May 21st, 2013
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  1. >It had been about a month since your escapade at Pinkie's big party
  2. >Ever since then, Pinkie has begun joining you, Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight for lunch and weekly after-school fun
  3. >You paid for your lunch, and made your way to your usual table, where the three girls were already sitting
  4. >Sunset Shimmer smiled as you approached, and motioned for you to take the seat next to her
  5. >"Hey Anon," she said warmly
  6. >She gave you a quick peck on the lips, and you put your arm around her
  7. >Sunset's belly was now giving away the fact that she was pregnant, and your small group were now her only remaining friends as gossip spread throughout the school
  8. >"Ooh, this is so exciting you guys!" Pinkie exclaimed
  9. >"I'm not so sure. I feel like this group is big enough as it is..." Twilight said
  10. >You all turn to look at a distant table, where Rainbow Dash was eating and talking with her friends
  11. >She glanced over to you, and her smile quickly dissipated before she turned back to her friends
  12. >"We've never really made use of the picture," Sunset said as she looked through her phone
  13. >"Plus, it's always nice to have more friends," she said, giggling
  14. >"Yay friends! C'mon Twi, what's the worst that could happen" Pinkie interjected
  15. >Twilight rolled her eyes and took a bite out of her apple
  16. >The four of you continued to talk and eat until the bell rang, and everyone began moving to their next class
  17. >Your group began to make its way towards Rainbow Dash, who was alone at her locker
  18. >As you near her, she turns to face you, frowning glumly
  19. >You raise your hand to wave at her, but step on one of your shoelaces
  20. >"Fuck!"
  21. >Losing your balance, you fall towards Dash
  22. >She tries to turn away, stepping to the side
  23. >Your hand comes down onto her chest, grabbing onto her petite breasts
  24. >The two of you fall towards the wall of lockers, and Rainbow's face smacks loudly against one
  25. >She yelps, and starts shouting expletives
  26. >"Oh shit, sorry Rainbow," you say, reaching out to help her
  27. >She pushes you away, and you can see a line of blood running down her chin from her nose
  28. >"Dashie!" Pinkie cries as helps her back onto her feet
  29. >After Pinkie helps her onto her feet, Rainbow Dash wipes the blood away from her nose and looks at your with disdain
  30. >"What do you want, Anon?" she snarls
  31. >"I just wanted to talk to you about that picture we took of you," you say
  32. >"Yeah? Look, asshole, this... This just isn't fair! People would look at that and think we were... Doing stuff."
  33. >You chuckle
  34. >"That's the point."
  35. >Dash turns to Twilight and Pinkie
  36. >"Guys, why?"
  37. >"We're sorry Rainbow Dash, but..." Twilight says, trailing off as she turns her face away from Rainbow
  38. >"Look, RD, I'm going to give you a chance to get rid of the pic, and we'll be done. You won't have it hanging over your head anymore."
  39. >She pauses for a few moments
  40. >You can tell she doesn't quite believe you
  41. >"W-What do you want me to do..?"
  42. >"You and me. Rock Off at tonight's Battle of the Bands."
  43. >"What?!"
  44. >"You heard me."
  45. >Dash grumbles
  46. >"Fine. I'll be there."
  47. >You go to the rest of your classes, and the school day finally ends
  48. >Once home, you take out your electric ukulele, and begin practicing
  49. >Your fingers ache as you practice and practice
  50. >The sun begins to fall below the horizon, and you make your way to the Battle of the Bands
  51. >Sunset, Pinkie, and Twilight meet you there, being your vocalist, drummer, and bassist respectively
  52. >You are pumped for the battle at hand
  53. >The first few acts go on, to middling applause
  54. >Then, Rainbow Dash
  55. >She goes on stage, alone, carrying an electric guitar
  56. >Your eyes widen as she begins, her musical prowess far beyond anything you'd expected
  57. >She finishes to riotous applause, walking off stage smugly
  58. >"Beat that, asshole"
  59. >You turn to your band, panicked
  60. >"There's no way we can beat that!" you exclaim, pacing backstage
  61. >"Sure we can, Anon!" Pinkie says with a smile "I know a guy who's no stranger to rock offs!"
  62. >She begins bouncing around, calling out in strange tongues
  63. >Lights flicker, and a wind picks up seemingly out of nowhere
  64. >A low murmur begins to rise around you
  65. >Suddenly, a hand pierces the ground, and a red form pulls itself out of the ground
  66. >"Yay!"
