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  1. <zeiko> [02:47:09] hi, any admin around?
  2. <DartFeld> [02:47:22] zeiko are you sure that you need one?
  3. <zeiko> [02:47:37] positive
  4. <Bluefeverx> [02:47:52] I'm gonna see if my dog has to tinkle and then give this another go.
  5. <DartFeld> [02:48:10] k
  6. <zeiko> [02:48:18] any admin please?
  7. <DartFeld> [02:48:27] then wait here or write a
  8. <DartFeld> [02:48:34] or use the ! mod thing
  9. <DartFeld> [02:48:49] without space
  10. <zeiko> [02:51:07] ANY ADMIN PLEASE?
  11. <lenrek> [02:51:24] WOW OKAY WHAT DO YOU NEED
  12. <DannyHowells> [02:51:32] lol
  13. <zeiko> [02:51:40] hi lenrek
  14. <zeiko> [02:51:43] thanks for responding
  15. <lenrek> [02:52:35] funny, I don't recall saying to pm me
  16. <zeiko> [02:53:16] can i pm you please?
  17. <DannyHowells> [02:53:19] hahaha
  18. <zeiko> [02:53:21] i feel more comfortable
  19. <lenrek> [02:53:29] there's no point in asking now...
  20. <zeiko> [02:53:44] is that a yes?
  21. <lenrek> [02:54:30] yes...
  22. <DannyHowells> [02:55:55] This was quite funny... I actually wonder what the question was :)
  23. <lenrek> [02:56:35] our bro here apparently lost his account
  24. <DannyHowells> [02:56:46] :)
  25. <zeiko> [02:56:53] yes i lost my account :(
  26. <DannyHowells> [02:57:00] Your own fault?
  27. <Samizdat> [02:57:23] We could have pointed you in the right direction.
  28. <zeiko> [02:57:33] please give me second chance
  29. <lenrek> [02:57:50] zeiko: I already told you,
  30. <DartFeld> [02:58:01] cause that would have been normally
  31. <DannyHowells> [02:58:09] indeed
  32. <zeiko> [02:58:24] nobody wants to give me my account back there
  33. <DartFeld> [02:58:36] please don't write in capslock in there again :)
  34. <DannyHowells> [02:58:40] They have good reason to I guess...
  35. <zeiko> [02:59:01] no they say i never had any account
  36. <zeiko> [02:59:04] and i did
  37. <lenrek> [02:59:05] what's your username?
  38. <zeiko> [02:59:13] zeiko
  39. <DartFeld> [02:59:33] there's no zeike in the db
  40. <DartFeld> [02:59:37] *zeiko
  41. <lenrek> [02:59:49] yeah, doesn't exist
  42. <zeiko> [02:59:49] that's what they tell me and i had account for a year!
  43. <lenrek> [02:59:59] I think you're confused
  44. <zeiko> [03:00:07] no way man
  45. <zeiko> [03:00:08] i'm not
  46. <DannyHowells> [03:00:13] lol
  47. <lenrek> [03:00:32] the closes I see is Indiezeiko
  48. <lenrek> [03:00:49] closest*
  49. <zeiko> [03:00:53] when logged las time?
  50. <DartFeld> [03:01:01] 4years
  51. <lenrek> [03:01:03] almost 5 years ago
  52. <DartFeld> [03:01:04] 11 months...
  53. <zeiko> [03:01:12] not me :\
  54. <lenrek> [03:01:22] then you don't have an account
  55. <DannyHowells> [03:01:22] Did you give your e-mailaddress to check?
  56. <DartFeld> [03:01:23] maybe he is one of the deleted users
  57. <DartFeld> [03:01:30] but I don't think so tbh
  58. <lenrek> [03:01:35] there are no deleted users
  59. <DartFeld> [03:01:39] there are
  60. <DartFeld> [03:01:45] some unknown ones
  61. <DartFeld> [03:02:01] for the normal users at least
  62. <zeiko> [03:02:03] can you please bring me back lenrek?
  63. <DartFeld> [03:02:16] could be that you have all users still in your db
  64. <lenrek> [03:02:19] zeiko: go to
  65. <zeiko> [03:02:47] no come on don't send me on queue and tests
  66. <Bluefeverx> [03:02:52] How many people tested to get in here?
  67. <zeiko> [03:02:54] please bring me back :\
  68. <lenrek> [03:03:10] zeiko: that's all I can do, you simply don't have an active/existing account
  69. <Bluefeverx> [03:03:42] or interviewed rather.
  70. <lenrek> [03:03:54] Bluefeverx: quite a few
  71. <Bluefeverx> [03:04:18] The day I got in, via interview, was such an awesome day!
  72. <lenrek> [03:04:20] zeiko: you can try giving me a passkey or email or something else to identify you by
  73. <Ichabod> [03:04:21] metric fuckton to be precise
  74. <DartFeld> [03:04:38] lenrek that's what I was talking about
  75. <lenrek> [03:04:43] otherwise part this channel and take the interview
  76. <Ichabod> [03:04:49] zeiko: find lenrek your account confirmation mail
  77. <Ichabod> [03:05:09] if you find that he should have something to look for
  78. <DartFeld> [03:05:52] Unknown [757]
  79. <Bluefeverx> [03:06:16]
  80. <Crapscallion> [03:06:27] my linux mint livedvd only starts up when i run it in compatibility mode. is that something i should be worried about?
  81. <Bluefeverx> [03:06:31] Can someone look at the for me and explain to me what I should be doing?
  82. <zeiko> [03:06:45] lenrek, is now being under DDoS attack until i get my invite.
  83. <zeiko> [03:06:51] attack is set to 48hours, be back later i hope i'll have my invite.
  84. <lenrek> [03:06:58] I'm so scared
  85. <DannyHowells> [03:07:01] What the f#ck zeiko ........
  86. <DartFeld> [03:07:14] head>table
  87. <zeiko> [03:07:15] yeah i want my account bacj
  88. <zeiko> [03:07:19] sorry
  89. <DartFeld> [03:07:24] you won't zeiko
  90. <Ichabod> [03:07:25] lol
  91. <DannyHowells> [03:07:29] You should start behaving like an adult to start with.
  92. <zeiko> [03:07:29] i will
  93. <Crapscallion> [03:07:29] zeiko couldn't DDoS mastercard
  94. <Ichabod> [03:07:31] this is hilarious
  95. <zeiko> [03:07:32] or will die
  96. <DartFeld> [03:07:37] but what is down for sure
  97. * Ichabod [03:07:46] gets the pitchforms
  98. <Bluefeverx> [03:07:48] Oooh, oooh, I got one.
  99. <DannyHowells> [03:07:59] I'm getting some beers.
  100. <Bluefeverx> [03:08:00] Zeiko couldn't DDos a saltine cracker.
  101. <Ichabod> [03:08:06] DannyHowells: auto-dl irssi?
  102. <DannyHowells> [03:08:23] I'm not using irssi?
  103. <Ichabod> [03:08:34] I meant DartFeld
  104. <DannyHowells> [03:08:38] :)
  105. <Ichabod> [03:08:42] tab completed too soon
  106. <DannyHowells> [03:08:51] np
  107. <Ichabod> [03:09:00] lenrek: baaaaw
  108. <Samizdat> [03:09:03] We haven't had a DDOS for a while.  Funny how we somehow survive them.
  109. <Ichabod> [03:09:10] I liked the kid
  110. <Samizdat> [03:09:16] He had pluck.
  111. <Ichabod> [03:09:37] its not easy being a 12 year old neckbeard who's hitting puberty
  112. <Crapscallion> [03:09:48] isn't one of the golden rules say if you try to find an exploit in the site's code, you get banned, so does your inviter, and whoever you invited and whoever your inviter invited
  113. <zeiko> [03:09:50] you're not so smart you know..
  114. <Samizdat> [03:09:56] We haven't had a DDOS for a while.  Funny how we somehow survive them.
  115. <Ichabod> [03:10:06] so DartFeld auto-dl-irssi?
  116. <Ichabod> [03:10:11] zeiko: hey man
  117. <zeiko> [03:10:18] hey
  118. <DartFeld> [03:10:18] huh?
  119. <DartFeld> [03:10:27] what was the question Ichabod :D
  120. <Samizdat> [03:10:42] Who wins, our patience or zeiko's pocketbook?
  121. <Ichabod> [03:10:48] DartFeld: that web interface you screenshotted
  122. * chocolatemilk [03:10:49] readies swarm of zerglings to send at zeiko
  123. <Ichabod> [03:10:52] ohgox
  124. <Ichabod> [03:10:57] the ircops
  125. <Ichabod> [03:11:03] they're timing out
  126. <zeiko> [03:11:05] patience? after 48 hours if i wont get my invite i'll set it for another 48 hours
  127. <DartFeld> [03:11:09] I didn't that was Bluefeverx
  128. <zeiko> [03:11:09] and we will see eventually
  129. <Ichabod> [03:11:10] WE'RE GONNA DIE!
  130. <Samizdat> [03:11:16] It's for the remote downloader.
  131. <DannyHowells> [03:11:17] Let's say you had an account, with this behavior nobody wants you participating in this great community.
  132. <Ichabod> [03:11:25] DartFeld: >_<
  133. <Crapscallion> [03:11:30] !whatuser sierra
  134. <Samizdat> [03:11:52] I used to use it, but it conflicted with my autosnatching.
  135. <Ichabod> [03:12:09] meh, the button
  136. <Ichabod> [03:12:12] its nice
  137. <Ichabod> [03:12:15] and easy
  138. <Ichabod> [03:12:39] zeiko: sucks that you lost your account
  139. <Twiz> [03:12:42] What is a little slow
  140. <Ichabod> [03:12:45] so how old are you?
