In the Deep Depths of Light, Session 4

Feb 25th, 2015
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  1. <WindStrike> *LAST TIME! You had to undergo a trial to become an initiate of the Followers of Wisdom!*
  2. * You are now known as DM
  3. <DM> (need to make sure I say Wisdom this time, cause I ended up saying Followers of Light last time..... which is the completely wrong group, lol)
  4. <Lightwall> (lol)
  5. <DM> *You and Dan Kaze were given extraordinary power in order to make a group of primitive folks try to get along better. You used this power the first time to kill them all, which you were reprimanded for, but you fixed on the second time.*
  6. <DM> *Then you were.... crap, I forgot the second trial, BUT you passed it.*
  7. <Lightwall> That was the teaching the poor man thing.
  8. <DM> *And then the third trial was to kill some men, which Mr. Dan Kaze ended up using illusions to make it seem like you killed them. ... except you totally didn't.*
  9. <DM> oh yeah, that thing
  10. <DM> *Yeah, you pulled some religious BS to teach a poor man that he should worship the Followers of Wisdom. You little sons of ------*
  11. <DM> *At last, despite using Dan Kaze's illusions to BS your way to a victory, you became initiates of the Followers of Wisdom and got some sweet new robes, so.... ALL THOSE MORAL CONFLICTS WERE TOTALLY WORTH IT, BRO.*
  12. * DM runs.
  13. <Lightwall> (lol) Riiiiiight...
  14. <DM> *And now, the continuation...*
  15. * Lordan stands in front of the great, grand doors that lead to the Central Hub.
  16. <DM> (by the way, I don't have a map yet, but it'll be ready for next week's session)
  17. <DM> (in the meantime, it might be a little railroaded in terms of where you can go, so I apologize ahead of time for that)
  18. <Lordan> Are you two ready to enter your new home?
  19. <Lightwall> (I guess that's fine.)
  20. * DanKaze bows before Lordan.
  21. <Lightwall> Boy, yeah!!!
  22. <DanKaze> Yes, my master.
  23. * DanKaze whispers to Lightwall - He's the Sith Emperor, whoo!
  24. * Lightwall straightens up, and bows also.
  25. * Lightwall LOL's in his head.
  26. * Lordan pushes the grand doors open, revealing a massive room ahead....... oooooh boy, description fun time....
  27. * Lightwall looks around in awe. "Whoah!" he thinks.
  28. <DM> *The Central Hub... has doors to 7 different sections (including the one you came from), as well as teleportation beams that drop you to lower levels.*
  29. <DM> *It appears to be a septagonal room, spanning an area that's larger than Hyrule Village's Market area. Large staircases lead up to the various other sections. In the center of the room, where the entrance to the tower used to be is now a pit. There's some beams of light surrounding it, and you can see people entering and leaving the beams, zapping in and out.*
  30. <DM> *Estimated count, there's roughly 100 white robed members roaming around the room for various reasons at the moment, and that's not counting the members in the other sections of this complex.*
  31. <DM> *Floating lights, like the stars from the night sky, float around the room, granting it light in this renovated inverted castle.*
  32. * Lightwall takes in the view, wondering where Lordan wants us to go first.
  33. <DanKaze> Woah man, this is too much. Not sure how much awesomeness I can take.
  34. <Lordan> Welcome to the Central Hub!
  35. <Lightwall> No kidding!
  36. <Lordan> For now, as an Initiate, you may only enter the School, and the Prison to see some first rate victims that do not appreciate our practices.
  37. <Lightwall> Okay.
  38. <Lordan> The light in the middle leads elsewhere. Until you are higher in the ranks, the light will not transport you into the lower levels.
  39. <Lightwall> Where's the prison?
  40. <Lordan> Shall I take you two to the school?
  41. <Lordan> Oh, the prison?
  42. * Lordan points to the west side of the room. You see two white robed guards standing outside a chained door.
  43. <Lightwall> Yes. I'd like to check that out before seeing the school.
  44. <Lordan> Oh? For what reason?
  45. * DanKaze drops into a deep voice.
  46. <Lightwall> Just so I know where it is if I have to take someone there.
  47. <DanKaze> To enact punishment on those that would oppose us, sir!
  48. * Lordan nods his head in approvement to both your responses.
  49. <Lordan> Oh ho, you two are learning well it seems.
  50. <Lightwall> Thank you, master.
  51. <Lordan> I'll inform the guards that you can enter.
  52. * Lordan drops his head for a moment, then looks back up at you two.
  53. <Lordan> They have accepted.
  54. * Lightwall bows to Lordan, and nods to Dan to follow.
  55. <Lordan> I shall await you two in the school.
  56. <Lightwall> Yes, master.
  57. <DanKaze> Thank you, Sith Lord- oh I mean uhh... Lordan, master.
  58. <Lightwall> (lol)
  59. * Lightwall goes to enter the prison
  60. <Lightwall> (By the way, did we enter the north side of the room?)
