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Broodmother: Dragon transformation

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May 2nd, 2019
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  1. Anon, after being isekai'd into some fantasy realm, meets up with a dragon wizard and is offered the proposition of a lifetime to save his species.
  2. Human to feral dragon, M to F, M on F feral, Pregnancy and oviposition, Breast expansion, Intimate time between a mother and her offspring, some other tags I'm probably forgetting
  4. Isekai. Used to make fun of weebs for their shitty taste in anime on a philippine coat dressing board, now I'm fucking stuck in one. Guess hell was too good for me so I get sent to this place. Really wish Max had of told us he was chugg'n the stash of vintage wine before driving us home, and failing. Right into a moving truck.
  5. Despite being here for what feels like a month and a half, I still have no idea what this place is called. Might as well be called Middle Faerûn for all the good it would do. Trippin' over dudes with more beard than body and walking into knife ears every time I make it into a major settlement. Not any dragons though, which is A grade bullshit. Not a furry or anything but dragons are inherently cool, know the fuckers are around because there's enough wanted posters for them but I never actually ever see them. Not that it matters. Been able to subsist on being a travelling farm hand this entire time, not the most consistent work but luckily I was dumped here mid way through the fall harvest so it was easy enough to walk up to some dude in a straw hat out standing in his field and ask if he needs a hand.
  6. This gets me enough to afford inns and B&B's more nights than not, so on top of not sleeping on the literal ground, it gives me a chance to overhear the bar patrons to get a sense of the goings on of the area. Most of the time it's mindless menial gossip, but tonight was slightly different. Two guys decked out in full armour with fuck you sized broadswords were not so quietly discussing where they should get their next bounty from.
  7. “You know that wyrm in the high hills is still at large, its head'd be an easy 2000 gold.”
  8. “There's a reason it's still at large, rumour has it it's at least four human generations old and has been studying arcane magic its entire life, every fool who has hiked up those hills has been obliterated on the spot before even seeing tooth or hide of its ungainly body.”
  9. “We've slain a sea serpent with nothing but a spear and our wit! A measly dragon is-”
  10. “That sea serpent was already wounded when we got to it, frankly it almost seems like we cheated our way to that bounty, but I'm hardly complaining.”
  11. Hadn't made it to the high hills yet, a bit farther out of range of most of the fields I had been hopping between, but fuck it, I needed to see more of this place given I 'm stuck for the foreseeable future, this dragon being a magic-y creature (Magic in this place is surprisingly rare, but definitely there if you go to the right places / talk to the right people. Shame my weird 21st century clothing and demeanour is a turn off for some reason.) might be able to get me the fuck back to Dodge, and if that fails, at least I can say I saw a real breathing dragon before I'm spit roasted alive, not like prospects outside of starving to death are likely after all the farmers start saying fuck off when winter hits.
  13. The last I saw of another human (I think, I can't tell half the time, especially with all the halflings running around) was the innkeeper when I asked him for a map of the local area, to which he pointed to the table by the door. Seems like even in Narnias lame cousin of a fantasy realm they still have leaflets for local attractions and general information. The one I picked up isn't really detailed enough to do any proper exploring, but it does have a convenient label for where the high hills are, and “Here be dragons” in large red lettering. Cue the Proclaimers playlist. And by playlist literally “I'm on my way” and “500 miles” on endless loop. So fucking glad I bought that fold out solar panel phone case, look how fucking useless it is now Mat, LOOK NOW.
  15. The hike to the edge of the high hills wasn't that bad, I've hiked worse dragged by my dad while camping all those years ago. There's a pretty blatant split where the man (Well, entity? Fuck if I know if just changing the skin colour to green or blue counts or not.) affected trail ends and it's just walking through trees because no one ever goes this far in, the rusted out husks of armour with suspiciously missing skeletons being a testament to that.
  16. The treeline clears to just rock, rock and more rock. There seems to be a bit of a natural path here but at this point I'm going in blind. 15min of dead ends and not having a clue which way to go later I find a cave with well worn ground and some scorch marks dotted about the place. If that wasn't enough of a clue the bright gold and purple sign in some twirly foreign incomprehensible lettering was probably a slap to the face. Weird, that knight guy said most people die before even making it this -
  17. BOOM
  18. Something large and heavy lands displacing enough air to clear the area of whatever little debris there happened to be left. Frozen in the spot, it takes a moment to realize I wasn't dead. Fuck it, I turn around. What I see, well, can't say I wasn't expecting to see a dragon when walking up the hills with “Here be dragons” labelled on the map, but still, fucking hell. It was a deep red over most of its body, don't know if this place does the chromatic / metallic thing, but its scales were shiny enough to reflect the evening sun beautifully. It's only a bit larger than a horse, but if you've ever been up to a horse (something experienced far more now I'm in the land of zero combustion engines), despite being “Just a horse”, that's still nothing to laugh at. Especially with every limb has lots of pointy and sharp bits waiting to tear you limb from limb. That feral ferocity blunted by the scant pieces of fabric that adorned its body to as close to a robe as its frame would allow, in the same colours as the sign behind us.
  19. After our mexican stand off, he decides to talk first with a grunt.
  20. “Hmn, this is the first time in at least a decade I have seen a human walk up to my home without tripping my defences. Something about you seems, odd.”, the last part said as he cocks his head like a confused chicken.
  21. “As you clearly see, I'm hardly one of the locals.”
  22. “Indeed. Tell me, where is it you hail from?”
  23. “I could tell you I'm, or at least was, living in Connecticut last I remember, but I don't think that means much to anyone here.”
  24. Holy fuck I'm talking to this fuck huge murder machine the fuck am I -
  25. “No it does not. I like your attire, whom made it if you don't mind asking?”
  26. “Uh, think adidas made the shirt and shoes, and the jeans are some no name Wal-Mart brand.”
  27. “These words mean nothing to me.”
  28. “Didn't think they would.”
  29. “At any rate, I know you're no threat given you're not my next meal at the outskirts of the wood, lets speak inside before we both freeze in the evening air.”
  30. He walks by me into the cave, his girth making itself readily apparent as the heat radiated from his body. Not like I have anything better to do, plus he's not kidding with how cold it gets, don't want to know how much worse that gets at higher elevations.
  31. To my amazement, the second I walk into the cave mouth, a seemingly empty space that looks no different than any other naturally occurring orifice in the ground, fades into a fully furnished hallway, obviously scaled up to fit a dragon, but not to the detriment of any of the ornate victorian looking decoration. The colours are still the garish gold and purple of the sign and robes though, clearly he has favourites. The hallway isn't that awfully long, making our way to a rather oversized door that opens without my current host having to do much more than wave his snout at it.
  32. Inside this room is much like the hallway, though now thankfully the wall colours are a bit more mute green and cream. Outside of the furniture being weirdly shaped, again for obvious reasons, if someone told me this was the inside of some fancy rich dudes house from 200 years ago, I'd be none the wiser. The dragon lays down on what kinda looks like a narrow bed sitting at a upwards inflecting angle and motions with a hand, paw, claws, whatever, to take a seat behind me. This chair is a bit more like an actual chair, though with a huge hole missing from where the back meets the flat bit. Tail hole, if I were to guess. Again, he decides to start our conversing first,
  33. “Well my mammalian friend, what brings you to the high hills, hmn?”
  34. “Heard there was dragons, wanted to see dragons, now I'm in a living room talking to one -”
  35. The door squeaks open, alerting the both of us to its direction. A 4ft something lizard with horns in a purple and gold uniform walks up to the dragon, a tray with a large cup and saucer in hand. Ah yeah kobolds, I have seen a few of them about, though mostly malnourished and grovelling on the streets and alleys of the towns I passed through. Clearly this one fared better.
  36. “Ah, (some incomprehensible collection of syllables I'm not even going to try and figure out), I almost forgot about my evening tea with our guest here.”
  37. He grabs it and turns his attention to me,
  38. “Would you like something as well, tea, scotch?”
  39. “I'll take water, alcohol doesn't agree with me after, I got here.”
  40. He looks at me with a puzzled look for a moment and shrugs it off,
  41. “(Still not going to try and comprehend the kobolds name), fetch one of the kobold sized finer glasses and a pitcher of icewater, I knew going to the highlands to retrieve that ice block was a good investment.”
  42. The kobold nods in response and scuttles out, tray under arm as it closes the door behind, with less muzzle waving than we entered with. The dragon sips the tea then turns his attention back to me,
  43. “First time I ever heard of a human refusing alcohol, and I've had my fair share of pints with your kind.”
  44. “Well, I'm still pissed about getting landed here and the thought of alcohol makes me sick to my stomach.”
  45. “You say “landed” here, from the sky?”
  46. “No, I mean maybe? Fuck if I know. I got here, somehow, and I have no idea how or why or anything. Actually, that's the other reason I came looking for a dragon. You're some kind of magic-y guy, right?”
  47. “I know my way with many a magic process indeed.”
  48. “You think you have any clue how to get someone back to wherever they were?”
  49. He shakes his head,
  50. “Knowledge of transportation is something I'm afraid to admit I did skimp out on, given flying is much more enjoyable than warping from place to place. Besides, I'd need to know where to send you even if I were to go through my study to pull out the proper reference for such an endeavour.”
  51. “Fuck. Doubt anyone else is gonna be able to help then.”
  52. I slump into the chair at the thought of this news. At that moment the kobold walks back in with the same tray, now carrying a jug of ice water and rather ornate, but far closer to human sized than the tea cup opposite me, glass. It's placed on the table beside the chair I'm in, to which the kobold scuttles again back to wherever it came from.
  53. “What's up with the kobold? Actually, what's up with all the kobolds I've been by?”
  54. “I presume you mean the orphaned kobolds that take up residence in the cities and towns correct? It's sad, most of the non wild kobolds were mastered to dragons before they were slain. Now with nowhere to go they wither and die on the streets. I'd take them in myself, but I have far less need for kobolds and I can only expand my dwelling so much before running out of hill to remove.”
  55. His voice seems subtly upset as he went into the latter part of his statement.
  56. “I did notice the lack of dragons, you being the first I've seen, what happened?”
  57. “Humans.” Said with a venom in his voice that was off putting considering he had been soft spoken up until this point. Continuing,
  58. “No, that'd be unfair, the humans, elves, orcs, almost all of them, fear and resent our power, despite only the most unruly of us being actual threats. Kings and noble men don't like the threat we bring by merely being, so they put exorbitant bounties on our heads and try to eradicate us. If it wasn't for the magical defences I had put up, a luxury I offered to my brethren but more often than not turned down for a foolish sense of pride, I'm sure I'd be long gone, as I'm far less a feral fighter, as I'm sure even you must have picked up on.”
  59. By now I had downed at least a cup.
  60. “Well, even so you could still fuck me up pretty bad.”
  61. He merely stares to my retort. We sit in silence, him contemplating whatever dragons contemplate about, and I'm just sitting here wondering who the hell puts so many bends into the wood edging stuff in the corners of the walls and ceiling. Yet again, it's my scaly counterpart who speaks first,
  62. “You wish to go back home, feeling you have no purpose in this strange land with no past and no future, correct?”
  63. “That's one way of putting it.”
  64. “And I am part of a slowly endangered species that desperately needs more members if we are to survive into the next generations. I have been rereading tomes on transformation as of late and I believe I may have a solution for the both of us, even if I can't send you back to wherever home is for you.”
  65. I'm not sure how to feel about where this is going, but I pay close attention anyway.
  66. “This is an opportunity few get granted the chance to get given, and one many have devoted their whole lives unsuccessfully trying to find, so please understand the weight of this offer, how would you feel about becoming a dragon?”
  67. “Fuck yeah!”
  68. He's surprised by my immediate reaction, enough that he almost knocks the table his now empty cup resides on with his tail.
