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Sep 14th, 2020
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  1. Ep1 -
  3. Umika (voiceover): At that time, I was panicked. Yes, panicked...
  4. Umika (voiceover): Out of fear that I might lose my friends? No, that's not why.
  6. Umika: It's already been over an hour since I got separated from Kazumi and Kaoru...
  7. Umika: But my Gem isn't sensing even the slightest trace of either of them.
  8. Umika: I tried to read the memories of the city, but X File isn't working either.
  9. Umika: I'm not worried about Kaoru, but I've got to keep Kazumi from being exposed to magic...
  10. ['Magic sensed' effect]
  11. Umika: Ah...!
  12. Umika: This reaction... it's close by?
  13. Umika: ...Here it comes!
  14. [Zenobia labyrinth BG.]
  15. Zabaii: *chuffa★□※☆▼puffa*
  16. Umika: Hmph. They'll show up just about anywhere.
  17. Umika: I'm hardly in the mood to be fighting Witches...
  18. Umika: But I can't just ignore it!
  19. Zabaii: *puff-puff▼△◎★!!*
  20. Umika: Allow me to read everything about you...
  21. Umika: X File!
  22. Zabaii: *chuffa-puffa▲◎☆◆?!*
  23. Umika: I see now... the chink in your armor is right...
  24. Umika: Here!
  25. Zabaii: *□▽★※◎◆#chooo!!*
  26. [The Labyrinth vanishes.]
  27. Umika: ...Killing Witches certainly takes a toll on you, no matter how many times you do it.
  28. Umika: I hope that 'she' can rest peacefully...
  29. Umika: Now. How am I going to search for Kazumi and Kaoru...?
  30. Kako: .......
  31. Umika: ...Hello?
  32. Kako: Um...
  33. Umika: Have I met you before somewhere? Or were you in that Witch's Labyrinth just now...
  34. Kako: No, it's just, your outfit...
  35. Umika: My outfit...?
  36. Umika: Ah!
  37. Umika: (I forgot to transform back!)
  38. Umika: (...I'd better act natural, or she'll become even more suspicious.)
  39. Umika: Why, what about it?
  40. Kako: Are you... a Magical Girl?
  41. Umika: Yes, I am-- ah! I mean, yes, I'm dressed up as one.
  42. Umika: (She asked that question so naturally, I nearly... well. Let's hope she believes the cover story.)
  43. Kako: Ahhh, so it was just a costume...
  44. Kako: I'm so sorry! Please forget what I said!
  45. Umika: Wait. You said 'Magical Girl' just now... didn't you?
  46. Kako: ...Yes, I did...
  47. Umika: Could you be one too?!
  48. Kako: Yes!
  49. [Kako transforms.]
  50. Kako: My name is Kako Natsume!
  52. (...)
  54. Umika: Could you be one too?!
  55. Kako: Yes!
  56. [Kako transforms.]
  57. Kako: My name is Kako Natsume!
  58. Umika: A Magical Girl from Kamihama City...! I happened to come here from Asunaro.
  59. Kako: Wow! It's my first time meeting a Magical Girl from Asunaro City.
  60. Kako: There's so many fun places in Asunaro, aren't there?
  61. Kako: Like Lavieland, and the Angelica Bears Museum...
  62. Kako: Oh, and the cafe Lepa Macha! Their food is delicious!
  63. Kako: We saw it on TV a little while ago, and my mother said the chef was very handsome.
  64. Umika: Yes, I agree that Mr. Tachibana is a wonderful chef... but...
  65. Kako: ...Oh, I'm so sorry! There I go, talking your ear off...
  66. [Umika detransforms.]
  67. Umika: No, it's just-- shall we transform back?
  68. [So does Kako.]
  69. Kako: Oh! Right, good point.
  70. Kako: I was so excited to meet an Asunaro Magical Girl for the first time...
  71. Umika: *Giggle*. We may live in different cities, but we're all Magical Girls just the same.
  72. Kako: ...Yes, that's right.
  73. Umika: I came here with two fellow Magical Girls while chasing a Witch.
  74. Umika: But it seems we got split up while inside the Witch's Labyrinth...
  75. Umika: Their names are Kazumi and Kaoru. Have you heard those names at all recently?
  76. Kako: Kazumi-san and Kaoru-san... no, I think this is the first I've heard of them.
  77. Kako: I'm sorry...
  78. Umika: There's no need for you to apologize.
  79. Umika: But if you or any of your friends happen to hear about them in the future...
  80. Umika: I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me with your information.
  81. Kako: Contact you...? How?
  82. Umika: You can just signal me via your Gem. That'll do fine.
  83. Kako: Oh, yes!
  84. Umika: Well, I'll be off.
  85. Kako: ...Um!
  86. Kako: I'd like to assist you!
  87. Umika: Huh?
  88. Kako: You might have trouble searching on your own in such an unfamiliar place...
  89. Kako: Plus, I think it's kind of like fate that two Magical Girls met like this!
  90. Umika: .......
  91. Umika: (She's right. But I can't assume that all Magical Girls are on our side...)
  92. Umika: (...No, I can tell from her eyes. They're just as clear as Kazumi's...)
  93. Umika: Thank you, Kako-san. I think I'll take you up on that offer.
  94. Kako: Okay!
  95. Umika: So, would you mind if I asked some questions about this city while we search?
  96. Kako: Oh, not at all... but...
  97. Umika: Do you have something to take care of right now, too?
  98. Kako: No, not in particular...
  99. Umika: I apologize for saying this when you're the one doing me a favor, but we don't have much time to waste.
  100. Kako: Um... I mean...
  101. Kako: My house is actually nearby, so maybe you'd like to stop by for tea...?
  102. Umika: We *really* don't have much time.
  103. Kako: Um, but Kamihama is very big... and I think it'd be good to spend time planning before we head out...!
  104. Kako: I-I'm very sorry... if you're in a hurry, though, we can talk while walking...
  105. Umika: ...You're right. We should take time to focus and plan our next move.
  106. Kako: Ah, all right! I'll lead the way, then. It's just up ahead...
  107. Umika: ...Thank you.
  109. (...)
