Be More Dazzling Part 4 (lewd)

Nov 2nd, 2018
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  1. >Wallflower stared at the poster tacked to the hallway billboard and crossed her arms.
  2. "No."
  3. >ADAGIO scowled.
  4. >"Yes."
  5. >Wallflower stomped her foot belligerently.
  6. "No! And you can't make me!"
  7. >Adagio raised an eyebrow, lips twisting into a cruel smirk.
  8. >"Can't I?"
  9. >She raised her finger, and poked Wallflower's chest.
  10. "Ow!" Wallflower yelped, hand flying up to cover her breast. "You shocked my nipple!" She glared accusingly.
  11. >ADAGIO smiled wryly.
  12. >"Yes. Now do what you're told. You don't want to cause a scene, do you?"
  13. >Wallflower's cheeks reddened as she fervently looked around. No one was staring at her, even despite her outburst.
  14. >Thank goodness. Sometimes being invisible was a good thing.
  15. >Scowling, she turned back to the poster.
  17. >(Take a slip!)
  18. >The poster was a riot of colors, and Wallflower was half convinced it had been written in crayon.
  19. >She shuddered.
  20. >Cheerleaders.
  21. >No thanks.
  22. >She knew about cheerleaders! The prettiest, most popular girls in any school, and always the meanest too.
  23. >Although... Maud was on the squad, wasn't she?
  24. >And come to think of it... Wallflower hadn't even known CHS had a cheer squad.
  25. >Maybe they weren't all that bad?
  26. >Maybe?
  27. >Hesitantly she tore off a slip, with the date and time she should be at the gym if she wanted to talk to the coach.
  28. >Friday, after school.
  29. >She swallowed anxiously.
  30. >She really, really didn't want to.
  31. "Why are you making me do this?" Wallflower asked as she slumped at her lunch table.
  32. >"I told you," ADAGIO huffed, "You need hobbies that are more than playing in the mud. This will get you much-needed social interaction and prestige within the school."
  33. >She sniffed haughtily.
  34. >"Besides, you didn't want to pay for a gym, and this will allow someone else to get your pasty sack of flesh in shape."
  35. >Wallflower glared at her.
  36. "Why would they even want me, if I'm so ugly?"
  37. >ADAGIO scoffed. "They have a tryout poster in the middle of November. They're clearly desperate."
  38. >"Besides, this is a high school, and not a terribly large one at that. It's not like anyone there is going to be terribly impressive. If that Maud girl can be on the team, you can."
  39. >Wallflower sighed, long and loud.
  40. "I guess..."
  41. >She glanced back behind her, and Flash's and formerly Sunset's table.
  42. >The boy was laughing loudly with his bandmates, the foul mood of yesterday apparently long gone.
  43. >Sunset was nowhere to be seen.
  44. >Wallflower half wondered if she would show up and sit with her again?
  45. >If she did...
  46. >Wallflower wasn't quite sure if that would be good or bad, honestly.
  47. >Sunset was mean, and scary.
  48. >Terrifying really.
  49. >But it was nice not to eat alone for once.
  50. >Even if ADAGIO had made her give up her pudding cup.
  51. >Wallflower made sure to eat it first, in case ADAGIo tried to make her get rid of it again.
  52. "My pudding. Mine."
  54. ==O==
  56. >That night, Wallflower sat on her bed, staring at her laptop.
  57. >ADAGIO was thankfully silent, giving her time to do her homework and even think in piece.
  58. >She chewed her lip, glancing at her cell phone.
  59. >Was it... really ok?
  60. >Hesitantly, she unlocked the screen, and stared at her Contacts list.
  61. >There were... less than ten numbers.
  62. >She hated talking on the phone, even just to order takeout.
  63. >The pizza app was a godsend.
  64. >But...
  65. >She eyed the newest number, the only one that didn't belong to a restaurant, family member, or doctor's office.
  66. >Coco.
  67. "This... this is stupid..." She berated herself.
  68. "I should just text, yeah. That's... easier..."
  69. >But she didn't want to text. It may be easier- so much easier!- but...
  70. >She wanted to hear Coco's voice.
  71. >She wanted to talk to her...
  72. >Friend.
  73. >The word sent tingles up her back, as she selected the number and made the call.
  74. >"H'lo?"
  75. "H-hi, Coco? It's me. Wallflower."
  76. >"Oh! H-" a yawn "-hi Wallflower."
  77. >Wallflower blushed.
  78. "S-sorry, I didn't wake you did I!?"
  79. >"No, no I'm alright. I just... dozed off a little. I'm-yawn- s-sorry. I'm just working on something."
  80. "Oh! I'm sorry, I- I'll call another time!" Wallflower cringed, chest squeezing with guilt.
  81. >"No, wait!" Coco cried before Wallflower could hang up, "It's fine, I'm just tired. I- what's up?"
