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  2. It was in early November 2011 when I received that my internship application to the Center for Strategic Information Technology (CSIT) was accepted. CSIT is one of the largest Information Security organization in Singapore, focusing on research into cutting edge technologies to fulfill the strategic needs of Singapore. Studying Computer Science (specialization in Information Security) as an undergraduate had always been challenging as it requires practical experience. I felt that an internship was key to building that valuable practical experience which would allow me to kick-start my career. Achieving not only an internship position, but one at such a prominent organization, was extremely exciting.
  4. I began my internship at end November 2011. I was introduced to fantastic supervisors during my first day in the organization. They had a significant influence on my learning process during the internship. They had allowed me the opportunities of self expression throughout the internship. They facilitated my learning by providing resources when needed instead of being didactic instructors who have all the answers.  In this way, I took up ownership of my learning journey. The experiences gained brought a more thorough and broader view of software engineering to me. I have also become more confident, motivated in performing similar task in future.
  6. My internship in CSIT required me to develop an automated software testing framework. I applied proper Software Development Life Cycle methodology onto the project.  This included researching on similar products available in the    markets and reading publications of certain critical technologies. I then performed a cost benefit analysis on selected technologies to determine the possibility of successful implementation into the project. Reflection and review of the project are also done regularly during the internship to ensure it is on the right track. At the end of the internship, I have learned to manage a software project with this process, meeting expectation in terms of functionality and delivery schedule.
  8. If you are an individual whom aspire to be part of the frontier in Singapore IT Security Industry which encompasses developing cutting edge technologies and solutions that will secure Singapore interests from threats, CSIT will be a good fit for you. Download the application form now!
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