  111. Umika (voiceover): I came across a Magical Girl here in Kamihama: Miss Kako Natsume.
  112. Umika (voiceover): She offered to help me find my friends, and invited me to her house to discuss things further...
  114. Umika: "Natsume Books"... so your house is a bookstore.
  115. Kako: Yes... used books, to be precise. Are you all right?
  116. Umika: All right? Why wouldn't I be?
  117. Kako: Used bookstores have a particular smell, so some people don't like them...
  118. Umika: Oh, don't worry about that. Honestly, I quite like it.
  119. Umika: It's the scent of the feelings of every person involved with these books. Their authors, their readers...
  120. Umika: It makes me feel like I'm hiding in the pocket of the god of books.
  121. Kako: The pocket of the god of books...
  122. Umika: Ah. That might've been a bit too dramatic.
  123. Kako: No, I thought it was quite nice. It reminded me of a novel I read once... I believe it was...
  124. Kako: Umika Misaki!
  125. Umika: Oh, yes! Umika Misaki!
  126. Kako: I KNEW it!
  127. Umika: Huh? N-no, I just-- I didn't mean...
  128. Kako: She's such a fascinating author! I've read all her books!
  129. Umika: Uh-- huh? Have you?
  130. Kako: She's a young author who doesn't often appear in public.
  131. It's amazing to think that she's a professional, despite still being in middle school like me...
  132. Kako: I wonder what she looks like. There's rumors that she's actually very pretty...
  133. Umika: T-that's... those rumors are overblown. Really.
  134. Kako: Huh? Have you seen her in person?
  135. Umika: Oh, no, I mean... she said as much in an interview, is all.
  136. Kako: Ah, I see.
  137. Kako: She's very talented, though! Writing all those novels while still attending school...
  138. Kako: I imagine she's very stoic. I'd be so nervous meeting her for real...
  139. Umika: I think... she might be a much more average student than you might assume.
  140. Kako: We have all of Umika Misaki's books together on this shelf here.
  141. Umika: ...Right next to Daihachirou Furuyashiki-sensei's "Flying Squirrel" series...
  142. Kako: My father only puts his absolute favorite titles on that shelf.
  143. Kako: "Umika Misaki's characters embody the idea that to eat is to live."
  144. Kako: That's my father's 'stance on Umika'!
  145. Umika: ...So there's people who understand here, too...
  146. Kako: Um... did I say anything odd?
  147. Umika: No, no. I was just very happy to hear that.
  148. Kako: Ah... oh, now that I think about it.
  149. Kako: I still haven't asked you your name!
  150. Umika: ...Oh!
  151. Umika: Well... My name is...
  152. Umika: My name... happens to be...
  154. (...)
  156. Umika: My name is...
  157. Umika: Umika Mi... Mi-Mi...
  158. Umika: ...It's Umika.
  159. Kako: Oh, Umika-san! Okay!
  160. Kako: So is that your first name? Or your last name?
  161. Umika: Er...
  162. Umika: It's my first name.
  163. Kako: And your last name is?
  164. Umika: My last name... is...
  165. Umika: ...Misaki.
  166. Kako: All right! Umika Misaki-san.
  167. Kako: Right. Umika Misaki... san...?
  168. Kako: Umika Misaki? Have I heard that recently...?
  169. Kako: Huh? Umika Misaki?!
  170. Umika: .......
  171. Kako: Umika Misaki... huh?! No way! Huh?! Huh?!
  172. Kako: ...D-don't tell me...!
  173. Umika: Nice to meet you. ...I'm the author, Umika Misaki.
  174. Kako: .......
  175. Kako: HUUUUUUHHHHH?!!
  177. ~~~
  179. Umika: To think that I, an author, would run into the daughter of a bookstore... perhaps it's a kind of fate?
  181. -------------------------------------------------------------
  183. Ep2 -
  185. Umika (voiceover): Though I was new to Kamihama, I was offered guidance by Natsume Kako-san, a Magical Girl.
  186. Umika (voiceover): She was familiar with my work as an author, which I was certainly happy about, but...
  188. Kako: ...There's been quite the increase in Witches here, lately.
  189. Kako: Perhaps it has something to do with the Witch you were chasing, Misaki-sensei...?
  190. Umika: Well, I wonder... What do you think, Kako-san?
  191. Kako: Oh no, Misaki-sensei! I could hardly press my opinion on you. I'm your junior, after all...
  192. Kako: I can hardly theorize like the protagonists of your detective novels, either...
  193. Umika: Kako-san...
  194. Kako: What is it, Misaki-sensei?
  195. Umika: You... don't have to call me "Misaki-sensei".
  196. Umika: I'm just the Magical Girl Umika Misaki right now, and you're the one offering me help.
  197. Kako: Oh, goodness no! It's no trouble at all, really...
  198. Umika: Also, I'm actually rather uncomfortable being called "sensei" unless it's a joke.
  199. Umika: It's even part of a promise I made with my editor...
  200. Umika: "No calling me 'sensei'."
  201. Kako: In that case... Umika-san!
  202. Umika: Yes, that's perfect! Once again, I'm very glad to meet you, Kako-san.
  203. Kako: Y-yes!
  205. Umika (voiceover): And thus, I and Kako-san began searching for Kazumi and Kaoru.
  207. Kako: All right, you just wait here a moment. I'll bring us some tea.
  208. [Kako leaves.]