  61. <DM> (Uhh, no, you entered from the south side, derp)
  62. <Lightwall> (Thanks. Got it.)
  63. * Lordan walks down formally to the school and enters there. This is the south-west end.
  64. * DanKaze follows Lightwall.
  65. <DM> *You walk down the stairs from the entrance, take a bit of a walk (HOW LARGE IS THIS DARN ROOM), and then get up the long stairs to the west side of the room, the entrance to the prison.*
  66. <DM> *The two guards outside of you acknowledge you two, and then unchain the prison, allowing you to enter.*
  67. <DanKaze> Wow, I'm feeling like a god already! ... I mean goddess....... NEVERMIND, back to a god!
  68. * Lightwall enters the prison door.
  69. * Lightwall smiles at Dan, amused.
  70. <DM> *You fuse with the prison door, becoming a victim of your own grammar.*
  71. * DM ruuuuuuuuuns.
  72. <DM> *You enter the prison room with Dan in tow.*
  73. <Lightwall> *prison room.
  74. <Lightwall> (whatever :P )
  75. * Lightwall looks around.
  76. <DM> *You're immediately met by the overwhelming cries of various people as you enter this circular room. There's a plaza in the middle with a few white robed guards pointing their staffs threateningly at the prisoners. They seem to be some roughnecks pulled off the street. Quite polite for initiatives, don'tcha think?
  77. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow, then looks closer to see if he recognizes anyone.
  78. <DM> *There's a total of about 20 prison cells in the room right now. 17 of them are occupied. The majority of them seem to be poor, innocent Hylian civilians.... however...
  79. <DM> *Two of them seem to stand out.*
  80. <DM> *In one cell is a quiet uhhhh... hang on
  81. <DM> *Okay, one of them is a Dingo with green fur, which I think is something like a humanoid form, except furry.*
  82. <DM> *The other is a Wolfos that's sulking in the corner.*
  83. <DanKaze> Interesting bunch of fellas here...
  84. * RoughneckGuard looks the two of you two (Lightwall and DanKaze) up and down, then cracks his knuckles with some audible popping noises.
  85. * RoughneckGuard speaks like he's a manly guard in a mafia with super muscles and scars.... except he's not.
  86. <RoughneckGuard> Hey boys... you two new 'round here?
  87. <Lightwall> Greetings, guard! We've just received our robes and came to see how things work around here.
  88. <RoughneckGuard> How things work? Oh hoh hoh, I bet you've seen the great stuff we can do already... but here in the prison... well....
  89. * RoughneckGuard motions to ToughGuard with a whistle, then points at one of the civillians, a ragged man that looks like he was a mason before he got imprisoned here.
  90. * ToughGuard grabs a chain stained with blood, then he walks over to the mason's cell. He unlocks the cell door and smiles wickedly, as the mason stares at the ground with dead eyes, shivering with fear for what's about to happen. You can see various scars from what looks like lashings from the blood-ridden chain.
  91. * ToughGuard uses the chain to whip the man, which wraps around his neck. The guard yanks him into the plaza, scrapping his skin across the stone floor.
  92. <DanKaze> Oh, the poor fellow... must you do that so lightly, guards?
  93. <Lightwall> (*scraping - I shudder to think what scrapped skin looks like...)
  94. * Lightwall huffs.
  95. * ToughGuard approaches DanKaze, towering over him.
  96. <RoughneckGuard> Lightly, you say?
  97. * DanKaze uses his arms to dramatically display Lightwall.
  98. <Lightwall> Here, let me do it.
  99. <DanKaze> This man here... oh I wouldn't mess with him! In fact, perhaps I shall ask him to, oh... demonstrate his-
  100. <DanKaze> Oh, so much for the display. BUT THE MENACING LIGHTWALL... also known as the DEATHWALL... shall show you how to TRULY TORTURE this HEATHEN!
  101. <Lightwall> (lol)
  102. <RoughneckGuard> Deathwall, eh? Sounds like an AWESOME name!
  103. * Lightwall draws his sword dramatically.
  104. <DM> *The mason continues to stare down at the ground, attempting to just endure through this mess.*
  105. <DM> *Your sword draw is so dramtic that light itself swirls around you, darkening the rest of the room with a spotlight effect.*
  106. <DanKaze> Epic.
  107. * DanKaze motions with his hands while circling Lightwall. Correction, he's actually casting an Illusion of Creation spell, BUUUUT the jocks can't tell the difference, as they watch in awe at Lightwall's enlightenment. I mean Deathwall.
  108. * DanKaze only uses 1 Magic. They can't tell the difference, suckers.
  109. <DanKaze> 20h, 211m
  110. <DM> *Lightwall, you feel and see absolutely nothing, but the guards appear to see your draw your blade and slicing the mason up, just barely scraping his skin with the tip of your sword.*
  111. <DanKaze> And now, for the reason he's called.... THE DEATHWALL!
