Treasure Hunting (nsfw; Saddle Up 2 story)

Jan 21st, 2015
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  1. (Updated 3/31)
  3. "That's all of it? Seriously?"
  4. It was around midday when Garble barged unexpectedly into Fizzle's cave. 'Hoard Inspection' he had called it. What it really meant was to assure his hoard was still the largest and to 'remedy' the situation if it wasn't. While the other dragons had formidable hoards that rivaled, but still remained smaller, than Garble's, Fizzle's pile of gems and other random valuables barely reached above an ankle. Garble made no effort to hide his disapproval. With a kick of a sapphire atop the meager pile, he snorted a wisp of flame at the other dragon.
  5. "This is pathetic, Fizzle!" Garble yelled, crunching across the pile of gems and gold to close the gap between him and the white dragon. "Even for you!"
  6. "I-I'm sorry, Garble! I..I'll try harder and..." Fizzle backed away as Garble advanced, his rear pressing into the wall of the cave. He felt himself shrinking in the larger red dragon's presence. But, in his effort to avoid eye contact, he found himself looking at Garble's chiseled physique and well defined arms and shoulders. A blush crept on the white dragon's cheeks and the all too familiar sound of his claws clicking into each other filled the cave. "I'll...try harder?"
  7. "Not good enough, Fizzle! You don't get it, this makes me look weak!" Garble was inches from Fizzle now, his hot breath blasting into the smaller dragon's neck and chest. If it wasn't for the low light of the cave combined with his fury, Garble might have noticed how Fizzle's reaction was a little more than intimidation. "I let a dragon in my flight get away with a hoard like that, the others might think I'm slipping. Next thing you know they'll be trying to be alpha dragon! I don't wanna have to beat Vex and Clump up! Understand? "
  8. Fizzle swallowed hard and nodded, Garble practically pinning him to the wall of the cave. Just a little closer and those pecks and abs would be against his body and..
  9. "Good. Let's get to it then." Garble backed off Fizzle and turned toward the mouth of the cave. Fizzle's hungry eyes followed Garble's tail for a few seconds before he replied.
  10. " it?" Fizzle, blinked and tried to shake off the arousal the earlier experience had given him. What did Garble mean by that?
  11. "Yea. What do you think I'm just gonna yell and storm off? That'd make me a lousy bro. I'm going to personally help you build that hoard up. After I take some for myself, 'course." Garble grinned, rows of sharp teeth giving him an almost sinister look. Was he up to something? "You got a problem?"
  12. "N-no!" Fizzle followed Garble to the entrance of the cave. "Th-thank you...for taking your time and--"
  13. "Ugh. Don't get mushy on me. Ain't right for a dragon!" Garble slapped him on the back, and Fizzle's wings pomf'ed out. Garble couldn't help but laugh. "Sheesh, Fizzle, even your wings are scrawny!"
  14. Fizzle pulled his wings tight to his body and lowered his head. But when Garble spread his own to take to the air, his eyes and cheeks betrayed him once again. Garble's wings matched the rest of him, rugged and muscular, but showed signs he took great pride and care of them. Wings were one of the lesser known objects of attraction for dragons. Strong wings meant they could fly farther, and the further you could fly the more territory you could claim.
  15. "We going or what?" Garble barked, Fizzle nodded and they both took to the air.
  16. The two dragons flew for a bit, well out of the dragon lands. Treasure there was almost always claimed, and while Garble might have gotten a rush from stealing from fully grown dragons, Fizzle wasn't the type. So they left the dragon lands and flew out to sea. Fizzle wanted to ask where they were going but Garble seemed to purposely fly just fast enough that Fizzle couldn't keep pace with him. By the time they landed on a small island off the east coast, Fizzle had to take a moment to catch his breath.
  17. "There ought to be some gems in here. We'll get a bite to eat before we go looking for real treasure." Garble pointed to a mountain in the center of the island.
  18. Fizzle waited for Garble to begin his trek to the mountain but he folded his arms.
  19. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Garble snorted a wisp of fire at Fizzle's chest.
  20. "Umm.." Fizzle scratched his head. Garble grumbled and rolled his eyes. "Thanks?"
  21. "No, dumbass, what are you going to give me for finding the gemcave?" Garble smirked and Fizzle began to fidget. "This ain't charity, ya know!"
  22. "I thought...if there was gem you'd...just take some for yourself?"
  23. "Of course I will! But you still owe me for finding the cave. What if there's nothing in there? I still gotta get something for protecting you while we flew out here."
  24. Fizzle squirmed and clicked his claws together, shrinking as Garble closed the gap between them again.
  25. "I know you ain't got any good things in your hoard, that's why we're here in the first place. Maybe you can do me a favor..." Fizzle felt something poke his leg. He looked down and sure enough, Garble's cock was out of its sheath and poking him in the thigh. "...and take care of that."
  26. Fizzle swallowed hard and his eyes were fixated on the thick dragon meat against his thigh. He'd fantasized about this before, more than once at that, but never in a million years did he think he would ever get a chance to actually..
