Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 2 (AB/DL 1/4)

Apr 5th, 2014
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  1. >Dawn of the second day -48 hours remain-
  2. >You hate mornings so much
  3. >But you now got a bet to win.
  4. >Fluttershy and Applejack are already up.
  5. >They slept in the guest room.
  6. >Seems like they are as dedicated in making sure Dash learns from the errors of here recent actions as you are and will always be there to back you up.
  7. >You hope.
  8. >You tell them to let you know if they catch Dash crying at all.
  9. “So you two ready to give our precious princess a warm wake up?
  10. >You all enter dash room together.
  11. >Dash is laying down silently in her crib.
  12. >If only she was like this more shes so quiet and peaceful
  13. >Might as well take picture.
  14. >Snap.
  15. >Looks like that got her attention. She is now leaning towards you and her friends in her crib.
  16. >Snap.
  17. >So much for peace and quiet.
  18. “Hey cutie how did you sl- sweet mother of Celestia. Dash your pajamas!”
  19. >Why are you even surprised? It's dash. Of cause she peed straight through her diaper over the night.
  20. >Her pajamas legs are saturated with her pee.
  21. “...Dash I think you might have an overactive bladder problem.”
  22. >She just gives you three a weak smile.
  23. “You are cleaning this up Fluttershy”
  24. >”Um, you forgot to ask politely Anon and you told me not to let others tell me what to do all the time. I think this is your problem now. I already changed her poopy diaper and gave her a bath yesterday while you were drinking.”
  25. “Ugh, you are really going to use my own assertiveness training again me Fluttershy?”
  26. >”Yes and don't worry I will help you but it's only fair that you start pulling your weight mister.”
  27. “I thought we were the ones that supposed to be punishing Dash why am I getting punished for what she did?”
  28. >”She's only wet anon. I'm here to help you if you need it and I think you went too far with the punishment yesterday.”
  29. >Both Applejack and Dash look proudly at Fluttershy.
  30. >You pick up up Dash and bring her to the change mat.
  31. >Why did she have to choose today of all days to be confident and self-assured.
  32. >Going to have to follow her orders, Fluttershy getting frustrated at you is the last thing you want.
  33. >This day is not starting well at all.
  34. >”And Anon I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell you one last thing while you are busy with Dash... If you are ready that is.
  35. “Um sure, what is it Fluttershy?”
  36. >You lay Dash down on the changing Mat.
  37. >Great, she is giving you her signature Rainbow Dash victory smile.
  38. >”Anon, me and Applejack talked about how you went just a little overboard with Dash's punishment.”
  39. >She won't stop giving you that smile and it's eating away at you.
  40. >Unfortunately, Dash knows you well enough to know all your weak points.
  41. >”To put it lightly Fluttershy. I was there when he was torturing Dash the entire trip back.” Applejack says
  42. >Fluttershy helps you with removing Dash's Diaper.
  43. >Dash is still doing her best to give you that smile of hers.
  44. >Fluttershy and Applejack aren't bothered with Dash rubbing it in at all.
  45. >”And we are a bit bothered with how you have been making stuff up doing your human lectures.”
  46. >You only told Dash and Luna about this.
  47. >Dash looks confused herself
  48. “What? How did you know”
  49. >Applejack speaks up “Well it sorta became obvious when you told that story about that filthy rich Bruce Wayne fella that dressed up in a bat costume at night and fights crime.”
  50. >Guess they aren't so gullible.
  51. >Things just got really bad. The tables have turned on you.
  52. >And honestly you really deserved it with how you went overboard with how you punished Dash.
  53. >You really shouldn't have stayed inside while Applejack supervised Dash alone outside. And you shouldn't have ran off on Fluttershy when things got messy.
  54. >Or tease Dash nonstop and let her get that dirty.
  55. >You lightly powder Dash.
  56. >Fluttershy seems pleased with your performance so far.
  57. >It was also a bad idea to insist on hosing her down with a high powered garden hose like she was an animal in front of Applejack.
  58. >You finish up with putting a new diaper on Dash and let her down on the carpet.
  59. >”Anon, I'm afraid you are going to have to follow my kindness training techniques till Dash's punishment is up or I will have to report your behavior to Celestia and Luna.”
  60. >Not Fluttershy's Kindness training! Anything but that!
  61. >You can't allow that to happen. You are fully aware by now just how strange and embarrassing Celestia and Luna's punishments can be.
  62. “O-Okay.”
  63. >”Anon from now on I want you to always be a good caregiver for Dashie and we will make sure to always be there if you need help being a good. And absolutely no more bullying and teasing."
  64. >This day couldn't have started out any worse for you.
  65. >Dash reaches her arms out.
  66. >”Dada”
  67. >”Don't ignore her Anon give Dashie a nice hug.”
  68. >You awkwardly knee down and embrace Dash.
  69. >Applejack gets the camera and takes a picture.
  70. >Snap.
  71. >Anon: 1 Rainbow Dash: 1.
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