  112. <DM> *An image of you drawing a massive shield with spikes on one side happens. You then bulk your muscles with your empowered light and WWE-style slam the shield down on the mason, who's now staring at you in confusion, unaware to the illusion that's happening.*
  113. * RoughneckGuard is ataken back in astonishment.
  114. <RoughneckGuard> OH MAN, THAT SHIELD IS SO REAL, DUDE! I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THOSE TOO! Or.. is that your unique weapon, granted to you by the Great Goddesses of Wisdom, oh holy Deathwall!
  115. * RoughneckGuard and ToughGuard bow down and kneel down to you.
  116. <Lightwall> Meh, I think that'll do... for now.
  117. <Lightwall> You can return him to his cell.
  118. <DM> *The mason, without the guards helping, now limps back to his cell. He closes the guard cell door on himself.*
  119. * DanKaze casts Illusion of Disguise on the mason to mask the fact he totally didn't get slashed to death.
  120. <DanKaze> 20h, 210m
  121. * Lightwall smirks.
  122. * RoughneckGuard seems to be shaking in fear a bit. ToughGuard still has his jaw dropped.
  123. <Lightwall> Mind if I "experiment" on...
  124. * Lightwall looks toward Maliki and Herian.
  125. <Lightwall> ... those two animals over there?
  126. <RoughneckGuard> Oh hoh, these two?
  127. * RoughneckGuard motions to ToughGuard to open their cells.
  128. <RoughneckGuard> We found these two in an underground cavern in Hyrule Village. They were... oh, snoopin' 'round one of our new hideouts, heh heh!
  129. <Lightwall> Ahhh!
  130. * Lightwall smirks evilly, nodding his head in acknowledgement.
  131. <RoughneckGuard> Whaddya want to do with them, O Great Deathwall?
  132. <Maliki> "didn't you hear he wants to experment on us. probly get out all his best sex toys"
  133. * Maliki grins impishly
  134. <RoughneckGuard> A what toy?
  135. <Lightwall> Oh, not much... just a little of the same. I'm wondering how tough they are...
  136. <RoughneckGuard> Oh, yes, they're tough fellas... but no match for you, man!
  137. * Lightwall walks slowly toward Maliki's cell.
  138. * RoughneckGuard stands aside. ToughGuard stands outside of Herian's cell, staring at the Wolfos.
  139. <Lightwall> It sounds like THIS one has a quick tongue...
  140. * Herian growls low at the guard and bears his large teeth at him
  141. <Maliki> "heheh it knows all kinds of tricks too
  142. * ToughGuard grins widely to display his... half broken assortment of teeth. ...... pro.
  143. * Lightwall glares at Maliki.
  144. <Maliki> "whaaaat"
  145. * Lightwall stops just outside his cell, and then his expression changes to that of concern.
  146. * Lightwall whispers, "I'm going to try to find a way to get you out of here."
  147. * Maliki blinks a little and wispers back a little "They seem to think your in charge"
  148. * DanKaze has his eyes closed and appears to be deep in thought. You all notice the chatter from the other prisoners has died down, and some of them also seem to be kind of deep in thought.
  149. * Lightwall whispers, "Yeah, my compatriot is a master illusionist. Just play along; I'm not really going to hurt you."
  150. * RoughneckGuard watches the room, then sees DanKaze deep in thought.
  151. <RoughneckGuard> Hey... hey you there! Whatcha doin'?
  152. * DanKaze remains motionless, as if he didn't even hear it.
  153. <Maliki> "so you going to let me out big dumb and UUUUGLY?"
  154. <Lightwall> *looks at Maliki* It's time you were taught a lesson about watching your tongue. I might take it off.
  155. * RoughneckGuard turns back to Maliki, and then he puts his hand on Lightwall's shoulder.
  156. <RoughneckGuard> Do not insult great master DEATHWALL, little FURRY!
  157. <Maliki> "i was talking to you "
  158. <DM> *Actually, Mr. Dingo is what, 5' 9"? RoughneckGuard is uhh... 5' 8".*
  159. <RoughneckGuard> WHATCHU SAYIN'?!
  160. <RoughneckGuard> THAT'S IT!
  161. * RoughneckGuard grabs the cell door and opens it with his key. He pulls his staff out and points it at Maliki.*
  162. <Maliki> "see that wasn't so hard was it"
  163. <DM> *Some light seems to be converging at the tip of the staff.*
  164. <RoughneckGuard> I've about had enough with you! Say your prayers to Nayru, heathen!
  165. * DanKaze suddenly pops up and looks confused at the situation.
  166. <DanKaze> Hey hey hey, we don't need to go that rough on them, man!
  167. * RoughneckGuard ignores DanKaze completely.
  168. <Maliki> "carefull now your boss wants me wouldn't want him to get mad"
  169. * DanKaze casts Illusion of Creation, displacing the location of the door while the guards aren't looking.
  170. <DanKaze> 20h, 209m
  171. <RoughneckGuard> My boss is the great goddess, Nayru, Goddess of Law! You shall now pay the price for your sins, law breaker!
