumb prank e-mail."
  391. Iroha: "W-what should I do?"
  392. "Should I say I can't help them?"
  393. Yachiyo: "No, you shouldn't even reply to these."
  394. Iroha: "Ah, right..."
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