WarpedRealm release 1.37

Dec 11th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.37 Changes:
  2. - Added icons to claim blocks in the store
  3. - Removed spectral catalyst drops from end mobs
  4. - Fixed end vortexes not pulling in properly
  5. - Fixed end Vortexes still showing dummy entities and markers that should be invisible
  6. - Added Nautilus, Scrape, Reverse portal and flame Particles to Warped
  7. - Changed player particles prefix
  8. - Fixed gaia memory leak when breaking and trying to replace water
  9. - Fixed favicon and logo on the storepage looking like shit
  10. - Added icons to claim blocks in the store
  11. - Increased miner and digger exp gain by 20%
  12. - Increased sell prices of Iron, Gold, Emeralds and Diamonds
  13. - Bots are now sorted in the discord, which will make discord and minecraft linking more easy (since you have to DM @WRChat)
  14. - Natural Slimes wont spawn in claims anymore
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