Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy Speedrun Version Setup Notes

Apr 5th, 2020
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  1. Installation:
  2. -Extract zip (PW: quanticdream)
  3. -Copy Game/Atari folder anywhere you want, but keep the location the same after having done so
  4. -Copy the Savegame/atari folder to your Documents directory (so the path looks like "Documents\atari\Indigo Prophecy Profile")
  5. -Rightclick Indigo Prophecy.exe in the game folder, hit properties, go into compatibility tab and set compatibility mode for Windows XP and enable admin rights below
  6. -Just execute the Indigo Prophecy.exe to run the game (can create a shortcut to desktop if you want)
  8. General Notes:
  9. -Game is set to US mode (Indigo Prophecy title instead of Fahrenheit, censored nudity, cut sex scene)
  10. -Version is 1.1. See what the 1.1 patch fixed here: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/510-fahrenheit-patch
  11. -FPS are high on any modern PC and load times are almost instant on a SSD
  12. -To combat audio desyncs the framerate was capped at 30 fps (menu might lag a bit)
  13. -Game does not display graphics in fullscreen mode if you have more than one monitor connected, so the game is set to windowed by default
  14. -If you only have one monitor enabled/connected, you can press Alt+Enter to switch into fullscreen mode/out of it
  15. -The "Borderless Gaming" app can be used to still fullscreen the window to a single monitor without actual fullscreen mode if you want
  16. -Intro videos like the Atari logo are skipped
  17. -The provided savegame provides good base level settings like controller mapping
  18. -Max supported resolution is: 1920x1080 (1600x1200 has been replaced to add 1920x1080)
  19. -Ensure Vertical Synchronization under custom graphic settings remains disabled as the framerate is already capped externally
  20. -Anti-Aliasing is super taxing in this game and might reduce framerate, so avoid enabling it
  22. Livesplit Notes:
  23. -Since the game needs to run as admin, Livesplit also needs to run as admin or you can't use global hotkeys
  25. Controller Notes:
  26. -XInput for modern game controllers has been enabled with a workaround. Ensure the mappings are correct in the settings
  27. -If you use a modern controller that uses DirectInput instead such as a DS4, please use DS4Windows instead so the controller operates via XInput or the custom mappings won't work: https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases
  28. -Need to start the game with your controller already connected for the game to pick it up
  29. -You likely want the Control Type option set to "No reset" (the manual says: "Sets controls depending on camera’s position")
  30. -The back button in menus is the same as the one you assigned to character switch, default being circle. This was changed to triangle so the character switch button is consistent with the PS version, but be aware that turns the back button into triangle too
  31. -D-pad buttons are disabled since they provide little value. Instead they are mapped to the right stick as well which can be used to complete some actions in the game easier and faster
  33. Utils Notes:
  34. -You can use the provided ScrollAnyWindow.exe tool from the Utils folder to scroll any window currently not in focus as long as the app runs. This allows you to scroll a notes page for example without taking away the focus from the game (pausing it). Make sure to rightclick it and Run As Admin so it can work while Indigo Prophecy has the focus (can make it persistent via the compatibility tab as well)
  35. -If you use the Livesplit autosplitter, please set a starting time of 1.05 on your timer (splits still have to be done manually!)
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