Fizzling Magma - Epilogue (AiE; Fizzle)

Oct 28th, 2014
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  1. >Winter came, right on schedule
  2. >You remember because you helped move the clouds
  3. >You might not be the fastest with your new wings but you could sure lift a metric ton of...whatever clouds were made of
  4. >Being a dragon was great, and the ponies wanted you for help even more now
  5. >Felt good to be useful
  6. >Moreso, it felt good to be a part of the community
  7. >Snow fell evenly and often, Ponyville was covered in a blanket of white the moment Winter officially began
  8. >Your new body took to the cold pretty well
  9. >Like Spike, you didn't need much to stay warm
  10. >Anytime you felt chilly you breathed a little fire on your hands and feet
  11. >Worked like a charm
  12. >Fizzle, on the other hand, needed a little help from Rarity
  13. >She made him a fluffy white coat, some pink mittens and a pink knitted cap
  14. >He looked adorable but more importantly he was finally warm
  15. >The coat constricted his wings, not that he would fly in weather like this, so you and Spike made a habit of stealing his hat
  16. >Spike loved riding on your shoulders
  17. >Fizzle yelled but he was always smiling
  18. >He got good at throwing snowballs back at the two of you
  19. >A little too good, one time he hit Spike and he fell off your back
  20. >It wasn't much of a drop and Spike was fine, but the way Fizzle looked you'd think he killed the Princess
  21. >Speaking of Princesses, Pinkie Pie was right
  22. >Twilight helped you two find a cave maybe a mile from town
  23. >Also she discovered a spell to enchant magma to keep it flowing in one spot
  24. >Which brings us to where we are now
  25. >You're flying back to the dragon lands
  26. >Fizzle is a little to your left
  27. >He's faster than you, plus he knows the way, so he's flying ahead
  28. >Nice view from back here
  29. >Fizzle's tail draws your eyes right to his
  30. >Ahem
  31. >Anyhow
  32. >You're flying to get magma for your new magma pool
  33. >Twilight's spell needs the magma from a natural source as an ingredient
  34. >Fizzle's old cave has plenty of it
  35. >Plus he could do one last check to make sure he has everything
  36. >He wasn't incredibly happy going back but it would only be one last time
  37. >Besides, his friends probably missed him, even if he didn't think so
  38. >They really weren't all that bad
  39. >You think he's more worried about admitting who you are in his life
  40. >It didn't make a difference to you but Fizzle said if he ran into Garble and company he'd tell them
  41. >That love shouldn't be hidden
  42. >Whatever makes you happy, Fizzle
  43. >So you flew, a bucket in one hand, and your eyes zeroed in on Fizzle's tight butt
  44. > you could follow him better!
  45. >"We're back"
  46. >Fizzle landed and you followed
  47. >He sighed and looked around
  48. >It hadn't changed much
  49. >Dragons come here for the warmth of the volcanos and the gems, not for the scenery
  50. >"I like our new home better"
  51. >He leans on you
  52. >You wrap your wing behind his back and give him a squeezy wing hug
  53. >"It's going to be great to have magma! Let's grab it and get going!"
  54. >You nod, all too aware that Fizzle wants to be in and out of this place
  55. >Shame, your new senses are screaming for you to stick around
  56. >The smell of the open lava, the gleam of all sorts of gems
  57. >Your stomach rumbled, you were hungry from the long flight
  58. >Fizzle had already vanished inside the cave so you followed
  59. >The cave was as empty as you guys had left it
  60. >Even if there was anything left behind, some other dragons likely took it
  61. >When you reached the magma pool, Fizzle was already filling his bucket
  62. >"Twilight said it doesn't have to stay hot, just as long as it was from a magma spri---Anon!"
  63. >You jumped into the magma pool and sighed
  64. >Fizzle was splashed with molten rock and he flailed his arms and wings
  65. >"What are you doing? Aren't we gonnahhhhh! HEY!"
  66. >You pulled him in by the tail
  67. >If this felt good as a human with a magic armband
  68. >As a dragon it was incredible
  69. >The full heat of the rock made your scales feel all tingly
  70. >Fizzle flopped around in the magma but you held him so he couldn't escape
  71. >Eventually he stopped fighting and sat next to you in the pool
  72. >"That wasn't funny! Now we're going to be freezing when we get out!"
  73. >You kissed him on the cheek and told him you loved him
  74. >He blushed and sighed, leaning back
  75. >"I guess five minutes can't hurt, right?"
  76. >You tell him how amazing this was the first time you came here and how you wanted one last dip
  77. >He smiles at the memory and nods his head
  78. >"I was so...scared back then"
  79. >You nod and wrap your tail around his waist
  80. >"Thanks for sticking with me, Anon, I know it was a change for you too"
  81. >That earned him another nod and...
  82. >There was a voice coming from the mouth of the cave
  83. >"That's Garble!"
  84. >Fizzle jumped and nearly climbed out of the pool
  85. >Your tail anchored him down
  86. >"W-w-w-w-what are you doing, Anon?? We should get going!"
  87. >You tell him to stop worrying about them and remind him what he said before the flight over
  88. >"That's different! If they see two bros in the magma pool on the same side they might think you're--"
  89. >Your deadpan look stops him from finishing that sentence
  90. >"Y-y-y-eah, you're right."
  91. >The footsteps and the sound of Garble's voice are getting closer
  92. >There's another dragon with him
  93. >Spear more than likely
  94. >Fizzle clicked his claws and looked around, as if hoping something would jump from the shadows and scare them off
  95. >No such luck, Fizzle
  96. >"...and so I said to that ho 'Well if you weren't here to...'"
  97. >Garble was in view
  98. >"....Fizzle? Izzat you? Who's the big guy?"
