Sunset Shimmer Gets An Abortion (Part 2) [DadAnon]

Jan 31st, 2016
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  2. >Be Sunset Shimmer again.
  3. >Pregnant teenage girl...
  4. >Jesus Christ, that's weird to think about.
  5. >You were now like one of those obnoxious girls on Teen Mom that you used to make fun of.
  6. >After your talk with Dad, the girls had so many questions.
  7. >Most of which you didn't know how to answer yet.
  8. >Right now though, you were at home.
  9. >You were sent home early from school after morning sickness kicked in suddenly.
  10. >You passed it off as having a virus.
  11. >It would be hours before your sisters and Dad came back.
  12. >You were just staring at your cellphone, a cheap flip phone that your Dad had gotten you two years ago.
  13. >What Dad said earlier rings in your ears.
  14. >Should you tell Brad? It's not like you expected him to be helpful or anything.
  15. >But it IS his problem too, technically.
  16. >You certainly had the opportunity to do so in private since you were the only one here right now.
  17. >You really didn't want Dad or your sisters over your shoulder while you did this...
  18. >You take a deep breath.
  19. >Come on Sunset, you're a big girl.
  20. >You can do this.
  21. >Even though you deleted the number for Brad's apartment from your contacts, you still remember it clearly.
  22. >615-2013
  23. >The phone starts to ring.
  24. "Come on, pick up...."
  25. >You hoped Uncle Incognito hadn't scared him TOO much.
  27. >The phone just rings.
  28. >And rings
  29. >And rings...
  30. >And ri-
  31. >*CLICK!*
  32. >You perk up.
  33. "Brad?"
  34. >"Yo this is Brad! If you're hearing this right now, that means I'm not home. Leave a message after the beep."
  35. >Damn it
  36. "Ugh. Brad. It's me, Sunset. We need to talk, like ASAP. I know I told you to fuck off before, but things have changed. Call me as soon as you get this. It's really important."
  37. >With that you end the call.
  38. >You sigh.
  39. >Damn it.
  40. >You place your phone down on your nightstand.
  41. >Where is he? It's not like he's in college or has much of a job outside his band.
  42. >In hindsight, this is kind of what you get for falling for the hot older bad boy.
  43. >You really didn't want to have to go see him in person again.
  44. >That would make telling him this even worse.
  45. >You still haven't completely decided if you're going to keep this baby or not.
  46. >You can feel the time ticking away though.
  47. >Sooner or later you'll have to make up your mind.
  48. >But you need to think this through first, talk to people about it.
  49. >So all you can do is wait.
  50. >You leave the cramped, seven person bedroom you've shared most of your life, and head back into the living room.
  51. >Maybe some SNES will clear your head?
  55. >Still Sunset Shimmer.
  56. >And OH GOD where did things go wrong?!
  57. "Dad, please don't do this!"
  58. >"I just want to talk to him."
  59. >LIES
  60. >After being told that Brad hadn't responded to your message, he basically dragged you to the car and now you're heading for his apartment.
  61. "I can handle this myself!"
  62. >"I just want to talk to him."
  63. >You pull up in front of the apartment building.
  64. "Dad this is ridiculous!"
  65. >He gets out of the car and you quickly follow suit.
  66. "Don't do anything stupid!"
  67. >"I just want to talk to him."
  68. >He opens the trunk and WHAT THE FUCK?!
  69. "Wait, why do you have a .44?!"
  70. >"I just want to talk to him."
  71. >He hides it in his pocket, and quickly heads on inside.
  72. >You regret telling him Brad's address.
  73. >As the you of you head up the building to Brad's apartment, you continue to try and reason with him but to no avail.
  74. >Oh god, your Dad is going to literally kill Brad.
  75. >You hated him but you didn't want him dead!
  76. >When you come up to the hallway where Brad's apartment is....
  77. "Dad, it's not like he did it on purpose! It was an accident!"
  78. >"I just want to talk to him."
  79. "Please stop!"
  80. >He knocks on the door.
  81. >"I just want to shoot him."
  82. "STOP!"
  84. >Brad opens the door, and immediately your Dad pulls out the gun and points it at him.
  85. >Your ex is immediately surprised and terrified.
  86. >"Hey w-what the fuck, man?!"
  87. >*CLICK!*
  88. >"Scream and I shoot. We're coming inside to have a little talk. NOW."
  89. >"Okay man, geez! For the love of God don't kill me!"
  90. >Brad quickly complies and opens the door.
  91. >Your Dad barges inside and you follow suit.
  92. >Brad moves to run away while the door is still open, but your dad grabs him by the back of his leather jacket and-
  93. >*THUMP!*
  94. >Slams the door behind.
  95. >Dad basically throws him into a nearby beanbag chair, and glares at him.
  96. >"Okay look, kid. I may hate your guts but I'm not going to shoot you. That may change if you don't immediately explain why you ignored my daughter's voice mail."
  97. >Brad looks like he's about to pee himself.
  98. >You sincerely hope this doesn't end badly.
  99. >"I was just doing what that weird foreign guy said! I was staying away from her! Dear God, what do you want from me?!"
  100. >Dad sighs, and puts the gun back in his pocket.
  101. >"Yeah, well things have changed. You are going to have a little talk with Sunset right now."
  102. >Brad turns to you, a terrified expression on his face.
  103. >"Sunset, what the hell is he talking about?!"
