Akibaranger E09 TL Notes

Apr 13th, 2016
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  1. Akibaranger E09 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - (02:42) The password used is the birthdate of Hakase's actress, Ushida Maaya.
  6. - (03:28) The episodes mentioned by Akagi are examples of episodes on Sentai where the main team is forced to disband by their mentors or superiors.
  8. - (07:18) AbarePink is the self-proclaimed sixth member of the Abaranger, an identity created by Imanaka Emiri as her way to try and become an official Abaranger. She doesn't actually possess any powers, and her armor is just a rudimentary costume Emiri made herself.
  9. In episode 11, "Abare Psychic, Oinc" Emiri was granted a wish; she wished to become AbarePink, but mispronounced "pink" as "pig" and was turned into a pig instead. The pig theme is later used on her costume, and it's also referenced on her transformation sequence in Gokaiger.
  11. - This week's monster is Asakusa Alpaca:
  12. * Asakusa is a district in Tokyo. Festivals take place on this district almost all year, due to the high number of shinto shrines in it. As a neat detail, all of Asakusa Alpaca's summoned Corporate Drones are wearing the distinct clothes worn by sellers at these kind of festivals.
  14. - Errata: The attack referred as "nonstop monja driver" is in fact "choco banana monja driver". Choco banana monja is a dessert served in monja restaurants.
  16. - (13:20) The five members of the Sentai team of Fiveman were all siblings.
  18. - (14:30) Yellow and Red sing a portion of Battle Fever J's OP.
  20. - (14:51) The battery pack shown onscreen reads ZENIT, a reference to the robotic henchmen of the Londarz Family in Timeranger.
  22. - (17:16) The maid cafe featured here has also appeared on an episode of Cutie Honey THE LIVE, on which Honey and Seiji investigate a series of murders involving delivery maids. On one scene, Honey finds Seiji in this cafe, with the maids saying the same magic words to make his food delicious. (Thanks to Sailor Otaku for the tip!)
  24. - (17:43) The girl and the man on the front are Halko Momoi and Yamagata Yukio, the singers of Akibaranger's opening theme song.
  26. - (22:40) In the first episode, Mitsuki misreads the Z in sutema otsu as Z, and is then promptly corrected to read it as "otsu". This time, Akagi reads the Z as "otsu", but is then corrected to read it as Z. To match the joke on episode 1, the subtitles first refer to the villain as Doctor B, to be then corrected as Doctor Z.
  28. - (23:27): Toyozuki Shuri (十夜月朱里) can be also written as とよづきしゅり, which is an anagram of "Tsuzuki Hiroyo". (Thanks to the anon who posted this on /m/ for the tip!)
  30. - (23:38) "my totally useless talent for recognizing voices": in japanese, this is a specific terminology, ダメ絶対音感 (lit. "Useless Perfect Pitch"); it's a way of saying that someone recognizes a voice actor, which also implies the recognizer's utter nerdiness.
  32. - (24:31) Here's the timeline for Akagi's sentai-filled childhood:
  33. + He was four years old in 1987, when he was on daycare during the year Maskman aired.
  34. + He graduated Elementary School around 1995, at the age of 12.
  35. + The next year, when Carranger was airing, he was 13 years old and in middle school
  36. + In 2001, when Gaoranger was airing, he attended the Gaoranger stage shows in Sky Theater, at the age of 18.
  37. * Sky Theater is an arena inside Tokyo Dome City, an amusement park in Japan. It hosted official sentai stage shows from Timeranger to Go-onger.
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