CBMJ - Fifty Shades of Sunset

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. "Are you sure you're okay about this Sunset?"
  2. >"For the 5th time Anon I'm into this, now shut up and gag my mouth.
  3. "Okay whatever you say Sunny."
  4. >"And Anon don't forget to smack me hard."
  5. "what's the safety word again?
  6. >"It's banana Anon, now shut your trap and tape my mouth shut."
  8. "Are you sure you're okay about this Sunset?"
  9. >How did you get here?
  10. >"For the 5th time Anon, I'm into this, now shut up and gag my mouth.
  11. >You craved a girlfriend, begged for one since middle school; however, this was not what you had in mind.
  12. "Okay, whatever you say Sunny."
  13. >"And Anon don't forget to smack me hard."
  14. >This bitch
  15. "Alright. What's the safety word again?"
  16. >"It's banana Anon, now shut your trap and tape my mouth shut."
  17. >Who does this bitch think she is?
  18. >She's making it immensely hard for you not to pimp slap her.
  19. >She's most likely doing it on purpose
  20. >You halfheartedly raise your hand.
  21. >Due to your hesitation however, you slow down and it collides with her face, softly
  22. >"What the fuck was that!? I said hard!"
  23. "I'm sorry, but this doesn't feel right"
  24. >"I said it was fine, now smack me you green w-"
  25. >SMACK
  26. >"AAH!"
  27. >You'll be damned if she was going to finish that sentence.
  28. >As Sunset cries out in pleasure, you think back to three days ago in an attempt to figure out how things ended up this way.
  30. >You want a girlfriend.
  31. > Scratch that, you NEED a girlfriend.
  32. > Your friends constantly swapped tales of both love and lust.
  33. > Tales you can't relate to, being the only one in the group who remains a kissless virgin.
  34. > You hate it, but what can you do?
  35. > Every girl you thought about dating, someone snatched away from you.
  36. > Implying that you even attempted to pursue a potential lover.
  37. > Is anyone else in this school besides you even single?
  38. >You ponder this as you head to the cafeteria to see your friends.
  40. >"...So then, Vinyl slips some pill in my mouth, puts her speakers to my head, climbs on top of me and f- oh, hey Anon.
  41. "Sup?"
  42. >After your friends acknowledge you, the story you interrupted continues.
  43. >You half-listen to yet another one of Coda's sexual escapades with Vinyl.
  44. >You try to ignore it, hoping the conversation changes to the usual banter, before they all got girlfriends.
  45. >"And then we...Hey, Anon? You alright?"
  46. >Damn, he noticed.
  47. "Eh, I guess. Kinda becomes a downer listening to these stories while not being able to relate to them though.
  48. >You were never one for lying
  49. >"Why didn't you say so, mate? You might not be a looker, but I'm sure we can find you someone to shag."
  50. "I'm kinda looking for something more than just fucking, Coda"
  51. >"Oh shit. Anon wants the real deal"
  52. >Your friend Jackhammer pipes up
  53. >"Don't worry man, we'll find you a special someone."
  54. "Thanks Ja-"
  55. >"With some cheeks that you can body for days on end"
  56. "...Thanks Jack"
  57. >"So, Mates, what girl in this school is right for Anon?"
  58. >Your friends move toward the center of the table, discussing your potential partner.
  59. >"Derpy?"
  60. >"Nah, her muffin habit is too costly"
  61. >"Twilight's with Flash.."
  62. >...When did Maud get a man?"
  63. >It goes on and on, until finally.
  64. >Your friends look at each other before their eyes turn to you.
  65. >"Sunset!"
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