Oran Minisession 2/3A-1 pt 2

Sep 12th, 2011
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  2. * You are now known as Lorelei
  3. * Garlyle is now known as Arawn
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  5. <Paradox> A giant Torkoal had just stepped out from behind one of the large and mysterious pillars of glass!
  6. <Paradox> Well not so mysterious anymore; the Torkoal itself seems to be made of glass. It also seems to be made of ANGRY, and it huffs at the three of you as you approach.
  7. * Terri ( has joined #AlizarinForest
  8. <Terri> !dm9001 last lines shoe #15
  9. <Terri> !dm9001 lastlines #15
  10. <Paradox> "Huh. That thing doesn't seem too pleased. Must have wandered out from the barrens ... what's it doing all the way out here?"
  11. <Lorelei> "Ugm..... being pissed off?"
  12. <Arawn> "The hell...?" Arawn looks it over; one hand on his scythe; then he hesitates a little; other hand making a swap. Out comes an equally pissed off Marrill.
  13. * Lorelei protectively pets the oddish in her arms glancing back to her friends. She wasn't big on fighting but she had a bad vibe from this guy. Mainly how FULL OF RAGE he was.
  14. * Bother (Botherer_@13DF692.FAEA8C38.1A1318BB.IP) has joined #AlizarinForest
  15. <Paradox> "Uuuuh, I just sent my main pokemon off with a message ... not sure Lumina is up to this sort of thing yet, she's just a baby."
  16. <Paradox> The Torkaol moves forward a bit, and stomps, letting out a plume of smoke.
  17. <Paradox> (Dex and speeds?)
  18. <Lorelei> "Do we have to fight it? Can't we just... give it a tre.....EEEEEEEEEK"
  19. <Lorelei> Dex: 08, Pax: 1 Speed
  20. <Arawn> "..." Arawn seems to be surveying the scene. "...All this sand... damnit. Well, time to see how these things work in a pinch..."
  21. * Lorelei quickly recalls Odi and much to her dismay, Mai. Steel and Grass does not need to risk being caught in a flameblast
  22. <Arawn> Arawn 14; Mr. Dream 4
  23. * Paradox has changed the topic to: Cedric > Arawn > Lorelei > Mr. Dream > Torkoal > Pax
  24. <Paradox> Cedric doesn't even OWN a weapon, and just kinda stands back.
  25. <Paradox> Lorelei's turn.
  26. * Lorelei hides behind Arawn and whines "Pax, do somethiiiing"
  27. <Lorelei> (Thaaats about it)
  28. <Paradox> (oh whoops, skipped Arawn. Well, go Arawn!)
  29. <Arawn> Arawn does own a weapon; but frankly he's guarding Lorelei and Cedric. "This is... Hey, Dream. That thing insulted your mother."
  30. <Arawn> And Mr. Dream doesn't really need egging on. WATER'D YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOMMA.
  31. <Arawn> 1d20 water gun
  32. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, water gun: 5 [1d20=5]
  33. <Arawn> 2d6+1 ...Fuck move tutor damages. Hopefully 4x weakness makes up for this.
  34. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, ...Fuck move tutor damages. Hopefully 4x weakness makes up for this.: 10 [2d6=4,5]
  35. <Terri> (OH god, Water gun was nerfed that heavily? D:)
  36. <Paradox> The Torkoal seems unimpressed.
  37. <Arawn> (Oh, add 3 damage for STAB, right)
  38. <Arawn> (If that makes any difference. It could)
  39. <Paradox> The Torkoal rushes up, stepping over Mr. Angry, and releases a flamethrower at the three trainers
  40. <Paradox> 1d20
  41. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  42. * Lorelei thankfully used Arawn as cover?
  43. <Paradox> 4d12+17+5+15
  44. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 4d12+17+5+15: 58 [4d12=4,5,6,6]
  45. <Paradox> FWOOOOSH, Arawn and Cedric get roasted in flames.
  46. <Paradox> Pax!
  47. <Arawn> Arawn does his best to cover the others, gauntlets out to block shit as well as they can. It... does NOT work as intended, Arawn quickly discovers, when the heat just intensifies on his hands; and the pain makes him black out.