  69. “I'm fucking stuck here anyway, I'll take being a badass dragon over some lowly pleb who picks wheat all day until he dies from starvation.”
  70. “Do understand, this comes one one condition.”
  71. I raise my eyebrow to this.
  72. “If we were to go through the procedure, I would not do so unless you were willing to become my broodmate, and willing to help attempt repopulate my, or our by that point, kind.”
  73. At that moment I happened to be drinking another glass of water, which was ejected in what felt like the most slowmo of spit takes.
  74. “Broodmate. As in like a female dragon?”
  75. “Indeed.”
  76. No way fa- actually, this does seem like the kind of thing few will ever get the option for, certainly zero people back home, and my prospects are as grim as the slow solar panel degradation on the phone case. Even if I have to become a lady dragon to do so. I mean, most lizards I know look and act pretty identically between males and females anyway, who the fuck knows what they are without poking around down under? Not that I was looking, but from what I could see walking in there wasn't anything going on with scaly butt over here between his legs anyway. Then a thought hits.
  77. “Wait.., are you saying there aren't ANY potential, um, broodmates, for you to try and go to town with to sort a population loss issue?”
  78. “I haven't seen a female of my kind in half a century. You have to understand, under a normal dragons mating cycle on average we would only produce a small clutch full of eggs maybe once every ten, maybe twelve years, assuming they survive at all. When our numbers were starting to dwindle I had approached the literal four potential mates within a week of straight flight time and none of them seemed interested in trying to keep us from going extinct. For all I know they are all dead and I'd have to possibly take a boat to the other continent to find another potential partner.”
  79. It takes a few awkward moments of silent contemplation, but,
  80. “I have taken your offer into consideration, and, I'm gonna say fuck it.”
  81. He looks back in confusion.
  82. “Yes.”
  83. “Oh, splendid!, I will prepare the necessary literature and components at once!”
  84. He calls for the kobold, still with the impossible name.
  85. “Please bring.., goodness, I don't even know your name and your willing to make such a life altering decision on our behalf.”
  86. “Anon.”
  87. “I'm Fanfanir, If you wish to call me by an easier name-”
  88. “Nah, Fanfanir's a good name.”
  89. Unlike the kobold I still straight up can't even pronounce, to whom he calls out again,
  90. “Please bring Anon to our medium sized guest room, and bring him our finest linen!”
  91. Turning his attention back to me,
  92. “Everything required will take at least a fair portion of the night to prepare, and from what I understand being well rested makes the ordeal move far easier than not.”
  93. The kobold walks back into the room, bundles of fabric in tow. It walks up to me and softly grabs my hand with its free one, pulling me up out of my seat and leading me out out of the room. The dragon brings both of us to attention before leaving us to wherever the kobold was taking us.
  94. “One last thing, there is a blue vial on the bedside table. It's there to guarantee a good nights sleep but makes you fall asleep for a number of hours longer than normal. I take it many nights when I'm troubled by the days events.”
  95. Ok whatever dude. With the both of us back in the hallway, the kobold leads us farther into the cave, not that the paintings on the ornately decorated walls would scream 'cave'. We arrive without a word at a door noticeably smaller than most of them, but was the size of a normal human door because of it.
  97. The inside was, surprisingly normal. Looked like what I'd imagine a high end hotel room would, though obviously without any modern amnesties like wall sockets or TVs. There was not-candle light though like most of this place I had seen so far, the 'candles' emanated a soft glow from a literal formless ball of light. The kobold with the impossible name makes the bed with the bedding it had brought in, clearly well practised as it effortlessly tossed linen and silk, at least I think it's silk, about until it was made the bed as well I had ever seen a furniture catalogues bed done up. It was at the moment it finishes the kobold decided to speak, in a soft and feminine voice.
  98. “Um, master Anon, when was it you planned to bed tonight, if you don't mind me asking?”
  99. Given the hike up here was the kind of thing I hadn't done in years, I figure a early night wouldn't be a bad idea.
  100. “Probably pretty soon actually, why?”
  101. “Well, Master Fanfanir does not know this, but I usually make use of this bed at night. As nice as Master Fanfanir's accommodations are in the deeper parts of the cave, they aren't nearly as nice as the bedding in this room, and they usually get so little use that I, use it myself most nights.”
  102. “So, What do you want to do about it?”
  103. “Um, I do not know what your customs about such things are, so I apologise if I come off as forward, but do you mind if I sleep with you for the night? I would use the smaller guest accommodations, but that room is far too small for me, and my actual quarters are, well, traditional.”
  104. Don't know what 'traditional' means, but given she shivers at the mention, it's probably not the greatest.
  105. “Hmn, guess it's a good thing you don't take up much space then huh?”
  106. She beams at my response.
  107. “Thank you master Anon!”
  108. Having clearly slept in here before as she said, the kobold runs over to the chest of drawers and pulls out a night gown version of the uniform she currently had on. Having seen enough either nearly naked or completely naked kobolds on my town and city passthroughs to know there's literally nothing going on anywhere on their bodies, I was less than phased when she undressed to put on the night gown, her uniform then neatly folded up on top of the dresser. The way she climbed into bed made it look like the thing was some giant cliff to overcome, but it was conquered soon enough, with her sitting on top of the covers waiting for me. Given I was hardly dumped here with a suitcase full of clothes, every night the closest thing to pyjamas has been the jeans I came here in and the t-shirt on the floor. After climbing in under the covers, the kobold does the same, deciding that a spot close to but not actually touching where I was to be the best spot to get comfortable in, but not before getting my attention,
  109. “Master Anon, do you mind grabbing the blue vial please? I think it may be the best for the both of us to get the best sleep for the night.”
  110. Normally I don't drink weird liquids from strangers, but the kobold wasn't phased in the slightest, probably having taken it before, and I'm in the thick of it at this point anyway, so I do as she asked and roll over grabbing it off the night stand, to which it was downed at a speed I didn't think possible. It instantly filled up again as the vial was passed back to me. With another fuck it I down it as well and put it back on the table it came from, the last thing I remember being her tail brushing against my leg as we both were conked out buy whatever was in that glass tube.
  112. “Um, master Anon, as much as I don't mind the intimacy, could you release me please?”
  113. I woke up, who the hell knows what time it was given there were no windows inside a cave, hugging the kobold from behind, both arms and legs wrapped around the small frame of the living body pillow she was currently acting as. In more of a panic then I intended I release her,
  114. “Oh geeze sorry, no idea how the fuck that happened.”
  115. “It's all right, to be honest the extra body heat in the night is making me feel a little bit better than I usually would after taken the night vial, at least in a way that it can't rejuvenate by itself. If you wish we could continue for a little bit longer.”
  116. I think about her offer for a moment but shake my head into the pillow,
  117. “Nah, think I might as well get whatever shit I signed up for yesterday over with. Maybe another night instead.”
  118. “Well, if you are to become as big as Master Fanfanir is, then unfortunately there is a chance you may crush me in the night if we were to do that again in your new form.”
  119. Oh, that's a good point, being dragon sized is gonna make moving around and, doing anything really a fuck ton harder. Too fuck'n late now.
  120. We both worm our way out of the bed in opposite directions, me walking over to where I left my shirt and putting it on while the kobold put her uniform back on. Before I know it my hand is grabbed again by her much smaller and softer one, despite the claws, and leads us out of the room and down the hall, deeper into the cave.
  121. “If I know Master Fanfanir when he's about to do some sort of large magical procedure, then he's currently in the open study. I'd watch your step when we go in, he gets, excited.”
  122. Sure enough we make our way to a large ajar set of double doors with air being regularly blown out keeping them open.
  124. Once inside, wow, didn't think you'd be able to fit something like this in here seeing the cave entrance from the outside. It's a large circular room easily three or four lengths of its owner in diameter, with the walls lined with rows of books in one area and large vials of who the hell knows in another, with both empty shelf space and random trinkets filling the rest of the shelving. All leading to a large ornate glass ceiling I can't tell whether is letting in actual natural light or some magical approximation of such.
  125. In the middle of the room we have Fanfanir leaping from shelf to shelf in a flurry of flapping wings, a book in hand he's clearly checking every time he lands in a spot to grab some item to place back down on the wooden floor me and the kobold were standing on, in different defined piles of random objects that mostly looked like cooking stuff and random liquids. It's at this moment we're spotted, to which he kind of glides down to meet us, as much as he can given even in this large room there isn't that much space to actually properly fly.
  126. “Anon!, It's good to see this was not a wasted effort. Honestly I was curious to see if you were going to bail in the middle of the night. Anyway,”
  127. He cuts himself off and turns around to one of the piles, picking up a small wooden rack of different glass containers each filled with a different liquid.
  128. “These, are what's going to make the magic happen. If it weren't with my lack of intimate knowledge with the more transformational I would have been done hours sooner, though now it's of no matter. How much do you happen to know about magic Anon?”
  129. “Literally fucking zilch.”
  130. “Ok, an important thing about magic most people don't realise is that it all still requires physical material and energy, I cannot simply wave a stick and truly have something just appear in thin air, I can make things from other unrelated things but I still need things to make it from, ideally from as close to what I want to begin with, so in addition from the actual transformative -”
  131. He points a clawed finger to the third liquid container across the rack of containers,
  132. “- if we are to do this in any reasonable amount of time there's a couple other things that need to be taken as well. (Kobold name I still won't try to remotely pronounce) -”
  133. She stands at attention at the mention of her name.
  134. “Please cook me a travel lunch for Anon.”
  135. The reaction was clearly a bit odd as she looks to the dragon in confusion at the request.
  136. “Do you mean the meal you have before travelling long distance Master Fanfanir?”
  137. “The very same.”
  138. Looking back to me and then the requester she's dumbfounded,
  139. “I do not wish to second guess, but the boar alone is the size of Anon, possibly larger, and that's only about half of the actual meal!”
  140. “Do not worry, I have something for that. And even if Anon doesn't eat it all I'm sure I'll be peckish by the time he's finished what he can. Now go, you know what to do.”
  141. Despite still looking a bit confused, she nods and runs out of the room. It takes a moment before Fanfanir breaks the silence,
  142. “I am really lucky to have (Impossible kobold name). Did you sleep well with her last night?”
  143. Not that I had a mirror, but I'd put money on my face matching the beetroot that happened to be close by in one of the piles. The dragon laughs with a guttural rumble at my reaction,
  144. “You smell of her all over, though that could just as easily be because she makes use of that guest room nightly. She does not know that I know this correct?”
  145. I nod.
  146. “I don't mind, She was never that receptive to the kobold quarters I had originally made her. Perhaps I should make another bed like the one in the guest room and give it to her at some point. Anyway, the potions- ”
  147. I interject as he goes to grab the rack again,
  148. “What was that about eating a boar the size of me?”
  149. “That conveniently gets us to this first potion. As you can imagine, transformation takes a lot of energy on the part of the one transformed, even if it wasn't for the extra amount of size you will be gaining becoming a dragon. So this first one, which I recommend taking right before you are ready to eat, is for allowing you to eat many times more food than you would be able to normally, and to be able to absorb that food such that it's actually useful for the other parts of this procedure. I have taken a version of it many times for when I take cross country flights, though in your case, given the far larger discrepancy between your normal maximum and what I will be asking you to eat, I'm curious to see how you handle it. I added a tiny amount of strength enhancement in the event you become unable to move after, though I doubt that'll be necessary.”
  150. I stare at him in slowly realizing horror at what this entire experience is going to do to me.
  151. “This second potion then is for after you are done eating. This will safely speed up your normal ability to repair and change your body, usually this is intended for healing the body far more rapidly than it would naturally, but I mixed it so instead of the normal 5-10 times faster it works 50-100 times faster, if I got the concentration right it should stop right at when you stop transforming, which takes what would normally take months even with the excessive amount of food you will be taking beforehand down to maybe a hour, half hour if we're lucky. Any more than that and I'd fear for your bodies stability.”
