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  1. LiliumRoseThorn: -after Lily had returned from her dreamlike days in the skane hall, remembering the warmth, the kindness and the delightfull scent and taste of fresh food she'd been greeted with an angry looking Master, Skarll had waited patiently and nervously on his slave to return, the first thing he did was take her back home, strip her of any fancy clothing, making sure none of them are damaged for he knew they came from the hall, and violently had his way with her, she'd be left with numerous bruises over her body yet he made sure not to damage her hands and face to much, as he had need for them, in the morning she didn't get to wear her new clothing, instead Skarll tossed a rag her way, a sack-like rag he flimsied together hastely, it barely covered her arms and legs leaving her quivering, he ordered her to work harder to bypass all the time and money he lost with her frollicing in skane, it was close to noone as Skrall stood in the market place, selling his wares- "step right up finest silks, rugs and tapestries in Skane!" -he'd chant out as he noticed the Miss aproach once more, immediatly straightening his hair and dusting off his robes as he quit enjoyed the payment he recieved for loaning out his girl-
  5. Sprainy: -Vixen had nothing better to do and decided to wander through the marketplace, perhaps something would interest her and maybe she could make her first purchase. Scratching the back of her head upon realising she never truly purchased anything that was her own.. Her clothes were either from past slaves or brought back from raids. A smile crossed her lips at the thought of actually buying.. and owning something that was hers and not previously worn by others. Remembering Lily and her previous handywork Vixen set out to find the stall she worked at. Dressed in black leather jeans, a red silk top with a corset around her waist. 3 pouches and 2 daggers, one a regular one and one she named Tyron.. simply because this special dagger had been gifted to her and contained some of the powers of Thor. The pouches were filled with various small tools, herbs and vials containing poisenous as well as healing herbs. Arriving at the stall, first things first Vixens eyes would gaze upon Lily, noticing she no longer was wearing the clothes Vixen had given to her.. or at least the materials which instantly had her gaze towards the Merchant as she mumbled under her breath- "Good day to you.. what happend to Lily's outfit that I had been so kind to grant her to make certain she wouldnt get sick?" -Her eyes left the Merchant whilst gazing over the various silks as one hand would rest upon her trusty Moose-hounds head, a little critter in its fur whilst high above Stormy was circling high above in the sky.-
  9. LiliumRoseThorn: "ah hello again Miss glad to see you again.... oh her clothing? ... ah ehm well she she spilled something on it, yes that's it, she's quite clumsy when handling drinks you see, I'll have her was them later but she couldn't be seen with spilled fabrics after all, they are from skane" -the'd merchant nervously explained, yet hiding his nervousness within is vile forked tongue, Lily meanwhile shivering as she's rumaging through a barrel full of fabrics, trying moving her entire body as to try to generate heat, her cheeks were pinkish red from the cold, her hands were one of the only parts of her body that didn't feel cold, as she was so focused on her work she'd not notice Miss Vixen aproach the stall, one of the raiders noticed her bent over and couldn't help but slap her firm butt, causing her to squeal as the raider passed by laughing-
  13. Sprainy: -Eyes once more narrowed and now fixated upon the Merchant, Vixen being one to manipulate others to have them do as she desired was fully aware the man was not being fully honest.. yet she would let it slip partly.. pointing to the various silks that he owned- "So, you give her a rag to wear.. to freeze her fingers off allst the while you own so much silk that Lily can transform in the most beautiful artworks? Sounds to me you just want easy acces to her. Seeing in the corner of her eyes that one passing by decided to smack the girl Vixen growled lowly. fingers to the Mare's lips whilst the free hand pointed towards the raider, whisteling through her fingers just a single time, high pitched and a quick one. Her body turning towards the man she had just targeted.. this being Stormy's first actual target instead of the dummies they had been training on. Stormy had been blessed by Thor after being hit by lightning as the location of Skane was build by Thor which, aside of the high speeds the peregrine falcon also had electricity run through the bird. A nod of her head towards the man in the hopes the Merchant would gaze in the direction she nodded whilst Stormy dived downwards with a speed of 345 km/h (214,3 mph) as electricity was forming around Stormy almost like a full body shield. Within a split second the falcon had the man stood their with a hole through his chest, the man managed to gaze down as his eyes widened before his body dropped to the ground. Muscles pulled on the corner of Vixens lips upon having her training with Stormy being a huge succes whilst turning her body back to the merchant- "Hm, I guess that does not really teach him to stay off of Lily's butt.. but hey, at least he wont do it again eh?"