  48. <Arawn> (Oh hey I'm at exactly -50%)
  49. <Lorelei> ~Pax grunts seeing his foodgiver in danger and runs over. After an oh so epic staredown with the dangerous torkoal his tongue flicks out dragging across the torkoals face. Perhaps its spicy?
  50. <Lorelei> 1d20 Lick
  51. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Lick: 13 [1d20=13]
  52. <Lorelei> 1d12+13 Lick Damage
  53. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Lick Damage: 25 [1d12=12]
  54. <Paradox> No, it kinda tastes like sand, really.
  55. <Paradox> Cedric bends down, and tries to get Arawn back on his feet.
  56. <Paradox> 20+2d20
  57. <Paradox> 2d20+20 derp
  58. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, derp: 51 [2d20=11,20]
  59. <Paradox> Arawn regains 51 HP!
  60. <Paradox> Arawn's turn if that gets him back up.
  61. <Arawn> It's actually enough to get him back on his feet. "That... christ...!" Arawn's looking kind of shaky after that torching. "Can't wait this one out... Dream, we're taking it down. Right now!"
  62. <Arawn> 1d20 charging in scythefirst
  63. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, charging in scythefirst: 6 [1d20=6]
  64. <Arawn> (I'm guessing that's probably not a hit D: )
  65. <Paradox> The scythe bounces off the crystal shell.
  66. <Paradox> If Lorelei is doing anything, her turn - then Mr. Angry
  67. * Lorelei tries to hide behind something, but at least moves away from Cedric so they're not *A* Target
  68. <Arawn> Mr. Angry gets angrier. HUEG POWER ACTIVATE.
  69. <Arawn> 1d20 FUCK YOU THIS IS A ROLLOUT
  70. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, FUCK YOU THIS IS A ROLLOUT: 20 [1d20=20]
  71. <Anise> (it sure is)
  72. <Arawn> (20+...the fuck do you mean Rollout went from 1d12 on first turn to 1d4 what the fuck)
  73. <Arawn> (:/ )
  74. <Paradox> ( :\ )
  75. <Anise> (yeah, that happened to me too. Giant-ass rock whale rolls over someone, does 1d4 damage and change)
  76. <Paradox> ( so what's the total damage? )
  77. <Arawn> (24 :/ )
  78. <Terri> (Yeah, this is why Im not using the move tutor update for mons until this shit is fixed, for my campaign. My players are still low level.)
  79. <Paradox> Mr. Angry rolls into the Torkoal! It actually seems to do quite a bit of damage.
  80. <Paradox> The Torkoal turns to Mr. Angry
  81. * Anise has quit (Ping timeout)
  82. <Terri> (Mr. Angry's here? Where's Jack?)
  83. <Paradox> Mr. Dream I mean :V
  84. <Paradox> ( getting me confused since he's also angry and a Mr. ;-; )
  85. <Paradox> The Torkaol spins in its shell and shards of glass fly at Mr. Dream!
  86. <Paradox> 1d20
  87. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  88. <Paradox> aaand they miss.
  89. <Paradox> (probably. AC4?)
  90. <Paradox> (yes it misses)
  91. <Paradox> Pax!
  92. <Lorelei> Pax gags at the taste of sand and charges, shoulder ramming the torkoal with his fairly large bulk
  93. <Lorelei> 1d20 Tackle
  94. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Tackle: 8 [1d20=8]
  95. <Lorelei> 2d6+16 Tackle Damage+Stab if hit
  96. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Tackle Damage+Stab if hit: 25 [2d6=3,6]
  97. <Paradox> Bonk!
  98. <Paradox> The Torkoal seems to be about halfway down at this point.
  99. <Lorelei> (Amusing that Munchlax actually has a good fifty pounds on a regular Torkoal)
  100. <Paradox> Cedric applies his last healing item to Arawn
  101. <Paradox> 1d20+20
  102. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d20+20: 28 [1d20=8]
  103. <Paradox> Then it's Arawn's turn!
  104. <Arawn> "..." Arawn's vaguely aware of the healing being done to him as he fishes in a pouch and grabs a Pokeball. "Let's see if you'll be serving me as a forge... or if I'll be using that crystal hide of yours!"