  152. “Well, that's, always a good thing.”, said with less than a hint of uncertainty on my part.
  153. “An unfortunate side effect is that it does lower your life expectancy about equal to the amount it speeds you up, but because dragons have a far longer life expectancy than a human anyway, that's not an issue.”
  154. I merely nod to his ramblings.
  155. “This one, as I said previously, is the actual transformation, to be taken a moment or two after the last so it has a chance to make it around your body before allowing it to make changes. As I have never witnessed a transformation of anything other than plant life in person I cannot say much about what will happen. If I haven't mixed up my samples, um, do you have a word for lineage but not in a manor that strictly relates to who you were birthed from, but whom you are related to physically, as with how you physically are similar to another in your family tree?”
  156. “Er, I dunno, genetics maybe?”
  157. “Genetics? I am not familiar.”
  158. “What about DNA?”
  159. It's Fanfanir's turn to shake his head in confusion. For the next few minuets I try to muster what little I remember from highschool biology to explain genetics and things like species and breeds. He seems to take it all in in stride despite how horribly I explain it and how many of his questions I can't properly answer. At the end of that, he seems content,
  160. “Yes then, we were talking about transformations right?”
  161. I nod again.
  162. “Then I think it's genetics that I'll use to explain this. If I hadn't mixed up samples then you should be genetically a sister to a dragon that had lived close by some time ago. I never met this dragon, I don't even know what sex they were, but hopefully they aren't related to me enough that any of our offspring-”
  163. My stomach sinks at the thought of the word 'offspring', not that I'm not well aware of what I've got myself into, but the thought still is kinda weirding me out.
  164. “-shouldn't have the problems the royalty have with being too close in relation to each other.”
  165. “Back home it's people from Alabama we joke about being married to first cousins and stuff and having kids with genetic defects.”
  166. “Are there a lot of royalty in Alabama?”
  167. “Don't think so.”
  168. The dragon simply blinks to my answer,
  169. “All right. This one, to be taken after the transformation is complete, is a fertility-”
  170. If 'offspring' made my stomach drop, 'fertility' in this context makes it break through the floor and plummet to the centre of the earth, or whatever the fuck this planet is.
  171. “-mix that should both accelerate your breeding cycle, and if I added enough samples, make it so all resulting offspring are not physically related enough that they can successfully mate with each other without problem once they become physically mature. While I wish there were a better way to rapidly expand the species, this method I believe will create a virtual boom in our population within the approximately thirty years it takes to grow to physical maturity, as the next three or four generations should inherit the rapid breeding cycle from you as well.”
  172. I sit there on the floor taking this all in, frankly after a point I stopped thinking about it as something that's going to happen to me and just as general concepts. When Fanfanir finishes, he looks at me concerned,
  173. “I know this is a lot to take in mostly at once, I promise I will be with you most every step of the way.”
  174. I simply acknowledge that he had said that. He continues,
  175. “Right, (IKN (Impossible kobold name)) will take a little bit longer to finish up your breakfast, so in the meantime, do you have any questions for me?”
  176. “Not really, at this point I just want to get it the fuck over with.”
  177. “I see. Well, I leave my study open to you until it is ready. Unfortunately I didn't design this room with humans in mind, so if you want to see anything higher up then I will have to lift you up.”
  178. I look about the room, given the sign outside this place was incomprehensible, I doubt any of this is in plain english.
  179. “Hey, what was it you were working on before we walked in if these four look pretty much done?”
  180. “Ah, the last one is a bit more experimental, and I haven't tested it to made sure it works as it should, but if it does, it should make it so once you're transformed that the process of actually fertilizing your eggs won't require anyone else input but your own, and should make any genetic relation even less likely. This is really stretching the intended use case of that mix, it was supposed to make plant life bare fruit all year around, but given what I know about how these potion mixes work it should be pretty easy to make it do what we want.”
  181. “I'll take your word on it.”
  182. With that said I walk over to a shelf closer to my (current) chest height and start poking around. While the spines of all these books might as well be in moonrunes, the skulls by them are pretty cool. I ask about them and I get told a tale about how he had flown to some far off desert and was poking around in the sand for some old relics, before the locals found him and didn't like him being there, so he hid out in a hut, and the farmer who owned the hut wanted him to eat a newborn calf who he couldn't keep for fear of being hit by some local tax on livestock, so he took it home and raised it for a bit before turning it into some of the best steaks he had ever had once it hit beyond old age, after feeding it grains its whole life imbued with properties that would treat the muscle of the cow in a way it made it many times more delicious. If the local farmers would let some random dragon give them cow feed they too would have the best steaks ever, but they were less than receptive to a dragon barging in and giving them weird food.
  183. As the story was spinning down the kobold opened the door to the room, making it slowly creak, to inform us the travel dinner, or transformation breakfast I guess, was ready.
  184. “(The fuck if I can even try to say that name), can you bring it in here? In the rare event something were to go wrong I'd rather be able to administer something straight away instead of going between here and the dining room.”
  185. She nods, though clearly with some exasperation with doing so. It doesn't take too long though for the food to be rolled in on carts. Holy mother of fuck this is a lot of food, could probably feed a small battalion by itself. Fanfanir is unphased by this spread, though he's clearly rather eager to dig in at some of the trimmings, visibly keeping himself from doing so.
  186. “Thank you (Not even trying), you never disappoint with your magnificent meals. I do wish I was having this myself, but Anon here's got a lot growing to do.”
  187. As I stare at awe at what had been placed before us, completely missing what the dragon said, said dragon grabs the first vial and hands it to me.
  188. “A warning, at this strength this will make you impossibly starved, far more than you have ever felt in your entire life, because if you had, you would currently be dead.”
  189. With yet another fuck it on what I'm sure is a long list of fuck its, I flip the lid and down the vial.
  190. Oh.
  191. Fuck.
  192. He wasn't kidding. As soon as the mix hit my stomach, I almost involuntarily start grabbing the closest piece of I didn't care what and started scarfing it down. It takes a few proper large rolls that would normally last a week each and a entire wheel of cheese before realising that there was no knives or anything to get into the giant person sized lump of roast sitting an arms reach away. Probably don't need them when you have them built in like my compatriots here. Both of whom are watching with awe and a tinge of disgust, fair enough as I was hardly being the tidiest eater when my stomach felt like a rapidly expanding black hole. I still ask for a knife, even though me not actively stuffing my face for more than a moment increasingly makes me feel more starved to the point I can hardly stand to not shove as much of a whole roast potato into my face as I can while finishing the words. It was the kobold who reaches below one of the carts and hands me a knife, to which I eagerly grab in a fit of hunger and heave at the roast, hacking at it like a mad man and feeding on its guts hand over fist.
  193. “Master Fanfanir, I'm a little bit scared.”
  194. “I don't blame you, I have seen genuine starvation on my travels, and never did they have the raw primal need to feed Anon here has when presented with food now.”
  195. It takes what feels like a proper eternity to clear through all the food. Oh god I feel bloated. Despite the fact I cleared every dish and plate to the point I was licking the last of the greases left on them, I could probably still have more if I were presented with more food. Also despite eating literally over three times my body volume, mass, whatever - all of it, I'm not nearly as big as I should be eating that much food. Granted I clearly have visibly gained a few pounds, especially in the gut, but not to the point any extra mass outward impedes anything, like the living tubs of lard that can't leave their houses because they're so fat. My literal weight on the other hand, good thing the strength enhancer was added, as without it I absolutely would not be able to move. As I try to take a few steps away from the trays and carts, I think I might have accidentally cracked some of the floor boards with the concentrated amount of force a single legs brings. My scaly host comes over and tries to help me move, but even he's surprised at the weight I am when I lean on him,
  196. “How are you feeling after that?”
  197. “Like most of my body turned into a fucking bowling ball.”
  198. “Hmn, I may have overdone how hungry you would get a touch, though you seem to be doing fine otherwise. (Kobold name I still can't remotely comprehend), can you grab the second and third vial for me please?, I don't think I can move without Anon possibly breaking another floorboard.”
  199. The kobold does as he asked and brings them, handing me the second glass tube. Without thinking, a lingering amount of the last thing I swigged no doubt, I down the contents of this one as well. Moments after it hits my insides properly it starts to take effect. Still straining at my weight,
  200. “Feeling anything?”
  201. “...Feel warmer, and lighter.”
  202. “Excellent,”
  203. He steps away from me to let me stand on my own two feet again, and walking starts to feel as light as my insides do, which is to say, more back to normal. Though how warm I was getting was starting to become a bit of a worry, Fanfanir seeing this hisses at the kobold,
  204. “Hurry, give him the transformative!”
  205. I'm handed the other vial and take this ever so slightly slower, as I'm generally pissed off at this point with the concept of consuming food after the first round. It's down my throat soon enough though, to which thankfully it stops the warmness the previous mix had brought, and had completely restored all physical sense of normalcy,
  206. “Now what?”
  207. “Well, as you had explained to me earlier, there are a very large number of, cells?, in the body that both need to change and multiply. I truly don't know how long it will be until we see the effects of the transformative, I only know that it will be far sooner rather than the later the books have written for it.”
  208. After holding out for thirty seconds, everyone holding their breath, nothing happens. The kobold decides now's a good time to start clearing the utter devastation that was the trays and carts the food was wheeled on. I decide to help as the dragon clears out some of the piles of potion stuff that was still on the floor. It takes something like five or ten minutes of piling up plates onto carts until I feel sharp pains in random spots on my body, though mostly at the pit of my stomach. If it wasn't for the kobolds quick reaction I would have knocked some of the dishes onto the floor when this happens. Fanfanir notices the almost commotion as he was on the floor at that moment and yells,
  209. “Anon!, Come to the centre of the room, and take your clothes off, we don't want you suffocating on your attire as the changes take effect!”
  210. I do as he says without a moment to question it, the random pains continuing like full body pins and needles happing at complete random, somehow managing to pull everything off aside from my boxers. And then all of a sudden, it stops. I notice that despite only being in boxers right in the middle of this big room, I don't feel cold in the slightest. In fact I feel comfortably warm. The dragon and kobold watch from the side of the room, or as much of a side a round room can have.
  211. “Anon, I know humans don't like showing their genitalia to others, but you need to take your undergarments off as well as you will be becoming bigger there as well. If it would make you feel better, we can undress as well,-”
  212. “Nah, that's ok. Yeah, underwear has to go too.” That last part trailing as I bend down to do so.
  213. At the moment I toss my boxers onto the pile of discarded clothes, the stomach pain comes again. Enough to keel me over onto my hands and knees, where I see the first signs of change come through.
  215. Pinkish purple scales start to form on the backs of my hands, each individual one creating a burning sensation as they grow into place. Meanwhile as they spread across the surface of my skin, the palms of my hands were becoming stiffer and less pliable while my fingers thickened and made my hands larger. Not to the point I had pads like a dog or something, but enough that I knew I was going to be walking on them a lot. The bone in my fingertips grow into sickles and extended through the skin, like needles pushing through the skin but in reverse. The keratin of my nails extended and form themselves around the newly formed bone, creating characteristically draconic claws. I tapped the floor with my claw tips, and the feeling of my entire finger end being hard and a part of the body is beyond whatever just having long nails would be like.
  216. As random patches of my body were covered in the same scales, My body starts to generally grow larger and limbs start extending as muscle bulks up both limb and torso. Every heave of my chest expands it out with muscles equally rippling under the increasing number of larger scales that cover my chest and stomach.