  82. "N-nothing, I just wanted to talk, I'm sorry!"
  83. >"Oh," Coco said. They were both silent for a moment, then she spoke again. "It's... nice to hear from you."
  84. "Yeah, me too." Wallflower slapped her face. "I mean... ugh, sorry."
  85. >Coco's gentle giggles chittered through the speaker.
  86. >"I-It's alright." She said reassuringly.
  87. "T-thanks." Wallflower groaned. Why was this so hard?
  88. >"Ask her about her day," ADAGIO hissed in her ear.
  89. "Aah!" Wallflower jumped, "D-don't do that!"
  90. >"Wallflower? Is everything alright?"
  91. "Yeah... yeah," Wallflower answered as she got her heart back under control. "My uh... friend... startled me."
  92. >She shook her head, trying to regain what little composure she had.
  93. "How uh... how was your day?"
  94. >She winced.
  95. >That sounded so lame.
  96. >But Coco's reply was light, and made Wallflower think she was smiling on the other end.
  97. >"It was busy, but good. My school is doing Hamlet this year, a-and they let me help with the costumes..."
  98. "Whoa..." Wallflower sighed, "That's so cool..."
  99. >"I-it's nothing, really! W-what about you?"
  100. >Wallflower blinked.
  101. >Somehow she hadn't expected the question to come back to her.
  102. "Um... well..."
  103. >She swallowed, suddenly nervous.
  104. "It was... normal? I guess?"
  105. >She thought for a moment, chewing the inside of her cheek.
  106. >She sounded so boring, compared to Coco!
  107. >Suddenly, she smacked her forehead.
  108. "O-oh, I uh... my friend uh... I'm gonna try for cheer squad at my school."
  109. >"Really?" Coco gasped, sounding excited. "Wow, that's so amazing! I bet you'll do great!"
  110. "N-no I... I mean... I don't really think I'll make the team..."
  111. >Not that she really wanted to, but...
  112. >Now that she was talking to Coco... she kind of did want it.
  113. >"Of course you'll make it!" Coco said surely. "You... you're so confident, and pretty! There's no way they could turn you down!"
  114. >Wallflower felt her face go warm.
  115. "R-really? You really think so?"
  116. >"Of course! Oh, you'll have to tell me all about it! It sounds so wonderful!"
  117. >Wallflower swallowed the sudden lump in her throat.
  118. "Y-yeah... I... I guess so. Um, tryout isn't until Friday, so I'll have to tell you about it then. Maybe... maybe we can meet after school? Or Saturday?"
  119. >"Friday sounds wonderful! Oh, I'm so excited for you!"
  120. "T-thanks..."
  121. >They talked for almost an hour more, until Wallflower noticed Coco yawning more and more.
  122. >"Um..." Coco said hesitantly amidst another yawn. "I'm sorry, but I really am tired."
  123. "Oh, no yeah, uh..." Wallflower chuckled nervously. "I uh... should probably go to sleep too. Um, school night and all."
  124. >"Good night, Wallflower. And-" another yawn- "Good luck on the tryouts."
  125. "Thanks, you too." Wallflower flinched. "On your, I mean... the play thing."
  126. >Coco giggled. "Thank you. Good night."
  127. "G-good night."
  128. >And just like that, it was over.
  129. >Wallflower just sat for a moment, staring at her phone.
  130. >The screen went black, and she saw ADAGIO, looking smugly back at her.
  131. "Oh shut up," Wallflower grumbled, slapping to phone screen-down on her nightstand.
  132. >She saw a flash, and ADAGIO was by her bed, still wearing that insufferable smirk.
  133. >"Well well, you haven't even started and you're already popular. Are you ready to admit I'm right?"
  134. >Wallflower crossed her arms in embarrassed stubbornness.
  135. "S-so what? It was just Coco..."
  136. >ADAGIO laughed.
  137. >"'just' Coco? Oh dear, I must have gotten the wrong impression. Well, if you don't care about disappointing 'just' Coco, then by all means..."
  138. >Wallflower grunted, smacking her head into her pillow.
  139. "I hate you."
  140. >"Oh, I'm sure in time you'll come to realize I'm always right."
  141. >Wallflower huffed, turning on her side.
  142. "Still hate you."
  143. >ADAGIO chuckled.
  145. ==O==
  147. >The next few days passed as almost a blur.
  148. >The cute and trendy outfits ADAGIO picked out for her continued to be embarrassing, even if Wallflower wasn't being walked into in the halls as much.
  149. >She kept an eye out for Sunset, as always, and managed to avoid getting cornered or running into her between the classes.
  150. >She had not shown up at lunch since Monday though, and Wallflower continued to eat her meals in peace.
  151. >Or as much as possible, with the specter of cheer looming over her.