  141. <Twiz> [03:12:49] as in, not finishing loading
  142. <bonglander> [03:12:54] !whatuser zeiko
  143. <zeiko> [03:12:55] 20
  144. <Ichabod> [03:12:59] Twiz: zeiko is ddossing
  145. <Ichabod> [03:13:12] zeiko: so, just hitting puberty I se
  146. <Crapscallion> [03:13:18] is zeiko an operative for the MAFIAA
  147. <Twiz> [03:13:22] Ichabod: then, why is he still in this channel?
  148. <Ichabod> [03:13:22] how does that feel?
  149. <chocolatemilk> [03:13:36] Twiz it's more fun this way
  150. <Twiz> [03:13:38] ah
  151. <Ichabod> [03:13:40] Twiz: because he's a computer genius
  152. <zeiko> [03:13:41] i just want my account back
  153. <Samizdat> [03:13:43] But we'd rather see the site closed then let you in.
  154. <DannyHowells> [03:13:47] zeiko, you're such a sad person.
  155. <zeiko> [03:13:56] so site will be closed
  156. <alderaan|laptop> [03:13:57] zeiko: You won't be getting your account back.
  157. <zeiko> [03:13:58] i dont care
  158. <Twiz> [03:14:00] in the meanwhile, I'd like to upload some music
  159. <zeiko> [03:14:08] i will alderaan|laptop
  160. <cluck_u> [03:14:13] lol
  161. <Twiz> [03:14:14] but zeiko seems to want to prevent me from doing so
  162. <DannyHowells> [03:14:26] :)
  163. <Ichabod> [03:14:32] Twiz: it'bll be resolved soon enough
  164. <Ichabod> [03:14:43] the admins here are competent enough
  165. <Twiz> [03:15:02] probably will, if zeiko stops acting like a little bitch
  166. <Ichabod> [03:15:07] and beating a 12 year old script kiddie isnt the hardest thing
  167. <ZeroBot> [03:15:08] User ::: Sierra <3 :::
  168. <Crapscallion> [03:15:15] !whatuser sierraX
  169. <Crapscallion> [03:15:22] i always get those mixed up
  170. <ZeroBot> [03:15:23] ERROR: That user doesn't exist!
  171. <Samizdat> [03:15:30] Drone is down.
  172. <DannyHowells> [03:15:32] !whatuser DannyHowells
  173. <DannyHowells> [03:15:34] k
  174. <chocolatemilk> [03:15:53] hmm that was a short 48 hours
  175. <chocolatemilk> [03:16:01] site works fine
  176. <Crapscallion> [03:16:07] 13 livedvd gives me a black screen unless i run in compatibility mode. is that going to be a problem?
  177. <ZeroBot> [03:16:15] Torrent Master ::: SierraX <3 :::
  178. <DartFeld> [03:16:15] I think he meant 48 seconds
  179. <ZeroBot> [03:16:15] Elite ::: DannyHowells <3 :::
  180. <Twiz> [03:16:21] site still not working for me
  181. <Twiz> [03:16:23] ah, now it does
  182. <Ichabod> [03:16:24] chocolatemilk: prolly blackholed him upstream
  183. <chocolatemilk> [03:16:25] probably DartFeld
  184. <Ichabod> [03:16:46] Crapscallion: hmm, shouldnt
  185. <DartFeld> [03:17:01] In fact the ddos speeded the site up
  186. <Ichabod> [03:17:03] but you're prolly better off asking them on freenode
  187. <DartFeld> [03:17:09] faster than ever ath the moment^^
  188. <DannyHowells> [03:17:15] :>
  189. <shades> [03:17:15] lol, indeed
  190. <Crapscallion> [03:17:26] why does it happen? old hardware?
  191. <Ichabod> [03:17:38] Crapscallion: driver issues
  192. <Crapscallion> [03:17:52] what kind of driver? graphics, i'm assuming.
  193. <Ichabod> [03:17:59] might be that your gfx card is too old for their default shipped driver
  194. <Crapscallion> [03:18:08] that might be it
  195. <Crapscallion> [03:18:09] it's old
  196. <Ichabod> [03:18:11] so with comp. mode they fall back
  197. <Sierra> [03:18:24] wow, that guy?  i haven't seen him in a while
  198. <Crapscallion> [03:18:25] can i switch driver sin installation?
  199. <Crapscallion> [03:18:26] *drivers
  200. <Ichabod> [03:18:28] shouldnt be a problem on an installed system
  201. <Crapscallion> [03:18:32] oh okay
  202. <Crapscallion> [03:18:34] thank you
  203. <Ichabod> [03:18:41] you can apt-get the needed one there
  204. <chocolatemilk> [03:18:50] Crapscallion or it could be that it's running it at a resolution/refresh rate that your monitor cannot output
  205. <Ichabod> [03:18:52] Sierra: I know, right
  206. <chocolatemilk> [03:18:59] that happens a lot with older gpus
  207. <Ichabod> [03:19:01] I started missing him
  208. <Crapscallion> [03:19:19] i'm not sure which it is
  209. <Ichabod> [03:19:31] heeey zeiko
  210. <Ichabod> [03:19:35] we mizsed you
  211. <Crapscallion> [03:19:37] but it's intel 82845G series, so that might be why
  212. <chocolatemilk> [03:19:38] zeiko da man
  213. <zeiko> [03:19:39] you're not being smart
  214. <zeiko> [03:19:41] but i dont care
  215. <zeiko> [03:19:44] i'll wait
  216. <Sierra> [03:19:47] zeiko: you're being pretty damn stupid yourself
  217. <chocolatemilk> [03:19:49] we're dumb, sorry
  218. <Crapscallion> [03:19:55] zeiko go away, i have real problems to solve
  219. <zeiko> [03:19:55] i just need my account back
  220. <Ichabod> [03:19:56] zeiko: so, rebooting your modem every time
  221. <Ichabod> [03:20:03] has to be tedious
  222. <Sierra> [03:20:05] you can have mine, okay?
  223. <Sierra> [03:20:12] yeah, wouldn't it be weird if i were like that?
  224. <chocolatemilk> [03:20:13] zeiko pls hax my account
  225. <Sierra> [03:20:15] f*ck off.
  226. <mugglehump> [03:20:19] Guys
  227. <mugglehump> [03:20:21] Stop.
  228. <zeiko> [03:20:32] finally someone mature
  229. <Ichabod> [03:20:48] *giggle*
  230. <Crapscallion> [03:20:52] okay
  231. <Crapscallion> [03:21:03] now how do i check if it's a problem with the refresh rate, or a problem with the driver?
  232. <Crapscallion> [03:21:05] how can i tell?
  233. <Ichabod> [03:21:13] so no, there shouldnt be a problem when installing
  234. <alderaan|laptop> [03:21:36] There's no need to feed the trolls.
  235. <alderaan|laptop> [03:21:59] Getting angry, cursing at them, etc. is exactly what they want you to do.
  236. <Sierra> [03:22:16] not angry.  quite amused, though
  237. <Crapscallion> [03:22:25] oh, another question. i'm going to install mint on the same partition as lubuntu, but i want to obliterate lubuntu. will advanced partition management give me an option of formatting the partition?
  238. <Ichabod> [03:22:35] yes
  239. <Ichabod> [03:22:41] always
  240. <Bluefeverx> [03:22:45] What'd I miss?
  241. <Delusion> [03:22:47] Just know the DDoS blackmail has never worked in the past, and there's no indication it's going to start working.
  242. <Sierra> [03:22:58] exactly
  243. <Ichabod> [03:23:02] Bluefeverx: not much really
  244. <Bluefeverx> [03:23:14] I read a little bit.
  245. <Sierra> [03:23:16] and i'm fairly sure it's always the same person
  246. <Ichabod> [03:23:25] someone got a stick up his bum, got mad, started throwing shit
  247. <Sierra> [03:23:28] who's just...  really stupid
  248. <Bluefeverx> [03:23:28] Ichabod, did you check at my screenshot?
  249. <Ichabod> [03:23:38] Bluefeverx: yeah
  250. <Ichabod> [03:23:51] what exactly do you need help with?
  251. <Bluefeverx> [03:24:05] I'm trying to figure out what field I'm filling incorrectly.
  252. <Bluefeverx> [03:24:42] For the host I put ""
  253. <Node231> [03:24:46] whoah
  254. <Node231> [03:24:50] is tracker down?
  255. <Umbra> [03:24:56] it's spotty
  256. <Ichabod> [03:24:59] Bluefeverx: that's correct
  257. <chocolatemilk> [03:25:03] Bluefeverx are you talking about this?
  258. <Node231> [03:25:03] ic
  259. <Node231> [03:25:08] half my torrents just turned red
  260. <Bluefeverx> [03:25:08] yes.
  261. <Ichabod> [03:25:16] what's the url you're using to get to rutorrent?
  262. <zeiko> [03:25:18] just need my account back, and DDoS will stop
  263. <chocolatemilk> [03:25:19] you need to set the relative path and username
  264. <Twiz> [03:25:28] ok, why is the site down again?
  265. <Umbra> [03:25:31] thanks @ whoever g-lined
  266. <Looped> [03:25:32] lol
  267. <Ichabod> [03:25:37] Twiz: zeiko
  268. <Twiz> [03:25:41] ugh
  269. <Ichabod> [03:25:42] still
  270. <Ichabod> [03:25:50] just stop asking
  271. <Ichabod> [03:26:01] as said, it'll be over soon enough
  272. <mugglehump> [03:26:03] Don't worry about it, guys.
