Apr 17th, 2019
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  1. budget: $50
  3. install:
  5. How app works:
  7. when you have a trial username (i'll provide it), it allows to open the app, however it also shows warning, like "if you wont pay, service will be suspended", and in 2-3 days it blocks access. At this moment, we have working trial username, so, it enters the program successfully.
  8. in x64dbg, if you trace the current route (when the username still logs in), you might see the correct route how it enters from login screen to platform. so, in a day or so, when you again try to login, it will be blocked.
  9. So, then the "correct route" will help to bypass that block and enter the platform again.
  10. that's all i want, to get the patch instruction (because the .exe is being updated frequently, and I need to know how to bypass that 1 logic screen).
  12. I don't know how it works: either with successfull login it gets api key from server and sends that api key with every next request, or only the first login is enough to open the app and make next requests. so, that's i need to be found out.
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