  17. LiliumRoseThorn: -skarll was puzzled ofr a sec, wondering what vixen was looking at, the second he looked in her direction his visage went pale as he noticed the raider slump over with a gaping hole in his chest, lily jumped and squealed at the sight of blood, fumbling over on the ground, knocking the barrel over, Skrall got angry but didn't reacit immediatly- w...well that's as punishment ofcourse, she had spilled upon your fabulous fabrics, she needed to learn how to properly treat such fabrics" -he said with a nervous look, as other market guards sighed and nervously got rid of the body as some urchins looted what was on his body- "girl clean up that mess and bring me the red box" -he said urging lily to move behind the stand as to not witness much more blood-
  21. Sprainy: -A tilting head with the Merchants words as per usual Vixens eyes fixated upon him.. every slight adjustment in his facial expression.. every pull of the muscle. Nothing would go unnoticed by Vixen. This meant that despite his efforts the Mare knew he was lieing through his teeth.. Suddenly a forced smile upon her face whilst within her mind she already knew the outcome. It would just be a predator playing with its prey from now on.- "Hm, red box? Whats this red box you have her bring you?" -Her voice would sound curious even tho Vixen gave not a single care in the world.. she wanted to see this mans sweat down its forehead as with each passing second he would more and more realise all he did was digging his own grave-
  25. LiliumRoseThorn: -Skarll pondered a bit- "nothing Miss just some of the finest and rarest silk i've had" -he said as he yanked the box out of Lily's hands as she aproached, she was unaware that this signalled a few of his lackies, two random strangers then aproached the market place, one pretending to browse the fabrics another standing a meter behind Vixen- "see this golden silk is said to protect even from knives, a rare enchanted treat indeed" -he said as a third one yanked Lily's arm- "Girl i'm looking for some tarps for my house" -he said as the stranger visibly was nervous, sweat rolling down his brow-
  29. Sprainy: -She let a yawn escape from her mouth as the Merchant mumbled on.- "Good for you. Ugly colour however.." -Seeing Lily being pulled away by a nervous looking man who'm arrived at the same time as the man she knew to be behind her from his footsteps and then one to her left browsing the wares. Releasing the hand from her moose-hounds head who'm sensed the change within Vixen and got on guard himself.. Suddenly Vixen started laughing.. firstly softly yet it quickly changed in that of a sadistic laugh with her lips parted and growing in the largest grin ever before. Vixen got excited at the very idea that her life was in danger, sure she possessed natural fighting skills on her own and had gained some of Thors power, through Master Tyron.. but in the end she would bleed like any normal human. Fatal strikes to the heart or throat would kill the girl where other strikes would wound her much like a human yet Vixen was more resistant to pain then most and could endure far more than a human before collapsing to her wounds. Her hand rested upon her dagger, ready to unsheath and strike.. yet she waited patiently- "So, got anything else besides that golden silk?"