  105. <Arawn> 1d100+3 Pokeball go D:<
  106. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, Pokeball go D:<: 99 [1d100=96]
  107. <Lorelei> (........)
  108. <Arawn> (........)
  109. <Lorelei> (High is bad, mmmmkay)
  110. <Arawn> (Well, looks like Dicemaid's maid her decision. OFF WITH ITS HEAD)
  111. <Lorelei> (My turn?)
  112. <Paradox> (yep)
  113. * Lorelei pegs the Torkoal with a pokeball while Arawn distracts it "GO AWAY!"
  114. <Lorelei> 1d100+5 Troll?
  115. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Troll?: 83 [1d100=78]
  116. <Lorelei> (Troll confirmed)
  117. <Paradox> The pokeball bounces off!
  118. <Paradox> Mr. Dream!
  119. <Arawn> 1d20 ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN
  120. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN: 16 [1d20=16]
  121. <Arawn> 1d8+4+20 KEEP THOSE PRICES ROLLIN'
  122. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, KEEP THOSE PRICES ROLLIN': 30 [1d8=6]
  123. <Lorelei> (Pokeballs not broken, right?)
  124. <Arawn> (Pokeballs break on failure to use. Arawn can repair 'em for cheap though :3c )
  125. <Lorelei> (Well im trying to catch it for you :P)
  126. <Paradox> 1d20
  127. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  128. <Paradox> The Torkoal stomps on the ground, which explodes with energy!
  129. <Paradox> 3d10+15+15
  130. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 3d10+15+15: 47 [3d10=6,8,3]
  131. <Paradox> (Ground damage on Mr. Dream)
  132. <Arawn> Mr. Dream takes a hit... but bounces a little and then revs up for his return strike
  133. <Lorelei> (Hows the torkoal looking now? healthwise?)
  134. <Paradox> You'd guess under half.
  135. <Paradox> (Pax's turn~)
  136. <Lorelei> Pax, try and subdue it!
  137. <Lorelei> " "*
  138. <Lorelei> Pax walks up and licks it hard on the side, trying to knock it over
  139. <Lorelei> 1d20 Lick
  140. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Lick: 15 [1d20=15]
  141. <Lorelei> 1d12+13 + Paralyzed
  142. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, + Paralyzed: 16 [1d12=3]
  143. <Lorelei> "It looks a lot weaker now, maybe it'll get caught easier?" Lorelei not-so-obviously points out to Arawn wincing as Pax ~munch-Munches~ in annoyance at the sandy taste
  144. <Paradox> Cedric hands Arawn another ball.
  145. <Arawn> "...It's like you don't -want- me to kill it," Arawn almost seems amused as he goes for another capture. Either this works or, well...
  146. <Arawn> 1d100+3 Welp here we go
  147. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, Welp here we go: 69 [1d100=66]
  148. <Paradox> "I'd rather you not kill much of anything, honestly."
  149. * Lorelei tosses a pokeball from her hiding spot, the small ball almost perfectly 'dinging' off the back of the torkoals head
  150. <Lorelei> 1d100+5 This sucks T_T
  151. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, This sucks T_T: 33 [1d100=28]
  152. <Paradox> The Torkoal is sucked in.
  153. <Paradox> The ball bobs up and down!
  154. <Paradox> It wobbles to!
  155. <Paradox> It wobbles fro!
  156. <Lorelei> (If its DC 30 I'll cry.)
  157. <Paradox> It spins around madly!
  158. <Paradox> Then the Torkoal is spit back out in a gush of energy!
  159. <Arawn> 1d20 TO BE CRUSHED BY MR. DREAM
  160. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, TO BE CRUSHED BY MR. DREAM: 12 [1d20=12]
  161. <Paradox> It stomps the ground angrily.
  162. <Arawn> 2d8+8+20
  163. <RichterBelmont> Arawn, 2d8+8+20: 41 [2d8=8,5]
  164. <Paradox> Mr. Dream's attack misses!
  165. <Paradox> Huh, where'd it go?
  166. <Paradox> The Pokeball wobbles again. Click.
  167. <Arawn> "...?" Arawn watches Dream roll through--oh god it's not there what the
  168. <Arawn> Dream narrowly misses crushing the Pokeball on the attempted strike.