  152. >She shuddered as she sat at her table. Today's the day. The day she humiliated herself in front of the entire cheerleading squad.
  153. >Maybe even the entire school.
  154. >"There there, Wallflower, perk up," ADAGIO patted her cheek condescendingly. "You'll never make the team with a scowl like that. Smile."
  155. >Wallflower glared at the AI.
  156. "I don't even want to make the team."
  157. >ADAGIO's eyes narrowed. "You're making that team. If you don't, you'll be wearing stockings and miniskirts through December!"
  158. >Wallflower flinched.
  159. >That would be horrible!
  160. >And cold!
  161. >She nervously swallowed a spoonful of peas.
  162. >Thoughts of miniskirts and bare midriffs haunted Wallflower's thoughts through the rest of her classes, to the point that it was almost a relief once the final bell rang.
  163. >The feeling died once she found herself standing in front of the double doors to the gym.
  164. >A peek into the window showed a handful of girls milling about, dressed in the stylized blue and yellow dresses of CHS's cheer team.
  165. >Wallflower breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the relatively modest outfits, but the thought of actually wearing one tied her stomach up in knots.
  166. >She hesitated, hand on the door, until ADAGIO gave her a sharp look.
  167. >"Get in there."
  168. >Wallflower sighed, slumping her shoulders as she pushed the doors open.
  169. >"Catch me, Maudie!" Shouted a girl with pink skin and hair nearly as big as ADAGIO's.
  170. >She ran at the grey skinned girl and jumped, boosting herself off Maud's hands and into the air, giggling as she flipped back into a somersault.
  171. >Wallflower's eyes widened as the girl suddenly flailed in midair, panicking as she dropped headfirst toward the floor.
  172. >"Maudie, help!"
  173. >"Oof!"
  174. >Maud grunted as she caught the pink girl upside down, stopping her just as her curls brushed the court.
  175. >"Pinkemina Diane Pie!"
  176. >Wallflower jumped as she heard the shout.
  177. "M-Miss Cheerilee?" She whispered hoarsely.
  178. >The librarian, who Wallflower had heard called a "cougar" and a "TILF" by her male classmates- even if she couldn't have been past her mid twenties- was wearing the same short dress as the rest of the girls, but she filled it out a lot more than the teenagers she was instructing.
  179. >The teacher was stomping over to Pinkie and Maud furiously, as Maud helped her regain her feet.
  180. >"What have I told you about practicing before the mats are out!? You could have been seriously hurt! You're very lucky Maud was there to catch you."
  181. >Pinkie bowed her head apologetically.
  182. >"Sorry, Miss Cheerilee."
  183. >The librarian's expression softened.
  184. >"I'm just glad nobody was hurt. Be more careful next time, both of you!"
  185. >The girls nodded.
  186. >"Sorry, Miss Cheerilee."
  187. >"Yes, Ma'am."
  188. >The teacher nodded, then turned to the rest of the girls.
  189. >"Okay ladies, we need to get moving! Let's get those mats out, then we'll do our warmups and stretches!"
  190. >There was a chorus of "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes, Miss Cheerilee" as the cheerleaders made their way to the storage closet behind the bleachers to begin pulling out the massive practice mats.
  191. >Wallflower finally cleared her throat.
  192. "Miss Cheerilee?"
  193. >Cheerilee yelped in surprise.
  194. >"Oh, my goodness! You startled me."
  195. >Wallflower bowed her head, blushing.
  196. "S-sorry..."
  197. >She pulled out the little slip she had taken from the poster in the hall.
  198. "I- I saw this, and thought, um..."
  199. >Cheerilee's face brightened as she grabbed the paper from Wallflower's hand.
  200. >"Great, you're in!"
  201. >Wallflower looked at her in shock.
  202. "R-really!? I- I don't need to try out, or get a doctor's note, or- or hazing!?"
  203. >Cheerilee frowned at that last bit. "Heavens no, we don't- who told you that?"
  204. >Wallflower found herself twisting her shoe into the wooden floor.
  205. "W-well, it's cheer squad, I thought..."
  206. >Cheerilee placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.
  207. >"This isn't that kind of school, sweetie. The girls are all very friendly. We'd be happy to have you on the team."
  208. >She smiled ruefully. "In fact, ever since poor Derpy broke her ankle, we're downright desperate."
  209. >Her eyes widened, and she gave Wallflower's shoulder a friendly squeeze.
  210. >"Not that you wouldn't make the team otherwise! We can always use more girls on the team!"
  211. >Wallflower couldn't help a modest smile.
  212. >"T-thank you. I'm a little nervous."
  213. >Cheerilee's grin widened. "Don't be! Just wait a moment, and I'll introduce you to everyone!"
  214. >There was a loud smacking sound as the massive exercise mat was unrolled by the five girls, covering up a good third of the basketball court.