  217. My arms, or I guess my front legs now, and my rear legs especially, extending in waves, keeping in time with every heart beat. It's hard to see, but I can feel my rear legs and especially my feet extending to match the increased length my front legs have grown. As they do, my middle three toes on each foot shoot past my big toe in length and size becoming effectively a whole foot unto themselves away from what was my foot, the tendons locking my former feet into place and the little toes disappearing entirely as the pads on the underside of the three larger toes thicken up like my hands had. The foot toes too, including the former big toe that just hangs by the feet now supporting my rear weight, have the pin pricks and bone growing out of the skin alongside the toenails growing around them as well, they scratch the floor as the throbbing in my feet makes me dig into the wood. The legs too like everything else cover themselves in scale and thickened hide, the burning sensation feeling foreign with the proportions my legs and feet now take. The pads on my feet become thicker than the ones on my hands, front paws, claws, I still don't know, almost to the point they look defined on the now seemingly far smaller surface my feet are, given that I now stand on my rear toes.
  218. It feels as though the room slowly shrinks as the moments tick by, Fanfanir, whom had been much larger than I becoming equal in size, while the kobold shrunk even smaller than she had been when I was still completely human.
  219. My train of thought is interrupted by a new development at the end of my spine, which is what I'm pretty sure is my tail bone breaking free of being a solid mass of bone and pushing against the skin at the top of my butt crack. Despite the feeling of just pushing against already taught skin, it slowly accepts being stretched as more length is exposed to the air of the room. Muscle for this new limb starts to form around my rear, stretching out and filling the area between my legs with a smooth connection to the tail, any amount of butt I once had now disappearing into said tail. I don't know how long it grows to, but the tip touches a bookshelf behind me after I took a few steps back with the foot changes, which startles me as this was very much a new sensation I was not used to. After muscle thickening up my tail slows down and the skin becoming covered in more scales, it starts to twitch in response to what I wanted it to, weirdly I didn't really have to consciously think about it much as I guess my brains motor functions are probably just taking everything in stride, running my tail tip along the spines of the books behind me feeling how strange having sensation this far away from my body is.
  220. My newly formed tail, which while none of this was the most pleasant, didn't feel too bad growing in. My next new limb though, I can feel the shape of what I presume to be wings forming against my rib cage, wing finger bone scraping against ribs and muscles pressing into areas that felt unnatural at first, until they had enough and both sides try to pull away from my back. The pain from this, the worst so far, mostly pulls and burns at the centre of my chest and on the sides of my torso as more skin is rapidly pulled and grown in, filling the space the wings are stretching out. Eventually they start to listen to what I want them to do and bring themselves down to relieve the pain. As they continue growing in size, thinning out the rather chunky skin they pulled from my back, I'm surprised by how much they literally feel like another set of arms, almost unconsciously scratching my still very human head with the growing thumb of my right wing. The wing skin stretches itself far down the tail, creating the very large amount of surface area I assume is needed to fly. I don't know what my wingspan is, but at the end of their growing I can just about touch each side of the room with the very tips of my longest wing fingers. That expanse being capped off the same way my hands and feet had, with bone poking out of skin and now newly formed nail growing around it. I think about flapping them for a moment then deciding against it as even the controlled flapping of Fanfanir from earlier was enough to create a decent gust.
  221. No time to think though as my head starts to move away from my body, or my neck starts to grow, whatever. I almost hit my head on the ground when this happens as I happened to have my head near the ground inspecting parts of my underside. It, much like my tail, thickens up with muscle so it could support what happens next.
  222. My face and back of head start to warm up as what hair that was on my head falls off, piling itself up neatly in a U shape around where my head is. My entire lower face pushes forward as nose disappears into my skin, eventually taking my lips with it and stretching it out into a proper muzzle, the feeling of a extended lower jaw moving in the air being as utterly bizarre as most of this had been so far. A split moment after, the teeth I did have, spaced out as my jaw was now much longer, loosen and fall out, bouncing on the floor as they get pushed out by my new set, my lengthening and now pointy tongue feeling every single pointy one as the taste of blood tinges the tongue tip, presumably pushing through the rejuvenated gums. As this is happening, the back of my head starts to burn in two distinct rounded spots, eventually starting to push against the skin until they too break through and expand straight back, with an ever so slight curve upwards. These new horns make it difficult to move my head truly back, not that it mattered with my neck, now covered in scales big and small which are starting to encroach my head, being able to bend all the way back anyway. As I play with my new extended neck, I can feel my face generally burning, especially my eyeballs. I don't have a mirror, only the small area of muzzle I can directly look at when the eye pain isn't too bad, but I presume this is the part where my face shifts to be more truly draconic. More smaller spikes pushing through around the back side of my head and around the area my ears disappear into, facial features generally shifting, and my eyeballs feeling like they're developing tears right on the front of them.
  223. When I open them, the world looks slightly, different. The colours of some of the books changed, and the garish purples of Fanfanir's gown becoming much more nuanced. I shake my head about, and while my eyes were closed my entire head must have had scales grow over them as the wind on my face feels far different than it does when it was bare skin, which I can still distinctly feel on my wing membranes. The last part of me starts to burn between my legs, the part I was dreading the most.
  224. Now I can bend my head right down, I twist it to look at my dick, pathetically hanging there along side my balls which look tiny on my now much larger frame. It all starts to pull itself in, the burning making its way deeper into my lower torso as it does so. My balls completely disappear first, as they do I can feel them change shape and settle deeper within my body. My dick soon follows, it's hard to see at this angle without completely flipping over but it too slips into my body, leaving nothing but a wide cavity that is soon covered by more scales, what had been my dong expanding inward and cementing it alongside my former balls to what I can only presume is now my new womb.
  226. Now that I'm confident nothing else is going to change after a moment, I look over to Fanfanir and the kobold again, silently watching me as I slowly try to get a feel for the new limbs I hadn't really moved position all that much, namely because my now longer legs were difficult enough to stand on. After literally two steps, I fall forwards, banging my muzzle into the ground. Both kobold and dragon try to hold back a chuckle, but clearly fail given I noticed. He walks over to me to help me up as the kobold continued to watch, hopefully in case something went horribly wrong. Fanfanir, to the surprise of no one, again speaks first,
  227. “How are you feeling, nothing sore?”
  228. “Nn-”
  229. I'm taken aback at the sound of my own voice, even for the single syllable I uttered. It sits somewhere between a feminine softness, not far removed from the kobold, to match the change of genitalia moments before, and the deep ferocious rumble being a dragon must inherently bring.
  230. “No, I feel, light. I'm so much bigger yet it almost feels like I could jump right through the ceiling.”
  231. I get a rumbly chuckle in response,
  232. “I can understand that, humans are far heavier in relation to their size than a dragon is, give we can fly. That makes me think, I don't know how developed the transformation made your flight muscles, we'll have to find out right away, (I wonder if I can say her name now I'm a dragon. Kretg, Krenn, Kra-, nope, still not happening), please clear the rest of these dishes out, I need to finish up with clearing my own mess as well.” Both dragon and kobold rush to their respective messes and finish up, the kobold finishing up the little she had left and dragging carts piled with plates far higher than seeming reasonable out of the room, and Fanfanir jumping around in a similar flurry we found him in putting away most of what was left out, aside from the pile for the last unfinished potion. As they go about their clean up I sit down on my haunches, literally every movement I make being some new experience. My front legs and hands aren't quite as dexterous as my human hands were, but I seem to be able to pick up some of the canisters piled up on the floor just fine. Guess I'm not gonna be able to be a great pianist any time soon, and typing's gonna be a pain in the ass. That reminds me, my phone. Which is in my jeans pocket, too far away to just reach for. Well, no better reason to learn to walk again. I get back up, after some wobbly knees standing is easy enough, but anything involving more than one leg off the ground results in another face plant, so placing one leg forward at a time is as fast as I can go, wobbling every step along the way. Twelve small steps in and something clicks in my brain. I don't know what, but instantly I just, start walking. No differently than walking on two legs I can just walk without a single conscious thought. Right into a bookshelf, as admiring the surreal crossing motion my legs made as I walked forward isn't conducive to not banging myself into things. Fanfanir notices this and can't help himself from laughing at my inability to generally keep from hurting myself,
  233. “Seems as though you figured out walking.”
  234. “Yeah, I did.”, said incredibly dryly.
  235. “Don't worry about knocking anything over, everything on a shelf or on the floor is stuck there until someone deliberately tries to move it. I can say the need for that spell took far longer than it really should after building this place, (Still not trying) was infinitely glad I had, given the number of times I had her help me pick everything up after a mindless wing knocks everything on a shelf down. Do you mind seeing how fast you can run around the perimeter? Be good just to know before we try rudimentary flying given you can walk perfectly now.”
  236. Strange request but ok, I do so and start trotting around the circumference, then go into a full gallop.
  237. “Seems as though you have acclimated to becoming a quadruped fairly quickly. How does it feel?”
  238. “Like my entire body is my legs. It's fuckin' weird man.”
  239. I stop by my jeans after a few laps, seeing how far I can reach into this now much smaller space of a pocket. Even just getting into them is a challenge with the increase in finger bulk and the fact I cant finesse them the way I used to. In the end I give up and pick them up by a leg, shaking them until everything in my pockets drop out. My wallet, keys, phone, most of this hadn't been removed since I was warped here by whatever brought me here. Fanfanir walks over to inspect what had fallen out,
  240. “Are these all things you had from where you originally came from?”
  241. I nod, something that is harder to do without shaking my entire head about,
  242. “You know, I don't give a fuck if I never make it back, I ain't loosing my stuff for the minute chance I eventually do. That's what keeps me going despite being here for well over a month. Even now that I'm a mother fuck'n dragon, if I don't keep goin', I stop having a reason to keep liv'n.”
  243. Hearing that come out of my own mouth with the voice I do sounds strange to my ears, or whatever the hell I have now, but I still hold myself to all of it. I get a small nod in response,
  244. “I do hope you make it back some day. I think I have something for you in that case.”
  245. And with that he almost walks off, almost,
  246. “Oh Anon, can you try and see how your wings are doing as well?”
  247. “Is there enough room?”
  248. “The room is deceptively larger than it actually is, especially for being able to make wing hops, it was made that way specifically so I could grab things without too much effort.”
  249. Almost instinctually, I crouch down and spread my wings up. Doing this feels like reaching for the sky and somehow bringing my arms right up to my body at the same time. One more thing for the weird feeling pile. And before I even realize what I did, I slam my wings to the ground and throw myself toward the ceiling, which I bounce off of and slam back to the ground. More surprisingly though, I pick myself up and just shake it off. Looking up, there's a big goofy smirk on the dragons face,
  250. “It's a good thing it takes more than that to make a dent in a dragon. We can't quite drop out of the sky into a forest, but a small drop like that is nothing.”
  251. “Thanks, good to know.”
  252. Again, I make my way to where I left the stuff that was in my pants while Fanfanir walks to wherever he was going in the room. Trying to turn on the phone was, an experience. After screwing around with the thing for far longer than I'd like to admit, mostly trying not to scratch the screen, I had to place it on the ground and hold it in place with the palm of a hand so I could push in the tiny button on the side of the phone. Thank fuck I didn't bother with anything beyond a password or I'd be screwed right now. The first thing I open is the camera to take a look at myself. Well, if I was somehow in some sort of denial up until now, that's now absolutely gone. My face, while still being very draconic with the scaly ridges and ivory face spikes to prove it, matching my main head horns, it has a strange femininity to it. Soft features alongside hard scale and teeth, which after lifting a 'lip' with a claw look as deadly as they feel running my tongue over them, the largest ones at the front of my muzzle especially looking like they could tear flesh with ease. My eyes were indeed slitted now, a deep purple to contrast the lighter purple and golden colours the rest of my body is. If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect my scale colouring was on purpose.