  33. LiliumRoseThorn: -the strangers looked puzzled as each began to slide their hand below their robes, some purposly ratteling a bag of coins to mask them clicking their daggers open, Skarll smiled as a droplet of sweat ran down his brow- "oh yes yes Miss i've got just the thing for you oh but please excuse me i'll get it myself, I wouldn't let that clumsy girl touch it at all" -he said as he shimmied off nervously, the strangers kept acting as if they belonged , browsing the wares, tension was high it seems as footsteps were heard, Lily noticed the stranger's dagger and knew so she ran back- "V....Vixen it's a trap *her mouth was snared by one of the strangers as he yanked her behind the cart, the other guys swiftly readied their daggers and short swords as the one behind Vixen took hold of her right shoulder-
  37. Sprainy: -Vixen tilted her head and giggled- "Oh, there you are Lily.. I know." -Seeing the man grasping her and pulling her back behind a cart she would shout out- "I will be with you soon, Lily." -The dagger unsheated, it being just the regular dagger and only the single one.. High above the sky Stormy had its eyes focused on Lily, not letting her out of its sight whilst down below the ground the large moose-hound weighing up to 37 kg (81,5 pound) bared its teeth to the man who'm grasped Vixens shoulder. Saliva dripped down the hounds jaw before it jumped up and took a strong bite on the mans arm who'm had no other choice then to let Vixen go and fixate on the hound unless it wished to have its arm ripped to shreds. In the meantime, the little critter hiding within its fur crawled over the hounds head and actually jumped onto the man and used its tiny paws to crawl to the mans neck yet the mouse wouldnt be much of a treat compared to the large dog. As for the man on her left, Vixens eyes would be fixated upon him.. ready to block and redirect any attack the man would bring her way. Calmly she spoke- "Attacking the Jarl of Skane's slave.. this is a first time for me. I wasnt aware men were that stupid. Guess I was wrong. Come on then, lets end it swiftly.. I have a Merchant to toy with."
  41. LiliumRoseThorn: -the man let go of vixen's shoulder, screaming in pain as he dropped his dagger, the other one lunged at her, hesitating for a bit but realising he might get away with the cash if he tried to take her out swiftly, he'd jump in swinging his shortsword from the right side towards vixen, the third guy pushing Lily to the back of the cart causing a box to fall over- "stupid Girl why why did you have to deal with he r!" -Skarl said as he tossed a hammer to the guard- "finish her fast you idiot" -skarll said as he yanked lily up off the ground, hand firmly placed on her arm behind her back-
  45. Sprainy: -The little mouse that had jumped on the man that now was left to the moose-hounds mercy had made way to the main artery within its neck.. due to the man's andrenline rushing through his body it was easy to see the pulsating artery and the little mouse.. doe small would soon nibble down in its neck right above the artery. The man most likely wouldnt notice the little critter as the moose-hounds head shook back and forth.. quite literly so ripping the skin of the mans arm. Would the mouse go unnoticed it would soon find its way through the skin and the main artery till the mans blood would start pouring out. Would the man notice the mouse and reach for it, the little critter would simply let itself fall to the ground where the moose-hound would be sure to catch it upon its soft fur. As for the man lunging at Vixen from her right side with the shortsword.. now being released and able to move she simply moved forward to the man, pushing her body against his to avoid his strike.. this included her dagger, if not dodged it would pierce right through the mans stomach and Vixen would be sure to use all her strength to move the blade upwards to maximize the damage done.-
  46. LiliumRoseThorn: -the man screamed grasping for the little critter as he felt it gnaw on his neck, the critter jumped off as the man slowly began to slow down, blood gushing from his neck as the more he struggled the faster it drained, the other guard hesitating as she swiftly stood before him , hesitating for a moment he'd lift his other arm, now holding aknife to stab at her now that she's so close, the third one returned carrying a Hammer of sort, it glowed a bright red as he aproached he'd lift it up his head as he began a striking motion the second he stood by the second guards' side-