  169. * Lorelei walks past Pax once Dream ahs settled down with a wince as she picks up the pokeball wiping sweat from her brow "That was close!"
  170. <Arawn> Dream? Settle down? Are you mad? The only reason he doesn't bowl Lorelei over is because Arawn recalls him quickly.
  171. <Paradox> "Well, that was interesting."
  172. * Lorelei walks over to Arawn and Cedric pausing suddenly to scoop up... mud. Yes, mud. She walks over and much to Cedrics amazement and dismay, she 'splats' it on his arm. Splattering across his face just a bit. "Mud is good for burns sugah"
  173. <Lorelei> 1d20+5 Remedial First Aid
  174. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Remedial First Aid: 18 [1d20=13]
  175. * Paradox :I
  176. <Paradox> "I ... Yes. Thank you. Thank you for the mud."
  177. * Lorelei shakes the mud off her hand with an 'ew' as she turns to Arawn and gives him a cheeky smile, holding out the pokeball with a wink "Soooo, need a Forge?"
  178. <Arawn> "...That was way too close, honestly," Arawn pulls the gauntlets off of himself, carefully. now that he's not pumped with adrenaline, the pain's getting to him - his hands clearly look freshly burned up.
  179. <Arawn> "...I wouldn't mind one. I've learned a Pokemon-generated flame is better than a normal one... if this thing's up to the task."
  180. <Lorelei> "Personally, I'm not very keen on pokemon that attempt to murder me in a blaze of fire. You can keep him"
  181. * Lorelei doesn't even think twice as she drops the pokeball, gently, into his hands
  182. <Arawn> "Ow."
  183. * Lorelei blinks picking it up after a second, only to drop a glob of mud into his hands, and placing the pokeball on top with a smile
  184. <Lorelei> "Much better"
  185. <Lorelei> 1d20+5 Remedial First Aid
  186. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Remedial First Aid: 21 [1d20=16]
  187. * Lorelei icks again and begins wiping off her hands on her apron, not even seeming to mind leaving both boys covered in mud
  188. <Arawn> "...You should be taking care of Cedric, not me." Arawn is staring down at his poor, abused, now muddy hands D:
  189. <Lorelei> "congratulations Arawn. You got a Torkoal.... I think"
  190. * Lorelei walks over drawing a cookie from her backpack and gives it to Munchlax. The cookie is amusingly enough Munchlax shaped and in the middle of a waving pose, before dissapearing down Pax's mouth
  191. <Paradox> "I hope you don't use mud as much in your baking as you do in your remedies..."
  192. <Arawn> "...Damnit, this is gonna put me out for a couple days at least..." He is not so celebrational.
  193. <Lorelei> "No, i usually keep burn cream in my kitchen. But I learned while camping with my mom that mud makes a good backup."
  194. <Paradox> "Well, we're just going to make a lovely view coming into town, all covered in mud."
  195. <Arawn> "Mmm..." Arawn nods. "Well, I'd rather get back there then run this kind of risk. ...I'll have to replace this thing's ball..."
  196. <Lorelei> "Eh, boys come back covered in mud. It's universal"
  197. * Lorelei picks up her broken pokeballs and stores it for proper disposal or fixing later on in her bag
  198. <Paradox> "Right. Well, town should only be a little farther away..."
  199. <Arawn> "...Anyway, thanks. Or something." Oh Arawn, polite as ever it seems.
  200. <Paradox> "We've got a nice room set up for you, Lorelei. Mum's been obsessing over it ever since she found out you were coming down. She's not too creative though, so I hope you like pink."
  201. <Lorelei> "Eh, I'm more a fan of red but pinks fine. It kept my brothers out of my room back home too" She said cheerfully as she allowed Pax to sniff and snuff around, leaving her friends in their balls for now
  202. <Arawn> Arawn's surprise politeness goes unnoticed, but he doesn't mind. His mind's already covering a whole lot of things as he lets Spring back out to play watch for their backs from atop his head.
