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  1. What are the five main nutrients that are found in foods? Which of those nutrients did you
  2. test for in our food chemistry lab?
  4. 3. For each of the organic compounds that we tested for, explain what the organic compound
  5. provides the body with.
  7. 4
  8. What is a reagent?
  10. 5. What is the indicator reagent for each of the following organic compounds
  11. and what color change will tell you that the organic compound is present?
  13. Monosaccharides:
  14. Starch
  15. Protein
  17. 6. What is the purpose of each of the samples were used in the part one of the food chemistry
  18. lab? (glucose solution, starch solution, gelatin solution and olive oil)
  20. 7. What is the purpose of the distilled water that was used in part one of the food chemistry
  21. lab?
  23. 8. When using benedict's solution for the glucose test, a variety of colors were possible for a
  24. positive result. Explain why you believe different colors could result.
  26. 9. If you were to test sucrose with benedicts solution you would get a negative result. Why
  27. does it not react with the Benedict's reagent?
  29. 10. When you did the protein test, different shades of lavender and purple were a positive
  30. result. Why would different foods react with the biuret in different shades?
  32. 11. Initially, you had to make 40 predictions about the presence of organic compounds in 10
  33. different foods. How many did you get correct and how many did you miss?
  35. For each food you tested, list the organic compounds it contained.
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