  67. >"Pinkie!" it shouts, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
  68. >"We need to win a rock off, Satan," she responds
  69. >He rubs his chin, stroking his goatee
  70. >"I know of a song," he says
  71. >Instantly, you feel power coursing through your veins, the knowledge of musics forbidden emblazoned upon your minds
  73. >You walk on stage, looking over the crowd, and you begin to play
  74. >It was the greatest song in the world
  75. >Every hundred thousand years or so, when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow and the grass doth grow
  76. >You walk off the stage, undisputed champions
  77. >Rainbow Dash's eyes bulge as she sees the four of you comes towards her
  78. >"H-How could I have lost! I summoned Satan and everything..."
  79. >"Oh... Sorry Dashie, Satan and I are really good pals."
  80. >Dash threw her hands up in defeat, and broke down, falling to her knees
  81. >"I'm fucked, aren't I?"
  82. >You laugh
  83. >"Yes you are fucked, shit out of luck. Now I have won, and my cock you will suck."
  84. >You laugh to yourself again, noticing your words seemed almost lyrical, in an odd way
  85. >Sunset Shimmer hangs onto your shoulder, peering over you and down onto Rainbow Dash
  86. >Dash places her hands on your waist and hesitates
  87. >She pushes her hair out of her face, and takes a deep breath
  88. >Her hands shake as she readies to unbutton your pants
  89. >She turns her head upwards, looking at you pleadingly
  90. >"Don't stop now," Sunset says
  91. >Twilight turns away, ashamed
  92. >Rainbow Dash pops open your pants, and unzips them before pulling everything down
  93. >Her eyes widen in shock as she sees your cock
  94. >"Anon... You don't have to do this," Twilight says
  95. >You decide that you've already humiliated Rainbow enough.
  96. >"This would just be pushing it", you think, pulling up your pants
  97. >"I... I'm sorry Rainbow Dash... Look, we'll delete the picture"
  98. >Rainbow's face lights up
  99. >"Aw, you're no fun sometimes, Anon," Sunset says toyingly
  100. >She pulls out her phone, and deletes the picture
  101. >"See, gone"
  102. >"Thanks, guys..." Dash says
  103. >She glances down to your crotch and blushes
  104. >"Well, uh, I guess I'll just go home now..."
  105. >"Wait. You know, you performed pretty awesome today. Why don't we all just hang out at my place?"
  106. >"Ooh, yeah! C'mon Dashie!" Pinkie begs
  107. >She stands still for a few moments
  108. >"Fine, I guess I'll come or something," she says, punctuating her sentence with a fake cough and shifty eyes
  109. >Pinkie jumped forward and put Rainbow Dash into a bear hug
  110. >Once at the house, everyone settles in, sitting around the television
  111. >You put your arms around Twi and Pinkie as Sunset Shimmer sits on your lap
  112. >Rainbow Dash sits on a nearby chair, looking towards you, biting onto her bottom lip
  113. >"Hey guys, I've gotta get up for a sec," you say
  114. >The girls move aside, letting you up onto your feet
  115. >You go looking for some duct tape and a lacrosse helmet
  116. >"I don't even play lacross," you think to yourself
  117. >Scrounging through multiple drawers, you find some duct tape
  118. >"I could definitely use this..." you mumble
  119. >"Anon? You're missing the best part," you hear Twilight say
  120. >"Yeah, get over here!" Pinkie says
  121. >"I'm coming, I'm coming," you say, dropping the duct tape back where you found it
  122. >You sit back down onto the couch, putting your arms around Twi and Pinkie as the movie heads into its climax
  123. >Rainbow Dash scratches the back of her head
  124. >"Welcome back, Anon," she says with an awkward smile
  125. >Sunset Shimmer sits back down onto your lap, and begins wriggling her ass on your crotch
  126. >Without turning from the television, she begins groping about your zipper
  127. >She unzips your pants, reaches in, and pulls out your cock
  128. >Sunset moans as she places your cock into her ass, slowly bobbing up and down
  129. >"Ngh~"
  130. >You look over to Rainbow Dash, whose face has gone completely flush
  131. >She brings her hand up to her mouth, unable to look away
  132. >You wink at her as Sunset Shimmer continues to ride your cock, letting out deep moans
  133. >Twilight begins breathing heavily as the two of you go at it, sliding her hands into her skirt
  134. >"O-Oh~"
  135. >Pinkie slides her hands into her skirt as well, arching her back as she fingers herself
  136. >You reach your hands around Sunset Shimmer and grab her enlarged breasts in each hand
  137. >The jiggle to the touch, soft and plump
  138. >You begin to rub your thumbs on her nipples
  139. >The girls moan and gasp loudly as Rainbow watches, who has begun to pant
  140. >"W-What do I do?" Rainbow Dash stutters
  141. >"Ooh, ooh, I know! TICKLE FIGHT!"
