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  1.    <@markup id="form">
  2.          <form id="${el}-form" accept-charset="UTF-8" method="post" action="${loginUrl}" class="form-fields login" autocomplete="off">
  3.             <@markup id="fields">
  4.             <input type="hidden" id="${el}-success" name="success" value="${successUrl?replace("@","%40")?html}"/>
  5.             <input type="hidden" name="failure" value="${failureUrl?replace("@","%40")?html}"/>
  6.             <div class="form-field">
  7.                <input type="text" id="${el}-username" name="username" maxlength="255" autocomplete="off" value="<#if lastUsername??>${lastUsername?html}</#if>" placeholder="${msg("label.username")}" />
  8.             </div>
  9.             <div class="form-field">
  10.                <input type="password" id="${el}-password" name="password" maxlength="255" placeholder="${msg("label.password")}" />
  11.             </div>
  12.             </@markup>
  13.             <@markup id="buttons">
  14.             <div class="form-field">
  15.                <input type="submit" id="${el}-submit" class="login-button" value="${msg("button.login")}"/>
  16.             </div>
  17.             <div class="form-field">
  18.                 <input type="button" id="${args.htmlid}-resetPassword" class="login-button hidden"
  19.                 value="${msg("button.resetPassword")}"/>
  20.             </div>
  21.             </@markup>
  22.          </form>
  23.       </@markup>
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