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Oct 17th, 2020
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  1. Changelog from 2.0f to 2.1 (major facelift):
  3. Graphical Updates:
  4. - Updated battle backgrounds (Credits to NateRiver, Omega/WesleyFG)
  5. - Updated Bag UI (Credits to Nisarg, JK)
  6. - Updated Textbox (Credits to ! hackito)
  7. - Platinum style HP bar (Credits to YoY-X)
  8. - Updated overworld sprites for a lotta shit... Raid Jewel->Raid Den (Creds to Delta231 for the FRLG HGGSS style sprites)
  9. - Now have overworld sprites for: Johto Gym Leaders, Archer, Ariana, Master Ball, Mega Stone, Legendary Swords of Justice) (Credits to Pokemonrater, thebrawlunit for archer/ariana/giovanni sprites, Jo7A for Johto Gym Leader Sprites)
  10. - Updated Sword Shield style Type Icons (credits to VentZX, DrSeuss )
  12. Changes/Additions:
  13. - MAX LEVEL HAS BEEN SET BACK TO 100. If you have Pokemon over Level 100 they will be set back to 100 after a battle.
  14. - I originally set the max level to 250 for fun and didn't put much thought to it. With postgame around the corner, I've
  15. decided a max level would deliver a far more enjoyable experience as having every Pokemon at a constant level would help
  16. with consistent Speed tiers and reduce the amount of grinding necessary to get Pokemon up to speed.
  18. - When selecting a move, you can now view the types of each Pokemon on the battlefield (CFRU feature)
  19. - Because of the extensive changes to a lot of Pokemon's typings, I figured this would be a very convenient feature to have
  21. - Poltergeist has been added as TM67 (Found in Victory Road)
  22. - Compatibilities is all Ghost types except Aegislash line, Dragapult line, Mimikyu, Necrozma Dawn Wings
  23. - Scorching Sands has been added as TM110, found in Game Corner.
  24. - Compatibilities is all SwSh compatibilities + Houndour, Houndoom, Sunflora, Sudowoodo, Cyndaquil line, Magmar line, Torchic line, Nosepass line, Salandit line, Amaura line, Tyrunt line, Fennekin line,
  25. Dwebble line, Darumaka line, Slugma line, Numel line, Cacnea line, Chimchar line, Cranidos line, Shieldon line, Gible line,
  26. Hippopotas line, Heatran
  27. - TM Body Press moved from left of Celadon to Cerulean Cave
  28. - Move is extremely powerful with its cheesing potential when used in combination with Iron Defense or Bulk Up; Celadon is definitely way too early to receive this move
  30. - Pokemon do not automatically show Dex entry if its their first time being caught
  31. - Dual Wingbeat has been added as TM100 found in Route 16 (where TM body Press used to be)
  32. - Combatibilities is all SwSh compatibilities + Pokemon that can learn Wing Attack
  33. - Removed Dual Wingbeat from following Pokemon's level up learnset(THEY STILL LEARN THROUGH THIS TM):
  34. Hydreigon, Archen, Archeops, Ducklett, Swanna, Scyther, Scizor, Clefable, Celebi,
  35. Mothim, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Mew, Ledyba, Ledian, Emolga,
  36. Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye
  38. - Added Tailwind, Megahorn to Cinnabar Move Tutor, Foul Play to Saffron Move Tutor, Psychic Fangs to Vermilion Move Tutor
  39. - Sword of Justice is now an overworld encounter (finally)
  40. -If you already got them in your current save file and you update to 2.1 you can get them again.
  41. - Catch rate universally increased after becoming champion
  42. - Power items give 252 EVs in their respective stat after becoming champion
  43. - Macho Brace multiplier increases from 4x to 16x after becoming champion
  44. - Pokemon Mansion 6 star raid can now spawn Necrozma, Azelf, Diancie
  45. - Seafoam Island 6 star raid can now spawn Kyurem, Manaphy, Tapu_Fini
  46. - Power Plant 6 star raid can now spawn Zeraora, Tapu Koko, Genesect
  47. - Added EXP Boost if your Pokemon has above 220 points of affection
  48. - Kubfu, Zarude added to regular randomizer pool
  49. - Updated text on Dexnav menu to tell you to click left lmao
  50. - Updated text when the first Gym is closed to hint at going to the museum
  51. - Added Lance, Gold as new possible Raid Partners
  52. - Updated Nickit front sprite, Corvisquire backsprite, Rapidash-G backsprite
  53. - Attack Name Change: Fishy Rend -> FishiousRend
  54. - Attack Name Change: First Press-> FirstImpress
  56. Pokemon Changes:
  57. Corvisquire evolves into Corviknight at Level 60 instead of 38
  58. - One of the cheesiest Pokemon in the game thanks to its typing, bulk, and access to Body Press (among many things).