  273. <Crapscallion> [03:26:11] so, if i want mint to show up in the "select operating systems" list along with windows, should i install the boot loader in the same partition as windows?
  274. <DannyHowells> [03:26:24] they only thing he wants is rejoin and see us complaining about site issues
  275. <Bluefeverx> [03:26:29] Umm, so I checked SSL
  276. <DannyHowells> [03:26:29] *the
  277. <Ichabod> [03:26:31] Bluefeverx: what's your rutorrent url for whatbox?
  278. <Crapscallion> [03:26:42] i'm sorry for all the questions, i know i should google them but i don't want to get false information
  279. <Bluefeverx> [03:27:07]
  280. <Ichabod> [03:27:15] alright
  281. <michael7824> [03:27:18] mugglehump: pm?
  282. <Ichabod> [03:27:23] set the port to 443
  283. <mugglehump> [03:27:32] Okay
  284. <Bluefeverx> [03:27:33] I put that in the relative path, is that right.
  285. <Bluefeverx> [03:27:38] lemme try.
  286. <Ichabod> [03:27:43] the relative path is "/rutorrent/"
  287. <Bluefeverx> [03:27:54] Oh...
  288. <Ichabod> [03:31:37] the directory is your session dir in rtorrent
  289. <Bluefeverx> [03:31:51] the setting in rutorrent said the directory was ~/files.
  290. <Bluefeverx> [03:31:51] That right?
  291. <chocolatemilk> [03:32:14] you don't actually need to fill in the directory bit
  292. <chocolatemilk> [03:32:27] unless you want it somewhere other than default
  293. <Ichabod> [03:33:08] label you can choose
  294. <Ichabod> [03:33:16] probably
  295. <Ichabod> [03:33:16] so use that
  296. <mugglehump> [03:33:16] michael7824: ?
  297. * bonglander [03:33:16] facepalm
  298. <Bluefeverx> [03:33:16] Still very new to this. Could you explain what the session directory and it's location?
  299. <Bluefeverx> [03:33:57] yeah, who is that.
  300. <Bluefeverx> [03:33:57] Got a pm from that person, too.
  301. <Ichabod> [03:33:57] Bluefeverx: listen to chocolatemilk
  302. <Ichabod> [03:34:00] dont fill it in
  303. * [03:34:06] This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  304. <chocolatemilk> [03:34:19] yeah I've used that extension for a while. I don't fill in the directory bit
  305. <Ichabod> [03:34:33] Bluefeverx: he's trying to help
  306. <Bluefeverx> [03:35:24] Oh yeah, thank you Chocolatemilk, I was still typing when that came across the screen.
  307. <Bluefeverx> [03:35:33] I appreciate anyone who helps!
  308. <chocolatemilk> [03:36:03] but you'll need to fill in the username (obviously)
  309. <chocolatemilk> [03:36:16] I guess you took out the username in the screenshot
  310. <***> Playback Complete.
  311. <Bluefeverx> Also, just tried it out and it works!
  312. <Bluefeverx> High five everyone who assisted me!
  313. <GH0> I am assuming the site is down or something, that or it's reall really slow.
  314. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  315. <DartFeld> GH0 kid ddosed
  316. <DartFeld> what
  317. <Bluefeverx> yeah.
  318. <GH0> Ah, okay
  319. <Sierra> GH0: site's just fine, dunno what you're talking about
  320. <GH0> Cool kid Sierra
  321. <zeiko> just give me my account and it will stop
  322. <Bluefeverx> So, using the webui vs using ssh client, what are the differences?
  323. <GH0> I expect that is what the laggy ness is for on the IRC server as well
  324. <zeiko> gline me, irc will go down too.
  325. <Ichabod> Bluefeverx: not a lot
  326. <Ichabod> it's a thing of preference
  327. <slowsilver> zeiko
  328. <slowsilver> stop being an asshole
  329. <zeiko> i'm not an asshole
  330. <Ichabod> usually a webui is more easily accesible
  331. <Treylis> zeiko terrorism isn't the answer
  332. <slowsilver> you are being an asshole
  333. <Ichabod> slowsilver: let him be
  334. <zeiko> admins being smartasses
  335. <zeiko> just want my account back
  336. <Ichabod> let the mods deal with this
  337. <Ichabod> ne need for everybody else to interfere
  338. <GH0> And DDoSing is going to get your account back?
  339. <mlapaglia> site down?
  340. <logi> is drone down
  341. <GH0> mlapaglia, yeah
  342. <GH0> Ish
  343. <slowsilver> i just find it funny that he thinks this will help him
  344. <chocolatemilk> Bluefeverx webui will cease to function after around ~4000 torrents
  345. <chocolatemilk> whilst the rtorrent terminal ui will work fine
  346. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: DOWN | Tracker: UP | Interviews: OPEN | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  347. <Ichabod> Bluefeverx: I take it it's working?
  348. <DartFeld> that's indeed funny
  349. <Sierra> slowsilver: oh, everyone's laughing at him, it's the net equivalent of a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum in the supermarket.
  350. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: DOWN | Tracker: UP | Interviews: OPEN | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  351. * mlapaglia sets mode -t on
  352. * CommandServ sets mode +t on
  353. <Ichabod> mlapaglia: interviews are closed for now
  354. <drazin> is the site up?
  355. <Heron> no, read the topic
  356. <Ichabod> drazin: check the topic
  357. <slowsilver> actually that's a good point
  358. <drazin> oh i saw drone thought that was site
  359. <drazin> thanks
  360. <Z4ppy> and DOWN should be red :>
  361. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: DOWN | Tracker: UP | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  362. <slowsilver> aw man talabot's album is good
  363. <mlapaglia> what number is red?
  364. <Ichabod> mlapaglia: <3
  365. <mugglehump> mlapaglia, you keep screwing it up
  366. <GH0> :P
  367. <marmot> 4
  368. <GH0> 9
  369. <chocolatemilk> 4 or 3
  370. <mugglehump> Let me handle this delicate situation
  371. <chocolatemilk> idk
  372. <Bluefeverx> Ichabod: Yes it is!
  373. <marmot> and drone is away too
  374. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: DOWN | Tracker: UP | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  375. <mlapaglia> HAPPY?
  376. <Treylis> nice
  377. * lobotomist applauds
  378. <Treylis> much better
  379. <mugglehump> Yes
  380. <Z4ppy> :)
  381. <Ichabod> mlapaglia++
  382. <DartFeld> \o/
  383. <mlapaglia> no one will read it anyway
  384. <slowsilver> mlapaglia is awesome
  385. <mlapaglia> OMG IS SITE DOWN?
  386. <DartFeld> as always
  387. <slowsilver> and should be bestowed with gifts
  388. <slowsilver> of many kinds
  389. <Heron> mlapaglia: p sure tracker is down too btw
  390. <lobotomist> Although I'm not sure about that particular shade of red ...
  391. <slowsilver> yeah
  392. * mugglehump has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: FLACCID | Tracker: UP | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  393. <slowsilver> can you try a little darker
  394. <ShadeTornado> Haha
  395. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: UP | Site: FLACCID | Tracker: DOWN | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  396. <Looped> site; FLACCID
  397. <Looped> just how I like it
  398. <Z4ppy> yay 4 colors :)
  399. <lobotomist> See I woulda said the site was BLUEBALLED ...
  400. <Looped> wait is drone actually up?
  401. <Looped> i can't access it
  402. <Heron> no, it appears drone and the tracker are down
  403. <slowsilver> this channel is up
  404. * mlapaglia has changed the topic to: Drone: SLAUGHTERED | Site: FLACCID | Tracker: DOWN | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:  
  405. <Heron> along with the site, obvviously
  406. <slowsilver> lol
  407. <Gaspar> site upgrade from flaccid to castrato?
  408. <ShadeTornado> And what's actually going on? DDoS?
  409. <Treylis> yes
  410. <Heron> correct
  411. <Heron> someone lost their account, ShadeTornado
  412. <Heron> lol
  413. <lobotomist> Overall Status: HELL IN A HANDBASKET
  414. <slowsilver> Double Dance of Sodom
  415. <ShadeTornado> Shucks.
  416. <Treylis> and they think terrorism is the solution to their problem
  417. <mugglehump> He never had an account to lose in the first place.
  418. <Sierra> and that's what makes this whole thing absurdly hilarious
  419. <slowsilver> really? :O
  420. <Heron> oh, really - this is just the grapevine i hear
  421. <slowsilver> the plot thickens
  422. <Heron> either way he wants in to the site
  423. <Heron> and he wasn't allowed
  424. <Gaspar> and this will enamor him for sure
  425. <Heron> and now we're here
  426. <slowsilver> if he's clever enough to do this he could have breezed the interview
  427. <ShadeTornado> So if I want to enter the building I just blow it up? Sound logic right there.
  428. <Treylis> he might have a few mental issues
  429. <Heron> well, he is a total skid
  430. <Heron> judging by the ddos and all, haha
  431. <lobotomist> Kinda like someone pulling a DYKWIA to get into a night club ...
  432. <alt> those are not the first word I wanted to hear
  433. <alderaan|laptop> slowsilver: He was banned. He can't interview.
  434. <Bluefeverx> i had to look up that.
  435. <ShadeTornado> I assume you still need access to some zombies to DDoS someone.
  436. <slowsilver> someone's throwing their toys all over the supermarket aisle
  437. <slowsilver> thanks alderaan
  438. <Bluefeverx> haha.