  142. >"Pinkie!" everyone shouts, laughing
  143. >"I have a better idea," Sunset Shimmer says
  144. >You all roll onto the floor in front of Rainbow Dash, and Sunset Shimmer slides your cock out of her ass
  145. >Suddenly, Twilight and Pinkie hold down your arms
  146. >"Why don't you do the honors, Rainbow Dash?" Sunset says as she sits herself down on your face
  147. >Rainbow Dash gulps, removing her skirt and underwear
  148. >"It's so big..." she says as she lowers her hole onto your cock, trying to push your head through
  149. >With some force, she slides you into her tight pussy
  150. >"AH~"
  151. >Rainbow Dash leans back as she slides you in and out of her wet pussy
  152. >The sensation is too much to bear, and you struggle to get out
  153. >Your cock pops out of Dash, and you sigh in relief
  154. >"Oh fine, you big baby," Sunset says, removing her shirt
  155. >She kneels by your waist as Twi and Pinkie hold you down, and runs a finger along your shaft
  156. >"Feeling sensitive are we?" she says deviously
  157. >"Not too sensitive, I hope"
  158. >Sunset Shimmer sits herself down on your cock, her ass hugging against it tightly
  159. >Twilight and Pinkie lay back, letting you cup your hands between their legs
  160. >You rub your fingers in a circular motion before sticking your fingers in
  161. >"Oh~" they moan
  162. >Rainbow Dash sits her toned bottom on your face, already dripping wet
  163. >You begin to flit your tongue on her pussy, and she moans in ecstasy
  164. >Sunset Shimmer leans forward and kisses Dash, letting her tongue writhe against hers
  165. >The two of them begin to fondle each others breasts, Sunset's pregnant body slowly rising and falling on your dick
  166. >You exhale deeply as tension builds up in you body, and Rainbow Dash coos as your warm breath blows across her slit
  167. >"Almost there?" Sunset asks
  168. >"I-I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash," you say, trying with all your might to delay orgasm
  169. >The moans of Twilight and Pinkie as you finger them slide smoothly into your ear, only adding to your excitement
  170. >Sunset removes herself from your cock
  171. >Rainbow Dash pounces on you without second thought
  172. >She greedily sticks your dick into her as she rides you, giving you a great view of her backside
  173. >You can't hold it back any longer, feeling spent as you shoot your load deep into her body
  174. >"AH~" she moans, and you feel her contract against your cock as she cums
  175. >She falls back onto you, and you put your arms around her
  176. >The rest of the girls move in towards you, lying down next to you, hands strewn about your collective bodies
  177. >You breath a sigh of content, and close your eyes as their warm, naked bodies press against yours
  179. >5 months later
  181. >You stood outside as you waited for Sunset Shimmer with the rest of the girls
  182. >Twilight and Pinkie were showing very noticeable signs of pregnancy, being 6 months in
  183. >Their breasts had expanded over the past few months, which added some new fun to your gatherings
  184. >Rainbow Dash held her hand against her stomach, and smiled at you
  185. >Finally, you see Sunset Shimmer round the bend
  186. >You rush out to help her
  187. >"Thanks Anon," she says lovingly
  188. >"Can you believe it's been almost 9 months now?"
  189. >"It still feels a bit unreal to me," you say
  190. >You embrace her, and give her a kiss
  191. >She blushes as you pull away, and follows you up the stairs into the house
  192. >You all sit down in your living room
  193. >You can't help but smile as you look at the faces of those you love
  194. >"Anon... What's going to happen now?" Twilight asks
  195. >You exhale
  196. >"I don't really know. I... I love all of you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But..."
  197. >"Ooh! Oooooooh! Anon, pick me!"
  198. >You turn to Pinkie, a quizzical look on your face
  199. >"Why don't we all just become Mormons?"
  200. >"It does seem like the only way," Dash adds
  201. >It hadn't really crossed your mind before
  202. >"I think we should do it, Anon... If this is what you want," Sunset Shimmer says
  203. >"Wait right here," you reply
  204. >You return from your bedroom, holding a long jewelry case
  205. >You kneel down, the girls surrounding you in a semi-circle, and open it up to reveal four rings
  206. >"Will you guys marry me?"
  207. >They all put you into a bear hug, tears rolling down their faces
  208. >"I guess we're Mormons now," you say
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