  172. * Lightwall draws his sword and quickly strikes the hilt against the guard's head.
  173. * RoughneckGuard fires the beam at Maliki. (Roll Wisdom!)
  174. <RoughneckGuard> $7d10
  175. <Navi> RoughneckGuard: You rolled 7 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 10, 7, 3, 4, 9 and 8. Total: 50. Successes: 6.
  176. <DM> (Roll uhh... Power, Lightwall)
  177. <Lightwall> $8d10
  178. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 8 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 1, 8, 8, 5, 5, 3, 10 and 8. Total: 48. Successes: 7.
  179. <Maliki> $9d10
  180. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 9 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 1, 2, 2, 5, 4, 8, 4 and 8. Total: 41. Successes: 4.
  181. <DM> *The beam hits you Maliki, dealing 2 damage.... - armor, which you should be wearing.*
  182. <DM> *Right as the beam hits, Lightwall slams the hilt of his sword on the guard's head. Unaware of it, he doesn't defend against it and is knocked unconscious on the groud.*
  183. <Maliki> "ow that tickled"
  184. <DM> *The keys are on the ground.*
  185. * Lightwall quickly picks up the keys.
  186. * ToughGuard turns to see his compadre knocked out.
  187. * Lightwall unlocks the Wolfos' cell.
  188. * ToughGuard drops his staff on the ground... and then pulls out a hammer.
  189. <ToughGuard> My... hammer... is... gret!
  190. <DanKaze> Pro speech, dude.
  191. <Maliki> "mine is better"
  192. <DM> *You pull out your ridiculous Big Frigin' Hammer, which is three times the size of the one ToughGuard is hodling.*
  193. * Lightwall hides the keys in his hand, as if he didn't have them, and turns toward ToughGuard.
  194. <ToughGuard> .... fstek.
  195. <ToughGuard> ORI-YAAAAAAAA!
  196. * ToughGuard suddenly attacks Lightwall with his hammer! (Roll Power)
  197. <ToughGuard> $12d10
  198. <Navi> ToughGuard: You rolled 12 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 7, 8, 10, 1, 3, 10, 4, 5, 9, 5, 8 and 7. Total: 77. Successes: 11.
  199. <Lightwall> $10d10
  200. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 10 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 2, 2, 1, 7, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 and 2. Total: 40. Successes: 5.
  201. * ToughGuard lands a rather painful hit on Lightwall, dealing 11 - 5 = 6 + 1 = 7 physical damage - armor
  202. <Lightwall> 7 - 3 armor/robe = 4
  203. <DM> (wanna retaliate, Maliki?)
  204. * Maliki grips the hammer about its shaft and lifts it up single handly and suddenly lunges at the man with the massive hamer
  205. <DM> (the robe doesn't block physical damage, only neutral damage)
  206. <Lightwall> (oops)
  207. * ToughGuard notices his vision is suddenly blocked by the ridiculous hammer that Maliki is wielding.
  208. <ToughGuard> Oh shhhhhhhh
  209. <Lightwall> 7-2 = 5
  210. <Lightwall> 8h, 10m
  211. <DM> (I think it's $18d10 for you, Maliki)
  212. <Maliki> $18d10
  213. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 18 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 10, 2, 9, 6, 6, 5, 5, 1, 8, 2, 1, 1, 10, 6, 6, 5 and 5. Total: 97. Successes: 15.
  214. <DM> (and then followed up by $2d4)
  215. <Maliki> tis
  216. <ToughGuard> O_o
  217. * Lightwall staggers to the side, away from Maliki's cell, allowing him a clear shot at the guard.
  218. <ToughGuard> $12d10
  219. <Navi> ToughGuard: You rolled 12 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 9, 5, 2, 10, 7, 3, 9, 2, 4, 8, 5 and 9. Total: 73. Successes: 9.
  220. <DM> ($1d4 for Critical Point Awareness, then $1d4 for Power Strike, so... 2d4)
  221. <Maliki> $2d4
  222. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 2 Dice with 4 Sides. Result: 1 and 1. Total: 2.
  223. <DM> *You don't get any criticals, but despite this...
  224. <DM> 15 - 9 = 6 + 3 = 9 damage
  225. <DM> *Your hammer transforms ToughGuard into a tough splatter of blood.*
  226. <DM> *At once, the door to the room opens, and the two guards that were standing outisde enter. The door closes behind them.*
  227. * RoughneckGuard is now known as Guard1
  228. * ToughGuard is now known as Guard2
  229. <Guard1> Hey, what was that screaming?
  230. <Guard2> What in the world is going on here?!
  231. * DanKaze motions to the pile of blood that was once ToughGuard.
  232. <Maliki> "just kinky stuff your to young to understand"
  233. <DanKaze> We're performing a blood sacrifice!
  234. <DanKaze> See now...
  235. <Maliki> "Same thing realy
  236. * DanKaze pushes the other unconscious blood into the blood, as the two guards that just entered stare at you with blank expressions.