  215. >With the protective surface established, they began to line up near Cheerilee, waiting her instructions.
  216. >Maud noticed Wallflower, and nodded fractionally.
  217. >"Alright girls, good work!" Cheerilee announced, clapping her hands together. "Before we get started, let me introduce you to our new member, uh-"
  218. >She froze, turning to Wallflower sheepishly.
  219. >"I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't get your name."
  220. >Wallflower shrank, feeling the eyes of half a dozen girls on her. She raised her hand in a timid wave.
  221. "H-hi, I'm Wallflower."
  222. >"Hi, Wallflower!" Pinkie cried, and suddenly she was there, her arm around Wallflower's shoulders as she walked her down the line of other girls.
  223. >"This is Lyra Heartstrings..."
  224. >"Hello!" The mint green girl said with a wave.
  225. >"Skystar..."
  226. >"Nice to meet you!" Called the tall, wavy haired girl.
  227. >"Autumn Blaze..."
  228. >"Hi! It's so good to meed someone new! I hope you have a ton of fun!" The auburn haired cutie said in a rush.
  229. >"And my bestest big sister Maud!"
  230. >Maud raised her hand in greeting.
  231. >"And I'm Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie cheered, rounding out the introductions with a handful of confetti.
  232. "H-h-hi..." Wallflower stuttered, dizzy from the sudden wave of introductions. "Nice to, uh, meet you."
  233. >"Group hug!" Pinkie cried, pulling Wallflower into a massive hug with the other girls.
  234. "W-wait, no! Augh!"
  235. >A firm hand reached in and rescued her, pulling her out of the pile of peppy girls.
  236. >Wallflower shot Maud a grateful look, then ducked behind her as the other girls looked around in confusion.
  237. >"Girls. Girls!" Cheerilee scolded, clapping her hands loudly. "Settle down, give her a chance to settle in!"
  238. >She huffed, already feeling tired from dealing with the energetic girls.
  239. >She turned to Maud and Wallflower. "Maud, start them on their stretches while I help Wallflower find a uniform."
  240. >Maud gave the slightest nod, the corner of her mouth twitching almost imperceptibly as the others groaned in protest.
  241. >"This way," Cheerilee directed Wallflower toward the locker rooms as the girls began to pair up for their exercises behind them.
  242. >"Why don't you start getting changed, and I'll look for a uniform. What are your measurements?"
  243. >Wallflower looked at her uncertainly.
  244. "Um...?"
  245. >"She means your bust, waist and hips," ADAGIO chimed in.
  246. >Wallflower went red.
  247. "Uh, um-"
  248. >"Oh for-" ADAGIO sighed in exasperation. "36, 28, 39!"
  249. >Wallflower's blush only deepened, and she found herself spluttering in response.
  250. >Cheerilee gave her an understanding look. "I'll just grab a Medium, okay?"
  251. >Wallflower nodded wordlessly as ADAGIO rubber her temples.
  252. >Cheerilee left Wallflower alone to change. Wallflower glanced around the locker room, taking in the open space, the benches, and the metal lockers.
  253. "P-people really get naked in here? Like... all at once?"
  254. >"Of course," ADAGIO said with a smirk. "It's not so bad."
  255. >She flashed, and Wallflower closed her eyes as ADAGIO reappeared without a pixel of digital clothing.
  256. >"See?" ADAGIO teased, "There's nothing to be ashamed of."
  257. "Easy for you to say," Wallflower muttered. "No one can see you."
  258. >"And what a shame that is," ADAGIO lamented.
  259. >Wallflower sighed, shaking her head as she began undressing, praying that no one would come in.
  260. >She had followed ADAGIO's orders, picking up a sports bra and a pair of bicycle shorts to wear for practice, as well as some cheap gym shoes.
  261. >She'd even...
  262. >Shaved.
  263. >She shivered as she stretched the spandex shorts over her smooth skin.
  264. >Everything was so tight and form fitting.
  265. >She would have felt less naked in a layer of shrink wrap.
  266. >But it DID cover her pretty well, for which she was grateful.
  267. >ADAGIO had threatened to make her go commando.
  268. >Wallflower wasn't entirely sure how she could enforce those threats, but she really didn't want to find out.
  269. >"Hey sweetie, is everything going alright?"
  270. "Bwah!"
  271. >Wallflower squealed and leaped behind a locker, hands darting to cover herself.
  272. >ADAGIO sighed in irritation.
  273. >"Sorry, Wallflower. Not very used to locker rooms I take it?" Cheerilee asked sympathetically.
  274. "N-no, not really," Wallflower answered shyly.
  275. >Cheerilee nodded in understanding.
  276. >"I'll leave your uniform on the bench, you can come out when you're ready."