  27. "Isn't this a little....ya" Fizzle asked, but his eyes never left Garble's length. His mouth was beginning to water. He could imagine that throbbing cock in his mouth, down his throat, the taste of Garble's seed...every fantasy he ever had cascaded through his mind all at once. Fizzle squeezed his legs together, a blush spreading on his cheeks as his own erection began to form.
  28. "When you gonna get it through your thick skull, it ain't gay if its a favor. Sheesh Fizzle, you worry about the dumbest things." Garble put his claw on Fizzle's shoulder and pushed downward, silently ordering him to his knees. "If I don't cum, you don't get any gems, that's something to worry about!"
  29. Fizzle didn't need any more encouragement. The gems were the furthest thing from his mind as he took the larger red dragon in his mouth in one fluid motion. Garble replied with a grunt, his once smug look changing to one of pleasure as Fizzle's eagerness surprised him.
  30. Fizzle never gave oral before, but he secretly practiced with longer gems on occasion. Even Garble's impressive size wasn't enough to stop Fizzle from taking him all the way to his hips, the very tip of Garble's cock touching the back of the smaller dragon's throat. When Fizzle felt that, with practiced willpower, he swallowed and deepthroated the throbbing meat. Garble grunted another moan, and Fizzle tasted pre in his mouth. His claws reached for Garble's hips and his fingers sunk into the buff dragon's tight rear, pulling him deeper and deeper into his mouth. Garble tried to talk, perhaps to protest Fizzle grabbing his ass, but it only came out as a struggled moan. Even the dragonesses Garble had fooled around with never gave him such a pleasurable experience with their mouth. He was beginning to regret not rubbing one out this morning, as Fizzle brought him to the edge so fast it was almost embarrassing.
  31. Garble tried to tell Fizzle to slow down, but the white dragon would hear none of that. If anything, it emboldened him to speed up. Fizzle's head bobbed up and down on Garble's length as the dragon struggled to stand. His claws dug deeper into the flesh of his ass, parting the cheeks slightly as his tongue ran up the underside of the shaft. Garble had to grab Fizzle's shoulders to steady himself, worried he'd fall backwards as a surge of pleasure shot from the tip of his cock all the way deep in his hips. He felt himself begin to fuck Fizzle in the mouth, thrusting when he sucked harder on him, and Fizzle took it like a champ, not once gagging or struggling with the girth.
  32. "Urg...gunna!!" Garble managed as his balls emptied a day's worth of semen into Fizzle's hungry maw. Not a drop escaped his greedy lips, and every slurp and lap of his tongue kept Garble spurting more and more of his delicious fluids. Eventually, the stronger dragon had to force Fizzle off him, the pleasure too much for him to handle. Fizzle stumbled slightly and fell on his rump, panting, his own erection slick with his own pre. Garble struggled to stand, resting his claw on a nearby rock, panting heavily.
  33. "Holy hell....Fizzle....that was....." Garble could hardly think straight, to the point he forgot why he was letting the smaller dragon suck him off in the first place. Fizzle had his eyes glued to Garble's twitching and leaking cock, hungry for more. Garble noticed and quickly turned around, grateful his red scales hid the blush he had. "...good can go into the cave and gem hunt."
  34. Fizzle snapped out of his trance and walked, slightly awkwardly, to the cave to look for gems. When he was out of sight, Garble slumped to his bottom and sighed, trying to catch his breath. Garble was no stranger to blowjobs, he often made a joke that he was going for every color of the rainbow in regards to the dragonnesses in the badlands. But never had he finished so hard and violently that he needed a break like this. And from Fizzle, a DUDE, at that! How did that even happen!?
  35. His cock limp, sliding back inside him, and his thoughts a little clearer, Garble flew after Fizzle. When he reached Fizzle, the white dragon was on his hands and knees, collecting gems from under a large rock and throwing them into a pile. Garble wasn't exactly sure what he was going to say. That he gave him the best head he's ever had? That anytime he wants to he can fly over and do it again? That his perky round butt was begging to take his meaty co--shit.
  36. Garble started to open his mouth to speak, but his eyes locked with Fizzle's tail, leading them right to the curve of his friend's rear. Fizzle had a habit of swaying his tail back and forth as he dug and worked, and it only made Fizzle's rear wiggle that much more. Garble couldn't believe it, but his loins began to tremble. How could he be feeling like that already?
  37. "H-hey, find any good gems?"
  38. "A couple. I ate some and the rest are in that pile over there."
  39. "Yea...I see that." Garble said, his eyes glued to Fizzle's rump. A gem must have been stuck or something because those plush white cheeks bounced up and down, and his tail was straight up. Garble bit his lip and found the strength to look away. Briefly. As he turned his head, his eyes drifted right back on the prize. "So umm...about what just happened..."
  40. "Urrrgh! One second, Garble. This one is stuck!"
  41. Garble wiped sweat from his brow as Fizzle dug his legs into the ground and kept tugging on a stubborn gem. Every pull made him thrust his hips back, and his grunts only exacerbated the mental picture Garble had of dominating his smaller friend.
  42. "I think....I almost got it. Garble can you give me a hand? I'll grab it tight, you pull me out?"