  203. * Lorelei flashes Arawn a smile as if she heard him, and waits for the muddy boys to lead the way more
  204. <Paradox> (unless either of you wants to instigate more poke-catchan shenanigans, that's pretty much it :3 )
  205. <Lorelei> (mmmm, I wouldn't mind a last random encounter but either-or, i think the 'point' of the mini is over)
  206. <Arawn> (I'm fine if you want a little more I guess? Is up to you)
  207. <Lorelei> (Sure, can't hurt :) )
  208. <Paradox> 1d100 spin the wheel
  209. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, spin the wheel: 22 [1d100=22]
  210. <Paradox> ( dubs! )
  211. <Arawn> (check 'em)
  212. <Paradox> As you walk through the alizarin forest, you come upon a pond.
  213. <Paradox> In the middle of the pond, there's a small island, upon which grows a bright red willow tree.
  214. <Lorelei> "Oh, we can wash up before we get back to town!"
  215. <Paradox> It seems to almost shine yellow and orange in the sunlight.
  216. * Lorelei would definitely like some of the mud off.
  217. <Arawn> "...It would be good for my hands," Arawn relaxes a little at the sight.
  218. <Paradox> "Oh, it's one of the famous Alizarin Willow trees! That's how the forest got its name. There used to be more, when it was more like a swamp, but it's started drying up so they're quite rare now."
  219. <Lorelei> "Ohhh? I wanna get a closer look, it's pretty. Does it bear fruit?"
  220. * Lorelei walks closer and washes her hands carefully in the pond water to get any leftover mud off
  221. * Arawn kneels down at the edge of the pond and cools his hands off oh god that stings but it's what he's best off doing.
  222. * Bother has quit (Client exited)
  223. <Paradox> (roll wis, Lorelei)
  224. <Lorelei> 1d20+5 Wis
  225. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, Wis: 14 [1d20=9]
  226. <Lorelei> 1d20+9 DC 13, Alizarin Willow Trees via Random Knowledge Feature
  227. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, DC 13, Alizarin Willow Trees via Random Knowledge Feature: 29 [1d20=20]
  228. <Paradox> You already knew everything Cedric just told you, and also know that they don't bear fruit - but the leaves can be used as Fire-Type materials if harvested during late spring or early summer.
  229. <Lorelei> (Do i know how to take a cutting and plant my own back in town?)
  230. <Lorelei> (or yknow, seeds if it sprouts any)
  231. <Paradox> (hmm)
  232. <Paradox> (sure)
  233. <Paradox> (but make an INT check)
  234. <Lorelei> "Ohhh, I remember my mom told me stories about those tree's. I'm going to go over there and get some leaves and a cutting, especially if they're rare. They should be in season about now"
  235. <Lorelei> 1d20+4 My head is full of fuck
  236. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, My head is full of fuck: 7 [1d20=3]
  237. <Arawn> "In season, huhn?"
  238. * Lorelei looks around for any way to cross to the lil island or if she has to swim it
  239. <Lorelei> "The leaves in late spring and early summer are similar to fire stones in the energy they've absorbed from the sun if harvested before it has time to be reabsorbed into the tree"
  240. <Paradox> The water isn't particularly deep - then again Lorelei is only 5'1". So it'd come to about her shoulders.
  241. <Arawn> "Huhn? ....!" Nevermind his burned hands; Arawn's eyes have just lit up with inspiration. "If they were treated, then...!"
  242. * Lorelei grew up with brothers. Fuck it. The little girl wades into the water cheerfully after recalling her hesitant pax, and placing her backpack on the shore. She kept her belt with pokeballs and misc supplies with her, held above her head in her left hand
  243. <Lorelei> "Yup! See why I'm gonna go harvest some?"
  244. <Paradox> Cedric scoots across the top of the water with his hoover boots. Wheeee
  245. * Lorelei just gives him a look and a shrug
  246. <Arawn> "Hold on, I'll come help..." Yup, complete lack of care for himself. He sets down his materials bag and other things he doesn't want soaked, slips his shirt off - briefly reminded that OWW HANDS - and then heads right across too.
  247. <Paradox> "Woow. It's pretty."
  248. <Lorelei> (how high up are the branches?)
  249. * Paradox looks in awe at the tree's iridescent leaves, which seem to change colors as they sway in the soft breeze.