  209. Umika: Huh? Wait...! I thought we were going to discuss the search.
  210. Umika: (Tea, of all things? We don't have any time to sit and relax...)
  212. (...)
  214. Five minutes later...
  216. Kako: Sorry to keep you waiting, Umika-san! You drink coffee, right?
  217. Kako: You mentioned in the afterword of "Magical Girl Detective" that you drink it all the time...
  218. Umika: Kako-san... I appreciate your generosity, but we're racing against the clock, here.
  219. Kako: Yes! So you'd better drink your coffee while you still can, right?
  220. Umika: Look, I *have* to be searching for my missing friends right now...!
  221. Kako: I'm sorry... it's just that none of my friends answered my calls yet.
  222. Umika: Huh? Answer your calls...?
  223. Kako: I thought that some of my fellow Magical Girls might've seen Kazumi-san or Kaoru-san.
  224. Kako: So I tried phoning each of them...
  225. Kako: But it seems they're all busy right now, and none of them picked up.
  226. Umika: Oh... I see.
  227. Umika: I'm sorry for raising my voice like that... I didn't know.
  228. Kako: It's fine, really! But would it be all right to wait for just a moment right now?
  229. Umika: You're right...
  230. Umika: I certainly can't ignore such wonderful-smelling coffee, either.
  231. Kako: ...Yes!
  232. Kako: This coffee is actually a secret menu item of ours. We only serve it to our regular customers.
  233. Umika: Really? Well, then... bottoms up!
  235. (...)
  237. Umika: Your coffee is delicious, Kako-san.
  238. Kako: Coffee is still too bitter for me, so I can't speak to the flavor myself.
  239. Kako: But I tried out a brewing method my father taught me...!
  240. Umika: Really? Well, it came out wonderfully.
  241. Kako: *Giggle*... Why, thank you. It might just be because the beans were good, though.
  242. Umika: You're very good at helping people relax, aren't you?
  243. Umika: You take the other person's feelings into consideration, while still making sure to convey your opinion...
  244. Umika: And at times, you naturally pull them right into your own pace.
  245. Umika: Someone like you would make a great editor.
  246. Kako: Wow, that's so kind of you to say! I really admire editing work.
  247. Kako: Oh, but I want to try writing a book of my own, too, and of course I want to carry on my father's work at Natsume Books...
  248. Umika: I think we could have a lot of fun collaborating on a book, some day.
  249. Kako: ...Yes! I'd love to, as well.
  250. Kako: ...Speaking of coffee, Lepa Macha's is quite nice, isn't it?
  251. Umika: Huh? Well, yes... I'd say so.
  252. Umika: It's more of a restaurant, though, so I'd say it's more famous for its cooking than its coffee.
  253. Kako: I see... say, what are things like in Asunaro City lately?
  254. Umika: Which things do you mean?
  255. Kako: Like, how many Magical Girls there are... How safe the city is...
  256. Umika: Oh, I see. Yes, it's a pretty dangerous city...
  257. Kako: After all?!
  258. Umika: ..."After all?"
  259. Kako: Ah, no, um... I was just wondering if it had a lot going on...
  260. Umika: Yes, I'd say so. It's... quite dangerous, in a lot of ways.
  261. Umika: It's got Witches just like this city, and death could be around any corner.
  262. Kako: Oh, that kind of dangerous...
  263. Umika: Huh? What else could be dangerous to Magical Girls?
  264. Kako: Well... there's some in this city too, but Magical Girls who attack fellow Magical Girls, for instance...
  265. Umika: ...I've heard rumors about Magical Girls like that, yes.
  266. Umika: But it's unheard of in Asunaro City. I couldn't begin to understand why someone would do that.
  267. Umika: I haven't heard about any Magical Girls' tragic deaths as of late, either.
  268. Kako: *Sigh*... What a relief...
  269. Umika: Feeling a little more at ease?
  270. Kako: Yes!
  271. Umika: How nice.
  272. Umika: You're lucky I'm not one of those frightful Magical Girl hunters.
  273. Kako: Huh...?!
  275. (...)
  277. Umika: How nice.
  278. Umika: You're lucky I'm not one of those frightful Magical Girl hunters.
  279. Kako: Huh...?!
  280. Kako: Umika-san... w-why would you say that?
  281. Umika: We're short on time, so I'll start from my conclusion.
  282. Umika: You received information from your teammates that led you to suspect me, and have been fishing for information.