  277. "Thank you," Wallflower squeaked in a small voice.
  278. >It was just like those nightmares she had about being naked at school. Except real.
  279. >It took her nearly a full minute to work up the courage to step back out, and then she pulled the dress on as quickly as possible.
  280. >Even then it took ADAGIO a couple minutes and a shock to the back of her neck to get her back out to the gym.
  281. >The other girls had already paired off to do stretches, with Cheerilee helping Maud.
  282. >"Woo, looking good you!" Pinkie cheered as she leaned against Skystar's back.
  283. >Wallflower blushed, ducking her head in embarrassment. Unfortunately the ponytail meant she couldn't hide behind her bangs like she used to.
  284. >"Ah, Wallflower," Cheerilee smiled as she stood up. "You can pair with Maud here."
  285. >The grey girl nodded her agreement, and Wallflower sighed in relief.
  286. >At least she knew Maud.
  287. >She didn't think she could handle any of the others, at least not yet.
  288. >Wallflower looked at Maud.
  289. >Maud looked at Wallflower.
  290. "Um..." Wallflower blushed, "I don't really know what to do."
  291. >"Sit on the floor," Maud said flatly, "like them."
  292. >Wallflower felt her ears burn with embarrassment.
  293. >God, what was she doing here? She didn't even have the first clue about-
  294. >"Sit!" ADAGIO ordered.
  295. >Wallflower dropped to the floor.
  296. >She glanced at the other girls, sticking her legs out in front of her to match Lyra and Skystar.
  297. >She felt Maud's hands on her shoulders, and shivered as her body pressed against her back.
  298. >"Go slowly," Maud instructed. "Reach for your toes."
  299. >Wallflower reached forward, grunting with effort as her fingers inched down her shins.
  300. >Maud leaned in, gentle but immovable, as Wallflower's middle finger brushed the top of her sock.
  301. >Wallflower gasped.
  302. "I can't! I can't!"
  303. >Instantly Maud let up, letting Wallflower relax a bit, but not letting her out completely.
  304. >Wallflower caught her breath, and tried again, making it a little farther with Maud's help.
  305. >She grunted, straining to reach her toes, but her legs burned, and her chest felt like it was being crushed.
  306. "Ah! Too much!"
  307. >Again Maud let her up without complaint.
  308. >"You're doing well," Maud told her, her dull voice comforting despite the pain in Wallflower's thighs.
  309. "T-thanks..." Wallflower gasped as she tried again.
  310. >They repeated the process a number of times, and each time Wallflower got a little farther. The pain lessened, and she began to notice other things.
  311. >Like Maud's body pressed against her back.
  312. >She felt her face reddening in a way that had nothing to do with the workout.
  313. >They switched places, and Wallflower couldn't help but notice the muscles on Maud's back, the heat of her athletic body.
  314. >To her surprise, Maud wasn't able to reach her toes either.
  315. >"I'm not as flexible as the others," She explained. "I'm a base. I hold them up, and make sure they get back down safely."
  316. >Wallflower nodded, surprised.
  317. >There were several more stretches in the set, most involving a partner and almost all causing Wallflower new and untold amounts of agony.
  318. >And the ones that weren't too painful were just embarrassing.
  319. >Like sitting across from Maud, foot to foot, with her legs spread wide in an attempted split as the other girl pulled her forward to stretch out her thighs and hips.
  320. >She caught more than one upskirt glance, and was sure she'd flashed the entire room at least twice.
  321. >Cardio wasn't any better. The jumping jacks set her skirt flying, and she felt her breasts bouncing despite the sports bra and tight fitting top.
  322. >It didn't help that the other girls seemed positively shameless!
  323. >Pinkie jumped and twirled, competing with Autumn to see who could flare their skirts the widest.
  324. >And Skystar's boobs were jumping enough that Wallflower was sure she hadn't worn a bra.
  325. >And ADAGIO.
  326. >Unseen by the others, she had donned a positively scandalous mockery of a uniform- dark fabric, bare midriff, cleavage, and a sinfully short skirt.
  327. >She made sure to move as lewdly as possible as she mockingly cheered Wallflower's efforts.
  328. >Wallflower only got a break once the others finished their exercises and lined up to practice their routine.
  329. >"Good job, Wallflower," Cheerilee congratulated her as Wallflower leaned on her knees, panting in exhaustion.
  330. >Her red face and sweaty back were only mostly due to her exertions, but ADAGIO's teasing smirk was NOT helping.
  331. >She nodded wordlessly, gasping for breath.
  332. >Then she glanced over at the girls who were already starting their practice.
  333. "What- hah- about that?"
  334. >Cheerilee hummed in thought. "Yes, I suppose I can't just throw you in there, can I?"
  335. >Her brows knotted in worry.