  43. Garble was using every bit of energy and willpower to keep his dragon meat in check. He could feel it poking out of his sheath as he put his claws over Fizzle's hips. The soft texture of his scales and the curve of his hips didn't help at all and he felt something drip to the ground. Fizzle started giving a three count for when Garble should pull, but his mind was swimming with lewd thoughts.
  44. "One...two....three...pull!" Fizzle yelled and grunted, his plump rump bouncing right into Garble's crotch. Garble tried to focus on pulling Fizzle's body free, and not the gratuitous grinding happening against his most sensitive area. With every grunt Fizzle's bum squished into Garble's hips, and before he knew it, his cock was slipping from its sheath again.
  45. " it...!" Fizzle said, more focused on the gem then the sudden warmth between his rump cheeks. Garble, on the other hand, was practically death gripping Fizzle's hips to take his mind off how warm and tight that chubby butt felt. Every grunt and thrust of his hips rocked his cock up and down between them, and he could feel himself pre-ing like a leaky faucet. Fizzle's scales were becoming more and more slick with pre, and Garble swore he was actually flexing his butt together when he pulled backwards.
  46. Before Garble could object to what was going on, the gem pulled free and the two dragons went flying backward, Garble landing on his rear and Fizzle on top of him. In his claws was an exceptionally big emerald, and despite the low light of the cave it shimmered. Garble could hardly appreciate it, while they fell backwards about an inch of him entered the now pre-lubed hole of his smaller friend.
  47. "Wow, it's huge!" Fizzle exclaimed, and Garble felt the white dragon's hole tense and pucker around his trembling meat. Was he even talking about the emerald anymore? Fizzle sat up a little, and Garble's eyes rolled back as his length was swallowed by Fizzle's rump. Garble fell backward, his claws around Fizzles waist as the plump white mounds settled in his lap. That's when Fizzle turned his head around, eyes darting from Garble's face to the 'coupling' between them. His face was classic Fizzle, nervousness mixed with arousal. His words came, stuttering out as he tried to take advantage of this in a way only he could. "H-hard to believe something so big could....get stuck somewhere....s-s-so tight!~"
  48. Fizzle awkwardly winked and clenched his bottom again, and Garble couldn't take it anymore. His surprise faded and overwhelming lust seized the mighty dragon. He sat up with a start, nearly surprising Fizzle as he was quickly repositioned from sitting up to his chest down on the hard stone of the cave. Garble growled like a animal as he began to shove his dragon cock in and out of Fizzle's tight hole. Fizzle winced as a mix of pain and pleasure surged from within, practically cumming instantly. It splattered on the cave floor and Fizzle moaned Garble's name as the rutting continued.
  49. Garble had finished so recently that he was slightly shocked he felt his own seed beginning to brew deep in his loins, but it only made him fuck his friend that much harder. The desire to cum in and on him flooded his mind, the dominance factor fueling his desire further as he leaned forward and bit Fizzle right where his neck met his shoulder. As he did this, Garble's claw slid to Fizzle's meat and squeezed. Fizzle yelped loudly, followed by a cry of passion as the white dragon finished a second time, cumming hotly on Garble's claw.
  50. All of this finally sent Garble over the edge, his ass clenching as he unloaded a huge spurt of cum into Fizzle. Pulling out, the red dragon continued to spurt ribbons of cum onto his friend, the semen splattering all over his back, wings, and tail. Garble gave one last squeeze of his length, cum dribbling onto Fizzle's trembling rear, then he fell backwards and sighed. Fizzle picked himself up slightly and, in a very uncharacteristic show of boldness, crawled into the crook of Garble's arm and snuggled into his chest. Garble was far too exhausted to object to the post sex cuddling, even returning it loosely.
  51. They sat there, both panting heavily, and Fizzle reached for the dislodged emerald. He considered taking a bite, but after that rutting he was compelled to offer it to Garble first. The red dragon quietly refused and Fizzle smiled and brought it toward him. Just when he was about to take a bite, though, he stopped when he saw a very familiar crack on the edge of the crystal.
  52. "Hey....Garble? Isn't this yours?"
  53. Garble blinked and "huh?"-ed
  54. "Vex gave you this, for your hatchday! I remember because we were throwing it around and it cracked. In fact, that ruby looks like--"
  55. "Oh crap, look at the time! The sun is setting, we better go back!" Garble sat up in a hurry, nearly knocking Fizzle over. He gathered up the gems into a pile and covered them with dirt. "We'll pick these up tomorrow, come on Fizzle, get your cute ass in gear!"
  56. Fizzle giggled and Garble gave him a stern 'don't you dare say a word of this' look. Fizzle smirked and held up the emerald, as if to say 'then I can keep this?'
  57. "Fiiiine. Your hoard needs all the help it can get, anyhow." Fizzle nodded and licked the tip of the emerald, causing Garble to blush slightly. "Cut it out! And don't be bragging that I fucked would make the other dragons jealous!"
  58. Fizzle smiled and left with Garble, walking a little closer to the bigger dragon than he ever dared before.
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