  283. Umika: As for why I became convinced of this... there's four points.
  284. Umika: One. You suddenly started asking about Asunaro City after your phone calls.
  285. Umika: Two. When I mentioned that Asunaro was dangerous, your reaction told me you already expected as much.
  286. Umika: Three. You were more concerned about attacks from fellow Magical Girls than about Witches.
  287. Umika: And four. You never said anything about whether you were able to contact your team via your Gem.
  288. Kako: Ah...!
  289. Umika: And, as one last detail...
  290. Umika: You did a very good job of relaxing me with the coffee you brewed.
  291. Kako: A-amazing... er, I mean, I'm so sorry!
  292. Kako: You're completely right, Umika-san... I, I...
  293. Umika: No, it's only natural. Please don't apologize. But...
  294. Kako: But...?
  295. Umika: Could you please lend me your help?
  296. Kako: ...!!
  298. (...)
  300. Kako: Akira-san...! This is Kako!
  301. Akira: Kako-chan! Why'd you come here...?
  302. Kako: I asked her some questions, just like you told me to...
  303. Akira: Well, technically it was Nanaka's plan and not mine.
  304. Akira: But did you get anything about that rumor of Magical Girls disappearing?
  305. Akira: Is she the Gem-stealing girl?
  306. Kako: .......
  307. Akira: I knew it!
  308. Akira: She's pretending to search for her friends so she can attack people!
  309. Kako: Are you sure...?
  310. Akira: I heard about it before from another city's Magical Girl.
  311. Umika (offscreen): What sort of rumor did you hear?
  312. Akira: She said it's a girl with her hair tied to one side in a ribbon, well-defined eyebrows...
  313. Akira: And that she suddenly switches from joking around to talking like someone out of a period drama...
  314. Umika (offscreen): Well, I think that hardly describes me.
  315. Akira: Huh? Wait, that wasn't you talking just now, right Kako-chan...?
  316. Umika: Yes, it was me.
  317. Akira: Y-you...!!
  318. Umika: I'm Umika Misaki. A Magical Girl from Asunaro City.
  319. Akira: Uh... hang on, what?
  320. Kako: Akira-san, I'm sorry! I... I...
  321. Akira: This girl's threatening you, isn't she?! Hang on, I'll save you!
  322. [Akira transforms.]
  323. Akira: I'm not goin' down easy. I swear on the name of the Shinobu Dojo...!
  324. Umika: I'd quite like to ask you about karate some time. But...
  325. Umika: Kako-san isn't the one who needs saving right now.
  326. ['Magic sensed' effect]
  327. Akira: Ah, my Gem's reacting! There's a Witch nearby...!
  328. Akira: Geeze, there's Witches popping up every minute today!
  330. (...)
  332. Akira: Whew... guess that tidies things up!
  333. Kako: I'm glad we could defeat the Witch before anyone was hurt...
  334. Umika: Indeed.
  335. Akira: ...How'd you notice the Witch faster than either of us?
  336. Umika: I was searching for the presence of Witches while we were en route to meet you.
  337. Akira: 'Cause one of them might have your friends trapped?
  338. Umika: There's that, yes... but a Magical Girl's duty is to fight Witches, isn't it?
  339. Akira: Y-yeah, a' course...
  340. Umika: "To see what is right and not do it argues a want of courage."
  341. Akira: Hey, that's...!
  342. Umika: My friend Kaoru was taught those words by a martial artist during one of her soccer camps.
  343. Umika: I'd be in for quite a scolding if I ignored people in trouble to go find my friends.
  344. Akira: U-Umika-san... that martial artist must've been my dad!
  345. Umika: Really?!
  346. Akira: I'm so sorry for doubting you!
  347. Akira: But I'm sure I can trust you now. Positive.
  348. Akira: Ain't that right, Kako-chan?
  349. Kako: Exactly!
  350. Kako: Also, Umika-san is actually the author, Umika Misaki-san!
  351. Akira: Huh? Wha...? HUUUUUUUUUHHHHH?!
  353. ~~~
  355. Umika: If I were alone in this city, I would be completely lost. I can't thank her enough...!
  357. -------------------------------------------------------------
  359. Ep.3 -
  361. Umika (voiceover): I continued our search for the missing Kazumi and Kaoru... but along the way, I found some reliable allies.
  362. Umika (voiceover): Kako Natsume-san and Akira Shinobu-san. With the two of them alongside me, I set out once again.
  364. Akira: Um... I dunno that much about novels, but I've heard of you, Misaki-sensei!
  365. Akira: My friend lent me "My First Bucket Pudding" to read!
  366. Umika: T-thank you...
  367. Umika: But if at all possible, could I ask you not to call me "sensei"?
  368. Akira: Really? We usually call people we respect "sensei" at the dojo, though...
  369. Akira: Ooh, I've got it! Misaki-shihan! Or 'meijin', or 'shishou', or... no, 'kyoshou!'
  370. (*All honorifics for masters of some craft.
  371. I think she settles on the last one because it's more for fine arts, as opposed to martial arts? Don't quote me on that though)
  373. Umika: ...Honestly, at this point "sensei" is fine.
  374. Kako: Huh?!
  375. Umika: But only *after* we find my friends. Right now, I'm just a Magical Girl.
  376. Umika: I want to prioritize the search for Kazumi and Kaoru above all else.
  377. Akira: Got it! We'll be sure to find 'em in no time!
  378. Akira: I swear it on my name as "Sankyoin's Troubleshooter!"
  379. Kako: Oh? I thought you didn't like that nickname very much...
  380. Akira: Y-yeah, but I just thought it'd explain things nice and quick...
  381. Akira: At any rate, I help folks in trouble! That's me!
  382. Umika: Thank you. Now, sorry if this is abrupt, but do you have a plan?
  383. Akira: Yeah, about that-- I was thinkin' we could enlist the Blue Seas Family's help.
  384. Umika: The Blue Seas Family?
  385. Akira: They're this organization with their own info network. Our friend Meiyui's real close with them.
  386. Umika: ...Sounds perfect for a missing person case. Have you contacted said friend?
  387. Kako: Um, she said she's very busy today... she didn't have time to meet us out here.
  388. Umika: Let's go pay her a visit, then.
  390. (...)