  253. Don't know what to do about these ear buds though as I don't really have ears any more, more ear pads surrounded by head spikes. As I fumble with what little I could to see if there was any way to make use of them, Fanfanir sneaks up behind and taps me with his snout. In his mouth is a double leather satchel with some weird strapping all over it. It's gently placed on the ground by my jeans.
  254. “Given your clothing is rather useless for you now, and you feel so strongly about keeping your old possessions, I think you need this more than I do. I hardly use it as I outgrew its capacity long ago, but it should be more than big enough for, whatever it is you have with you.”
  255. I just smile, hadn't even got that far with figuring out how the fuck I was gonna keep my stuff with me, but here he is with a solution,
  256. “Thanks man. Really. This, yeah. Definitely gonna use it. But how the fuck do I put it on?”
  257. “Oh, here, it's difficult the first couple of times, but once you know what attaches to what it's really easy. I know it took a couple tries myself.”
  258. As he says this he picks the bag back up, with his hands this time, and puts the necessary straps on me around where they go, one around each front leg and one around the neck with all of them connecting around the top with two bags sitting on each shoulder, all incredibly padded and comfortable. While he gets up right up around my neck, something feels, strange. And not the normal kind of strange I'm increasingly becoming accustom to with the change in anatomy, this is, primal. Possibly instinctual. Smelling him as he attached the buckles around my neck does something I'm not liking. The area between my rear legs, which up until now I've been trying my hardest not to think about, start to feel hot and inflamed. I don't want to check to see if they actually are, but frankly it doesn't really matter. I'm snapped out of my haze by Fanfanir announcing,
  259. “It's on! So, what do you think? It looks perfect for keeping what you had in your pockets.”
  260. “Yeah, it's good. Fantastic even.”
  261. I start to rub my rear legs together to try and, I don't know, do something. But the aching won't stop coming,
  262. “But, and this is completely unrelated to the bag, but I feel...”
  263. The last words coming out as more of a moan than I wish they had. It seems to be Fanfanir's turn to go red in the face, or as much as you can be when your face is mostly red already,
  264. “Oh, um, What is it you feel?”
  265. I feel like I want you to take me, pin me down to the ground right now and ravage me with-
  266. The fuck was that? That literally came out of nowhere. Though the longer I sit there opposite Fanfanir and his stunning body, oh fuck I don't give a damn who, I'll jump and pin him down if I have to and-
  267. Fuck sake, This ain't me thinking. Something in the back of my head won't shut the hell up and let me think straight. It takes a few moments of forcing myself to calm down as much as I can to respond, it now being an awkward few moments of silence,
  268. “I feel, feel like I want to take you. Something is actively clouding my judgement and making me want to ravage you until neither of us can move any more. The hell happened?”
  269. “I think what might have happened is, well, dragons have scent glands along the sides of their neck, which if the female is receptive to while in a state where she would be able to bare fertilized eggs, well, you would currently know better than I.”
  270. “I'm fucking horny is what you're saying. For you.”
  271. “Yes, if that means what I think it does. Again, if I were to take a guess, humans are in a state able to be impregnated all year around, this transformation may not have completely finished your more internal changes yet and your still feeling the effects of old aspects of your more human self.”
  272. As he talks, it becomes even more increasingly difficult to concentrate on what he's saying, the throbbing becoming more and more distracting. I think he's about to say something else when without thinking I get up and walk over to Fanfanir, taking a hand and grabbing his snout, closing his mouth with more force than I really intended. My head bends around and licks the side of his neck, slowly. The taste of him accelerates the burning that is slowly radiating from my crotch through the rest of my body to a proper fiery inferno.
  273. I smell him before I see it. Twisting my head away from his neck, his face still clamped shut, I see what my body already well knew the smell was. Between the folds of scales around Fanfanir's crotch, his member starts to poke through, a large red ribbed throbbing sight I know hours before would have thoroughly disgusted me, but currently me is slowly filling every thought as it relates to my own loins and how I can get one into the other. I still have enough sense despite this to be able to hold a conversation, so I let his muzzle free and say,
  274. “Are you, really turned on right now? Really?”
  275. “I don't know what you mean by,-”
  276. “I mean that right now, you really want to stick that dick between whatever the hell I have going on between my legs right now and see how much of you you can put into me.”
  277. “...Then yes.”
  278. I grab his muzzle again, throwing him to the ground onto his back with far more force I realized I had. He makes zero attempt to get up again as I walk over his body, his dick standing proud in the air as I manoeuvred myself on top so my own throbbing lined up with the heat radiating from said dick. Despite being on the edge of my own ability to think straight, I still have the sense enough to ask if he's ok with what's about to transpire, previous experience with the roles reversed having taught that I really should. He nods in response.
  280. And then we fucked.
  282. I've had girlfriends in the past, on Earth long before the isekaiing happened of course. I say 'girlfriends', but before late highschool it was just your typical cringy three week middle school type stuff, the first and only real girlfriend I had we were together for 9-10 months. Oh fuck it was some of the best times I've ever had. We did everything together, and I mean fucking everything. Holding hands everywhere we went, the whole 9 yards. At a point being apart when she had to visit family and stuff like that life felt empty without her. Saying this now looking back it was absolutely a cringefest for everyone around, but because of this shitty need for human interaction we have, I didn't give a fuck. When I asked her if she felt the same way, it was always a resounding yes, always jumping into my arms whenever we saw each other again. That's not my point though.
  283. Some Saturday 7 months in, I was at her house. Her parents were really nice, they always made us some special lunch whenever I came around, and given her mother was a professional cook, they were always immaculate. I don't even remember how the subject came up, but later on in the night, while we were playing, I don't even fucking know, some fighting game. Oh yeah, one character had this grapple that looked really 'suggestive' whenever she pinned the opponent to the ground and did this weird crouching motion. We always joked that was the “Slut slam” and at least one of us would pick her every other match to do this as many times as we could. Highschool, it was a trip. At some point when we were doing this she asked if I had banged anyone before. Before this I had told her I had 'girlfriends' in the past, but was deliberately vague about the details because I didn't want to come off as any more of a looser neet I already was. I told her I hadn't, as I never dated anyone long enough to even qualify getting on the pitch, let alone first or second base. She said how would I feel about a home run. I said fuck it, no parents home, they were cool with it as long as there was protection involved (An awkward conversation completely out of the blue one day a month into dating.), and I didn't want to leave highschool being a virgin. Her response was “Not it, me.” I was slammed onto the couch and before I really got my head around what was happening my pants were off, she somehow managed to slip the condom on and she slammed herself onto me. The only thing I really remember in that specific moment was how utterly out of control I felt in said moment. I didn't really like that end of things, and if I hadn't known her for as long as I had I'd of probably thrown her off in a panic. The only other thought was the relief that I could say I wasn't a fucking virgin like all the other losers I found myself with, because highschool. The actual sex though, was anti climatic. You stick the thing into the other thing and see how much up and down you can do until we tire out. Which wasn't long given neither of us knew what the hell we were doing outside the basics. Honestly, after popping the cherry, I don't think we really gained anything from it other than to say we did. Playing whatever fighting game we were playing probably would have been more entertaining. The slut slam being far better than our muddled attempts at something similar. The cuddling after though, as hot and sweaty we became despite what was probably the tiny amount of time we had actually going at it, was the best of the whole relationship. It's not the kind of thing that gets put well into words, it was just, nice. The only thing that really stuck with me was how shitty I felt with the initial moments of her just throwing me onto the couch, and how not worth it the rest of banging like howler monkeys was, though to say that would be unfair to the howler monkeys.
  284. We eventually went our separate ways, for entirely unrelated reasons. It was mutual, we grew as people even over the 3 months or so after that clumsy night of sex on the living room couch, grew away from what we had started as and we weren't really meshing by the end. To be frank, it was her that changed more than I did. Something must have happened she never told me about, but I think it was for the best. And that's the story of how I became just a loser neet instead of a virgin looser neet.
  286. This though, this was miles different. Of course the roles were reversed, but unlike the first time, where there was nothing there from actually doing it, this, was fun. We rolled in a flurry of wings and claws around the room, somehow miraculously missing all the junk that was on the floor. We would unrelentingly bite and lick at each others necks which would keep us in a constant state of high, at one point I bellowed a giant stream of fire from my mouth when he thrusted in and managed to hit, some organ I'm gonna have to find later. This, this entire experience, however long it was, felt like hours, was possibly the single best experience I've had in a long time. Certainly since being sent here. And at the end of it, the afterglow felt almost literal for the both of us, the embrace we had with every limb we could get around the other, tails twisted together and all, was the closest I felt to literally anyone in years. In his embrace,
  287. “Fanfanir?”
  288. “Yes?”
  289. “I don't know how much of this is the hormones or whatever talking, but right now, this is the best I've felt, in a long time. Thank you.”
  290. He simply nuzzled into the nape of my neck, licking it as he did so. It wasn't until we heard a knock at the door that snapped us out of whatever trance we put ourselves into, more flapping wings and other limbs flailing in the air until we righted ourselves back up. Fanfanir responded, myself still ever so slightly dizzy from getting up,
  291. “(The kobold, with the name), you can come in if you wish.”
  292. She does so, and visibly responds to the smell we had created in here. Her glance points towards the last filled vial in the rack of vials on the stand, still untouched since it was filled.
  293. “Master Fanfanir, did mast- mistress Anon drink the last vial?”
  294. We both stare at each other and awkwardly chuckle at her question.
  295. “No, Anon and I, didn't need it for the first go.”
  296. “Do you wish me to, well, clean up in here?”
  297. “That's quite alright, I'll clean this one myself. Can you show Anon to the large guest room, I will be with both of you shortly.”
  298. The kobold nods in acknowledgement and walks over to me, reaching for my wing thumb that was hanging low from, the excitement moments before.
  299. “Woah hang on, I still need to grab my stuff.”
  300. “Of course, let me help.”
  301. We both walk over to where I had piled my stuff at while Fanfanir left the room, probably to get cleaning supplies, and I picked up my phone once again, stuffing it in one of the pockets of the bag I still had on. The kobold with the annoying name picked up everything else and grabbed my bag, it being too high up for her to get at. I kneel for her and everything gets packed in, well, kinda tossed in, the bags themselves were far bigger than I needed.
  302. My wing tip was grabbed once again as I was lead out of the room. We see Fanfanir with a bucket of soapy water complete with floating towel in his jaws as we make our way back down the hall, it's size being far less open and far more homely than I last saw it.
  304. The large guest room was, exactly like the medium guest room. Except of course, larger. It's like someone took its smaller counterpart and scaled it up exactly, right down to the knobs on the furniture being exactly the same, but bigger. Bizarrely, I felt ever so slightly smaller in this room than I did when I was still human in the other room, but it was close enough that the difference was mostly minimal. My kobold compatriot here on the other hand looks like she shrunk given everything else was the same otherwise.
  305. “Mistress Anon,-”
  306. “Could you cut it with the master / mistress stuff please? Anon's fine.”
  307. “All right, Anon, this is your room for now. I believe Master Fanfanir may be intending to make your own room at some point in the future, but for now, please enjoy.”
  308. I look about, and with nothing interesting of note that I hadn't already noticed in the other room, I figure I might as well get comfortable. Jumping onto the bed like a cat, I kinda circle around a bit in place like one too and drop myself down. This a fuckin' comfortable bed let me tell you. Despite having to drag it up a step ladder to get it on the bed, the kobold brings sheets to cover me with, having to try her best not to climb over me, but failing in the end, to be able to do so. I thank her for doing so, and she jumps off the bed, leaving me with just my thoughts, which peter out to sleep.