  59. I'm reluctant to nerf it at the moment, so I've made it irrelevant in the midgame with this late evolution + lack of early access to Body Press
  61. Rattled has been removed from the game (to make room for Unseen Fist).
  62. - Cubchoo Rattled-> Swift Swim, Yamper Rattled->Competitive, Toxel Rattled->Lightningrod, Magikarp Rattled->Hydration, Bonsly/Sudowoodo Rattled->none,
  63. Dunsparce Rattled->None, Snubbull Rattled->defiant, Poochyena Rattled->Moxie, Whismur Rattled->Scrappy, Clamperl Rattled->Hydration
  65. Zarude can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor, Sucker Punch at Level 70
  66. All Silvally Forms 95 stats in all -> 100 stats in all
  67. Geodude-A line Ability Sturdy->Rock Head (abuse head smash, volt tackle)
  68. Mega Slowbro Defense 180->165 (With Regen buff this thing is a crazy tank, so a stat nerf must be done to compensate)
  69. Granbull learns Hammer Arm at Level 55
  70. Gligar learns Earthquake at Level 60, Gliscor learns Earthquake at Level 65
  71. Espeon can learn TM Teleport
  72. Removed Strength Sap as Egg Move from Chikorita (cannot learn it anymore, was too powerful)
  73. Removed Shell Smash as Egg Move for Squirtle (Blastoise learns at Level 82 still)
  74. Removed Fly from Haxorus (cuz it bothered some of yall)
  75. Rotom Defense 77->70, SpDef 77->70 (Can abuse Eviolite in this game, hence why it's nerfed)
  76. Froslass Attack 55->95, SpA 105->95 (With the addition of poltergeist and triple axel froslass is actually better as a physical attacker)
  77. Mega Coalossal Defense 120->125, SpDef 100->105
  78. Mega Snorlax Attack 150->160, Defense 80->85
  79. Mega Machamp Defense 105->100, SpDef 110->105
  80. Ledian learns Close Combat at Level 70
  81. Floatzel Attack 95->90
  82. Emboar can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor
  83. Beartic can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor
  84. Sirfetch'd learns Sacred Sword at Level 75
  86. Bug Fixes:
  87. Fixed some end game raids not spawning certain Pokemon they were supposed to (Seafoam, Power Plant, Viridian Forest, Pokemon Mansion)
  88. Galarian Slowpoke/Slowbro now have icons (used kanto slowpoke/slowbro as placeholders before)
  89. Fixed Slowpoke-G, Snom, Rolycoly, Mr-Mime G, Zigzagoon-G, Meowth-G, Hatenna, Ponyta-G, Sizzlipede, Gossifleur, Skwovet, Wooloo having poor front sprite positioning (floating, or too low etc)
  90. - More Gen 8 Pokemon still need to be polished, please feel free to report them! (Falinx, Chewtle, Dottler will be fixed next patch)
  91. Fixed Male Morelull evolving into Female Shiinotic
  92. Fixed back button not cancelling Dexnav encounter
  93. Fixed BlackGlasses not giving Dark Type boost
  94. Fixed being able to Thief partner in Raid Battles
  95. Fixed dialogue of Team Rocket Nugget Bridge trainer on post defeat
  96. Fixed Indeedee having incorrect backsprites
  97. Fixed Mime Jr (Galar) having no Icon
  98. Changed Ditto spawns in Randomizer to be less frequent
  99. AI will not try to Leech Seed anymore if you're behind a Substitute
  100. Fixed breeding giving an egg when parents are incompatible
  101. Fixed Rillaboom giving 3 HP EVs instead of 3 Attack
  102. Shortened Tinted Lens description text to better fit the screen
  103. Fixed Gen 8 Dragons being incompatible with TM Dragon Tail
  104. Removed text at beginning indicating randomizer can freeze, as it appears to be stable now
  105. Fixed Drowzee/Hypno not learning TM Teleport
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