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Cappu X Selena

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  1. He could only blink in surprise, not minding in the least of course as she dragged him roughly onto her, the rams thick fluff squishing pleasantly between them! He kissed her back almost hungrily, firmly pressing her a bit of tongue as he ground his hips up against hers, that springysoft tummy wool tickling her netherflesh delightfully.
  2. A Hoof reached down to grip, and squeeze her right thigh as those plump legs wrapped around him, the ram grinning gently, before shifting up a little higher.. and 'pressing' a rather plump, squishy sheath up between her legs, the tip smearing a bit of silky, sticky pre along her outermost folds. "Hnh. Happy mommas day. Ready for your present?~" He chuckles, just bumping those lips over and over as his sheath swelled.
  3.  Ahah, sorry I got carried away. >\\u\\> )
  5. [10:34:13 PM] Selena:
  6. "Ooh... N-Not just ready, babe. Momma NEEDS it, real frickin' bad..." She admitted with a whine of lust, your sheath hot as it pressed against her. "Please fill me, tame this itch...~" She continued on, wiggling and rubbing her nethers on your fat sheath gently, teasingly, her own wetness smearing on you too!  
  8. [10:41:06 PM] Cappu:
  9. That got him going, the ram huffing gently at both her eords, and the warm wetness smearing over his sheath, those mixed juices dribbling down it some. She'd hear a lil audible squish as those first few inches plopped free, the rest quickly following, swelling and stiffening as it grew. He angled it up some, letting it slide up, and between those outer lips, just hotdogging her as it twitched and bobbed, hard enough for her to feel it. "Hnh, I won't keep you waiting much longer then, momma.~" He huffs at her, simply dragging those hips back, sliding the whole belly of his cock down between those lips.. until the fat, gooey spade tip was wedged right up against her juicy cunny...  he didn't wait any longer, plunging into that hot, wet passage, his thick length spreading her deep and wide, in one firm, slow thrust, until that bunched up, fat squishy sheath bumped up against her spread lips.
  10.  Hnh.. perfect fit. <3
  12. [10:42:53 PM] Selena:
  13. "Awwwwoooohhhhh, yes!~" Came her howling moan of deep, needing lust, her slit tight and hot as you plunged into her depths, pulling you in for another kiss, belly to belly as you stuffed her just right. "Mmmfh...Fuck me, do me hard...~!" <3
  15. [10:51:09 PM] Cappu:
  16. *he huffs through his nose as you pulled him in for another kiss, this time the dommy ram plunging his tongue past her lips much like he had stuffed into her tight cunny, wrestling it with hers roughly before breaking it. "Hffff, don't have to tell me twice, babe." He huffs out, shifting himself up onto his knees some, and using his hooves to lift her hips.. he was leaning over her heavily now, his chest to hers, and his head on her shoulder as he started to firmly pull back, only to force himself right back in, the ram already settling into a rough and quick rutting pace. She could hear his panting in her ear.. and even louder than that, was the satisfying "squish squelch of his length delving hotly through her tunnel over and over, and the noisy slaps of his hips against hers. She'd even feel his balls smacking up under her rear.. and by golly they were big, far bigger than most.. he wasn't kidding about being a ram. "H-hnh. Yes momma. Whatever you need.. mnh!" He grunts, the ram adjusting his stance.. and now finishing off every hilt with a firm 'griiind', rolling his hips firmly against hers, to lewdly swirl that leaky, juicy cock within her passage, making sure to hit every spot, every fold that he could reach with that long, wide ramcock. <3
  17.  Hope you're ready for a cream filling luv.
  19. [10:57:53 PM] Selena:
  20. "Hnnngh, give it to mama... Fill me up huge, cutie~!" She demanded with a yip and a moan, her slit snug and milking around you. "I need it... I need cum!~"
  22. [11:04:11 PM] Cappu:
  23. *he huffs and groans, digging those hindhooves of his into the ground, and hilting her with one last harsh, satisfying "slap!", the boy twisting his hips slowly as his length twitched and throbbed hotly within her.. and she'd get what she wanted. Waves of thick, sticky, creamy seed pumped deep into that tight little fox cunny, flooding it with the sticky mess, and perhaps even a little deeper. The ram just panted and groaned into her ear as he ground his chest to hers, those hips still grinding and giving little mini'humps' as the flow just kept coming. It didn't seem to stop until some of the mess was splashing out of her, and down under her legs, leaving thick, gooey trails as it oozed down. It left her feeling.. full. <3 "hnh..! <3" the ram groaned out happily, not pulling out, and simply holding her hips up, and in the air as he panted. Naughty boy. That'd just keep it all mostly inside. <3
  25. [11:08:12 PM] Selena:
  26. Selena rode her own orgasm out with you, that warmth spilling into her, inflating her even as she moaned and whined, finally sated! After a while, she was able to plug herself up, pulling you gently free of her soaked, musky snatch to snuggle up with her. <3 "Hnnf... That'll give me a nice litter of lil' sheepies by t'morrow...~"
  28. [11:12:26 PM] Cappu:
  29. *he groans as that messy length plopped free, the ram giving a tired chuckle as he snuggled right up with her, the ram pecking her on the lips and bumping that swollen, cum - sloshing tummy with his own, fluffier one. "Hnhhh. Gonna be tricky keeping track of them all. We're pretty bouncy things you know.~" He grins some, glancing down at that cummy, musky puss, blushing some. "You outta let me help clean up some next time. Ahah..~" He says as he looped his arms around her neck, tugging her closer to his warm, fluffy body, his thick coat spreading around her ever so slightly. "Hnh. <3"
  31. [11:13:28 PM] Selena:
  32. Selena nodded. "Hnnf... M-Maybe... But for now, my lil' sheepy lover, I need you for somethin' else~" She purred, one arm holding you firmly close to her.