  392. Umika (voiceover): We went to Minaminagi Ward in search of Meiyui-san.
  393. Akira: I think we can run into her rrroughly around this area...
  394. ['Magic sensed' effect]
  395. Umika: ...Another Witch reaction!
  397. [In a Zenobia Labyrinth.]
  398. Zabaii: *chuffa※★□puffa☆▼*
  399. Meiyui: Another one! What is even going on, today?!
  400. Kako: Ah, Meiyui-san!
  401. Meiyui: You two-- you came at a good time! We're going to fight!
  402. Meiyui: And you there, with the glasses. This is dangerous, so you should run.
  403. Umika: Thanks for the warning... But I can fight too.
  405. (...)
  407. Meiyui: So you were another Magical Girl? My name's Meiyui Chun.
  408. Umika: Umika Misaki. I came here from Asunaro City.
  409. Meiyui: Ahh, so that's where you're from... I'll never forgive Asunaro City.
  410. Umika: Huh...?
  411. Kako: Meiyui-san, Umika-san has nothing to do with the Magical Girl hunters...!
  412. Meiyui: Who cares about that?! The problem here is Slice Akiyama!
  413. Umika: Slice Akiyama? The bodybuilder chef...?
  414. Meiyui: Yes, him. His new shop is opening in Asunaro City.
  415. Meiyui: Why not Kamihama?
  416. Akira: ...Oh. That's all it is...
  417. Meiyui: "That's all"? No! That man ran away in the face of a challenge.
  418. Meiyui: Kamihama's Blue Seas Family... our tongues are all VERY keen. He went with Asunaro as the safe option.
  419. Umika: What sort of organization is the Blue Seas Family?
  420. Meiyui: It's a local group that helps people in trouble. "Nowadays," at least.
  421. Meiyui: But its past was a little more dangerous. If you look into it, you'll be peeking into dark corners of society.
