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Taliban Statement 5/1/13

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Jan 5th, 2013
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  1. Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding so-called security pact between Karzai and America
  3. Obama has summoned Karzai to America to sign a security pact which would pave the way for the presence of American troops in Afghanistan and through which America would continue its crooked policies in the region regarding which the Islamic Emirate states the following:
  4. 1. If America wants peace in Afghanistan and the region as well as a way out for its people from this ongoing quagmire then it should immediately remove all its troops from Afghanistan and practically put an end to this futile war.
  5. 2. If America believes it can implement its malicious policies and find a secure base for itself by leaving a residual troops presence then we clearly state that these dreams are only dreams which can and will not materialize just as they failed to materialize in the past eleven years.
  6. 3. The reason behind all this turmoil and anarchy in the region is directly related to the American presence in Afghanistan. Therefore if America wants to leave a small or large number of its troops for whatever length of time then it means war and destruction will continue in the region for that same length and it shall only be America that shall suffer the most.
  7. 4. The American people and all its influential sides should stop their government from prolonging this futile war and meaningless game which America has lost and in which it is facing utter defeat.
  8. 5. The American government and Karzai should understand that agreement on troop presence is only a personal deal between Karzai and America which is categorically rejected by our nation and it shall hold no legal credibility. The Islamic Emirate shall continue its sacred Jihad against it just as it has for the past eleven years.
  9. 6. Karzai should be mindful that if he were to take this step then he would have hammed the last nail into coffin of ending this war, after which he should never hope for any type of peace and calm.
  10. 7. If Karzai and the Kabul regime agree with the presence of even a single American soldier then, just as presently, they shall also be responsible for all future hostilities, casualties and destruction due to igniting and intensifying the flames of prolonged war for the Afghan nation.
  11. 8. The above written statements regarding this security pact are not only our sayings but the majority of the nation holds this view, a reaction of which you shall be practically witness in the future.
  12. 9. The Islamic Emirate believes the American invasion of Afghanistan is akin to a violent storm for the region and it is a known fact that storms know no wet or dry borders but treats everything in the same manner. If the regional countries remain indifferent to the prolonged American presence then they should not treat as minor the upcoming wars, disturbances, exploitations, invasions and other problems created in the region by the American presence.
  13. 10. We call on our oppressed nation, region and all other Muslim countries to not withhold any type of assistance from the Islamic Emirate in putting an end to upcoming prolonged regional war and anarchy which shall come about due to the American presence so that this cancer can be completely removed and emanating danger for the region averted. Similarly, we call on the people of the west to prevent their children and the Afghan people from burning in this fire by stopping their leaders from such irresponsible froward pacts.
  15. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
  16. 23/02/1434
  17. 12/10/1391 05/01/2013
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