  34. [11:15:45 PM] Cappu:
  35. *he smiles lazily, cocking one of those plush black ears of his to her as he ground that thick wool into her, the fluffy stuff tickling her sensitive bite, breasts, swollen tum, and even that musky, wet puss of hers. "Hnh..~? What could that be my dear?"
  36.  Uh, bits** ))
  38. [11:16:56 PM] Selena:
  39. "Hnn... W-Well, if i'm gonna let this litter grow up nice n' fast, I gotta have a lot of energy to put into it~." She pointed out, rubbing her gut. "To advance a litter to term after 24 hours, well..." She trailed of and wiiiidened her maw at you, s
  40.  simply pushing your head slowly past her lips.
  42. [11:22:00 PM] Cappu:
  43. Cappu listened quietly, catching on slowly as she spoke. Though, as that big, gooey maw simply yawned open and slid down over his face, and horned head, he'd give a sort of flustered, muffled bleat! "Y.. you want me to be baby food?? <\\\\>!"
  44. The ram even tasted nice. Soft and sweet, all that thick fluff holding an almost "fresh and clean" scent to it, and a flavor to match. He was going to be delicious..  even better, as her maw slid over it, and her saliva soaked into his wool, it slicked back easily, leaving his head gooey and slimed, streamlined for a smooth trip down to her gut..! Even his horns were harmless, those swirly round buds not even scratching at her maw, feeling like some round, hard lil massagers passing along the way down!
  46. [11:24:26 PM] Selena:
  47. Her throat was tight around ya, more constricting than her slit had been with your cock - powerfully gripping her meal as soon as ye poked your nose into that hot, slimy gullet, yer sodden fur weighing you down as she glucked and gulped ravenously, her gut all that mattered to her needs!
  49. [11:29:51 PM] Cappu:
  50. he couldn't do much more than whimper and squirm in her grip, though, they both knew she was stronger. He could feel her juices swirling around his face and head as they were packed down into that 'achingly' tight gullet, the rams slender shoulders and chest following not far behind! He was panting now, weakly kicking and stretching his legs this way and that as more and more of his body was taken, bulging out her throat pleasantly with that slender, femmy sheep. It wasn't long before his shapely tummy was between her lips and jaws, all that gooey, slimed wool that covered the ram was adding a pleasant "squish" to the rams bulge with every merciless gulp and swallow, the poor boy hearing nothing but the wet, lewd noises of her throat. Amusingly, she'd hear a little bleat.. as her chin was bumped with something wet, and a little sticky. Dirty boy. Seemed cappu had sprung another, even heftier erection. <3
  52. [11:31:29 PM] Selena:
  53. Selena seemed to have only one thought on her mind, not even stopping to service that erection beyond letting it rub over her tongue and the snug walls of her throat as it vanished into her belly's bowels, that tummy of hers already stiffening and slowly growing out more and more, her soft tank top riding up!
  55. [11:35:08 PM] Cappu:
  56. He let out a tiny whine as his face plopped down into her stomach.. before it was plunged into the gooey, sticky floor of her gut as the rest of him quickly followed. With his hips swallowed down, all that was left were those hooven legs of his, and they went down far easier than the rest of him. As he was packed tightly into that deadly gut, he'd find his face pressed into the walls, bulging out her tummy ever so slightly as he gave one more, far more muffled bleat. the only part of him left in the outside world, was a pair of flavorful, black cloven hooves, resting snugly between her jaws, and atop that gooey tongue.
  58. [11:50:44 PM] Selena:
  59. :heart:
  62. [11:51:08 PM] Cappu:
  63. <\\\u\\\>
  64.  Goodness gracious. <3
  65.  *digesting.* x3
  67. [11:51:31 PM] Selena:
  68. Mmmh, that's all for sune now~
  69.  Enjoy wakin' up as nutrients and gut fat~
  71. [11:52:01 PM] Cappu: Oh you're sexy.
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