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- Farewell ETF2L -

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  1. - This post was suposed to be my last post on ETF2L seeing as I was tired of posting, and tired of seeing every thread I make being deleted secretly by admins after 5 minutes. I went a little crazy and decided to make this thread 20 times for every subforum so they couldnt just delete it, heres a picture of it (http://i.imgur.com/zYzXl.png). Anyway if ive sent you this it means I trust and like you enough to bother sending it to you, thanks for everything I hope you enjoy reading whats below maybe it might even answer a few questions you have had. -
  3. I give up ETF2L, lets face it you won.
  5. I cant carry on this act any further, I suffer from a sevre case of manic depresion and split personality disorder. During my manias I would see myself as the best in TF2 and it caused me to go on several rants on diferent mumble servers and generaly making a fool of myself.
  7. I feel like ive hurt alot of people even if that wasnt my intention, but I literally have 0 friends in real life and I came here to seek friendship in TF2, dam what a mistake that was. I went about things the wrong way, and honestly to me it was a huge rush  to know that I was having some effect in TF2 when I have so litlle power over my own life.
  9. But really all of this stems from my disatisfaction with the way people are treated in this community, I was shocked and apauled to see how people were treated in the lower divisions by higher division players in this game. As a well known player from quake I just couldnt beleive that the things people said about the high div elitist attitude was true. I know you might be trying to gues who I am, well ill give you a hint my quake name starts with a K and ends in a Z, maybe I wasnt at the top but I was known well enough over the last 10 years of playing.
  11. Either way this is goodbye from me, I hope that I can act as a role model to future TF2 players who join this community to stand up for themselves and not just let themselves get pushed around by the cirkle jerky clossed off tight knit community attitude we have right now. I also hope I will be seen as a sort of martyr for years to come.
  13. I will still be playing TF2 however, but so far as the community side of things go? yeah im done with that as a last request I only hope that I will be voted in for the peoples choice award here : http://etf2l.org/forum/nominations/topic-23498/ to prove that you dont have to be a big shot prem scout to get something done around here.
  15. Sorry for everything
  17. Yours truly
  19. - Penny xoxoxo  
  21. P.S
  22. Of course I was perma banned for posting this but w/e this was a last post of sorts anyway, wether or not you want to beleive this and still think its trolling is up to you :>
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