  422. Umika: ...Sounds like good research material for a story with a lot of social commentary.
  423. Umika: I suppose I'll have to pass on hearing about its "past," though. At least for now.
  424. Umika: Could I perhaps ask the Family's network for assistance in finding my friends?
  425. Meiyui: That? Already done.
  426. Meiyui: But nobody had seen Kazumi or Kaoru... I'm sorry.
  427. Umika: No, thank you for investigating all the same.
  428. Akira: Guess we've got our work cut out for us if even the Blue Seas Family can't find 'em.
  429. Meiyui: No problem there. Nanaka gave me some info.
  430. Akira: Nanaka did?! So she called you up too...
  431. Umika: Who's this "Nanaka-san?"
  432. Kako: Another of our team members. She's very, very reliable!
  433. Meiyui: She looked into a lot of things and contacted me after Kako phoned her.
  435. ~~~
  436. Nanaka: ...There are some unpleasant rumors about the Magical Girls in Asunaro.
  437. Nanaka: But just as there's a wide variety of girls in our city...
  438. Nanaka: There's sure to be both good and bad Magical Girls in Asunaro, too.
  439. Nanaka: First, I want the three of you to observe her and determine whether or not she's an enemy.
  440. ~~~
  442. Meiyui: She said only to share her information with you if you're trustworthy.
  443. Umika: .......
  444. Akira: Hey, I trust you! Like I just said, right?
  445. Kako: I trust you too, Umika-san.
  446. Meiyui: One question.
  447. Meiyui: How did you like the taste of Slice Akiyama's food...?
  448. Umika: It tasted delicious. Very genuine.
  449. Meiyui: What's this...?!
  450. Meiyui: You'd praise him, Umika? Even though I was just complaining about him?
  451. Umika: I wouldn't lie to someone whose trust I'm hoping to gain.
  452. Umika: But... I don't think I'll be going there again.
  453. Meiyui: Why? You just said it was delicious.
  454. Umika: I mean, would *you* want to visit a restaurant with photos of a shirtless old man all over the walls?
  455. Meiyui: Pfft...! Okay, I like you! I'll trust you, Umika.
  456. Umika: Thank you.
  457. Meiyui: This is the information Nanaka gave.
  459. ~~~
  460. Nanaka: I've heard reports of an unfamiliar Magical Girl sighted in various locations throughout the city.
  461. Nanaka: Sankyoin Academy, Suitoku Shopping Center... Chuo Stock Exchange... Sankyoin First Playground...
  462. Nanaka: Those four locations.
  463. Nanaka: They say she's clothed mostly in yellow, and she was sprinting too fast to even see for more than a moment.
  464. ~~~
  466. Umika: A yellow Magical Girl sprinting around? That's got to be Kaoru.
  467. Meiyui: It's her after all? Sounds like a big clue.
  468. Umika: Yes... But I'm searching for another besides Kaoru. Her name's Kazumi.
  469. Umika: She's got short-cut hair with what you'd call a "cowlick," and she typically wears a pair of red overalls.
  470. Umika: In her Magical Girl form, she's mostly clad in black with a large hat and cape...
  471. Meiyui: No sightings of any girl like that. But Nanaka also said...
  473. ~~~
  474. Nanaka: If there's only one unconfirmed Magical Girl, doesn't that seem intriguing?
  475. Nanaka: Just where was Miss Yellow sprinting towards?
  476. Nanaka: I think that's the key thing that connects these girls from Asunaro City.
  477. ~~~
  479. Kako: Where Kaoru-san was going? That's the key...?
  480. Meiyui: Nanaka's busy with Witch hunting, too. She couldn't stay any longer than that.
  481. Akira: ...Still, though, this is all pretty darn thoughtful of her!
  482. Meiyui: I said the same thing. When she heard that...
  484. ~~~
  485. Nanaka: ...Er...
  486. Nanaka: Is it really that strange for me to be considerate of others...?
  487. ~~~
  489. Meiyui: She sounded a little embarrassed over the phone!
  490. Akira: Dang, I kinda wish I'd seen it in person...!
  491. Meiyui: Haha. I wish I could've seen her face as she said it, too.
  492. Umika: *Chuckle*...
  493. Kako: Umika-san...?
  494. Umika: You all make a lovely team. I'm glad I got to meet you.
  495. Kako: ...Thank you!
  496. Akira: A'ight, so should we split up and check the places Nanaka mentioned?
  497. Kako: .......
  498. Umika: .......
  499. Meiyui: Kako, is something concerning you?
  500. Kako: N-no... It's nothing.
  501. Akira: "It's nothing" means that it's totally something, right?
  502. Meiyui: There's no need for you to be reserved around us, of all people.
  503. Kako: But it's not as if I've figured out Kaoru-san's location...
  504. Umika: Please, Kako-san.
  505. Umika: I feel like I'm close to finding the answer. So... I want you to guide me!
  506. Kako: .......!!
  508. (...)
  510. Kako: Guide you, Umika-san? I could never...
  511. Umika: No, I have faith in you.
  512. Umika: You helped me relax with that coffee at Natsume Books, right?
  513. Kako: Back then, I just thought I should wait to get more information before doing anything sudden...
  514. Umika: Right. That opinion... that viewpoint of yours is what I want to hear.
  515. Umika: At that time, I was actually very stressed.
  516. Umika: Not just because I couldn't find my friends, but because I was experiencing a slump.
  517. Kako: You were in a slump? *You*, Umika-san?
  518. Umika: I could hardly come up with any ideas, even though my deadline was fast approaching...
  519. Umika: And today's Witch hunt ended up dragging us all the way out to Kamihama, to boot.
  520. Umika: When you first met me, I'm sure I had horns growing out of my head...
  521. Kako: Huh? I didn't see any horns...
  522. Umika: That's how strung-out I was, though.
  523. Umika: You listened to me despite how stressed I was, and gave me your opinion.
  524. Umika: I'm sure something about our current situation is on your mind, right?
  525. Kako: Um... I...
  526. Kako: Yes... I thought of something when I heard Nanaka's story just now.
  527. Kako: What if Kaoru-san isn't searching for Kazumi-san or Umika-san?
  528. Akira: What's there for her to search for, besides her friends?
  529. Umika: ...The Witch.
  530. Kako: Right.
  531. Kako: Umika-san's been exterminating Witches while looking for her friends this whole time...
  532. Kako: So maybe Umika-san's friends are doing the same thing?
  533. Akira: Ah, gotcha! Nanaka might've had an inkling of the same idea, too!
  534. Meiyui: *That's* your idea of "nothing"? I think you're right on the money.
  535. Kako: N-no... when I said it was "nothing," I meant...
  536. Kako: I was thinking that the Magical Girls and Witches seem kind of similar...
  537. Umika: (...No way. Could Kako-san know the secret of Magical Girls...?)
  538. Akira: Y' think so? I can't see any kinda resemblance.
  539. Kako: Magical Girls from Asunaro City came to Kamihama City today...
  540. Kako: And right now, all the Kamihama Magical Girls are in an uproar.
  541. Meiyui: That's only natural. Witches are popping up left and right.
  542. Kako: Yes... but why do you think there's so many Witches today?
  543. Umika: Why...?
  544. Kako: Maybe it's because Umika-san and her friends chased a Witch all this way?
  545. Umika: Ah. That's what you meant by "similar," I take it?
  546. Kako: Yes, that's all...
  547. Akira: Hmmm, I get whatcha mean. But I dunno how that'd connect to the locations...
  548. Umika: It just connected.
  549. Akira: Huh?!
  550. Umika: It's just like Kako said. Witches may have an awareness of their territories too.
  551. Kako: Their territories?
  552. Umika: They may not have the same emotions as humans, but they could be provoked by things like their Labyrinths interfering with each other.
  553. Umika: So many of the Witches throughout this city have woken up all at once...
  554. Umika: The ones that lost the fight for their territory... or the ones that respected each other's strength...
  555. Meiyui: They'd move elsewhere to search for another safe location!
  556. Umika: If we put together a map and timeline of where the Witches are appearing...
  557. Umika: We can track the route that the Witch we chased here is taking.
  558. Umika: And Kaoru's bound to be sprinting along that very route!
  559. Akira: Heck yeah! We've combined the brains and bravery of Magical Girls from both our cities!
  560. Kako: If we compare all the information we have, the next Witch should appear somewhere around...
  561. Kako: Chuo Ward!
  562. Umika: Akira-san, Meiyui-san? Any objections?
  563. Akira: None here!
  564. Meiyui: None here either!
  565. Umika: All right then! We're off to Chuo Ward!
  567. (...)