  50. Sprainy: -Seeing Vixen had stabbed the man before her who'm tried to stab her now that she was close did not have Vixen worried as the man did not only suffer a large amount of pain.. he was also bleeding out and thus loosing strength. This had Vixen remove the dagger from the mans guts and use her free arm to block the mans attempt on her life, with ease knocking the hand holding the knife away from her as a swift movement followed with Vixen jumping backwards to avoid the hammer coming from above her. Vixen laughed hysterical as the otherwise calm Mare had become excited as they attempted to rid her from this world. Muscles in Vixens fingers trembled in excitement before signing for her Moose-hound to check up on Lily, quick to follow her command as the dog would eye the bird to find Lily's location yet the hound remained on a distance. Vixen facing off, now in what seemed a fair battle.- "Two down.. one to go" -She snickered delightful whilst holding out her head and signalling with her finger for him to come closer.- "Imagen it happening.. killing the Jarls slave.. men would find you brave and if you survive the Jarls wrath you would become a important face within Skane." -Vixen awaited the mans movements, reading his body as she always did with her prey.-
  54. LiliumRoseThorn: -as Vixen jumped back and the man before her slumped and fell over, bleeding out from the stab wound the hammer would land on a stone causing it to create a small burning flash, as if flames escaped it, scorching the earth it hit, this man was holding an enchanted relic..., fiery runes were inscribed on it's side causing the hammer to heat up when swung, a relic from shamans of old, perfect to scorch through leather and chain armor, though heavy in hand and would require a strong man to wield, the man huffed and puffed as he circled her, trying to keep his cool as he decided to place the hammer to his side and swing it sideways using his whole body, meanwhile Skarl was pulling Lily away, towards his cart that was parked in a less bussy area ofthe market- "stop squabbling girl we're going!"
  58. Sprainy: -A tilted head as Vixens eyes noticed that this was not a regular hammer she once more snickered and spoke up- "A cute little relic for my Master!" -The man being large and to carry a heavy hammer.. moving around and trying to swing at her once more with his whole body had Vixen giggle playfully and dodge it easily. Being quick on her feet and a agile creature meant this man would never hit her with the hammer as Vixen would be able to dodge him easily so long she was in a opean area.. which was a-plenty within Skane. A sudden bark from the moose-hound had Vixen however focus, seeing the Merchant dragging Lily off.. most likely to somewhere that if not acting quick Vixen wasnt going to catch up.- "Excuse me kind man.. I will be right back.. or even better, catch up!" -Boots digging in the dirt below as the Mare used her speed to catch up with the Merchant who'm be slow as Lily did not work along with him. Catching up just as they arrived at the cart- "I thinks its time.. that I end your life, merchant. Seeing those men obviously work for you. Master Tyron will be sure to be pleased once I bring the heads of your men and you.. knowing you decided to go after what is rightfully His!" -Vixen sheated her regular dagger and this time removed the special dagger from its place. The moment the blade became visable one could see it had powers of its own. Full on black aside of the light blue hue dancing around the edges of the blade.- "I guess it is only right.. if I finish you off speaking my Masters name.."
  62. LiliumRoseThorn: -Skarl was surprised as he suddenly sees vixen aproach, he'd halt and turn around holding lily in his grasp as he unsheathes his own personal dagger that he had hidden in his robes, he'd raise it swiftly to Lily's uncovered neck, the blade was finely crafted, yet the details on it's blade are odd, it had a lot of "veins" carved in the blade, a sticky sickly green color was plastered all over it, it was clear this knife was poisonous- "Back Hag or the Girl's life is over!" -he said as he tried t obuy some time, seeing that vixen dodged the guard's hammer and unbalanced him enough to have him waste time getting his barings and heading over there-
  66. Sprainy: -Seeing the dagger to Lily's throat it mattered little if it had poisen or not.. one cut was enough to have a human bleed and having it unable to be stopped. Vixen sighed and came to a halt, turned to point the dagger towards the struggeling man to try and catch up.. as the free hand would make that same high pitched single whistle as before.. The peregrine falcon aiming.. folding its wings against his body as it came charging at the man there was no dodging it... the electricity forming a shield around the birds body as the same fate would be met as the previous guy.. a hole large enough for a bird twice the falcons size due to the electricity shield. Vixen once more focused upon the merchant, standing there rather calmly as her head tilted with a sigh- "Alright, Merchant.. What is it you want? I've not given you a reason to set up a ambush.. rewarded you with gold for loaning your slave out yet all that did not seem enough. Spill, what. do. you. want?"