  237. <DanKaze> Okay, so it turns out your guard dudes were really bad and let out these two animals... so we're punishing them for failing their duties. That's what Lordan said we came here to do, right?
  238. <Guard1> Uhh... I guess.
  239. <Guard2> Why are the two animals not chained?
  240. <DanKaze> Ah, because uhh... we haven't gotten that far yet!
  241. <Maliki> "becuse whips and chains exite me?"
  242. * DanKaze casts two Illusions of Disguise, one on Maliki and one on Herian. They suddenly appear to have collars on their necks.
  243. <DanKaze> Yes, and with this blood sacrifice...
  244. <DanKaze> 20h, 207m
  245. * DanKaze nudges Lightwall.
  246. * Lightwall closes his eyes, and dramatically casts PSI Blast on the "sacrifice".
  247. <DanKaze> ... once sir Deathwall performs his ritualistic spell...
  248. <Lightwall> $14d10
  249. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 14 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 1, 2, 5, 4, 2, 10, 8 and 1. Total: 77. Successes: 11.
  250. <DM> *Your PSI Blast- err... blast?
  251. <DM> (oh right, water, derp)
  252. <Lightwall> (Um, yes? I'm not fire-type, you know...)
  253. <DM> *Your PSI Blast decimates the man, fusing with the blood on the ground.The watery blood now covers the whole plaza, slowly enveloping it with what appears to be a demonic ritual.*
  254. * DanKaze casts two more Illusions of Disguise, altering the ones on Maliki and Herian to give them glowy yellow eyes.
  255. <DanKaze> Alas, these two creatures are now under our control!
  256. <Guard2> ... I didn't know we could do that.
  257. * Guard1 slaps Guard2 over the head.
  258. <Guard1> Duh! How else do you think we got control of half the guards in Hyrule Castle? Dummy!
  259. * Herian wonders if hes allowed out of this annoying box yet
  260. <Guard1> Man, you guys are good....
  261. <Guard1> I'll go get replacement guards.
  262. * Guard1 motions to Guard2.
  263. <Guard1> Steve, you'll need to stand outside for now.
  264. <Guard2> Alright, Bob!
  265. <DM> *The two of them exit, one of them standing back outside the door, and the other going to get replacements.*
  266. * Lightwall opens Herian's cell door.
  267. <DM> *You two should be able to exit your cells just fine.*
  268. <DanKaze> Hang on folks, before we leave here...
  269. <Herian> *steps out and looks at maliki*
  270. * DanKaze points to the other side of the room, opposite of the entrance door. There appears to be another door, which is locked.
  271. <DanKaze> I got some info sayin' there's some folks behind that door that we should see first.
  272. <DanKaze> Something about a reckless Moblin and a wise old man....
  273. * Lightwall looks at Dan, confused, then heads toward the door he mentioned.
  274. <DanKaze> Try one of those keys out. It should open.
  275. <DM> *A random steel door stands in your way. What do you do, Mr. Lightwall?*
  276. <DM> (oh yeah, knew I forgot something...)
  277. <Maliki> "so what are your orders ^master^" he draws that word out sarcasticly
  278. <DM> *Since you all vaporized the two guards, no item drops, but...
  279. <DM> +15 EXP for all of you, +$15d8 Rupees
  280. <DM> $2d3
  281. <Navi> DM: You rolled 2 Dice with 3 Sides. Result: 2 and 2. Total: 4.
  282. <DM> *Two Magic Jars drop.*
  283. <DM> (err, no equipped items drop, lol)
  284. <DanKaze> Meh, I don't need the magic jars... check out my beer collection.
  285. * DanKaze displays his bag, which has 27 magic-filling bottles of beer.
  286. * Lightwall smiles at Dan, amused.
  287. * Lightwall picks up one of the magic jars, and then tries to unlock the door with the keys.
  288. <Lightwall> 8h 10m (I'd used 1m for the PSI Blast, forgot to update this)
  289. <DM> *You go through about 20 keys until you reach one that unlocks this door and opens it.*
  290. <DanKaze> Wait!
  291. <DanKaze> Light, drop your robe on the ground.
  292. <Lightwall> $15d8
  293. <Navi> Lightwall: You rolled 15 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 5, 8, 3, 3, 1, 5, 6, 5, 8, 4, 1, 5, 6, 7 and 2. Total: 69.
  294. * DanKaze drops his white robe on the ground.
  295. <DanKaze> $15d8
  296. <Navi> DanKaze: You rolled 15 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 5, 3, 2, 4, 7, 3, 4, 3, 8, 3, 4, 1, 5, 3 and 4. Total: 59.
  297. * Lightwall drops his white robe on the ground.
  298. <Lightwall> Oh... yeah, right! Don't want to scare anyone.
  299. <DanKaze> Darn trackers...
  300. <DanKaze> Gonna have to pick 'em up on the way out.