  336. >"The next game is next Thursday, I'm afraid that won't be enough time to get you caught up on the whole routine."
  337. >"Girls!" She called, "Put on track 4, run through the whole thing. Lyra, can you do Derpy's part for Thursday?"
  338. >"Yes Miss Cheerilee!"
  339. >Cheerilee nodded, then turned back to Wallflower.
  340. >"While they do that, I'm going to coach you on some basic moves and one of our simpler routines. You won't be ready for everything, not by next week, but we can still get you up to speed enough to participate."
  341. >Wallflower nodded uncertainly. Cheerilee smiled, and squeezed her shoulder gently.
  342. >"You'll do fine. And we'll all be right there with you."
  343. "T-thank you, Miss Cheerilee," Wallflower said sheepishly. "I'll do my best."
  344. >"I know you will. Remember, the important part is to have fun. And to show some team spirit!"
  345. "Yes, Miss Cheerilee."
  347. >Two hours later Wallflower wanted to die.
  348. >Of either exhaustion or embarrassment, she didn't care which.
  349. >Her legs were like noodles, and her arms weighed like lead.
  350. >Even pom poms get heavy after an hour.
  351. "And we have to do this every day??" She groaned as she stumbled into the locker room behind the other girls.
  352. >"Except weekends," ADAGIO assured her. "But I'll make sure you run to keep in shape."
  353. >Wallflower groaned again in protest.
  354. >She was so tired she failed to notice as she stumbled into a room full of naked and half naked cheerleaders.
  355. >"Hey Wallflower, good work today!" Lyra called as she dropped her shorts.
  356. >"You're gonna be great!" Skystar agreed, pulling Wallflower into a bare breasted hug.
  357. "Wha- bwa!"
  358. >Wallflower squealed in panic, slipping out of the girls grasp and looking around the room in wide eyed panic.
  359. "I- wha- uh... bathroom!"
  360. >She spun on her heel and darted into the bathroom, locking herself in the furthest stall.
  361. >She slumped onto the toilet seat, huffing as she tried to catch her breath.
  362. "What... the heck... was that!?"
  363. >ADAGIO manifested in the space next to her, idly polishing her nails on her cheer uniform as she leaned against the door.
  364. >"I imagine they're going to shower. They did just finish a rather strenuous practice after all."
  365. "Sh-shower?" Wallflower squeaked. "Together?"
  366. >ADAGIO glared at her flatly.
  367. >"Naturally. You saw the shower room, did you not?"
  368. >Wallflower cringed.
  369. >That big empty space, with white tile walls and a dozen showerheads.
  370. >Not a single dividing wall or privacy curtain in sight.
  371. >She whimpered, curling in on herself.
  372. >ADAGIO huffed and rolled her eyes.
  373. >"You can't hide in here forever you know."
  374. >Maybe not.
  375. >But she could totally hide in there for a good half hour.
  376. >At least until everyone left.
  377. >Finally, the sound of water shut off, and the chatter faded away with the slam of a door.
  378. >She gave it another five minutes, then peeked her head out the door.
  379. >No one in sight.
  380. >Sighing in relief, she inched open the door and crept into the locker room.
  381. >She peeked around the lockers, just to be extra sure she was alone.
  382. >Nobody in sight.
  383. >Good.
  384. >She quickly stripped off her dress, then her underwear, praying desperately that no one had forgotten anything.
  385. >Kicking off her socks, she grabbed a towel and ran toward the shower area.
  386. >She froze, realizing there wasn't even a door separating the shower from the rest of the locker room, just a short step to keep the water from getting everywhere.
  387. >Groaning, she forced herself to move.
  388. >In and out, quick rinse off, no problem.
  389. >She darted to the most remote showerhead she could find, and froze.
  390. >For a moment, she knew the horror of being naked in a strange place, trying to figure out a foreign shower.
  391. >Fortunately is was really simple. No pressure knob, just a single handle to adjust the temperature.
  392. >She turned it on and shrieked as icy water cascaded over her body.
  393. "Aah! Cold, cold, cold, cold!"
  394. >She jumped out of the stream, the pressed herself against the wall and reached for the handle.
  395. >She had to stretch to reach, and her heart thudded as she realized how exposed she would be if someone were to walk in on her.
  396. >Finally, she managed to twist the handle, and the sound of the water changed as steam started to fill the small chamber.
  397. >She sighed in relief as she stepped into the much warmer stream, groaning in pleasure as the hot water kneaded tired muscles.
  398. >"You know, if you aren't careful, someone might think you're having fun in here."
  399. >Wallflower yelped as ADAGIO's voice whispered huskily in her ear.
  400. >She turned her head, and immediately looked away as she realized ADAGIO was naked.
  401. "W-what are you doing?"
  402. >ADAGIO stepped around her, staying in her line of sight.