  70. LiliumRoseThorn: -Skarll snarled at the words, sweat nervously rolling down his brow as he spoke- "I want you to back off and allow me to leave with this girl" -he said as his hand holding the knife trembled , Lily however stopped struggling and quivered in stress and fear, sobbing slightly- "The second you've shown interest in her i knew i'd not get her back one of these days, She's MINE and MINE alone" -he yelled loudly-
  74. Sprainy: -Vixen lowered herself and sat down in a cross-legged position upon the grass, the dagger held within her hand as both her hands rested on her upper legs yet her free hand would lift to scratch the back of her head- "She was yours, yes.. It was never my intention to take her away from you. You see, Master Tyron would never permit as much. He would be displeased with me if I were to steal slaves as it would give Him a bad reputation." -The hand lowered again as her head tilted to the side- "But I cant let you go now.. as Master would be very displeased with me if I let the man planning my death walk free.. So it seems that you acting without thinking has gotten us in a bit of a tight spot. Do tell, Merchant.. you are smart.. knowing your current situation.. what happends if you were to kill Lily right now, do you reckon you would survive? Knowing full-well I wont let you leave with Lily.. what do you say about you hand me over the girl.. and I let you live? I will inform my Master that the raider was the tailoring Merchant Lily belonged to as I bring Him his head." -Vixens looked up at the man as a genuine smile rested upon her lips-
  78. LiliumRoseThorn: -Skarll would look at lily, before snarling at her- "think i'd believe that? the second i let go of this wench your little birdie up there will open up my chest like those idiots" -he said as Lily's eyes darted back and forth, squabbling a little, she'd clench her teeth as she heard his painfull words, her eyes finding Vixen's, she'd knew that Vixen was the way away from this pig, as Skarll's eyes were focused on vixen she'd slowly and calmly reposition her legs, spreading them gently as she intuitivly darted her eyes towards the gap created between her legs, Skarll was hunched behind Lily using her as shield, though he was taller than her-
  79. Sprainy: -Vixen bursted out in a laughter before rolling her eyes- "Merchant, dont you think that Stormy could finish you off within a second even whilst you are holding Lily?" -Vixen easily picked up on what Lily had done which would have her giggeling like crazy but she did not wish to give it away. Meanwhile a certain little critter had found its way to the Merchant legs and its sharp little teeth would take a quick bite before dashing away. Would the man be distracted even for a slight second.. Vixen would within a swift movement throw her dagger with precise aim and a high speed right inbetween Lily's legs.. and her being taller this meant right in the mans cock. If Vixen were to succeed she'd be quick to speak a single word- "Tyron!" -As she did the daggers light blue hue emitted a sudden electricity around the blade and seeing the blade was stuck in the mans junk it would send the electricity coursing through his body knowing this would freeze a mere mans muscles yet giving Lily only a short gap inbetween becoming electrified herself- "LILY, MOVE NOW!" -Vixen shouted out whilst crawling back up on her feet and unsheating her regular dagger.-
  83. LiliumRoseThorn: -as the critter bit him he'd yell lowering the knife from Lily's neck in reflex, then freezing as he suddenly had the dagger jammed in his crotch, letting go of lily as he had lost controll due to the intense pain washing over him, Lily heard vixen, she'd fumble and crawl away swiftly before gazing and watching Skarll jitter and jolt under the force of the dagger, dropping his poisonous well crafter dagger-
  87. Sprainy: -Seeing Lily was in safety.. Vixen stepped forward and took the poisonous dagger from the floor whilst sheating her regular dagger just to pull out the bloody dagger from the mans cock- "Yikes.. seems you wont be using that again." -She laughed whilst towering herself over the Merchant..- "Then again.. you wont live long enough to be able to use it again.. silly Merchant, had you just let things be you would of happily owned Lily and kept your head.. but now....." -Vixen was done playing whilst stepping to the side of the mans head, lifting the poisen covered dagger to his throat cutting clean through his skin and main artery with its blood pouring out, spatters of blood covering Vixens clothes and some reaching up to her face. Even after the mans death Vixen continued to cut through all the skin, muscle and veins. This continued up for a little while till the head was removed from the mans body. Vixen stood up holding the mans head by his hair whilst turning to Lily- "Please excuse me as I collect the heads of the other three.. and that hammer. Cant return to Master empty handed with you by my side.."