  439. <ShadeTornado> Then again, I'm not really into DDoSing stuff, so I don't know all the details
  440. <slowsilver> maybe he's hacked feral
  441. <slowsilver> and he's bringing the full might of those servers
  442. <alderaan|laptop> Nope
  443. <Treylis> hack the planet
  444. <slowsilver> or maybe
  445. <Ichabod> Crappy speculations are crappy
  446. <slowsilver> he hacked the US servers on the moon
  447. <slowsilver> and is using that massive mainframe
  448. <Delusion> It's a last-ditch effort sort of thing that never works by someone with nothing to lose.  Life goes on.
  449. <Ichabod> if you dont know the details, it's best to not talk about it
  450. <lobotomist> How'd we get servers on the moon if we faked the moon landing … !?
  451. <Squiffy> Why is What.CD down?
  452. <slowsilver> it's all a double triple conspiracy i tell you
  453. <Ichabod> it also litters this channel, so people who have a real question don't get seen
  454. <Ichabod> Squiffy: DOS
  455. <Squiffy> Fuck.
  456. <ShadeTornado> We destroyed the moon and replaced it with a new moon with built-in servers.
  457. <Sierra> Squiffy: a little girl threw a tantrum
  458. <slowsilver> shadetornado has it right on
  459. <Ichabod> ShadeTornado: and slowsilver please drop it now
  460. <Bluefeverx>
  461. <Squiffy> I thought it got taken down for a second
  462. <Ichabod> we've laughed about it enough now
  463. <Treylis> oh you didn't even give him time to reel off his sick burn
  464. <alt> Drone has alzheimers today
  465. <Squiffy> Also, how do I get into
  466. <bonglander> just wait for now
  467. <Sierra> you don't right now
  468. <Ichabod> as alderaan said, move on
  469. <bonglander> it'll be fixed soon
  470. <Squiffy> Alright
  471. <Squiffy> Thanks
  472. <Sierra> no drone.  go have a drink, it's friday
  473. <chocolatemilk> an op can invite him though
  474. <chocolatemilk> but w/e
  475. <Sierra> enjoy life, everything will still be around tomorrow :)
  476. <lobotomist> Drone is drinking … ?
  477. <alderaan|laptop> chocolatemilk: We will never compromise the site like that.
  478. <lobotomist> Passed out in a ditch somewhere … ?
  479. <chocolatemilk> alderaan|laptop I mean inviting Squiffy into the main chan but yeah
  480. <alderaan|laptop> Oh
  481. <alt> So basically someone cut down the tree because they didn't get into the clubhouse?
  482. <Squiffy> If its not an issue
  483. <alderaan|laptop> I just opened
  484. <Squiffy> joining
  485. <alderaan|laptop> alt: Essentially
  486. <slowsilver> sorry please could i be invited if that's ok too?
  487. * Existent is now known as Guest59942
  488. <slowsilver> if not then i'm ok with just milling here
  489. <bonglander> slowsilver, join to chat in
  490. <Bluefeverx> Why can't people just join private trackers the honest way?
  491. <Crapscallion> because people are lazy, or live in romania
  492. <alderaan|laptop> Bluefeverx: This guy was a member and was banned. He was demanding his account back and decided to DDoS us.
  493. <Squiffy> Bluefeverx, what do you mean?
  494. <Squiffy> buying invites?
  495. <Bluefeverx> The same day I got into to this site someone just gave me an iptorrents invite.
  496. <Squiffy> Nice.
  497. <Bluefeverx> No taking the test.
  498. <bonglander> chat in
  499. <Squiffy> I have a few iptorrents invites
  500. <Bluefeverx> Or interview.
  501. <Squiffy> ok
  502. <Crapscallion> i hate ipt's new hnr system
  503. <Crapscallion> too much of a hassle
  504. <Crapscallion> thank allah for scc
  505. <Bluefeverx> I know right!
  506. <Bluefeverx> I ran out of bonus points.
  507. <bonglander> Crapscallion, Bluefeverx , go chat in
  508. <Crapscallion> i thought chalisto died and i would never have gotten my scc invite
  509. <Crapscallion> oh okay
  510. <Crapscallion> off i go
  511. <Crapscallion> come along bluefeverx
  512. * CommandServ sets mode +a on qMark_
  513. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to qMark_
  514. <zeiko> gline me, IRC server will go down too.
  515. <zeiko> gline me, IRC server will go down too...
  516. <Squiffy> o_o
  517. <NotSpish> ಠ_ಠ
  518. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  519. <Looped> you said that last time
  520. <Squiffy> lol
  521. * mlapaglia sets ban on *!*@whatnett74.6lq.7obdef.IP
  522. * mlapaglia has kicked zeiko from (shoo shoo)
  523. <NotSpish> haha
  524. <Sierra> didn't gline him
  525. <Sierra> :D
  526. <Squiffy> LOL
  527. <NotSpish> hahahaha
  528. <Looped> lol
  529. * mlapaglia removes ban on *!*@whatnett74.6lq.7obdef.IP
  530. <zeiko> you're that stupid?
  531. <Sierra> you weren't glined
  532. <zeiko> no bans\glines\klines or what so ever..
  533. <GH0> You weren't banned
  534. <mlapaglia> we love you that much
  535. <Sierra> now that's just not fair, you can't go changing the rules in the middle of a hissy fit.
  536. * mlapaglia gives zeiko a hug
  537. <Squiffy> autokick him
  538. <Sierra> c'mere you big lug
  539. <Squiffy> its not banning
  540. * zeiko hugs mlapaglia
  541. <chocolatemilk> wtf  lol
  542. <mlapaglia> there all better now, no more whining
  543. <lobotomist> I suppose it'd be imprudent of me to ask why zeiko was banned … ?
  544. <zeiko> lobotomist
  545. <zeiko> they hate me
  546. <bonglander> Yes, we dont' have a hall of shame or anything like that. Go to if you want to speculate.
  547. <GH0> lobotomist, I wouldn't worry too mcuh about it. :)
  548. <hatbox> Was this a scheduled downtime?
  549. <marmot> just seeing how the guy seems to act, it's not hard to guess :p
  550. <Looped> life is hard for a 14 year old script kiddie
  551. <Looped> give him a break
  552. <alderaan|laptop> zeiko: We don't ban people just because we hate them.
  553. <hatbox> oh oops wrong window
  554. <lobotomist> Oh well then good I'll just concoct my own crazy theories about why ...
  555. <zeiko> alderaan|laptop, you love
  556. <zeiko> give me your user/pass and DDoS will stop
  557. <slowsilver> LOL
  558. <NotSpish> ಠ_ಠ
  559. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  560. <Looped> hahahah
  561. <bonglander> lol
  562. <chocolatemilk> @_@
  563. <mlapaglia> zeiko i think it's just a DOS if you're doing it
  564. <zeiko> i'm happy you're all laughing
  565. <Looped> you do realize nobody cares right
  566. <qlexor> to be safe
  567. <mlapaglia> ^
  568. <Looped> except you
  569. <qlexor> (D)DoS
  570. <zeiko> DDoS = DoS
  571. <chocolatemilk> wut
  572. <cluck_u> ಠ_ಠ
  573. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  574. <Squiffy> no zeiko
  575. <ShadeTornado> >.<
  576. <Squiffy> lol
  577. <mlapaglia> lol
  578. <qlexor> the extra D is for distributed
  579. <qlexor> so
  580. <chocolatemilk> lol
  581. <Squiffy> ^
  582. <qlexor> DoS =/= DDoS
  583. <slowsilver> we have a comedian on our hands
  584. <Squiffy> zeiko r n00b
  585. <cluck_u> ಠ_ಠ
  586. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  587. <qlexor> :)
  588. <zeiko> i dont care
  589. <Treylis> hack the planet
  590. <Squiffy> HACK THE PLANET
  591. <slowsilver> fuck that
  592. <zeiko> i dont ddos its my friend
  593. <mlapaglia> captain planet
  594. <lobotomist> Hack zeiko's mom ...
  595. <slowsilver> hack the mon
  596. <qlexor> i lost the game
  597. <slowsilver> moon
  598. <zeiko> i'm not a hacker
  599. <qMark_> lol
  600. <Squiffy> zeiko is a hacker
  601. <zeiko> just need my account and it will stop right away
  602. <Squiffy> guys
  603. <chocolatemilk> I think NSA is hiring zeiko
  604. <Squiffy> super serial
  605. <qMark_> zeiko you won't get anything from us ever.
  606. <zeiko> i will qMark
  607. <zeiko> you'll see
  608. <Squiffy> qMark_ his 1337 hax0r
  609. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  610. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  611. <zeiko> maybe not today
  612. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ\
  613. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  614. <Looped> iif you wanna be 1337, you gotta make a righteous hack!
  615. <zeiko> and not tomorrow
  616. <slowsilver> LOL
  617. <NotSpish> god
  618. <ShadeTornado> (and not ever)
  619. <slowsilver> "you shall rue this day"
  620. <zeiko> but eventually i will get my account back
  621. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
  622. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  623. <Squiffy> zeiko is 313333333333337
  624. <qMark_> actually never.
  625. <zeiko> it might take a week of downtime
  626. <Z4ppy> brb, getting some popcorn... this is hilarious
  627. <zeiko> :\
  628. <Treylis> hack your way into 90s angelina jolie's pants
  629. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  630. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  631. <Looped> zeiko you aren't the first person to try this fyi
  632. <alt> more like a week of popcorn
  633. <mlapaglia>
  634. <zeiko> Ananke, instead of doing these stupid ಠ_ಠ
  635. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  636. <zeiko> start thinking what to do
  637. <NotSpish> lol
  638. <chocolatemilk> lol
  639. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  640. <slowsilver> LOL
  641. <zeiko> you're the admin here
  642. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  643. <Ananke> I am
  644. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  645. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  646. <Z4ppy> ಠ_ಠ
  647. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  648. <slowsilver>  ಠ_ಠ
  649. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  650. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  651. <cluck_u> ಠ_ಠ
  652. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  653. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  654. <zeiko> yes you are
  655. <slowsilver> do you get it yet?