  310. The next thing I see is Fanfanir's mug, laying perpendicular to where I lay right next to my head.
  311. “Hello Anon. After what we did yesterday, I'm hardly surprised that you fell asleep right away. I can say I did just about the exact same shortly after cleaning the open study. How are you feeling?”
  312. “Well,”
  313. I stretch with a wide mawed yawn,
  314. “My um, my chest and stomach feel kinda swollen, I don't think I'm completely awake yet, and I feel bloated, but otherwise fantastic. A lumpy bloated in the pit of my stomach if I were to be specific.”
  315. “Hmn, sounds about right given, yesterdays activities.”
  316. “You can say sex, we're all adults here.”
  317. “After all the sex we had then. I really need to tell you about dragon reproduction though, as it sounds as though you may be experiencing it right now.”
  318. Oh fuck, this is coming on fast. Lumpy bloatedness, that makes sense.
  319. “With dragons, after successful impregnation, we gestate eggs for only a couple days, as any actual development happens in the egg of course. But for the couple of days you are gestating, you will be bed ridden, either because too much movement will stop the eggs from forming properly, or later on, the eggs may break inside of you before they can be laid, something that is difficult to rectify if that happens”
  320. “Fuckin' stuck in bed, great.”
  321. “(Still not happening) is a wonderful care taker, she has been able to get me through countless illnesses almost with the shear power of her cooking alone. I unfortunately will not be able to be here, possibly during the day eggs are laid, as I have previous arrangements, and I need to hunt another boar or the like, as the one you ate yesterday was our last large meat item and I can guarantee you will be hungry after the eggs come.”
  322. I just sigh. Fanfanir leaves the room, and the kobold enters right behind, as if she was waiting for the dragon to do so, carrying a tray with what looks like a roasted hare. After having a tough time with the step ladder and the meal at the same time, something I started to move over to try and help with but the kobold insisted I stay in place,
  323. “I hope this pleases you Anon, hare is my favourite thing for if I know I'm going to be stuck in bed for a while.”
  324. “Thank you,-”
  325. I take the carcase in both hands and start chomping down on it.
  326. “- but why hare specifically though?”
  327. “Makes me feel full without feeling filling, if you understand that.”
  328. Not really, but the hare's immaculately cooked through regardless. As I'm chomping my way through it, trying my best not to hit bone, the kobold notices and interject,
  329. “You can eat the bone. It's frequently Master Fanfanir's favourite part of the animal.”
  330. “Heh, not completely there with this whole dragon thing clearly.”
  331. Looking for a good part to go ham on, I chomp down on an exposed femur, and sure enough, between teeth and jaw strength I break it up and swallow perfectly fine. Can't say it's particularly different tasting to how bone tasted before becoming what I am today, but instead of being the hard part I avoided, now it was as succulent as the surrounding meat. Makes eating it far easier at any rate as I just chomp down on chunks of it without a care to what it was.
  332. After I finish the kobold clears the tray off the bed, shortly after handing me a cloth she said was for wiping my hands with.
  333. “Anon, as much as I'd wish to stay with you, I have duties I need to take care of around the cave, if there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call for me.”
  334. That's gonna be pretty fucking difficult given I still cant even say your name, but I nod in response, but not before,
  335. “Oh, before you go, one thing. Could you reach into the bag and pull my phone out? I'd do it myself, but the angle I'm laying at makes that kinda difficult at the moment.”
  336. “The shiny black glowing rectangle you had yesterday?”
  337. “Yeah, that thing.”
  338. I roll over slightly so she can get to the pocket it's in. Given her small hands, now significantly smaller than mine, this was absolutely no problem for her. It's handed over without a word with the kobold climbing to the edge of the bed and jumping off. Before she leaves,
  339. “I will be back for lunch and supper, as per Master Fanfanir's instructions. Good luck.”
  340. The last I see of her for a number of hours is her scaly tail disappearing behind the comically large door as it's shut.
  341. Being stuck in bed at the best of times fucking sucks. Thankfully, between whatever magical lighting used to light the room being close enough to natural sunlight that I can charge my phone, and having loaded this phone up with every emulator I could find to run on android, and every rom for said emulators I could fit on the SD card, I was set for doing not much of anything. I had beat some of what I really wanted to play already in the previous month or so, and these new clumsier thumbs were not conducive to how much touchscreen controls fucking suck, but I managed to figure it out eventually.
  343. As the minutes turned into hours, I can feel the eggs slowly expand in size, while they equally start to harden. By the time the kobold had come in with lunch, two ducks of unknown species, the eggs were slowly starting to press against my intestines, and torso scales. The latter of which (nope, still can't do it) noticed right away.
  344. “Anon! I did not imagine your eggs would grow so quickly!”
  345. Placing the tray on the bed where I could reach, she walks over on the bed to feel my belly, starting to bloat to the point that movement is increasing becoming difficult, from the discomfort more than the physical size or anything. I didn't appreciate just being rubbed like that at first, but I guess I must have dog belly now, as it felt incredibly nice. Even having my right leg twitch when she would rub specific portions of belly. As she does so, she stops at the spots on my torso where it was felling kinda swollen and seems somewhat confused,
  346. “I don't wish to alarm you Anon, but these areas,-”
  347. Rubbing the swollen parts, which were starting to stretch the scales apart even more the eggs were,
  348. “- I do not know what they are. Master Fanfanir gave me specific instruction as to how you should develop over the next couple of days, but said nothing about something like these, maybe it slipped his mind. Do they hurt?”
  349. “No, just kinda swollen.” Said as the rear of a duck disappears into my throat.
  350. “Please do keep an eye on that, if something were to happen I'd have no choice but to summon Master Fanfanir away from wherever he is now, and that is never a good time. Please take care.”
  351. Again she jumps off the bed and walks out, but not before grabbing the now empty tray.
  352. Left alone again with my thoughts as the phone battery was running low and I need to wait for it to recharge. Quite the Zen experience.
  353. After staring at the ceiling for who knows how long, I finally decide to feel whatever the swelling is myself, and I'm startled. There are eight spots in total, running in parallels of four from right on my chest to my crotch. And topping each lump, hidden under a scale, is undeniably a nipple. Small nipples, but nipples all the same. Touching them does nothing but confirm they are nipples, but it confirms what they are. Boobs. I'm fucking growing boobs. And not even just two of them. To take my mind off this new development, figure 86% charge is good enough and proceed to go and try to finally beat Blaine and his fucking Arcanine WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU STAY DEAD?!
  355. It's a fair number of hours more before the kobold would appear again, this time with three slow roasted chickens. My stomach, despite increasingly being pressed with eggs, told me it was supper long before I smelt the chicken coming down the hall.
  356. “Fanfanir wasn't kidding with your cooking skills,-”
  357. I try to roll over slightly to get at a better angle at the tray, but with the eggs sizes now, they had stretched my belly so large that if I were to try and do so I'd be worried I'd start breaking eggs. Said belly is properly starting to push past my own torso size, if I was bed ridden before, I was bed cemented now.
  358. “- though I don't think I can reach the tray any more without making a mess of the bed, not without possibly breaking a few eggs.”
  359. “Don't worry, I don't mind doing clean up if necessary.”
  360. “While thank you, it's more I really don't want to be rolling in my own filth even if you try your best to clean it.”
  361. With this said, the kobold decides to grab the tray, sit herself by my chest and hand feed me.
  362. “I'm still perfectly capable of eating myself, but thanks for the thought.”
  363. Snatching the chicken slightly harder than intended, I munch on about half of it, awkwardly trying to move my forelegs about with the decreasing amount of manoeuvrability between my belly full of eggs and, my boobs. While I finish that chicken and work on the next,
  364. “Anon, your chest swelling is getting worse now. I don't, what do I do?”
  365. “Do you know what a breast is?”
  366. The kobold shakes her head.
  367. “Ok, mammals are called mammals because of mammaries, right?”
  368. “Oh, I know what a mammary is, human women have them all year round, but dragons don't have mammaries, at least I didn't think they did.”
  369. “Yeah, clearly I must be -”
  370. I groan under the increased pain and numbness the eggs were bringing
  371. “- some freak then.”
  372. “You are not a freak!-” the kobold suddenly started yelling, startling me and making the eggs shift around a bit,
  373. “- I think you are beautiful, even with these eggs! Especially because of them even!”
  374. Beautiful, now that's not something I've really thought about. I'm female, no, a woman now. Guess I have to get used to the idiosyncrasies that come with that.
  375. “Thanks, I don't exactly feel beautiful at the moment though, with -”
  376. Another groan
  377. “- how lethargic I am now.”
  378. The kobold rubs the side of my belly, working her fingers between the scales that are very much so separated now.
  379. “It'll be over before we know it.”
  380. The now empty tray is grabbed, the kobold climbs off the bed, and she disappears into the hall.
  381. Alone yet again. Another session of playing whatever game I was currently on, and the slow increase in realization at how helpless I really was at that moment.
  382. Despite the phone, I eventually become tired like the best of us, and decide now's the best time for sleep. Pulling the covers over though is a challenge because my belly had increased to the point I literally cannot get my forelegs around its now extremely defined lumpy surface where each egg pressed against the skin, at least where it wasn't covered by the smooth stretching of breast, with each nipple now having lifted the scale they were under, and the outside part of the nipple having expanded many times their original diameter. I do get them over eventually, but not before a good amount of very careful straining. I drift off to a dreamless sleep, possibly because this pregnancy, is it a pregnancy if I'm laying eggs?, was draining the life out of me despite what the kobold with a frustratingly difficult name tries her best to avoid.
  384. The next morning, or whenever it is I wake up, three things are readily apparent. First, my belly had grown to the point if I were to stick my back legs straight up into the air, I could not see them. I'm pinned onto my back with the absurd size I had become, eggs filling every crevice they can both laterally and vertically, spreading across a fair portion of the bed. It's amazing I still have internal organs to breath with. The second, the boobs sitting on top of my chest and belly had also inflated to absurd sizes. They were so big that they hung to the sides of my bloated mass, making me look like some strange organic tanker. Well, what little of me I could see. They weren't formless though, if I were still a human male, I'd probably highly approve of their shape and size. Currently, I just wish I wasn't being crushed. The third thing, at some point in the 'night', the kobold had decided to crawl into my bed and situate herself against the side of my chest, which unconscious me must of grabbed her in the night also and decided to hug her, much like some oversized plushie. She was still asleep though, so I tried my best not to mover her until she did moments later,
  385. “...Anon?”
  386. She squirms in my arms, realizing where she was. I let her go with what little ability to move my forelegs I still have.
  387. “Still alive and kicking, miraculously. Not that I could see the kicking.”
  388. “I must have fallen asleep when checking on you in the-, Woah! You look like you're about to burst!”
  389. “Feel it too.”
  390. “Master Fanfanir said it would be at least another day from now until until you should be ready to lay eggs, but in my humble opinion, I'd dare say you're ready now!”
  391. “I'd believe it. Somewhere between all that shit Fanfanir gave me to drink I think this whole thing got sped up, and make me develop a million eggs. And boobs.”
  392. “I better grab the pillows and incubator right away!”
  393. She rolls and jumps off the bed, scraping the exposed skin on my chest with her foot claws, and runs out of the room.
