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  1. Well guys, I've been watching for a while now and love the show. [ Suggestion, add Bryan Cantrell sound bytes to a sound board for amusing rant clips! ]
  3. I really want to run FreeBSD on my AMD hardware with a graphical desktop. I have an AMD A10-7700K APU (Kaveri) with Radeon R7 graphics, Asus A68HM-E FM2mATX AMD Motherboard. When I check the TrueOS status page, it says that AMD graphics aren't working yet, so I have a fresh install of FreeBSD 11.0 I am working with. There are no additional cards here, just what comes on the board/CPU. The FreeBSD graphics wiki says that Kaveri - R7 is supported ( I think ? )
  5. I have added 'kld_list="radeonkms"' to my /etc/rc.conf. I have installed xorg with mate desktop as the handbook recommends, however X still fails to start ( I will add the docs suggested in a follow-up, when I get home. ) Slim starts, but fails, so no X. I have not tried VESA or SCFB yet. My questions are, am I reading the docs correctly, should my graphics be supported? If not, do I need to buy a discrete GPU and disable the on-board graphics in UEFI? If I have to use VESA or SCFB, which is better quality? The most demanding thing I do graphics-wise is watch you-tube and play a little minecraft with the kids.
  7. A couple of doc suggestions for the Fbsd handbook Xorg section. I've read through a couple of times and haven't seen where it says you need to load the kernel module for your particular graphics driver. The handbook also seems to disagree with the graphics wiki page about where the driver should be loaded (boot/loader.conf vs /etc/rc.conf)? What is the right way please?
  9. I remember Allan saying that people were working on some aspects of the FBSD installer and I have seen the security options there, I think that is a good step. I wonder if it would be possible or appropriate to add a step when a gpu or graphics hardware is detected to prompt the user to make a choice regarding loading the appropriate graphics module at boot, install xorg, test X11, and if working, save the configuration? If people dont want it in the installer, maybe it is a post install option, just above "open a shell to make additional changes" (or whatever ?)
  11. I think if you want people to run Free/TrueOS on their daily driver hardware, this would be a good step to at least give them the option to configure the driver and test X. (Maybe TrueOS does this already, but installing in VMWare on my winders work laptop doesn't seem to set up the vmware driver?)
  13. One other bit of feedback, and this is more frosting on the cake for my own use-case, maybe others would like it as well, could there be an installer menu that allows you to change some of the defaults in /etc/default (I think this is the place where you can change the system default from py2x to py3x, etc?).
  15. Thanks for the great show, the awesome OS, and the support and answers you have given me.
  17. PS - I participated in Michael Lucas's ZFS talk ( volunteered to grab him so he could apply a painful joint lock ) at Ohio Linux Fest. As a holder of two first degree black belts, I can confirm, Michael does a helluva Sankyo and a great talk to, 10/10 would suffer again!
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