  656. <zeiko> so be smart
  657. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  658. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  659. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  660. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  661. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  662. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  663. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  664. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  665. <mlapaglia>
  666. <zeiko> and stop it all
  667. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  668. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  669. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  670. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  671. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  672. <lobotomist> Since this is a help channel ...
  673. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  674. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  675. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  676. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  677. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  678. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  679. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  680. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  681. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  682. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  683. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  684. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  685. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  686. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  687. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  688. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  689. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  690. <zeiko> YOU KIDS
  691. <Sierra> ಠ_ಠ
  692. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  693. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  694. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  695. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  696. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ
  697. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  698. <Sierra> ಠ_ಠ
  699. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  700. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ
  701. <cluck_u> ಠ_ಠ
  702. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  703. <chocolatemilk> ಠ_ಠ
  704. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  705. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  706. <Sierra> ಠ_ಠ
  707. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  708. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ
  709. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  710. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  711. * has kicked Ananke from (Channel flood triggered (limit is 7 lines in 3 secs))
  712. <mlapaglia> ಠ_ಠ
  713. <GH0> ಠ_ಠ
  714. <zeiko> FUCKIGN KIDS
  715. <alt> ಠ_ಠ
  716. * Falconor sets ban on *!*198811@*
  717. * Falconor has kicked GH0 from ()
  718. <qlexor> penis
  719. <chocolatemilk> lol
  720. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  721. <mlapaglia> LMAO
  722. <cluck_u> LOL
  723. <marmot> Ð_Ð
  724. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  725. <Z4ppy> lol
  726. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  727. <chocolatemilk> hahaha
  728. <slowsilver> LOL
  729. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  730. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  731. <zeiko> KIDDDOS
  732. <blakkheim> what the fuck
  733. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  734. <zeiko> STOP THESE ಠ_ಠ
  735. <mib_eg1x0v> ಠ_ಠ
  736. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  737. <mlapaglia> zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ zeiko ಠ_ಠ
  738. <mib_eg1x0v> ಠ_ಠ
  739. <zeiko> THIS AINT FUNNY
  740. <qlexor> penis
  741. <cluck_u> i <3 you guys to death
  742. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  743. <ShadeTornado> ಠ_ಠ
  744. <NotSpish> ಠ_ಠ
  746. <Squiffy> zeiko stfu
  747. <mib_eg1x0v> ಠ_ಠ
  748. <Katzenbaer> ಠ_ಠ
  749. <Z4ppy> qlexor <3
  750. * slowsilver reaches for his funny bone
  751. * slowsilver hits it
  752. <qlexor> <3
  753. <alt> ಠ_____ಠ
  754. * CommandServ sets mode +a on Ananke
  755. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to Ananke
  756. <Falconor> Stop.
  757. <qlexor> this is what happens
  758. <Squiffy> we know zeiko is a 1337 hax0r
  759. <qlexor> when we cant download music
  760. <qlexor> anyone know why its down?
  761. <DannyHowells> ಠ_ಠ wut
  762. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  763. <DannyHowells> ಠ_ಠ wut
  764. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  765. <serodronin> ಠ_ಠ
  766. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  767. <Squiffy> wut
  768. <mib_eg1x0v> ಠ_ಠ
  769. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  770. <DannyHowells> ಠ_ಠ wut
  771. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  772. <DannyHowells> ಠ_ಠ wut
  773. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  774. <Squiffy> wut
  775. <Squiffy> k
  776. <DannyHowells> wtf
  777. <Z4ppy> ಠ_ಠ
  778. * Falconor sets ban on *!*317279@*
  779. * Falconor has kicked DannyHowells from ()
  780. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  781. <Squiffy> ..
  782. <Squiffy> LOOOOL
  783. <Z4ppy> there we go
  784. <mlapaglia> aww
  785. <slowsilver> we were having fun
  786. * mlapaglia waves goodbyte
  787. <qMark_> later kids
  788. * Squiffy waits for IRC to die
  789. <alderaan|laptop> If he takes down IRC, we'll see you guys in a bit. :)
  790. <qMark_> see you in a few hours <3
  791. <NotSpish> <33333333
  792. <alderaan|laptop> <3
  793. <Z4ppy> <3
  794. <serodronin> I'll be @ PTP
  795. <Looped> <3
  796. <serodronin> passing popcorn to all
  797. <mugglehump> E>
  798. <qlexor> i need an invite for that site
  799. <Looped> almost.
  800. <qlexor> one of these days...
  801. <serodronin> they dont invite
  802. <qlexor> well
  803. <Sierra> serodronin: ptp?  they reopened invites
  804. * Falconor removes ban on *!*198811@*
  805. <qlexor> yeah i thought they did
  806. <Sierra> with major restrictions
  807. <bonglander> get to PU and you get all the invites you want
  808. <qlexor> saw some shit about it on the forums
  809. <qlexor> i am a PU
  810. <serodronin> Well get an inv than
  811. <Node231> drone is dead?
  812. <Node231> forevar?
  813. <qlexor> well shit
  814. * Falconor removes ban on *!*317279@*
  815. <bonglander> go to invite forum then
  816. <qlexor> ill have to look into that when shit's back up
  817. <DannyHowells> sorry for that
  818. <DannyHowells> Falconor
  819. <DannyHowells> :P
  820. <qlexor> i would if i could bonglander
  821. <alt> (when it's not being doodoo'd)
  822. <Squiffy> what is PU
  823. <bonglander> wait 30 minutes
  824. <Falconor> Do not spam or flood in here.
  825. <bonglander> or whatever
  826. <bonglander> you'll live
  827. <qlexor> power user
  828. <Node231> is there any way I can join without drone?
  829. <bonglander> Node231, go to to chat for now
  830. <Node231> since he appears to be dead
  831. <Squiffy> I'm a PU at IPT
  832. <Sierra> no, but you can join
  833. <Node231> thx
  834. <mlapaglia> or #blackhole
  835. <zeiko> do it again, and irc will die.
  836. <zeiko> not kidding this time
  837. <mlapaglia> YEAH!
  838. <Looped> lol
  839. <GH0> You keep making that threat...
  840. <alderaan|laptop> He's super serious guys.
  841. <Looped> oh noes not irc
  842. <Looped> what will we do
  843. <mlapaglia> SYRUP SERIAL!
  844. * chocolatemilk puts on impact resistant helmet
  845. <GH0> mlapaglia, lol
  846. <Sierra> i thought he wasn't kidding last time
  847. <DartFeld> I know I'm late but
  848. <DartFeld> ಠ_ಠ
  849. <chocolatemilk> all ready 'ere captain
  850. <Sierra> was he actually really kidding last time then?
  851. <alt> guys i think were getting delete -__-
  852. <slowsilver> do you think if someone took his nick he'd be really pissy with them?
  853. <Ananke> don't do that
  854. <Ananke> it makes him easy to spot
  855. <slowsilver> i wasn't thinking of me
  856. <Sierra> i've been doing it by mibbit host
  857. <slowsilver> god no
  858. <Sierra> he's easy to see
  859. <Ananke> you might get glined on accident :P
  860. <mlapaglia> or you know, when he's like "I'M TAKING IRC DOWN!"
  861. <mlapaglia> ut oh
  862. <Ajax> so we're still up, guess he wasnt serious enough
  863. <ShadeTornado> How often has he said he was going to take it down now?
  864. <slowsilver> i promise it
  865. <Looped> I can't believe he asked for alderaans password lol
  866. <Z4ppy> it was worth a try, wasn't it?
  867. <lobotomist> Any chance we can take his old account's upload credits and divvy that up here … ?
  868. <chocolatemilk> he doesn't have an 'old account'
  869. <Looped> are we dead?
  870. <Looped> its probably close to nothing
  871. <Orlin> lol vultures
  872. <Orlin> I've see it all now
  873. <lobotomist> There goes that idea then ...
  874. * lobotomist pouts
  875. <Gaspar> oh no
  876. <Gaspar> it has begun
  877. * demosdem_ is now known as demosdemon_
  878. * NotSpish salutes
  879. <mib_eg1x0v> byez
  880. <seasn4ke> lol
  881. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  882. <Ananke> HEY GUYS
  883. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  884. <Looped> HI ANANKE
  885. <NotSpish> hey Ananke
  886. <Gaspar> howdy
  887. * lobotomist waves to Ananke
  888. * Existent is now known as Guest48318
  889. <DartFeld> arr
  890. * Sierra waves to everyone
  891. <NotSpish> c:
  892. <Looped> don't wave at me
  893. <Looped> im scared of hand gestures
  894. <dewey> channel needs more ಠ_ಠ
  895. <Ananke> ಠ_ಠ
  896. <Sierra> Looped: i've got a hand gesture for you -_-
  897. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  898. * CommandServ sets mode +a on alderaan|laptop
  899. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to alderaan|laptop
  900. <NotSpish> HA
  901. <Looped> RUDE
  902. * wakeupscreaming is now known as Guest46144
  903. <Sierra> t(^_^t)
  904. * zeekernal- is now known as Guest65781
  905. <Looped> so is irc back/stable?