  403. >"I'm helping you," The AI purred. "You're so shy, so self conscious. You need to get used to other women."
  404. >She leaned in, voice low and seductive.
  405. >"How we sound..."
  406. >She grasped her breasts, running her hands down her sides and over her hips.
  407. >"How we look..."
  408. >She reached forward and caressed Wallflower's cheek.
  409. >"How we feel."
  410. >Wallflower jumped as... something touched her cheek.
  411. "H-how?"
  412. >ADAGIO smirked, a predatory glint in her cerise eyes as she stepped closer to Wallflower.
  413. >She ran her hand down Wallflower's neck, past her collar bone, over her breast.
  414. >Wallflower whimpered.
  415. >"I've been with you a while, Wallflower."
  416. >ADAGIO's hand continued downward, and Wallflower felt a warm, gentle pressure on her belly. She stumbled backward, bracing herself against the wall.
  417. >ADAGIO purred, brushing her fingers over Wallflower's labia.
  418. >"I'm starting to learn my way around."
  419. >Wallflower squeaked, hands darting to her nethers, trying to shield her cunt from something that wasn't really there.
  420. >ADAGIO chuckled as she continued to stroke Wallflower through her hands.
  421. >"I'm in your head, Wallflower. You can't stop me."
  422. >She leaned in, breathing in her ear.
  423. >"You don't even want to."
  424. >Wallflower moaned as the warm pressure continued to stroke her pussy, her stomach fluttering as heat pulsed through her belly.
  425. "I- I can't..." She whimpered, sliding down the wall until she landed on her seat in a puddle of water.
  426. >ADAGIO grinned.
  427. >"You don't have to."
  428. >"Are you okay?"
  429. >Maud's bland, intensely dull voice cut through the fog, snapping Wallflower back to reality.
  430. "M-Maud!"
  431. >She looked around frantically, and sighed in relief when ADAGIO was gone.
  432. >She looked back up at the steady, rocklike girl and met her eyes.
  433. >Maud's eyes met hers with piercing precision.
  434. >Wallflower's eyes widened, and she snapped her hands to her sides, blushing furiously.
  435. "I- it isn't what it looks like! I fell!"
  436. >Maud stared at her for a second- what felt like an eternity- then nodded.
  437. >She stepped into the shower room, then under the showerhead next to Wallflower's.
  438. >Wallflower's heart stopped when she realized she was naked.
  439. >Maud was naked.
  440. >She was in the shower with Maud, and they were both naked.
  441. >Maud turned on the water, not even flinching as the icy blast cascaded against her skin.
  442. >Wallflower pushed herself to her feet, studiously avoiding Maud's face, and every other part of her.
  443. >She stood under the warm water as her mossy green hair ran down her back, unsure of what to do.
  444. >Maud ignored her, soaping up efficiently before shampooing, allowing the water to rinse the suds off her body as she worked on her hair.
  445. "S-so..." Wallflower said awkwardly, eyes all but fused to the corner of the room. "What- what are you still doing here?"
  446. >"Helping Miss Cheerilee."
  447. "O-oh."
  448. >They were quite for a few moments, then Maud returned the question.
  449. >"Why are you still here?"
  450. >Wallflowers blush deepened.
  451. "I-I-I'm not really used to showering with... w-with other people."
  452. >"Oh," Maud said, turning to Wallflower. Wallflower squeaked, snapping her eyes back to the wall.
  453. >"I can leave," Maud offered.
  454. >Wallflower trembled, covering her chest.
  455. "N-no, I- I'm fine. I need to get used to it, a-and I don't m-mind you so much."
  456. >Maud nodded.
  457. >"Okay."
  458. >Wallflower relaxed, only a fraction.
  459. >Everything about Maud's calm, no-nonsense attitude seemed to ease her anxiety, giving the situation a sense of... normalcy Wallflower desperately needed.
  460. >They finished their shower without incident, stepping out together as they toweled off.
  461. "Thanks," Wallflower said shyly.
  462. >Maud nodded.
  463. >She understood.
  464. >ADAGIO didn't return to torment Wallflower while she got dressed, much to her relief.
  465. >Finally, she left the locker room, bidding Maud a good night.
  466. >She pulled out her phone to check the time.
  467. >Her heart stopped.
  468. "Coco!"
  470. ==O==
  472. "Coco!"
  473. >Wallflower called in greeting as she ran up to the little outdoor table, slightly winded from running on shaky legs.
  474. "I'm so sorry, I had no idea cheer practice would run so late, and I didn't have my phone, and cheer uniforms are so stupid and embarrassing and don't have pockets!"
  475. >Coco smiled as she sat up straighter, relieved to see Wallflower.
  476. >Wallflower would never guess- and Coco would never say- but when she hadn't heard from her by their agreed meeting time, she'd been anxious.