  569. Umika (voiceover): While searching for the Witch's Labyrinth in Chuo Ward, we encountered another different Witch.
  570. Umika (voiceover): But I didn't have a single fear or concern. Because I had new allies on my side!
  571. Umika (voiceover): And at last...
  573. Umika: If our theory is correct, the Witch should be somewhere around here...
  574. ['Magic sensed' effect]
  575. Kako: ...Ah! Umika-san, I sensed a Witch!
  576. Akira: So did I!
  577. Meiyui: And I!
  578. Umika: Ah, me too... but the response is getting weaker.
  579. Kako: Did it get away...?
  580. Umika: No, I think... it's been defeated.
  581. Kako: Someone was fighting it?
  582. Umika: Yes... I recognize that magic just now. I'm very familiar with it...
  584. [A Stacey Labyrinth vanishes.]
  585. Kaoru: Hey, Umika!
  586. Natsuki: Akira...! Everyone...!
  587. Umika: Looks like I finally found you, Kaoru.
  589. (...)
  591. Kaoru: ...A'ight, I think I've got all of it.
  592. Kaoru: I knew you'd be all right out there, but you even found some great friends!
  593. Umika: Yes. Some very dependable Magical Girls...
  594. Umika: And I even met a future editor of mine, too. Right, Kako-san?
  595. Kako: Oh, no, I just... All I did was talk to you.
  596. Kako: But I'm even more interested in editing work now!
  597. Umika: I'll be looking forward to it.
  598. Kaoru: Guess this means we'll be heading out to search for Kazumi now.
  599. Kako: We'll keep searching on our end, too!
  600. Meiyui: Yes, we'll let you know if we learn anything.
  601. Akira: I'm sure we'll find her in no time!
  602. Natsuki: Kaoru! "Go, fight, wiiiin!"
  603. Kaoru: Yeah, I'll always remember that! Thank you!
  604. Umika: Kako-san, Akira-san, Meiyui-san, thank you all so much!
  605. Umika: Please send my regards to Nanaka-san, too...!
  606. Kako: We will!
  607. Kako: ...Also, um... if it's alright with you... could I ask for your autograph next time?
  608. Umika: Huh?
  609. Kako: I know now's hardly the time, and it's a selfish thing to ask...
  610. Kako: But I'd just really like something to commemorate meeting you...
  611. Akira: C-could I get one, too?
  612. Meiyui: I want one as well! I might just become a fan from now on!
  613. Kako: And... if you wouldn't mind... could you sign one for Nanaka...?
  614. Umika: Once I get back to Asunaro, I'll send you all signed copies of my newest release.
  615. Kako: Really...?!
  616. Kako: Um, but your newest release...? What about your slump?
  617. Umika: Thanks to all of you, I've successfully escaped from it.
  618. Umika: I've got ideas for a new story welling up one after another!
  619. Kako: What kind of story?
  620. Umika: That's still a secret. But the title will be...
  621. Kako: It'll be...?
  622. Umika: "Another Daze".
  624. ~~~
  626. Umika: We'd better hurry before that Witch causes any more chaos...!
  628. -------------------------------------------------------------
  630. Extras
  632. Umika's MGS had another revision shortly after its major rewrite in 2020. Here's some segments that got changed between the second draft and the final one:
  634. -Umika: "And it... didn't drop a Grief Seed, it seems."
  635. Umika: "It could've at least spared a souvenir for a traveler like me... or something like that."
  637. --> Umika: "...Killing Witches certainly takes a toll on you, no matter how many times you do it."
  638. Umika: "I hope that 'she' can rest peacefully..."
  640. (Most likely rewritten to remove the implication that Umika thinks of Grief Seeds as something that'd benefit her to have,
  641. on account of Asunaro's wide-scale memory rewrite.)
  643. -Kako: "My mother loves that cafe's beef stroganoff...!"
  644. Kako: "In fact, that's even why my father proposed to her at that very cafe!"
  645. Umika: "That's... a very nice story, but..."
  647. --> Kako: "We saw it on TV a little while ago, and my mother said the chef was very handsome."
  648. Umika: "Yes, I agree that Mr. Tachibana is a wonderful chef... but..."
  650. -Kako: "She's such a fascinating author! I've read all her books!"
  651. Umika: "Uh-- huh? Have you?"
  652. Kako: "My friend says her writing style is sort of like Narumi Serizawa..."
  653. Kako: "But Narumi Serizawa's works sometimes veer in an unpleasant direction, so I can't bring myself to like them all that much."
  654. Umika: "Unpleasant...? How so?"
  655. Kako: "The story was compelling up to a certain point, but then the protagonist suddenly does things like wasting all that food..."