  906. <alderaan|laptop> I don't know.
  907. <alderaan|laptop> I guess we'll find out. :P
  908. <Looped> =p
  909. <Ananke> we'll see!
  910. <Looped> who is our lead ddos preventer person
  911. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  912. <Heron> o my
  913. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  914. * alderaan|laptop sets mode -J on
  915. * CommandServ sets mode +a on qMark
  916. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to qMark
  917. * CommandServ gives channel half-operator status to Morn
  918. * CommandServ sets mode +a on WithTiredEyes
  919. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to WithTiredEyes
  920. * This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 joins in 20 seconds.
  921. * alderaan|laptop sets mode -j on
  922. * CommandServ sets mode +a on Ajax
  923. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to Ajax
  924. * CommandServ sets mode +a on DixieFlatline
  925. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to DixieFlatline
  926. <Twiz> I miss Drone
  927. <Looped> lost but not forgotten
  928. <qMark> Drone takes these opportunities to have a npa.
  929. <qMark> nap even
  930. <zeiko> can i get my account back please?
  931. <Looped> lol?
  932. <ShadeTornado> Hahahahahahahhahahaha
  933. <DartFeld> trolling zeiko is troling
  934. <DartFeld> *trolling
  935. <Guest12225> well that was short lived
  936. * Guest12225 is now known as mlapaglia
  937. * CommandServ gives channel half-operator status to mlapaglia
  938. <zeiko> stop joking around, nothing is funny as you can see.
  939. <Looped> we are all having a good time
  940. <Sierra> actually it's all pretty hilarious
  941. <mlapaglia> zeiko why'd you stop?
  942. <ShadeTornado> Quite on the contrary, I think most of us find this situation quite hilarious
  943. <zeiko> 10 minutes was enough
  944. <Ananke> oh yeah, just let off the attack so I can enable your account
  945. <zeiko> wasn't it?
  946. <Looped> he realized he can't plead for his account with irc down
  947. <lobotomist> I just wanna know if zeiko has the stamina to keep this up for days ...
  948. <Looped> and ironically it can't be re-enabled with the site down so...
  949. <zeiko> test me..
  950. <mlapaglia> did you just google for a dos tool or something? you obviously don't know what a seige is
  951. <Sierra> Looped: no, he thinks he'll punish us briefly then come back with a "have you had enough yet!" villain speech
  952. <NotSpish> lmao
  953. <hatbox> Zeiko: Just go join waffles and stfu
  954. <Looped> lol
  955. <serodronin> I feel waterboarded
  956. <zeiko> waffles my ass
  957. <zeiko> i had account here
  958. <zeiko> and i want it back
  959. <mlapaglia> HAD
  960. <Sierra> had.  past tense.
  961. <hatbox> now you don't
  962. <Looped> you would fit in better there zeiko
  963. <hatbox> This is not what this community ia about
  964. <hatbox> *is
  965. <mlapaglia> maybe if 4chan had a torrent community..
  966. <Sierra> even 4chan's more creative than this
  967. <hatbox> You naturally selected yourself out
  968. <p137d2> uhhhh, drone died :|
  969. <mlapaglia> thank zeiko
  970. <zeiko> i always get what i need
  971. <lobotomist> Drone's just sleeping ...
  972. <zeiko> maybe not today or tomorrow
  973. <ShadeTornado> Oh not this again.
  974. <DartFeld> you need a kick in your balls
  975. <Sierra> you haven't gotten it the past ten times you've tried this shit
  976. <hatbox> So the site can come back up and everyone can hate you?
  977. <DartFeld> I hope you get it :D
  978. <Sierra> so why not give up
  979. <Ananke> hey zeiko, you know we can't give you an invite or an account with the site down
  980. <mlapaglia>
  981. <mlapaglia> just like her
  982. <Ananke> genious plan
  983. <zeiko> yeah well Ananke
  984. <Looped> lol
  985. <Ultrabored> I don't even want to think of Drone revenge...
  986. <zeiko> when you DO want to give me account, let me know
  987. <Node231> come on guys, Zeiko needs his account back, Mileys new album drops soon and he has to be the first to hear it
  988. <Looped> how would they do that with the site down
  989. <Looped> or did you not think that far ahead
  990. <Sierra> Node231: i hear she does a duet with bieber.  you know he's dying to hear that
  991. <hatbox> Zeiko--Taking Selfishness to the Next Level.
  992. <zeiko> i'll stop it once they tell me i'll be invited
  993. <Node231> omg Zeiko heaven
  994. <hatbox> Coming this fall
  995. <mlapaglia> zeiko we changed the site ip a few minutes ago
  996. <Looped> they can't invite you with the site down
  997. <mlapaglia> you're DOSing the wrong address
  998. <Looped> you aren't too smart are you
  999. <Node231> script kiddies gonna derp
  1000. <zeiko> okay
  1001. <zeiko> you prefer 200,000 users having issues? you could end it in a sec.
  1002. <mlapaglia> 200,000?
  1003. <zeiko> i have time
  1004. <mlapaglia> you think 200k people browse this site at the same time?
  1005. <Sierra> but what you don't have, is an account.
  1006. <Looped> so do we :)
  1007. <Sierra> so...
  1008. <dewey> you brought us some new users too?
  1009. <zeiko> 200,000, 100,000 whatever
  1010. <dewey> nice
  1011. <Sierra> we're one up on that one
  1012. <Lapper> Hey guys, I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, and I'd look it up myself if the site was up, but are we allowed to use the tracker over VPN to protect ourselves from 6-strikes?
  1013. <Looped> :)
  1014. <DartFeld> lapper yes
  1015. <Lapper> All right.
  1016. <dewey> no vpns with dynamic IPs though
  1017. <p137d2> DartFeld: really...?
  1018. <dewey> or shared
  1019. <zeiko> not a secret earns $20,000 a month.
  1020. <Lapper> Uh, is there a list, then?
  1021. <zeiko> now i didnt ask for money
  1022. <DartFeld> you need a static ip though
  1023. <Looped> lol
  1024. <mlapaglia> zeiko that's before my cut
  1025. <mlapaglia> damn
  1026. <dewey> :D
  1027. <alderaan|laptop> Ninja'd
  1028. <serodronin> zieko:
  1029. <mlapaglia> lol
  1030. <Looped> 20k
  1031. <NotSpish> lol
  1032. <Looped> holy crap, we are rich guys
  1033. <hatbox>
  1034. <Looped> I'll expect my check in the mail next week
  1035. <Samizdat> I donate at least that much monthly.
  1036. <NotSpish> most of it goes towards the interviewers Looped
  1037. <DartFeld> what earns a billion a month
  1038. <DartFeld> at least!!!!
  1039. <Looped> ah that makes sense
  1040. <jungletek> where does he think the money comes from?
  1041. <lobotomist> zeiko's mom earn that much every week …
  1042. <Gaspar> i'm so happy i decided to look on irc and see what was up because this is wonderful
  1043. * mlapaglia hands Gaspar some popcorn
  1044. * serodronin steals popcorn from gaspar's hand
  1045. <J0lle> ne baon?
  1046. * mlapaglia DDDDOSs serodronin
  1047. <J0lle> bacon*
  1048. <serodronin> nuuu
  1049. <Gaspar> it's okay, i'm good with sharing
  1050. * Samizdat cuts a hole in the bottom of the popcorn container and places it on his lap.
  1051. <dewey> Looped: thank god we got these free servers so we can spend the 20k on fun stuff \o/
  1052. <Looped> I know right
  1053. <NotSpish> like cats
  1054. <alt>
  1055. <dewey> yeah, let's buy cats
  1056. <NotSpish> yes
  1057. <J0lle>
  1058. <alderaan|laptop> is still open
  1059. <Looped> needs 4 characters
  1060. <Looped>
  1061. <J0lle> :(
  1062. <Morn> asd
  1063. <Morn> GAWD
  1064. <Morn> netsplit
  1065. * alderaan|laptop sets mode +j on 5:20
  1066. <Looped> hi morn
  1067. <NotSpish> Morn!
  1068. <Morn> HI
  1069. <NotSpish> i missed you
  1070. <Umbra> omg it's morn
  1071. <Morn> So, is it textual fault or ZNCs fault?
  1072. <somedude> slaughtered?
  1073. <somedude> damn, what happened
  1074. <Umbra> morn you are my idol
  1075. <NotSpish> neither Morn
  1076. <Morn> Textual says I am on so many channels
  1077. <alderaan|laptop> Morn: DDoS
  1078. <NotSpish> ^
  1079. <Morn> ooh snap alderaan|laptop. One of those kiddies who failed interview?
  1080. <J0lle> so, no drunk admins stumbling over servers? :o
  1081. <Umbra> no he forgot his account name morn
  1082. <Umbra> lol
  1083. <Morn> haha
  1084. <alderaan|laptop> Morn: Nah, this guy claims he had an account before.
  1085. <Morn> lol
  1086. * Morn is now known as morn
  1087. <Sierra> Morn: it's the guy we get at least once every couple months threatening the site if he doesn't get his account back
  1088. <morn> Stopid znc, no capital M
  1089. <mlapaglia> !whatnick zeiko
  1090. <morn> ooh that guy
  1091. <Sierra> yeah
  1092. <mlapaglia> nope, no account!
  1093. <Sierra> mlapaglia: lol
  1094. <morn> Silly kid
  1095. <IMP3R14L> Whoah, what happened?
  1097. <Heron> oooooooooooomg
  1098. <morn> ILU drone
  1099. <IMP3R14L> don't die on me
  1100. <morn> alderaan|laptop: Is it possible to get invite from ops and higher etc to all the other channels?
