Half-Moon in Equestria 30 (Foreplay Clop)

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  1. Sunlight fades as you enter your train car, Twilight and Trixie behind you. The train was hired privately by Celestia, meaning it was empty save your group. "I'm going to bed, trying not to bother me OK." They nod, and you crawl into your slightly too small bunk, and fall asleep.
  3. ~
  6. You are Twilight Sparkle, and you are worried.
  7. Anonymous has been rather angry all day. He has said less than 20 words to you all day.  As you move to your friends cabins, you think back. Something must have happened last night while you and Trixie slept.
  8. Something Anonymous said a few days ago suddenly comes to you. What was it? That Nothing you gave him could be worse than what he currently had to deal with?
  9. What were you talking about at the time? It was after you started training you think, just after he lost his arm. Why can't you remember what it was about…
  10. "Hey, Trixie, the remember what Anonymous was talking about back when he said 'Nothing I could give him would be worse than what he had to deal with.'?"
  11. Trixie pauses for a moment, recalling. "Trixie remembers it had something to do a special lessons or something? Trixie was ready to start learning at the time, so she wasn't paying much attention. Why?"
  12. 'Ugh why did Anon ever think she would make a good student, she can even remember something so simple…' Giving a sigh, you sit down and the food car between yours and the guards cars.
  13. Your thoughts are distracted as the door to the guards cabin opens, and in steps Shining Armor."Twiley!" He calls out, running over.  Trixie snickers, but you ignore her and instead run over and hug your brother.
  14. "Shining, what are you doing here?"  You ask, stepping back.
  15. "Anonymous and tell you?  He is taking on eight guards for training in combat alchemy, and I managed to make the cut."
  16. "No, he hasn't really said anything to me today. He was kind of in a mood this morning. What kind of test did you have to take?"
  17. If he takes the seat, and you do the same." The first test was trying to make a circle glow in 3 minutes. Out of the 47 applicants, only 22 made it past."
  18. "You must have done really well, right?  You are the captain of the guards."
  19. Notice him cringe a bit." Actually, I barely made it. I got a time of Two minutes and forty two seconds. The top time was an amazing 27 seconds."
  20. Trixie snickers again, and you deflate a bit." Oh, but you must have done well in the next part if you got chosen."
  21. He nods, perking up a bit. "I managed to time of 26 seconds, giving me sixth place overall. The second part was…"
  22. "Changing a piece of paper, right?" You interject.
  23. "Yes how did you…?"
  24. "It's the same things we attitude when we first started. I hope your guards know how to swim." Giving you an inquisitive look he nods, and you simply reply "good."
  25. Trixie speaks up, drawing yours and Shining's attention. "Trixie realized we didn't finish our test. Are we going to have to go through basic training again?"
  26. 'She's right' you realize. "We should ask him in the morning."
  27. "Why should you wait?" Shining says "I have a few things to ask him, and I could ask for you."
  28. "No! He doesn't want to be bothered right now. That's why we're waiting till tomorrow." A yawn escapes your lips, and you quickly cover-up. "I guess I should head to bed now, just be quiet when you head to bed Trixie."
  29. As you get up to leave, Trixie says "Trixie doesn't have to listen to the likes of you Twitlight."
  30. Shining's stands up angrily, and you smile. I'm not telling you what to do, just warning you. With both arms, I would hate to see what alchemy he would do while angry." Heading back to the car you will share with Anon, you spare one last glance at Trixie, whose eyes have gone huge with tiny irises. You softly laugh to yourself, until you passed in front of Anon's room. Faint wisps of magical energy leak out, drawing your curiosity. Edging the door open with magic, you peer inside.  A dark blue aura glows around his head.  If
  31. 'Dreams! That's what it was.' You exclaim in your head. 'Maybe if I can stop whatever's bothering him, he might give me a special thank you!'*Mental Squee!*. Slowly creeping in the door, you focus your magic on his mind, and slip inside.
  33. ~
  35. A light knocking rouses you from sleep, and you roll over to see Twilight standing nervously at the door. Moving to a sitting position, you motion her over. "Whats up Twi! Can't sleep?". She shakes her head before hopping up next to you.
  36. "After yesterday, I feel so..." She shivers a bit "So useless. We weren't able to do anything. I mean, what if your ploy failed, what would have happened to us?"
  37. You drape an arm over her, pulling her against you as you use your other to gently stroke her soft violet mane. "Nothing would have happened, because you would have been with me. Discord would have honored the deal, and all the element bearers, the princesses and Trixie would have belonged to me."
  38. She leans further into you, giving a contented sigh. "I guess, but I am curious. What did you mean when you said you'd follow your dreams?" Turning her chin up to look at you, you gaze back with half lidded eyes and a sly smile.
  39. "Want me to show you?" Even in the darkness, you can see a deep red blush cross her features, and she nods. In a single swift motion, you flip he on her back, and position yourself over her, your face inches from hers. Covering those few inches, you engage her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss that leaves her gasping for breath as you pull away. Before she can recover, you start making your way down, planking kisses on her neck, chest, stomach and thighs. With minimal effort, you open her legs, revealing her soft purple lips.
  40. While kissing her inner thighs, working your way to your prize, you massage her cutie mark and flank, soft moans coming from her lips. Drawing nearer, her moans increase in volume, and her hooves start to twitch involuntarily. Your tongue flicks out, drawing lines around her nether lips, never quite touching. Moving away for a moment, you give another sly smile before going in tongue first, slipping past her outer lips and sliding inside. As your tongue penetrates her, she lets off a gasp, before her moans return full force. Her lips begin opening and closing, "Winking" if you will, and you spot a small pinkish purple knob at the top of her slit. One hand abandons its post and moves in, working the small jewel, bringing Twilight's moans and gasps to levels loud enough to be heard in the other train cars.
  41. Her inner walls begin twitching, convulsing and you pull out. Your tongue runs over your lips, taking in in her flavor. Leaning forward, you whisper "We cant finish just yet, but dont worry, I'll let you have your fun." before stealing a kiss and moving back. Your shirt literally flys off, and it is followed by your shorts and boxers, leaving you in full view of your purple lover.
  43. ~
  45. You are Twilight Sparkle, and you have no idea what you just saw. You expected some sort of horrible nightmare or something, but that... That you did not expect. Anon begins to stir, and you quickly move out of the room, before you hear him yell out "Damn it! Will you cut that shit out already!?". For some reason, that comment causes a twinge in your heart. Did he really feel that negatively towards you that he is disgusted by the thought of having sex with you?
  46. With a heavy heart, you shuffle back to your room, not hearing Anon say "Why do you keep forcing these dreams on me Luna? You already know I am uncomfortable thinking about dating outside my species, let alone having sex."
  47. You flop down on the bed in your room, and stare up at the ceiling, tears forming in your eyes. "Why me? Whats so wrong with me?" Rolling onto your side you curl up around a pillow and drift off into a disturbed, restless sleep.
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