  656. Umika: "...Yes, exactly! I can't stand that, either...!"
  657. Kako: "Oh, really! Honestly, this is just between you and me..."
  658. Kako: "But my father doesn't like Narumi Serizawa either. In fact, he refuses to stock any of her books..."
  659. Kako: "We have all of Umika Misaki's books together on that shelf there.
  660. Umika: "...Right next to Daihachirou Furuyashiki-sensei's "Flying Squirrel" series..."
  661. Kako: "Both my father and I love her work. We only stock our absolute favorites on that shelf."
  662. Kako: "...So there's people who understand here, too..."
  664. --> Replaced with the sequence from "She's a young author who doesn't often appear in public" onward.
  666. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  668. -Kako: "After all?!"
  669. Umika: "......."
  670. Umika: "It's got Witches just like this city, and death could be around any corner."
  671. Kako: "Oh, that kind of dangerous..."
  672. Umika: "Huh? What else could be dangerous to Magical Girls?"
  673. Kako: "Well... there's some in this city too, but Magical Girls who attack fellow Magical Girls, for instance..."
  674. Umika: "True... there's territory battles over Grief Seeds."
  675. Umika: "But we don't have any pointless strife like that in Asunaro."
  676. Umika: "There haven't been any tragic deaths of Magical Girls as of late, either."
  678. --> Replaced with the sequence from Kako's "After all?!" onwards, likely for the same reasons as earlier (regarding Umika's perception of Grief Seed utility).
  680. -Akira's line about the plan being Nanaka's was added in the final draft.
  682. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  684. -Akira: "Um... I'm actually a huge fan of yours, Misaki-sensei!"
  685. Akira: "My favorite is your third book, 'My First Bucket Pudding'..."
  687. --> Akira: "Um... I dunno that much about novels, but I've heard of you, Misaki-sensei!"
  688. Akira: "My friend lent me "My First Bucket Pudding" to read!"
  690. -Akira: "Wait, did I? Well, at any rate..." --> "Y-yeah, but I just thought it'd explain things nice and quick..."
  692. (Akira also referred to herself as "Sankyoin's Trouble Buster" rather than "Troubleshooter" in the second draft.)
  694. -The two lines between Meiyui's "It's a local group that helps people in trouble" and Umika's "I suppose I'll have to pass on hearing about its past" were added in the final draft.
  696. -Meiyui: "That? Already done."
  697. Akira: "Heck yeah, Meiyui!"
  698. Meiyui: "According to the info I gathered, there's Witches appearing just about everywhere in the city today."
  699. Meiyui: "All the Magical Girls are working overtime. Nanaka couldn't stop to talk long, either."
  700. Kako: "Even Nanaka-san..."
  701. Umika: "Who's this 'Nanaka-san'?"
  702. Kako: "Another of our team members. She's very, very reliable!"
  703. Meiyui: "Since Magical Girls from Asunaro arrived, both our enemies and allies are in a huge kerfuffle."
  704. Meiyui: "That's what Nanaka said. That, and some eyewitness accounts..."
  705. Meiyui: "Some people saw a girl with yellow hair sprinting somewhere by herself."
  706. Umika: "Sprinting... that might be Kaoru. Where'd they see the girl in question?"
  707. Meiyui: "She was sprinting past the park, Sankyoin Academy, Shinsei Ward... Suitoku Shopping Center..."
  708. Akira: "Not much connecting those places... so, what now? We split up and search?"
  709. Meiyui: "If we're in a hurry, that would be good. Who's going where?"
  710. Kako: "......."
  711. Umika: "......."
  712. Akira: "I can handle the park, so Meiyui can go to Suitoku Shopping Center..."
  713. Umika: "Wait. I have an idea..."
  714. Meiyui: "What idea, Umika? Did you figure out where your friends are?"
  715. Umika: "I have no idea where Kaoru could be right now."
  716. Umika: "But... I want to talk to Kako-san before we move out."
  717. Kako: "T-to me? About what...?"
  718. Umika: "Tell me what's on your mind, what you're curious about, anything."
  719. Umika: "I feel like I'm close to finding the answer. So... I want you to guide me!"
  721. --> Extended into a much longer sequence overall.
  723. -Kako: "Um... I..."
  724. Umika: "So you do have an idea?"
  725. Kako: "Well, it'll probably sound odd, so I don't know how much use it'll be."
  726. Akira: "C'mon, Kako-chan! Anything you can think of is bound to help."
  727. Meiyui: "In China, we call this sort of thing 'a horse coming out of a gourd'."
  728. Kako: "...All right... well, I was thinking that..."
  729. Kako: "The Magical Girls and Witches seem kind of similar."
  730. Umika: "(...No way. Could Kako-san know the secret of Magical Girls...?)"
  731. Akira: "Uh, similar how? I sure don't see any resemblance."
  732. Kako: "Magical Girls from Asunaro City came to Kamihama City today..."
  733. Kako: "And right now, all the Kamihama Magical Girls are in an uproar."
  734. Meiyui: "That's only natural. Witches are popping up left and right."
  735. Kako: "Yes... but why do you think there's so many Witches today?"
  736. Umika: "Why...?"
  738. --> Likewise extended.
  740. -Akira: "Oh, okay. Is that it...?"
  741. Umika: "...That's it!"
  743. --> Akira: "Hmmm, I get whatcha mean. But I dunno how that'd connect to the locations..."
  744. Umika: "It just connected."
  746. -Akira: "Awesome! That's Umika Misaki-sensei for ya!" --> "Heck yeah! We've combined the brains and bravery of Magical Girls from both our cities!"
  748. -Umika's line thanking Kako, Akira and Meiyui before saying to pass her thanks on to Nanaka was added in the final draft.
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