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  1. Extract of the latest VG Bild-Kunst (collective society picture - art) newsletter:
  3. "The Directorate-General internal market of the european commission is supposed
  4. to already have received more than 10.000 contributions regarding the topic copyright.
  6. Before that a questionnaire with almost 80 complex juristic questions to the topic
  7. was published. For instance there is asked, if a clarification for the territorical
  8. scope of the right of making available would have consequences for temporary
  9. legal protection - in english, of course.
  11. The pirates quickly had the idea to call on their clients to flood
  12. the commission with individual contributions. An online app was launched,
  13. which leads the user with less clicks through the questionnaire and compilates
  14. pre-filled answers respective to one's choices - of course, only answers
  15. against copyright.
  17. After this it ringed out of the commission, that especially the number of
  18. contributions counts. The deadline for contributing to the EU copyright consultation
  19. forehandedly was postponed 1 month - new deadline is the 5th of March.
  20. Hectically also the associations of creatives have started to provide
  21. authors with opportunities to fill out the questionnaire and send it to
  22. the commission.
  24. The collecting society picture - art didn't join that herd instinct.
  25. The whole thing is a farce: The questionnaire never was meant to be
  26. fore a broad audience; otherwise it should have been executed by a
  27. professional institute, and that with easily to understand questions
  28. in all EU languages and not only in english. If later the commission
  29. wants to consider the number of contributions, I consider this to
  30. be juristically attackable.
  32. You can look through our contributions as lawyers of our members in
  33. copyright matters in this news letter.
  36. Best regards,
  37. your Urban Daddy"
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