  250. * Lorelei whistles herself enthralled in the gorgeous shades of leaves
  251. <Paradox> ( it's a willow tree, so the branches droop down quite a bit )
  252. * Lorelei carefully begins to gather leaves making sure to gently slide them off the branch, wondering a few things as she does so
  253. <Paradox>
  254. <Paradox> ( <:3c )
  255. <Lorelei> (Gorgeous)
  256. <Paradox> As Lorelei collects leaves, something lands at her feet!
  257. <Paradox> It seems to be a small red egg.
  258. * Lorelei glances down at it curiously. She could have sworn they didn't have fru... an egg?
  259. * Lorelei picks up the egg very gently and looks it over
  260. <Arawn> Arawn is very careful - less out of concern for his hands and more out of concern for the leaves. He's -very- specific in what he's looking for. "Mmm... yes, these'll work fine."
  261. <Paradox> 1d10+10
  262. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d10+10: 14 [1d10=4]
  263. <Paradox> Level 30 Fire-Type Material - 7 of them!
  264. <Paradox> Lorelei also manages to get a decent cutting for planting.
  265. * Lorelei carefully puts the cutting, the egg, and any leaves she can gather for awhile. Walking around as she picks the best leaves she can
  266. * Lorelei holds up a leaf and mutters "I'm going to regret this... probably"
  267. <Arawn> "...Hey, Lorelei," he looks up to her as they work. "Bring the ones you get to me sometime later, okay? I'll make you something nice in return for the new forge."
  268. * Lorelei nibbles on the end of the leaf.
  269. <Lorelei> "Ugm, sure, i guess so?"
  270. <Paradox> It tastes like grass!
  271. <Lorelei> "How long should we stay out here? I can pick spices for hours"
  272. * Lorelei hums cheerfully collecting leaves, leaving it up to the boys.
  273. <Paradox> "Well, Quartz ought to have found my pop by now, so they'll be expecting us back soon."
  274. <Lorelei> "Alriight, lemme just get this small branch and we can go"
  275. <Arawn> "We probably can't stay too long..." Arawn peeks out from under the tree. "If we wait too long they'll do something silly like send Cress after us, and that'll just be a wreck."
  276. * Lorelei takes a few more in general. A lot of the inferior ones as well as any good ones
  277. <Paradox> 1d10+10
  278. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, 1d10+10: 14 [1d10=4]
  279. <Lorelei> (My that roll looks familiar)
  280. <Paradox> Lorelei collects 7 herself.
  281. <Paradox> Poor tree
  282. <Paradox> It doesn't have much left to give after Lorelei and Arawn are done with it.
  283. * Lorelei puts away the leaves, the cutting, and seems to carry the egg with her spare hand staring at it curiously as they walk
  284. <Arawn> Arawn is much pickier about his leaves D:< but he's not gonna pass up this opportunity. Either way, he's about ready to go.
  285. <Lorelei> 1d20+9 DC 13, Small Red Egg via Random Knowledge Feature
  286. <RichterBelmont> Lorelei, DC 13, Small Red Egg via Random Knowledge Feature: 20 [1d20=11]
  287. <Paradox> You're not quite sure what it is!
  288. <Lorelei> "It's! It's! AN EGG!"
  289. <Arawn> "Yes, yes it is."
  290. * Lorelei grumps as she wades out of the water and drip-dries for a moment before picking up her backpack
  291. <Lorelei> "Never seen anything like it"
  292. <Lorelei> "Besides the egg part, mister smart mouth"
  293. <Arawn> Arawn gets himself all wet and sexy again as he wades back to the other shore, holding a satchel of leaves over his head.
  294. <Paradox> And without further event, Lorelei, Arawn, and Cedric make it back to town!
  295. <Paradox> Cress is not seen again the entire day, and there was much rejoicing!
  296. <Arawn> (yaaaaay)
  297. <Lorelei> (Yaaaay)
  298. <Paradox> !dm9001 leave #AlizarinForest
  299. <RichterBelmont> Paradox, sorry, boss! Leaving channel #AlizarinForest!
  300. * RichterBelmont (DiceMaid-9@sux-EADD5C74) has left #AlizarinForest
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