  301. <Maliki> $15d8
  302. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 15 Dice with 8 Sides. Result: 2, 1, 4, 2, 4, 5, 1, 4, 4, 6, 6, 1, 3, 2 and 8. Total: 53.
  303. <DM> (Herian also gets rupees/EXP from that)
  304. <Maliki> (woot)
  305. <DanKaze> Okay, let's not linger too long, or else they'll wonder why we're in the prison so long.
  306. * Lightwall unlocks the door and opens it carefully.
  307. <DM> *The door opens outwards into a torchlit hallway ahead. There's a small handful of prison cells on either side of the hallway, numbering 3 on each side. There's also another door at the end of the hallway that appears locked.*
  308. * Maliki shrugs and walks over to DanKaze
  309. <DanKaze> Hey, doggy man! Name's Dan Kaze, nice to meet ya!
  310. * DanKaze holds out his hand to Maliki.
  311. <Maliki> "maliki"
  312. <DanKaze> Sweet. And uhh... your wolfy dude's name is uhh...
  313. <Maliki> "thats herian"
  314. <Maliki> "don't worry he doesn't bite much"
  315. * Herian steps out beside maliki actully being a fair bit bigger then him
  316. <DanKaze> Cool. Welcome to our little gang of initiates! We're here to kick light and chew wisdom! ... however that works.
  317. * Lightwall chuckles.
  318. * Lightwall approaches Maliki.
  319. <Lightwall> Sorry for being rude earlier. I'm Lightwall.
  320. * DanKaze pokes his head into the hallway ahead, and then pokes back out.
  321. <DanKaze> ... I sense a presence... a presence I have not felt since... well, let's just enter, shall we?
  322. * DanKaze goes back into the hallway.
  323. <Maliki> "tis alright"
  324. <DM> *From the hallway of prisons, you hear a familiar grumble from one of the cells, Lightwall.*
  325. <Moe> Grunt?
  326. * Lightwall perks up at the familiar sound.
  327. <Lightwall> Huh? ... Moe?
  328. <Moe> Grunt, Lightwall?
  329. <DanKaze> Moe? What's that?
  330. <Lightwall> A ... friendly Moblin. Moe? Is that you?
  331. <DanKaze> Is that like a Marvest Moedown?
  332. * Lightwall hurries toward Moe's grunting sounds.
  333. * Moe squeals and shakes the bars of his cell door.
  334. <DM> *He appears to be grumbling in one of the cells on the left side.*
  335. * Lightwall heads to the left and finds his cell. He takes out the keys and begins trying them out in the cell's lock.
  336. <DM> *You hear an old man speak up from the cell opposite of Moe's.*
  337. <Lightwall> Don't worry, Moe! I'll get you outta' here! ...
  338. <OldMan> Those keys will not work on these doors, young man.
  339. <Maliki> "well this is fun"
  340. * OldMan appears to be well over the age of 100, his eyes hidden by his very long and bushy eyebrows. He's also got a very long beard that reaches down to his waist.
  341. <DanKaze> Oh, that presence... I know who this is now!
  342. <DanKaze> It's Gandalf the Gray!
  343. <DanKaze> ... wait, who's that.
  344. * Lightwall is so busy trying keys that he barely hears the old man's words, trying desperately to free his friend.
  345. <DanKaze> Hey, uhh... what's your name, Maliki? I'm pretty sure your hammer can just break through that Moblin's cell. The bars don't look that strong.
  346. <OldMan> A hammer? It'd have to be a pretty big hammer...
  347. <Maliki> "it is VERY big hammer
  348. <Maliki> "draws out the rediclous hammer
  349. * Moe looks out with pleading eyes. (:puppyeyes:)
  350. <OldMan> .. oh.
  351. <OldMan> Well, I've about seen enough life for one old man today.
  352. * DanKaze stands far aside.
  353. * Lightwall pulls the keys out, and looks at Maliki.
  354. <Lightwall> Do you think you can do it?
  355. <Maliki> "i can try"
  356. * Lightwall sees Maliki coming with the hammer and stands aside.
  357. <Lightwall> Moe, get away from the door!
  358. * Moe grunts in acknowledgement and retreats to the cell's back wall.
  359. <CellDoor> Door. ...... Door door. Door? Dooooooooooor.
  360. * Maliki attacks the door!
  361. <Maliki> $18d10
  362. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 18 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 8, 5, 3, 1, 7, 9, 1, 8, 9, 8, 2, 1, 9, 8, 1, 7, 3 and 4. Total: 94. Successes: 10.
  363. <DanKaze> Knock knock, Door.
  365. * CellDoor crumbles under the might of Maliki's massive hammer of doom.
  366. <DM> *Maliki, +1 EXP for you.*
  367. <Maliki> "hi can we come in?"
  368. <Lightwall> *to himself* Hunh, a talking door... Don't see that everyday!
  369. * Moe drops his hands from protecting his face, and looks at Maliki, confused.
  370. <Moe> Grunt?
  371. <Maliki> "hi!"