  1101. <jungletek> IMP3R14L: someone set us up the bomb
  1102. <morn> as in, the channels I am usually in
  1103. <Sierra> IMP3R14L: we told someone he couldn't have justin bieber tickets and he went insane
  1104. <morn> sonofa Umbra, I wanted to reply to your highlight
  1105. <IMP3R14L> :(
  1106. <morn> and now I got home after fifa and beer and I got home to a broken
  1107. <IMP3R14L> j_biebz </3
  1108. <morn> Might as well go out again :(
  1109. <Umbra> lol morn
  1110. <Umbra> ilu2
  1111. * lobotomist hopes zeiko drowns in a half empty bathtub
  1112. <slowsilver> why half-empty?
  1113. <Umbra> more embarassing
  1114. <lobotomist> For irony's sake ...
  1115. <IMP3R14L> If it were full wouldn't his presence in the bath cause it to overflow, effectively leaving it half full anyway?
  1116. <Looped> but why not half full
  1117. <Node231> whats the blackhole # again?
  1118. <mlapaglia> #blackhole ?
  1119. <Sierra> Node231: #blackhole
  1120. <Ananke> lol
  1121. <Node231> o lol
  1122. <mlapaglia> it's him!
  1123. <mlapaglia> witch!
  1124. <Node231> I'm not a witch
  1125. <mlapaglia> which!
  1126. <blablabla> I'd be honoured to interview him.
  1127. <Node231> I will sink in water!
  1128. <Node231> I will prove it! brb
  1129. <mlapaglia> we could interview him
  1130. <mlapaglia> give him shit hard questions
  1131. <mlapaglia> so he fails
  1132. <Node231> I'll do it
  1133. <Looped> he isn't worth the time
  1134. <Node231> I will make him take the witch test
  1135. <alt> FLAC > WAV > DSD > PNG > GIF > M4A
  1136. <mlapaglia>
  1137. <Node231> are you guys seriously considering letting him rejoin though?
  1138. <chocolatemilk> idenfying spectrals of 256 and 257 mp3s
  1139. <chocolatemilk> *identifying
  1140. <Sierra> Node231: not bloody likely
  1141. <Node231> thank goodness
  1142. <lobotomist> You could always reinvite him only to reban within an hour or two ...
  1143. <serodronin> and more ddos
  1144. <serodronin> AKA feeding the trolls
  1145. <Node231> ^
  1146. <Node231> I think in times like these we need to actl ike this
  1147. <Node231>
  1148. <alderaan|laptop> Node231: Haha, certainly not.
  1149. <alderaan|laptop> This guy will not be getting an account here.
  1150. <mlapaglia> or or
  1151. <Looped> good.
  1152. <mlapaglia> we give him an account, without the ability to download
  1153. <dewey> he never said he wants one with privileges
  1154. <dewey> yeah
  1155. <Looped> i'd rather have downtime than have him on my
  1156. <mlapaglia> he can get .torrents, but the passkey is set up to never return seeds
  1157. <jungletek> lol
  1158. <Sierra> i think that he thinks we're not taking him seriously!
  1159. <jungletek> troll the troll
  1160. <NotSpish> oh god mlapaglia that's incredible
  1161. <dewey> this is serious internet business
  1162. <mlapaglia>
  1163. <Umbra> mlapaglia I want that in 1080
  1164. <morn> alderaan|laptop: I volunteer to do the interview, plz plz plz
  1165. <alderaan|laptop> Denied.
  1166. <Node231> I will require a transcript of this interview
  1167. <Node231> for the lulz
  1168. <Looped> he doesn't deserve one
  1169. <serodronin> Since Suggestion Forum is offline I propose a new suggestion: Add Golden Rule: Will Not Tolerate Terrorism of Any Kind.
  1170. <Lapper> DartFeld: Is a shared static IP VPN good enough, or does it have to be dedicated?
  1171. <Twiz> Is there an ETA?
  1172. <Sierra> Twiz: zeiko's bedtime
  1173. <alderaan|laptop> Twiz: Nope
  1174. <alderaan|laptop> Haha Sierra
  1175. <DartFeld> lapper are you at feral? cause I know that these ones are allowed
  1176. <Twiz> lol Sierra
  1177. <Lapper> I'm not at feral. Would you recommend them?
  1178. <Twiz> this is getting worrying though
  1179. <Twiz> Lapper: Feral is pretty good, I'd say
  1180. <DartFeld> shared static should be ok
  1181. <DartFeld> but please let someone doube-check
  1182. <DartFeld> *double
  1183. * CommandServ sets mode +a on alderaan|laptop
  1184. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to alderaan|laptop
  1185. <blablabla> morn doing interviews.. That's a new one.
  1186. <Ananke> morn
  1187. <NotSpish> HA
  1188. <NotSpish> blablabla
  1189. <Lapper> Feral looks like a seedbox, not a VPN.
  1190. <DartFeld> seedbox+vpn
  1191. <DartFeld> actually+
  1192. <Lapper> So they also give you a VPN to connect to from your personal computer?
  1193. <Lapper> Or the seedbox is over VPN?
  1194. <Umbra> Twiz: it'll be fine in the end
  1195. <DartFeld> no they offer both
  1196. <Umbra> *find
  1197. <Umbra> *fine
  1198. <Umbra> yes
  1199. <Umbra> fine was right
  1200. * Umbra is tired still
  1201. <pfit> Ananke: make ajax break the site less
  1202. <pfit> i have needs
  1203. <Twiz> Umbra: don't doubt it, it's still annoying
  1204. <Umbra> pfit: lern2discerndowntimecauses
  1205. <Ajax> dont make me kick you pfit
  1206. <morn> Ananke can you kick blablabla, he is being a meanie
  1207. <pfit> shush
  1208. <pfit> i am going over your head
  1209. <Lapper> I don't see anything about VPN on their pricing page. Which plans include it?
  1210. <Node231> I am the commander of pfit, how can I be of service?
  1211. * lobotomist hands zeiko another juicebox
  1212. <Twiz> Lapper: all of them
  1213. <Lapper> Hmmm.
  1214. <Lapper> And the VPN is approved?
  1215. <Twiz> Lapper:
  1216. <Twiz> it is afaik
  1217. <Twiz> Lapper: #feral?
  1218. * Guest56738 is now known as blitz
  1219. <serodronin> where is feral based out of?
  1220. <chocolatemilk> serodronin they are going back to leaseweb
  1221. <chocolatemilk> not sure if they completely moved yet
  1222. <dewey> the company itself is based in uk, servers in .nl and france
  1223. <FluxBombs> err
  1224. <FluxBombs> What's going on?
  1225. <Heron> ddos
  1226. <serodronin> DDOS
  1227. <FluxBombs> :(
  1228. <FluxBombs> first BTN and now here?
  1229. <theremin> probably the same idiot
  1230. <FluxBombs> probably the same company
  1231. <Sierra> not a company
  1232. <theremin> some dude was saying in irc that he wanted his account back and he was going to ddos till he got his invite/account back.
  1233. <Sierra> don't spread FUD.
  1234. <theremin> probably couldn't keep up ratio on btn either
  1235. <Sierra> theremin: and he does it every couple months
  1236. <BloodyNobody> it's the gubment
  1237. <Sierra> here, not BTN
  1238. <Heron> well there he is
  1239. <Sierra> nice
  1240. <Looped> and there he goes
  1241. <serodronin> he probably DDosd himselves
  1242. <Node231>
  1243. <Node231> this chat needs more spongebob
  1244. <Node231> whoops wrong chat
  1245. <Heron> Node231: im watching spongebob!
  1246. <Heron> S2E7b
  1247. <Heron> pretty patties
  1248. <Node231> pride patties you mean
  1249. <alt> I appreciate the gesture nodez
  1251. <Node231> I killed it on accident
  1252. <Umbra> alvareo: read the topic
  1253. <alvareo> Already did
  1254. <alvareo> It says it's flaccid
  1255. <GH0> Oh, I see the IRC is still up after I had dinner...
  1256. <Node231> lul
  1257. <GH0> How many times has he been glined?
  1258. <alvareo> Is that the answer to my query
  1259. <chocolatemilk> the site accidentally an elephant
  1260. <serodronin> Drone: SLAUGHTERED | Site: FLACCID | Tracker: DOWN | Interviews: CLOSED |
  1261. <Node231> I commented on a bieber album that I actually enjoyed it
  1262. <Node231> and it crashed the site
  1263. <Ananke> alvareo, some dumb kid is DoSing the site
  1264. <alvareo> ugh
  1265. <alvareo> great
  1266. <alvareo> Make him stop
  1267. <serodronin> Right when I was about to fill that salinger request.. wtf
  1268. <alvareo> I need it to be erect
  1269. <alvareo> So I can download music
  1270. <Node231> personally when I download music I make sure I am erect
  1271. <ReSeT_W> Dosing again
  1272. <ReSeT_W> :(
  1273. <alvareo> I'm always erect when I download music
  1274. <theremin> dosing, or ddosing?
  1275. <Node231> dosing
  1276. <theremin> dosing is for the Power Users only.
  1277. <Node231> clearly he is committing suicide
  1278. <Node231> LOL
  1279. <alvareo> hahahahah
  1280. <Umbra> LOL
  1281. <ReSeT_W> denial of service
  1282. <Umbra> +1 theremin
  1283. <Node231> notbad teremin
  1284. <skradgee> Demonstration of Stupidity
  1285. <Node231> thanks for clarification reset_w
  1286. <ReSeT_W> denial of service is so anonymous
  1287. <alvareo> lol skradgee
  1288. <alt> Desperate Drowning of Sorrow
  1289. <theremin> ddos, the extra d stands for douchebag
  1290. <Gandalfe> Site FLACCID? That's awesome.