  104. >You groan, facepalming.
  105. "Look, I'm sorry about my Dad."
  106. >"Don't apologize, sweetie."
  107. "Shut up, Dad."
  108. >You sigh.
  109. "The things is Brad... Remember how the condom broke that time a day before I went back home?"
  110. >He looks confused.
  111. >"Wait, what are you?"
  112. >A look of realization dawns on his face.
  113. >"Oh..."
  114. "Yeah. I-I'm pregnant."
  115. >Brad goes quiet, just staring at the ground with wide eyes.
  116. >"Just... holy shit."
  117. >You rub your temples.
  118. "Look, y-you don't have to do anything. I just thought that you deserved to know. I haven't even decided whether or not I'm keeping it and..."
  120. >"Wait."
  121. >Brad looked back up at you.
  122. >"You're... thinking of getting an abortion?"
  123. "I-I don't know. Maybe? There's just so much money that goes into taking care of a kid. And I'm not ready to be a parent. I still have to finish high school, go to college, get a job.."
  124. >Your Dad just watches this silently, glancing between you and Brad.
  125. >Who's just looking at you with a weird expression you can't quite place.
  126. >"Sunset... Wow. I-I'm so sorry."
  127. >Eh?
  128. >Brad slowly stood back up.
  129. >"I've been thinking about it, and... yeah, I was a dick to you. And now this?"
  130. >He scratches the back of his head.
  131. >"I want to make it up to you."
  132. >I.... what?
  133. "What do you mean?"
  134. >"Look, I can't ask you to keep it. Your body and all. That and your dad would shoot me."
  135. >"Damn straight." your Dad speaks up, glaring at him.
  136. >Brad looks serious.
  137. >"But if you do decide to keep it, I want to be there for you and the kid."
  138. "Why?"
  139. >"My own Dad was never there for me. He always made up half-assed excuses. I'm not saying we have to get back together or anything, but I never want to be like him."
  140. >You're quiet as he says this.
  141. >That's... honestly, really touching. You hadn't expected him to do this.
  142. >"But what makes you think you'll even able to help at all when you don't even have a job?" your Dad says, giving him an examining look.
  143. >"I have my band, don't I? And once we start playing better places, we'll start making more mone-"
  144. >Dad raises a hand, "Let me just stop you right there. What makes you better than any of the other thousands of wannabe rockstars out there?"
  145. >Brad falters at that, "I...."
  146. >"What makes you any more likely to be famous and successful than them? And even if you do, you'll be on tours all the time to keep making that money. So if Sunset decides to keep it and you're right, you'll barely have any time to actually see the kid."
  147. >"They can come with us!" Brad responds feebly.
  148. >Your Dad shakes his head, "The road is no place to raise a child."
  149. >"I'd prefer my first grandchild grow up in a stable place that doesn't screw them up for the rest of their life."
  150. >He sighs, and walks over to pat Brad on the shoulder.
  151. >"Look, it means something that you're willing to step up if Sunset doesn't get an abortion. But neither of you are ready to raise a kid when both of you are still kids yourselves."
  152. >"I'm 19!" Brad responds.
  153. >Your Dad gives him a look, "When I was nineteen I was in college, getting drunk, partying, and generally making an ass of myself. Sounds like something a kid would do."
  154. >Brad turns to you, "Sunset?"
  155. "I don't know..."
  156. >Jesus Christ did he have to make it hard like this?! You were expecting him to not care!
  157. >"That's what I thought. Brad, I came here to make sure Sunset said what she had to say. And now that has, I think it's time to leave." Dad walks over to you.
  158. >"Come on, sweetie."
  159. >You nod slowly.
  160. >The two of you leave Brad's apartment.
  163. >You had thought about it, researched it, and talked to everyone you thought might have some insight into this.
  164. >But ultimately you came to a decision.
  165. >It was a nice day outside. No clouds, warmth.
  166. >You could go to the beach right after this if you really wanted to.
  167. >You were in the car with Dad again, both of you silent as you came up to your destination.
  168. >"We're here."
  169. "Yeah."
  170. >Planned Parenthood. A somewhat small building on the other side of town.
  171. >Never thought you'd come here for this while you were still in high school, did you?
  172. >You take a deep breath and prepare to get out.
  173. >But you feel a hand on your shoulder.
  174. >You turn to see your Dad looking at you.
  175. >"Sunset."
  176. "Yes?"
  177. >"Are you sure you want to do this? Because once it's done, there's no going back."
  178. >You nod.
  179. "Yeah, I'm sure."
  180. >He nods in return, "Alright then."
  181. >The two of you get out the car and head inside.
  182. >You see the front desk, attended by a woman in scrubs, and people ostensibly waiting for their turn.
  183. >Mostly girls and women.
  184. >You think you can even see someone from school here....
  185. >Gathering your resolve, you take one step after the other up to the front desk.
  186. >Your Dad takes a seat.
  187. "Hello?"
  188. >The woman at the front desk takes notice of you.
  189. >"Hello! Welcome to Planned Parenthood."
  190. >Through the glass, she passes you what appears to be paperwork.
  191. >"Just fill this out, hand it back to me, and we'll be right with you."
  192. >You nod, take it, and go sit down next to Dad.
  193. >With a sigh, you begin to fill it out.
  194. >The paperwork to get an abortion.
  195. >THE END (for real this time)
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