  394. Proper stuck now. With nothing better to do, I rub my belly, feeling the contours of every egg that pressed up against it. They form a distinctly spiralling conga line that loops around inside myself, leading to the last room pushing against, my opening. I try to count them, but I keep loosing track at about eight or ten. I then grab a breast, the lower middle left one to be specific, and generally feel it. I had touched a boob before, as my highschool girlfriend had grabbed my hand and placed it against hers during our one sex session, and mine now feel about exactly how hers did, though obviously much larger, covered in scales stretched out over its surface, and I can feel how it shifts under my skin. Almost like its own pocket of kinda stiff but malleable fat. When I make my way to a teat though, holy fuck. Just brushing it with a claw sends a pulse throughout my body I couldn't properly describe even if I wanted to. Maybe like a lightning bolt just, hits everything inside. This jostles the eggs a bit but I don't care, I start rubbing it and the shock dulls itself to a smooth pleasure. I take another one on the opposite side and start rubbing that. It just felt, so good. Like with every rub it sent waves of euphoria throughout. I can't help but moan every time a wave would be sent through, as much as I actively tried to stop it. The more I worked the tits, the wetter my hands got. I stop for a moment to inspect it, and well, mammaries produce milk so it's hardly a surprise what was going on. Instead of just rubbing I just straight up pull one, and sure enough, milk flies into the air to who knows where, sending a even stronger pleasure wave around the breast and dissipating into the body. I have to actively stop from going to town on myself as I didn't want the poor kobold to have to clean the milky mess that would surely create.
  395. Speaking of, she appears as if by magic, with a cart piled up with a bunch of pillows, and a large round wood and glass thing, kinda looks like a mini greenhouse, with a brass egg sticking straight up. The pillows are placed at the foot of the bed and on top of my tail, the only reason I know being I can feel them being placed there, the kobold spreading my hind legs as she does so. When she's done, she walks around to where I can see her,
  396. “I have set up everything as per how Master Fanfanir wanted me to. I would make breakfast, but I'm afraid of not being here the moment you start laying.”
  397. “Well, thanks for the thought anyway.”
  398. The kobold climbs onto the bed and lays herself next to me,
  399. “When you start, um, Master Fanfanir said what the word was, but, I don't, Ooh, over-”
  400. “Ovulating maybe?”
  401. “That sounds right, when you start ovulating, please let me know.”
  402. “I think you'll know as soon as I do.”
  403. We sit there in silence for a moment, the quiet a nice distraction from the active pain on my wings and back the weight brings now.
  404. “Actually, could you do something for me?”
  405. I grab my phone as the kobold looks on in confusion.
  406. “Ok, you see this? This thing is a camera. It takes pictures, kinda like a painting except it's of what it is you actually point it at. I want you to take this and take some pictures of me.”
  407. Showing her how to work the camera application was straight forward enough, given it was idiot proofed by design, telling her to give extra special care to not touch the screen with her claws, a skill I have all but mastered by this point. She's fascinated at being able to see what is in front of her on the phones screen, but she does what I ask and backs up with my phone, taking as many pictures as she can think to take. One she finished, she hands it back to me.
  408. “Wow, I'm impressed with how well you take these, most people I give a camera to can't frame a shot for the life of them.”
  409. “Thank you mi- Anon.”, saying that with a genuineness far more so than most of us usually do.
  410. The pictures are not of anything I wasn't expecting, but the different angles are a eye opener for sure. I thought I was bloated close up, but fuck, from the side and all I can think is those bugs in science class with their butt ends filled with eggs. Heh, I'm hardly that far off that myself. A image of between my legs was also taken, pillows and all. I haven't really had a proper look at my own genitalia, as I still have been avoiding that, but honestly, there isn't much to look at, it just looks like any other set of scales on my neck, belly and tail, though it was spared the worst of the stretching. Something I'm sure will change soon enough. As I close the photo viewer, it dawns on me I have dragon porn on my phone now, porn of any kind being something I was actively not putting on it in fear of possibly accidentally revealing my power level. Not gonna be fapping to myself any time soon though as I can't imagine seeing the photos will bring memories of anything but pain.
  412. A few moments later, in the serenity of the quiet, it starts. Again, I can't really describe it, but I just KNOW. I slap a hand onto the kobold beside me, making her loose her wind more than I intended, if I intended to do that at all. Looking at her with a massive expression of worry, she instantly understands and gets up, running to my rear and planting herself on top of my tail, anchoring her body by wrapping her tail and legs around my tail. I can't see what she's doing with the belly in the way, but in that moment, I trust her more than I had anyone or anything before. I was not ready for the sensation of contractions. It. Fucking. Hurts. But before you can say “Here comes the baby” the first egg frees itself from my insides, having been poking out for a couple minutes beforehand. All the eggs shift positions as if they were one long conveyor tube and smoothly come out one by one. Once it started I had zero control of how fast they came out, but the kobold handled it in stride. After about half of them had been laid I could finally see over my belly for the first time in days, and see how the kobold was working. With every egg that came out, she had a pillow and a cart ready, four per cart, two on top and bottom. With the last couple of eggs, I could see them coming out from between my legs as the kobold with the name I'm ashamed to say I still can't say grabbed them, wiped them down with a towel, and placed them where she could fit them. To be frank, the actual process of egg laying felt like taking a shit, except the shit stretched out my, whatever the hell I have, far beyond what I'd of thought reasonable.
  413. After about ten minutes of gruelling non stop egg removal, it was done. It seems like, aside from the boobs, my skin had brought itself back to exactly where it was before the eggs came in, every non breast scale back into proper place. Wonder if dragons don't have to worry about stretching. As the kobold started to check each egg, I was pissed off at being stuck here so long the first thing I do is roll off the bed onto the floor. The kobold isn't able to do anything quickly enough before I drop onto the floor by the bed. Thankfully, the boobs absorbed the fall. Ow. It feels like when I first transformed all over again with trying to walk, but soon enough I'm right as rain again, or at least everything that wasn't still numb. And outside of these fucking tits. They hang to the ground swaying with every movement, my legs bumping into them with every step that involves moving them towards my body. Going to have a word with Fanfanir about this. Despite the distractions, I make my way to the kobold, whom was placing the last of the eggs that could fit in what I assume is an incubator.
  414. “You laid 13 eggs, but this incubator can't take more than nine of your eggs. If I don't think of something, your eggs -”
  415. “Put them on the bed, I'll keep them warm while you figure out, something.”
  416. She nods in response, helping me take the four eggs left and placing them together where I had been stuck for the last over 48 hours. The place I now return to as the kobold with the name disappears again. I lay myself around the eggs, trying to trap as much body heat as I can can between my still kinda stiff wings & tail, and what amount of extra flesh these boobs provide. I stare at them, yet another strange feeling arising I can't quite put a claw on. I presume this is what motherliness feels like. I just want to lay here and protect these eggs with every fibre of my being. I'll never look at a cadbury's cream egg the same way ever again, if I ever get to see another one. Many minuets of intimately holding my clutch later, the kobold returns, with a book in hand,
  417. “Master Fanfanir gave me this spell book a long time ago for emergencies. It can only do any given spell once, but thankfully it still has a duplication spell.”
  418. “Well do it!”
  419. Turning her attention to the incubator, she flips to a page in the book and reads the enchantment. Couldn't tell you what the fuck she said, but sure enough, the duplicate incubator materializes as it absorbed the pillows the eggs had been resting on, the new incubator sans eggs, and she places it on the bed by me and my eggs.
  420. “This spell can't duplicate organic material, which is why I didn't need to remove the eggs from it. Shame, it would have been so useful if we could just duplicate food all day. I still don't understand how it can do wood though.”
  421. We both place eggs into the padded bottom of the incubator, a twinge in my gut telling me to keep them where they were, but instincts don't win out today. The kobold turns the latch, presumably turning it on,
  422. “There. Traditionally, there would be a dedicated kobold broodnurse in charge of taking care of any eggs laid by any dragons under their care, but because Master Fanfanir has just me, I'll be the one taking care of your eggs, if that's-.”
  423. “You personally dug into my gonads to get them out, I trust you to take good care of them.”
  424. She nods with a happy smile, placing the incubator with four eggs in it onto a spare cart, barely able to pick the thing up so I interject, possibly more out of fear of the eggs breaking than to be a genuine help, fucking instincts. They're wheeled out, a intense urge to follow builds for about 30 seconds before following, the kobold having not gone that far.
  426. I help her with the nine egg cart to the kitchen, a rather rocky room filled with a surprisingly large amount of what I'd consider modern cooking implements, like shiny metal pots and pans. Well, aside for the large fire pit with a spit roaster placed above in the middle of the room.
  427. “The kitchen?! You're not wanting to make omelets out of them are you? We just got done with the literal pain in my ass it was to get these eggs!”
  428. “Anon, Anon, we keep eggs in the kitchen because it's usually the warmest room in a dragon's cave, so in case something were to happen to the incubators they have a better chance of survival.”
  429. “Oh, that makes sense. Sorry for doubting you.”
  430. The kobold shakes it off as I help her unload the carts into the special corner of the room she had set aside for the incubator, though some rearranging was needed as there was only enough space for the one. By the time we finish a loud sound of scraping rock stopped us in our tracks.
  431. “Oh, Master Fanfanir is back!”
  432. Must be some proximity alarm or something.
  434. Sure enough, we saw the red dragon land as we made our way to the mouth of the cave. He had two rather plump deer with him, one with his jaws around its neck and the other hand carried. He drops the one in his mouth before saying,
  435. “Anon and (you know the drill), you're both looking wonderful and,”
  436. I see him eyeing my newfound full body rack.
  437. “Oh, hmn. Lets get the deer inside and I'll sort that out.”
  438. I walk over and grab a deer by the throat, while Fanfanir does the same for the one he had been hand carrying. Apparently they usually hang their larger prey on hooks in the back of the kitchen in an area that's magically kept incredibly cold, so we can't stand there for too long without worrying about freezing ourselves. As we walk out I catch the dragon admiring the incubators for a moment before walking back with myself and the kobold.
  440. We all make our way to the living room, it too having felt like it had shrunk since last I had seen it. After we all had gotten ourselves comfortable, the kobold sat in the seat I had been in a few days ago, now too small for me to even try and plant my rear into. My seat now is pretty much the same one Fanfanir has, though with my boobs lining the surface I'd be lying on, it's a little uncomfortable.
  441. “Anon, let me get right to the point. Your current state of mammary imbuement is completely my fault. In a late night haze of potion mixing I had the scale-brained idea to give you mammaries as a callback to your former life as a human, and because I thought because of the number of offspring we might have it may be difficult to feed them all, and I've always admired the idea of having mothers directly feeding their young like mammals do, though I thought I had thrown away that mix when I realized the impracticalities breasts are to someone that needs to fly, or walks, or do anything. Clearly I had thrown away the mammary-less mix by accident instead. I am sorry Anon, I will mix a remedy at once,-”
  442. I interject,
  443. “Actually, once our current clutch doesn't need milk any more then absolutely bloody get rid of them. But for now, I want to keep them.”
  444. Fanfanir looks at me confused by my reaction.
  445. “They're a pain to lug around, but I think every guy, human guy anyway, at some point in their lives wonders what it's like to have boobs, if only just temporarily. This is an opportunity on top of the opportunity of becoming a dragon, and mother, for things I had never thought could happen. I'm willing to find out what it's like to breastfeed at least this time given how far up shit creek without a paddle I am now anyway.”
  446. “All right Anon, I respect your decision but, as I have no idea what it is like to be a human, I can only take your word on it. As for our clutch, I understand a human child is utterly defenceless and needs to be in the care of its parents until at least twenty or so years into their lives, correct?”
  447. “The exact number changes depending on who you ask, but generally somewhere around there yeah.”
  448. “A dragon hatchling on the other hand, is the most rapidly developing animal out of all animals. At least as far as I'm aware of. We are birthed as eggs and hatch to being at the stage we can leave the safety of our home caves or nests in a matter of about a month. We are able to travel far by wing, so it's not likely we will ever see family again, as we don't have as much of a tie to such things as humans seem to. Though in our case, things may be different if our repopulation plan works given the shear number of potential offspring.”
  449. I just nod along as the kobold does the same.
  450. “For now then, all we can do is wait and hope there were no complications with the eggs forming. I'm sad I didn't see the egg laying myself, as it's the kind of thing that rarely ever happens, especially for your own hatchlings.”