  1291. <ReSeT_W> like ur mom
  1292. <alt> it's deflated and formless
  1293. <alvareo> the extra d means double
  1294. <alvareo> Everyone knows that
  1295. <theremin> WUT?
  1296. <ReSeT_W> double?
  1297. <theremin> that's not as funny as douchebag
  1298. <alt> we're being denied by two zombie supercomputer
  1299. <alvareo> Ity's not supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be real
  1300. <alt> and a GUI written in visual basic
  1301. <Gandalfe> ReSeT_W: Don't you mean "like ur dad?"
  1302. <theremin> alvareo: do you really not know what the other d is?
  1303. <dewey> theremin: it's a joke...
  1304. <alvareo> Of course I do
  1305. <Node231> of course he does
  1306. <skradgee> i like to imagine that they're a bunch of jailbroken PS3s
  1307. <alvareo> It means double
  1308. <Node231> *googles*
  1309. <skradgee> the game systems are playing us
  1310. <serodronin> alt its better than WCD currently
  1311. <alvareo> If Drone were up you'd see that I'm VIP
  1312. <alvareo> And if a VIP says it means double
  1313. <alvareo> It's because it means double
  1314. <Node231> if you are vip
  1315. <Node231> I quit life
  1316. <serodronin> I'm on the gamma team
  1317. <alvareo> :(
  1318. <alvareo> why
  1319. <serodronin> not rlys :(
  1320. <Node231> the words you say make my brain sad
  1321. <alt> has anyone figured out how to network ipads?
  1322. <ReSeT_W> ipad mini?
  1323. <Heron> network ipads?
  1324. <serodronin> type in network password
  1325. <alt> genius.svg
  1326. <alvareo> My words are amazing because I'm VIP
  1327. <Node231> so who is this homosex that is ddosing
  1328. <mugglehump> Hush
  1329. <dewey> hey humpy :)
  1330. <Heron> Zeiko or w/e, Node231
  1331. <Node231> icic
  1332. <serodronin> guys wtf. my f5 isbroken
  1333. <ReSeT_W> is
  1334. <ReSeT_W> whatcd-down
  1335. <alt> serodronin just admitted he is the ddosser
  1336. <chonies> I switched to the on screen keyboard hours ago
  1337. <ReSeT_W> alive?
  1338. <theonlycow> Waht down?
  1339. <GH0> Read the topic
  1340. <GH0> Both of yo
  1341. <GH0> you*
  1342. <theonlycow> poopue
  1343. * NintendoToad laughs
  1344. <theonlycow> sucks a D!
  1345. <stevo32> ddos eh? oh well, no big deal. i can wait.
  1346. <theonlycow> I cant! ahhh :P
  1347. * morn is now known as eve
  1348. * pandacard1 is now known as pandacard
  1349. <GH0> Go to theonlycow
  1350. * gives channel half-operator status to eve
  1351. <theonlycow> Drone wont invite we to waht
  1352. <Sierra> really?
  1353. <bonglander>  /whois dorne
  1354. <Sierra>
  1355. <Sierra> not
  1356. <dewey> theonlycow: i'd check out the topic one more time
  1357. <theonlycow> I know... doesn't mean I dont want to be in there.
  1358. <Sierra> too bad?
  1359. <theonlycow> dewey, dude sorry
  1360. <Sierra> can't get in with drone down, unfortunately
  1361. * CommandServ sets mode +q on lenrek
  1362. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to lenrek
  1363. * CommandServ sets mode +q on lenrek
  1364. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to lenrek
  1365. <Node231> !topic
  1366. <Node231> forgot drone ided
  1367. <Node231> s
  1368. * ars3nic has changed the topic to: Drone: SLAUGHTERED | Site: FLACCID | Tracker: DROWNED | Interviews: CLOSED | Do NOT PM without asking. | If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick. | Don't ask to ask; just ask. | Please keep non-help-related discussion to other channels. | For disabled accounts and privileges: | For editing help:
  1369. * ars3nic is now known as ars3nic\fooding
  1370. <IMP3R14L> What actually happened to the site?
  1371. <dvdasacd> yeh what's happening?
  1372. <jungletek> DDoS
  1373. <Looped> DDoS in progress, hang tight and join us in
  1374. <dvdasacd> thx
  1375. <IMP3R14L> Who is DDoSing?
  1376. <ReSeT_W> an evil force
  1377. <ReSeT_W> like an army of queries
  1378. <serodronin> IMP3R14L: al'queda
  1379. <dvdasacd> at least it gives me time to rip my CD for an epic request I'm going to fill. (well not epic epic but pretty sweet deal)
  1380. <IMP3R14L> Damn communists!
  1381. <serodronin> dvdascd: Zino & Tommy - Invisible Things?
  1382. <theflesh> i don't think i've seen tracker: DROWNED before
  1383. <The_Creator> DDoS? Seriously?
  1384. <dvdasacd> serodronin: nah that's another one coming :P.
  1385. <dvdasacd> hope someone hasn't beat me to THAT one though...
  1386. <theflesh> so what is the official word? DdoS?
  1387. <GH0> DoS
  1388. <IMP3R14L> MS DOS.
  1389. <theflesh> LOL
  1390. <jcmoods> who would ddos what
  1391. <serodronin> jcmoods: someone who got disabled
  1392. <serodronin> and didn't go to
  1393. <theflesh> BTN just had one
  1394. <theflesh> couple of days ago
  1395. * serodronin is now known as sero\\away
  1396. * crackas|away is now known as crackas
  1397. <theflesh> whoever did this should be drawn and quartered
  1398. <Node231> and then deded
  1399. <Node231>
  1400. <Node231> STARCRAFT
  1401. <Node231> oops wrong one again
  1402. * theflesh is suddenly without purpose... scared and frightened...
  1403. <chocolatemilk> just use ssl. if you want to access the site that badly
  1404. <Node231> ssl?
  1405. <chocolatemilk>
  1406. <Node231> o.o wat
  1407. <chocolatemilk>
  1408. <jcmoods> wat
  1409. <Node231> how does this work
  1410. <Node231> lol
  1411. <Ananke> magic
  1412. <alt> chocolatemilk for president
  1413. <chocolatemilk> lol someone else told me abou tit
  1414. <jcmoods> what is this wizardry
  1415. <theflesh> wow
  1416. <theflesh> hows that happen?
  1417. <jcmoods> tracker still down though yeh?
  1418. <alt> apparently only the DNS is down
  1419. <chocolatemilk> that makes no sense
  1420. <alt> 9 new torrent notes oboi
  1421. <crackas> ouch, what's wrong with the site?
  1422. * Drone gives channel operator status to Drone
  1423. <Node231> DRONE
  1424. <Node231> I LOVE YOU
  1425. <Node231> is back up
  1426. * Drone gives channel operator status to Drone
  1427. <chocolatemilk> hm site works too
  1428. <chocolatemilk> I wonder where our little friend is now
  1429. <Looped> me too :)
  1430. <Looped> probably crying himself to sleep
  1431. <GH0> He probably moved on to another site/network
  1432. <Node231> in honor of site being up I will snatch some stuffs, anyone have classical/jazz/post rock suggestions?
  1433. <Node231> great job everyone on fixing the site
  1434. <Sierra> Node231: i've been liking this will destroy you
  1435. <lenrek> thanks
  1436. <blablabla> Looped: He went to WhatIMG..
  1437. * CommandServ sets mode +a on porkpie
  1438. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to porkpie
  1439. <NotSpish> lol blablabla
  1440. <NotSpish> hahaha
  1441. <Node231> will check them out thx
  1442. * nando is now known as Guest27244
  1443. <zeiko> ok, can i get my invite now please?
  1444. <jungletek> lol
  1445. <Looped> lol
  1446. <dewey> popcorn tiem
  1447. <crackas> :)
  1448. <GH0> ...
  1449. <Node231> lol
  1450. <jungletek> so... you want a reward for bad behavior?
  1451. <Looped> why did you stop zeiko
  1452. <Node231> he is 10, leave him alone jungletek
  1453. * CommandServ sets mode +a on irimias
  1454. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to irimias
  1455. <zeiko> can i get my invite now please?
  1456. <Sierra> just ignore him - he wants attention
  1457. <Ananke> hey zeiko, what's your email address?
  1458. * CommandServ sets mode +a on kharon
  1459. * CommandServ gives channel operator status to kharon
  1460. <eve> Looped stfu, I want like 5 more forum minutes
  1461. <ReSeT_W> i think site is unstable
  1462. <alt> hey zeiko, what's your card and CVC number?
  1463. * eve stares at Looped
  1464. <GH0> ReSeT_W, that is only you.
  1465. <Looped> >.>
  1466. <IMP3R14L> ur mum is instable.
  1467. <ReSeT_W> kinda slow
  1468. <dewey> guys…calm down :P
  1469. <chocolatemilk> is site down again?
  1470. <eve> lol wat
  1471. <eve> ou attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as *
  1472. <ReSeT_W> no
  1473. <ReSeT_W> just slow
  1474. <GH0> eve, using the wrong site.
  1475. <eve> That was a bit random
  1476. <GH0> Try that. :)
  1477. <IMP3R14L> Hmm, hopefully my download of NBA 2k11 - mac has finished.
  1478. <IMP3R14L> Wait, wrong window.
  1479. <aiderya>  /whois zeiko
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