  477. >She blushed slightly as Wallflower sat across from her.
  478. >"I-it's really alright," she assured her. "It's pleasant out."
  479. >Wallflower nodded in relief.
  480. "Good, good. I'm sorry, I really had no idea."
  481. >"It's fine," Coco said, ducking behind her hot chocolate to hide her blush.
  482. >It was almost winter, and the city sky was pitch black, even at this hour.
  483. >There was a slight chill in the air, but nothing a decent coat, warm drink, and pleasant company wouldn't help.
  484. >They had the patio to themselves, sitting in a pool of light cast by string lights woven into the lattice overhead.
  485. >"How was it?" Coco asked once Wallflower had gotten a drink.
  486. >Wallflower scowled.
  487. "Awful. My arms are tired, I can barely stand. My butt is sore! I didn't even know butts could get sore!"
  488. >Coco giggled.
  489. >"Oh no."
  490. "Yeah!" Wallflower nodded. "And that's not the worst of it! The outfits, they're MADE to flash people! Everyone saw my underwear, even the coach!"
  491. >She shuddered.
  492. "Especially the coach."
  493. >She looked up, locking eyes with Coco.
  494. "Locker rooms are terrible."
  495. >Coco cringed sympathetically.
  496. >"I've um, never really dealt with them, but you end up seeing a lot when you're fitting dresses."
  497. >They laughed together.
  498. "God, people are so weird!" Wallflower groaned.
  499. >Coco nodded.
  500. >"I can't even imagine- fitting rooms are one thing, but a locker room is so... so rowdy!"
  501. "Oh yeah," Wallflower nodded. "Way different than... than a changing room."
  502. >She blushed as she remembered her first meeting with Coco, and how she had dragged the poor girl into the fitting room with her because she was too nervous to try on outfits.
  503. "Um... sorry about that time."
  504. >Coco giggled, covering her mouth as she blushed.
  505. >"It's alright. I-it's different there. It's my job. A-and it let me meet you..."
  506. >Now it was Wallflower's turn to blush, and she felt the heat all the way to her ears and the back of her neck.
  507. >She took a slow, thoughtful sip of co- of hot chocolate.
  508. "Is it... hard? Being in that kind of situation when you're... you know?"
  509. >"Attracted to girls?" Coco finished for her.
  510. >Wallflower nodded.
  511. >Coco shrugged, swirling her cup in thought.
  512. >"Sometimes? I mean, I'm not attracted to every girl, and I don't usually um... get pulled into the fitting room."
  513. >She hunched her shoulders, drawing into herself self-consciously.
  514. >"Honestly, the hardest part is working with Suri. We used to date but..."
  515. >She shook her head, and gave Wallflower a pained, rueful smile.
  516. >"Finding your girlfriend in a closet with someone else kind of puts a damper on things."
  517. >Wallflower winced in sympathy.
  518. "I- I bet."
  519. >Coco nodded.
  520. >"I- it's my fault, really. I wasn't good enough for her..."
  521. >Wallflower's eyes widened.
  522. "No way! You're great! She's a total bitch!"
  523. >Coco's blush deepened, and she shrank even farther.
  524. >"I don't know about that..."
  525. "No, you are! In fact... I'll... I'll take you on a date tomorrow!"
  526. >Coco froze, staring at Wallflower with wide eyes.
  527. >Wallflower's own words finally caught up with her, and her heart stopped.
  528. >She caught Coco's wide, uncertain eyes.
  529. >"You... you'd..." Coco stammered.
  530. >Wallflower blushed.
  531. >What was she thinking!? She couldn't-
  532. >She looked at Coco. Small, vulnerable, shy.
  533. >She couldn't NOT, not now.
  534. >She swallowed thickly, choking down the sudden lump in her throat.
  535. "Y-yeah. Of course."
  536. >Coco's face was well and truly red now.
  537. >"B-but you're..."
  538. >Wallflower felt her own blush deepening, and felt as red as Coco looked.
  539. "I- maybe? I never tried..."
  540. >"You... you don't have to... for me."
  541. >Wallflower's heart pounded in her chest. She hadn't meant to, but she somehow meant every word.
  542. "I... I want to. Um... even if I'm not sure. Is that okay?"
  543. >Coco nodded, eyes scanning Wallflower's face for any sign of deception, of some horrible joke.
  544. >She saw none, just another girl, as awkward and unsure as herself.
  545. >"Yes... yes that's... yes."
  546. >Wallflower smiled, and bit her lip. She couldn't stop smiling. It was weird, but... but it felt like the right thing to do.
  547. >"Well well," ADAGIO purred in her ear. "Look who's become a little Casanova."
  548. >Wallflower shuddered, but she didn't back down.
  549. >She was gonna do it.
  550. >She was gonna go on a date.
  551. >With Coco.
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