  451. “Something tells me that's not gonna be a problem. Though,-”
  452. I try to get up, the boobs rubbing on the seat making them feel raw. The kobold jumps out of her seat to sit me back down,
  453. “You wish to retrieve your camera phone, correct?”
  454. “Heh, you know it.”
  455. She runs out of the room, Fanfanir again being utterly confused, by our exchange this time. Seconds later the kobold returns, phone in hand. Handing it to me, I turn it on and open up the pictures she took.
  456. “I can't do anything about the laying itself, but my broodnurse here-”
  457. Noice, I can still avoid trying to butcher her name.
  458. “- took some really nice photos of shortly before they came out.”
  459. The dragon gets out of his seat and walks over to the tiny screen,
  460. “My word, you were filled to the absolute brim! (Nope, sorry), how many eggs did Anon lay in the end?”
  461. “Thirteen, Master Fanfanir.”
  462. He's shocked that it was that many, despite having looked at the incubators earlier,
  463. “Thirteen?! The average dragon clutch is typically 6-7, maybe 9 maximum, hence why I modified those incubators to take 9 average sized dragon eggs.”
  464. “You see how well THAT worked out.”
  465. “Indeed, Perhaps the potion for extra energy hadn't quite run its course yet, making you far more receptive to being fertilized.”
  466. I just glare at him,
  467. “Nah, ya think?”
  468. “Potion mixing can be tricky, especially when you deliberately go off the book like I so frequently do.”
  469. It's the kobolds turn to add something to the conversation,
  470. “Master Fanfanir, I still have nightmares of the time we had the forest worth of trees and vines explode out of your study and filled the entire cave with wood and vines.”
  471. He simply nods,
  472. “Not my finest hour. Though, the local village was forever grateful for timbers we gave them. Did you know they almost doubled the size of their village with that wood we gave them (This is getting repetitive)?”
  473. Shaking her head,
  474. “I did not.”
  475. “They even have a wooden plaque in their great hall with the most wonderful carving of me in thanks. I think it's nice when we do something and aren't prodded with swords and lances for it for once. With that said though Anon, the eggs should hatch within the week, though with how the potions you have taken have had, unpredictable side effects, I do wonder if the eggs may have inherited anything unexpected from you. I can't imagine the actual development speed can be sped up by that much though.”
  477. They hatched the next day.
  478. As I laid semi conscious in the large guest room, the kobold runs into the room excited, barely being able to comprehend what she's saying, but I did catch something about whether I wanted, something, in here or in there, so I say in here. She runs out excitedly and returns minuets later with two of the fucking cutest things I had ever laid eyes on. The hatchlings were, well, dragons, but baby sized, and proportioned. I don't know where my actual thoughts and the maternal instincts start and end when it comes to them, but I don't give a fuck. They're laid on the bed as the kobold runs back out, to grab more hatchlings as I soon find out. The ones on the bed though, they kinda crawl around until they realize who I am and excitedly bound over to me, trying their best to land on top of me. The one of the two that couldn't make it over my breasts I pick up in my forelegs and start hugging, slowly stroking the back of its nubby head as it coos into my ear and rubs itself on me in response.
  479. Fanfanir is eventually lead into the room by the kobold as she carries the last of the hatchlings in, him beaming at what we have produced. The kobold offers him to hold the one she was carrying but decides against it, as he says hatchlings should really be with their mothers at first.
  480. I'm soon enough entirely covered in all 13 hatchlings, most squirming around on top of my body while a couple of them decided they wanted what the one I was hugging had and went to worm their way in between my forelegs and proceeding to fall asleep in them after the effort tires them out. One hatchling though looked at my teats, all lined up in a row as I lay on my side, and inquisitively went up to one and smelt it. Liking the smell of the milk oozing out it then decides to lick the teat, which makes me jump enough to shift the hatchlings on top of me despite watching it do it. After taking a taste, it grabs the teat in its mouth and starts suckling. The pressure relief in that particular breast is, well, a relief, but the feeling of being so intimately close to my hatchling by far outweighs the pressure reduction. This motherhood stuff is really getting to my head.
  481. One of the hatchlings on top of me notices what the one sucking on my breast is doing and decides it wants that as well. It jumps down, bouncing on breast as it does so, and tries to push the one already happily feeding one away from its teat.
  482. “Woah dude,-”
  483. I place the ones I was hugging on the bed, waking them up,
  484. “- I have way more than enough boob for the both of you.”
  485. That hatchling is picked up and placed in front of the next breast over, letting it work out what it needs to do. After staring at the one already going to town it then copies it and starts happily sucking it down. Some of the other ones, the ones that aren't asleep anyway, notice the goings on and all clamour down to copy the first two. I run out of free spaces fast though as they started to climb on top of each other to get at the upper row of breast, and some of them start to fight over who can have a spot, the ones who have one clamping down with teeth into nipple to not be shoved out of the way. Fucking. Ouch. While seething in pain,
  486. “Uh, Fanfanir, could you, I dunno, maybe, take a couple?”
  487. He lumbers over and sits back down by the bed, picking up the more unruly few and giving them attention as I'm relieved of a little bit of the squirming.
  489. The next week's, interesting. I can fucking sat that about everything so far, but fuck it. Interesting.
  490. The hatchlings, after a few days of the kobolds meals and many cycles of naps and suckling, grow two-three times bigger and are able to speak in rudimentary sentences. Mostly to do with how fucking hungry they are at first, but some of the more inquisitive of the bunch ask me about my phone when they see me playing with it. I tell them and they're fascinated by the flashing lights of the games I play, frequently climbing onto my head and shoulders to be able to watch. Eventually though, all 13 stop needing the milk and switch to eating about half a chicken each per meal. I loose the boobs after Fanfanir does what he promises and mixes me a potion to, well, loose the boobs. I'll admit, I did enjoy playing with them when they got engorged, but I wasn't a fan of becoming a fucking cow some time after with the kobold having to milk me while the suckling died down. Dragon milk tastes like normal bovine milk, but with a hint of something, cinnamony if I had to give it a name. If it wasn't for the literal pain in my back from having them, I'd of kept the boobs for the milk to drink myself.
  492. Another week and a bit later, they're at what I'd imagine is the tween equivalent for a dragon. They mostly did their own thing, enjoying playing with each other in the forest outside our cave. We even leave them all with the kobold some days as Fanfanir and I have some one on one time, myself learning more about being a dragon and finding the joys of flying, and Fanfanir just enjoying the company. Learning to breath fire on purpose is a fucking trip though, almost burned the forest down on multiple occasions and thoroughly scared the hatchlings who came to watch.
  493. At home though, some of the hatchlings (They choose their own names after they leave, so they're all just collectively hatchlings until then.) take great interest in what my phone can do. Fanfanir and I had considered duplicating it for them, but we both agreed that kind of technology widespread in this realm was too dangerous for mortal hands. Instead we crowd around the screen and watch the few movies I happened to have on it, Team America: World Police, Kung Pow, and every Shrek movie. And Kung Fury counts too I guess. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking with putting the Shrek sequels past two on here, but there you go. They all enjoyed them regardless, every time the dragon in Shrek comes on one or two of them would nudge me, because they thought it was funny to make that connection. On a side note, I think I may have accidentally given some of them a donkey fetish later in life. Woops.
  495. As I would later learn, the final goodbyes as they felt as though it was their time to leave a month-ish later is always the hardest part. Given that 15 full sized dragons and a kobold in a space meant for maybe four dragons tops, yeah we were all feeling a bit stuffy. Before they left, Fanfanir and I decided that they should all get a small pebble as a parting gift, that when it's held up to their ears, it plays whatever their favourite song happened to be from the collection I would let them listen to from the phone on rainy or quieter days. Nirvana tracks and Through the Fire and the Flames were the most popular choices.
  496. On the day we all agreed would be their send off date, they all lined up outside the cave, me walking down the line, myself and Fanfanir hugging every single one of our now fully grown hatchlings and handing them their song stones. In a flurry of wings, reminiscent of a group of butterflies flying out, though admittedly slightly more violently, they all flew their separate ways. I did get slightly teary eyed at the sight of them all leaving. The kobold though, as much as she enjoyed their company as well, was relieved she didn't have to cook for 15 dragons at once any more, despite the help I regularly gave her in doing so.
  498. Fanfanir and I decided that one, we wouldn't bother with the fertilization mix he had started the day I transformed, as doing the impregnation the natural way was too much fun for the both of us, though the genetic viability vial and fertility one was still needed to keep us going at the rate both of us wanted. I'm not waiting ten years to have sex again. Our regular mating sessions would become both of our favourite regular commitments. And two, that we would limit ourself to a new clutch every three months or so, as to leave plenty of time for us to live quietly together before a group of hatchlings come in and shatter the tranquillity. Thankfully every other clutch of hatchlings were closer to the seven or eight we would expect instead of the 13 I had to try and carry the first time. We explore the world in the off months, visiting strange lands and getting into various misadventures along the way. One that still sticks out in my mind is the time we were stranded on a ship when intending to travel to an abandoned elvish city on the coast, and were forced to being ship hands until we made it to shore, despite the impracticalities of two dragons being on such a small ship, and all but the captain being fucking petrified by our presence.
  499. I did eventually get my own room, by my own room I mean the medium guest room was enlarged to the same size as the large one, and the large guest room became the hatchling bedroom, which in the later stages of their growth was a proper snake pit of dragons sleeping on top of each other. The only thing I changed about my room was I had Fanfanir take some of the images on my phone and magically create blown up copies of them to have as posters. They even have the faint glow of a phone screen despite not actually being giant phones.
  500. The kobold also finally got her own bed in her actual room though, something she wouldn't stop crying tears of joy for at least ten minutes.
  501. We followed every rumour of dragons we came across, frequently finding ourselves with the dead husk of one, a sight I find more horrifying the longer I'm a dragon. And less frequently, we find them with a familiar pebble, that when we held to our ears would play Through the Fire and the Flames or The Man Who Sold The World.
  503. 90 years would have been a long time when I was still a human, but for a dragon, it was probably equivalent of maybe three, four? I had settled with Fanfanir and the kobold that despite this length of time I still cant say her name, despite being called out on it more than once, for long enough to the point I honestly did start to forget small bits and pieces of my past life back on Earth as a human. The pictures I still had saved on my phone from back then always kept me grounded to my family and friends. The phone since had the screen unfortunately crack, but was replaced by dwarfs with the hardest transparent material this place has on offer. It was nice to be able to use my claw tips instead of the finger pads I had been awkwardly trying to work it with, even with the fine science I had developed doing so.
  504. I don't remember exactly when, but Fanfanir calculated about how many hatchlings we had raised and released since my transformation day (A day we now celebrate along side my birthday), and he figured something about approaching 2750. The kobolds only retort to that figure was we had collected a lot of pebbles in that time. Nearly 3000 is hardly a insignificant number, though a recovered species it does not make. But that was just us alone. Having life partners isn't unheard of for dragons, but it is rare. Most dragons live solitary lives, seeking out mates when they feel like they need to get it on and having a fling before fucking off again, all compounded by inheriting my accelerated reproductive cycle. With that in mind, even just one dragon male could impregnate a few dozen females or more in the span of a month or two. Which explains why as we lived our lives we would run into more and more dragons on our off months while travelling the world. Rarely would we meet one of our own hatchlings though, but when we did, it was heartfelt tears and hugs all around.
  505. I think Fanfanir put it best,
  506. “For something that was initially a somewhat fleeting experiment in trying to solve a problem I didn't think I could truly do anything about, I didn't think I would gain such a wonderful mate, partner, and friend from it.”
  507. When he said that, I just smiled.
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