  372. * Lightwall comes to the door.
  373. <OldMan> Would you care to open my door, young fellows?
  374. <Lightwall> *doorway
  375. <Maliki> "sure step back a way"
  376. <DanKaze> Not so fast, uhhh.... ...
  377. <DanKaze> Wait! For all we know, he may want to kill us.
  378. <Lightwall> Moe! You're free!
  379. <OldMan> You
  380. <Maliki> "if he does i do have a very large hammer in hand"
  381. * OldMan stares at DanKaze.
  382. <OldMan> You seem familiar....
  383. <DanKaze> Nope! Never seen me before! I uhh... definitely don't know this man!
  384. <DanKaze> Seriously, who guys by the name of Sashylalaman?
  385. * OldMan pronounces his name correctly.
  386. <OldMan> It's Sahasrahla, you little troublemaker!
  387. * OldMan is now known as Sahasrahla
  388. * Lightwall stops in Moe's doorway, restraining an *strange* urge to hug the big Moblin.
  389. <DanKaze> Eheheheheh.... yeah, we should keep this senile dude locked up. He's-
  390. <Moe> *Grunt* *grunt* free!
  391. <Sahasrahla> YOU should be the one locked up, not me!
  392. <Maliki> "this is fun"
  393. * Moe leaves his cell quickly and joins the others in looking at the old man.
  394. <Maliki> "light wall old man out or in?"
  395. <Sahasrahla> If you folks are going to travel with that man... *pointing at DanKaze*....
  396. <Sahasrahla> Then keep me in here. I have no desire to associate myself with him.
  397. * Lightwall kinks an eyebrow at Sahasrala. "Where have I heard that name before???" he thinks.
  398. <Sahasrahla> I may be the descendant of the original Seven Wise Men, but it is not yet time for me to detail the plot to you all- I mean... I shall continue to stay cooped up in here.
  399. <Sahasrahla> ... if you see Rauru, tell him he lost the game for me, will ya?
  400. * Sahasrahla goes to lie down on the stone bed in his cell.
  401. <Maliki> "did he just say he was going to derail your plan?"
  402. <Lightwall> (to Sahasrala: ) Wait! Who exactly are you? ... I mean, I know your name, but...
  403. <Maliki> "What IS your plan?"
  404. <DanKaze> Plan? Who's plan?
  405. <Sahasrahla> Ask the Master of Illusions yourself.
  406. <Lightwall> Um, that's... kind of in the works... right now.
  407. <DanKaze> Oh yes Mr. Sashraslgleaafgroferauiof... A man "as ancient as the land", as the rumors would say...
  408. <DanKaze> He's been around long enough to see two Gerudo Kings try to take over Hyrule! Pretty cool, huh?
  409. <DanKaze> Except I think the first one got backstabbed by his own men. Second one's Good Ol' Ganny.
  410. <Lightwall> Indeed. Well, if we're getting out of here, (at Sahasrala: ) we might as well take you along with us. I doubt the Followers of Wisdom will treat you very kindly.
  411. <Moe> *Grunt* *grunt*
  412. <Sahasrahla> Before you break down those bars....
  413. * Moe nods his head in agreement. (He's such a suck-up!)
  414. <Sahasrahla> ... do you have a way to actually get me out of here?
  415. <Sahasrahla> Or will I be killed the moment I step out of the prison?
  416. <Lightwall> Not unless you stand next to the door while Maliki demolishes it.
  417. * Lightwall nods at Maliki.
  418. <Maliki> "alright old man you might wanna cover your ears"
  419. <Maliki> $18d10
  420. <Navi> Maliki: You rolled 18 Dice with 10 Sides. Result: 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 8, 10, 4, 6, 4, 4, 7, 9, 10, 10, 6, 9 and 7. Total: 117. Successes: 16.
  421. * Sahasrahla continues to lay his bed as Maliki causes structural damage to both the cell door and the floor that it rests on.
  422. <DM> (Lightwall, how much time do you have left?)
  423. <Lightwall> (I've got time. I'll be here longer than usual.)
  424. <DM> (kay)
  425. <DM> (wrapping up soon though)
  426. <Sahasrahla> And... how do you expect an old man such as myself to escape?
  427. <Lightwall> Well, ... to be honest, I'm not sure. Do you have any special skills?
  428. <DanKaze> He can have a stroke with his back. ... I think that's it.
  429. <Sahasrahla> No.
  430. <Sahasrahla> I am but an old man with knowledge. That is all.
  431. <DanKaze> My Old Master grows too old to travel. Let's just keep him here and be on our ways, yay?
  432. * Lightwall facepalms. He has absolutely no idea how to save the poor old codger.
  433. <Maliki> (didn't i brake the door?)
  434. <Lightwall> (Yeah, but escaping is another thing.)
  435. <DM> *You broke the door, but the old man is still lying on his stone bed. He is not leaving his cell, it seems.*
  436. <Maliki> "well we are likely to make all kinds of noise as we leave so i'm sure a smart old man like you can find his way out"
  437. * Lightwall heaves a disappointed sigh.