  91. LiliumRoseThorn: -her eyes widened, Lily knew of the brutality of a fight in these parts but was spared most of it thankfully, she felt sick to her stoumach, dowsed by her rolly tears as she sobbed in relief, as the headless body of Skarll dropped to the ground his purse fell out from his robes revealing a variety of different coins and notes towards what seemed to be a bandit group terrorising the more remote parts of the south-eastern side of Skane,, turns out this merchant's "goods" included stolen or raided goods-
  94. Sprainy: "Hm.. interesting." -Vixen scooped up the coins and notes.. the notes stuffed away in her pouch as the coins wo
  95. uld be put back in the little purse just to dissapear inbetween Vixens breasts. She then tossed the first head towards the moose-hound who'm would 'gently' pick it up by the mans hair as Vixen wandered off towards the other bodies. rinse and repeat, their bodies soon released from their heads much like the merchants head. Luckily seeing their deaths had been a little while ago, as the blade cut through the their main arteries there would be no blood as the heart no longer pumped it through their bodies. Attaching the nifty hammer to her hips just to bind the dagger from the merchant to the hammer so both her hands were free to be filled up by the hairs of the men. 2 in one hand and 1 in one hand before Vixen returned to Lily.- "Alright.. its about time we return to the Great Hall. Sadly, its not safe for you to be wandering alone and I am afraid the Great Hall is the safest place despite it being the home of the Jarl." -Vixen started walking towards the bridge before shouting over her shoulder- "Someone clean up those bodies.. and be quick about it before you are next!!" -Some men would hesitate.. where others were quick to jump on the task as they valued their own life and Vixen would be sure to remember their faces.-
  99. LiliumRoseThorn: -Lily gulped and didn't hesitate, getting off from the ground as she ran behind her, gazing over her shoulder one last time as she saw people loot and t ake care of the bodies, some other merchants looting what's left of the fabric stand, she couldn't help but smile a little as she was relieved of the pains and stress of her former Master- t..... *sob*.... thank you La...Vixen -she softly spoke as she followed her, trying to avert her eyes from the severed head of her ex-master-, following her towards her future, to the hall-
  103. Sprainy: -Vixen came to a halt.. turning her head over her shoulder as she would look at Lily. A obvious worry upon her face as her tone suddenly became softer and more quiet.- "Dont thank me, Lily.. Your faith will not be much easier for whats to come." -A short silence as Vixen gazed over the waters- "The only difference is.. I will be there to make it as easy as possible for you. But you should know that whatever follows once we arrive in the Great Hall..." -She started to walk again, her loyal companions following. The hound besides her and the falcon high in the sky above her.- "Dont try to defend me.. keep your head low and do not speak to Jarl Tyron unless directly spoken to and always answer honestly."
  107. LiliumRoseThorn: -she gazed at Vixen with a worry look, but determined to repay her kindness she nods- Y...Yes Vixen -she said as she followed behind her, keeping her head lowered as she kept her gazes around, seeing a few guardsmen shake their heads, others not care or keep to their own businesses as the bllood dripping from the severed heads caused a neat little trail to flow towards the hall, twas a red day indeed, Lily's nerves calmed down a little, she still was nervous but of a different kind than that of fearing for one's life-
  111. Sprainy: -As they arrived at the Great Hall Vixed spoke up- "Door please!" -Offering a gentle smile towards Lily as the guards on either side of the door would open up the doors.-
  113. ------------------ End of part 1 -------------------
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