  438. <DanKaze> Need I remind you that despite us taking down some initiates with ease...
  439. <DanKaze> There are some folks in this place that can just force blast us into a wall without even trying.
  440. <Maliki> "Then we go through a wall?"
  441. <DanKaze> ... what.
  442. * Lightwall looks at Maliki with surprise.
  443. <Maliki> "I break a wall and we use it as a door?"
  444. <DanKaze> ... what.
  445. <Sahasrahla> ... what.
  446. <DanKaze> Umm... you know what, I'm curious. Try it.
  447. <Lightwall> You really think you can use your hammer to hammer us another way outta' here?
  448. <Maliki> "we can try?"
  449. <Sahasrahla> Don't listen to that troublemaker. You can't possibly hammer your way out.
  450. <DanKaze> No, seriously dude, this'll be awesome.
  451. <DM> *The choice is up to you.*
  452. * Lightwall looks at the wall opposite the entrance.
  453. <DM> *Actually, that's a locked door you're looking at.*
  454. <DM> *Let's see, you're underground at least several stories of dirt and stone.*
  455. <Lightwall> Eh? Waitaminute...
  456. <Maliki> (oh? i didn't realise we were underground)
  457. <DM> *Should be interesting to see you make a door to get you to the surface from here.*
  458. <DM> (yeah, sorry bout that)
  459. * Lightwall heads to the door opposite the entrance and examines it.
  460. <DM> (Remember Ganon's Castle in OoT? At the end, it sunk into the ground. Where you are is Ganon's Castle, now underground and renovated by the Followers of Wisdom.*
  461. * Moe kinks an eyebrow at Maliki, doubting it would be possible.
  462. <DM> *It's got a lock on it. Would you try to a key out on it?*
  463. <Lightwall> (yes)
  464. * Lightwall tries to unlock the door.
  465. <DM> *You attempt your keys on the door. None of them work.*
  466. * Sahasrahla hears you attempting to open that door.
  467. <Sahasrahla> Even if you had access, I would not recommend going back there.
  468. <Lightwall> Why not? Where does this lead?
  469. * Lightwall suddenly imagines the execution chamber from his trial. O_O
  470. <Sahasrahla> What's behind that door are foes far more powerful than most people have ever encountered. That door requires a very special key, one that only the top fellows of the Followers have.
  471. * Lightwall huffs a sigh of half-relief.
  472. <DanKaze> Thank god the plot blocked us from opening that!
  473. <Lightwall> Okay. Let's get out of here, everyone.
  474. <DanKaze> Righto. Uhh... sorry about your door, Mr. Oldy.
  475. <DanKaze> Smell ya later!
  476. * DanKaze darts outta there ASAP.
  477. * Lightwall chuckles.
  478. <Maliki> "i could you know?"
  479. <Maliki> "hit it"
  480. <Lightwall> Dan and I'll go get our white robes on. The rest of you pretend that you're our minions.
  481. <Lightwall> No, Maliki... It's best we go out the front door in disguise.
  482. <Maliki> "ok then"
  483. <Maliki> "Come along herian these chaps are letting us out"
  484. * DanKaze casts another Illiusion of Disguise. It summons a collar around Moe and turns his eyes glowing yellow.
  485. <Lightwall> Who knows WHAT we'll find beyond THAT door... *shudders*
  486. * Sahasrahla goes back to sleep as you leave the hallway.
  487. * Moe acts like he's in a trance and follows Lightwulf while staring blankly ahead. (He may not be smart, but he's a good actor!)
  488. <Lightwall> Shall we leave?
  489. <DM> *Moe, we're approaching the end of the session. Would you like to use your epic narrator voice as you leave the prison area?*
  490. * DanKaze gets his robe back on and acts like he was never in that hallway.
  491. <Moe> (yes)
  492. <DM> *Moe activates EPIC NARRATOR MODE. His voice gains movie trailer powers!*
  493. * Lightwall heads back out into the prison.
  494. <DM> (a-waitin' on Moe)
  495. <Moe> *And so, the band of heroes head out of the prison door together, united as an unlikely team of survivors.*
  496. <DM> *Starring...
  497. <DM> *Lightwulf as DEATHWALL: "Ain't nobody gonna live through my slam jam of spiky death!"*
  498. <DM> *Maliki as MCFURRY: "It's McHammer time!"*
  499. <DM> *Grammar Nazi as HERIAN: "No really, I speak better than my master."*
  500. <DM> *Joe as MOE: "Grumble grumble, give me 50 Rupees or I'll turn you into my dinner. Self-advertised cannibalism!"*
  501. <DM> *And Dan Kaze as THE MASK: "This explains everything."*
  502. <DM> *Join them next time, as they stride out of prison in style and go to school, where they get to school some newbs!*
  503. <DM> *And now, for your intervening loading screen...*
  504. <DM> -=QUEST PAUSE=-
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