  100. * * *
  102. >Be Fizzle
  103. >Be Fizzle in the magma pool with Anon-Dragon right next to me and Garble and Spear standing at the edge
  104. >"Hey, earth to Fizzle? Who's your friend?"
  105. "Umm....I umm..."
  106. >Anon's tail squeezes around my waist
  107. >Come on Fizzle, don't let him down
  108. "This...this is Anon!"
  109. >Garble cocked his head sideways
  110. >"No way, Anon was a...umm...Spear what was he?"
  111. >Spear laughs and shrugs
  112. >"He sure wasn't no dragon, I'da remembered if there was another dragon around!"
  113. >Garble circles the magma pool and leans down toward Anon
  114. >"So, for real, who is he?"
  115. "I-its Anon! For real, tell him Anon!"
  116. >"Yeah! Tell me something only Anon and I would know!"
  117. >I look to Anon and I squeeze his tail under the lava
  118. >He rolls his eyes and tells Garble he pretends Spike is his younger brother to pick up women
  119. >Garble blinks and rubs his eyes
  120. >Anon continues and when he brings up 'Shetland Ice', Garble starts waving his hands and shaking his head
  121. >"Holy crap, it IS you!"
  122. >Anon grins a toothy dragon grin and leans back in the magma
  123. >"How....I mean I always said you had some dragon in you but..."
  124. >I blush a little when I think about Anon having a little dragon in him
  125. >Garble wasn't far from the truth!
  126. >Anon, however, explained it was magic and about the armband but he leaves out the other stuff
  127. >That's good, it would have been super embarrassing!
  128. >Anon was getting out of the magma because Garble was insisting he got a full look at him
  129. >I watched too, Garble trying to stand on his toes so he was as tall as the green dragon
  130. >I don't know why, Anon was always tallest
  131. >I guess cause he's a dragon no and Garble doesn't wanna feel like he's--
  132. >"--sure you look better now but don't forget who's top dragon around here!"
  133. >Yea that
  134. >Anon laughed, he doesn't seem to care
  135. >He's so mature~
  136. >I feel my cheeks get hotter and my thighs started to tingle
  137. >I sink a little in the magma, my heart beating quicker
  138. >How does he always do that?!
  139. >Plus now he's facing away and his tail is going back and forth and his big wings and and and...
  140. >Why does this happen when there are other dragons around!?
  141. >I'm up to my eyes in the magma
  142. >I want Garble and Spear to leave so I can be with just Anon again
  143. >But they're all friendly now and Garble keeps punching Anon on the shoulder
  144. >Spear is lightning some of that stuff
  145. >"So, Anon, where you and Fizzle been?"
  146. >Anon starts talking about the last few months
  147. >Oh no, what are they going to say when they find out we moved to Ponyville?
  148. >They're going to laugh and call me a faggot and--
  149. >"That's neat...Ponyville is lame but building a badass dragon lair there ain't a bad idea. What pony is gonna try and steal your stuff, am I right?"
  150. >Garble goes on about how Anon needs to build a dragon horde now
  151. >Anon laughed
  152. >My head peaked out from the magma a little
  153. >Why isn't Garble being mean?
  154. >Well I mean, he's making fun of Anon hurting ponies with his dragon meat but Anon is laughing
  155. >How come he isn't getting all upset and...
  156. >Was all this time I just scared of Garble for no reason?
  157. >Maybe he's not a terrible dragon and I've just been overreacting?
  158. >Maybe I Fizzle?
  159. >I start pulling myself out of the magma
  160. >It's dripping off me and I can feel how shiny and nice my scales are
  161. >I walk over to where Anon is and stand right next to him
  162. >Garble and him are still talking about gems
  163. >Spear is doing that thing where he laughs at everything thing he does
  164. >My heart is pounding in my chest
  165. >Slowly my claw reaches out and slips into Anon's
  166. >He gives my claw a squeeze but otherwise doesn't make it seem awkward or make me feel bad about it
  167. >Garble, on the other hand...
  168. >"Hey...what's going on here?"
  169. >Spear stops giggling
  170. >Garble folds his arms and huffs a small ball of flame to the ground
  171. >I feel myself tensing up
  172. >I want to run and hide, so badly I wish I could chop my arm off and--
  173. >" gay or something?"
  174. >....what?
  175. >Anon shrugs and says only for me
  176. >He lets go of my claw and wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer to him
  177. >His arm is so much bigger than me
  178. >I feel like he could crush me if he wanted to!
  179. >Such a strong dragon~
  180. >No, No, No, wait a second!
  181. >Why did Garble ask...why didn't he...!
  182. >"Well, alright I guess that's cool. I figured Fizzbutt liked you but I didn't expect you to be...well ya know. Though with hips like his I guess it's hard to really--"
  183. "H-hey!?"
  184. >I blurted out, Garble and Spear turning to me
  185. "Why...why did you ask HIM if he's gay!? Aren't you wondering if..I mean if I'm--"
  186. >"Fizzle, for fuck's sake, everyone knows! Quit trying to hide it, it was funny for awhile but we get it now. You're gay."
  187. >I feel like I was just hit by an airship, my whole body feels numb and frozen
  188. >All this time...always being extra careful and!
  189. " knew!?"
  190. >"Who DIDN'T know!? Sheesh Fizzle, we knew since that time we caught you looking at those pictures of Sorlith's Monthly--"
  191. "I was comparing hoards!!"
  192. >"There wasn't a hoard in that entire magazine!"
  193. " then mine was bigger!"
  194. >Garble, Spear, and even Anon laugh together
  195. >Then I feel myself laughing too
  196. >I'm not happy they're making fun of me but...
  197. >They don't care at all?
  198. >They knew!?
  199. >All this time?!
  200. >Relief flooded my veins like that cider stuff Anon drinks with me
  201. >I felt like I was about to faint but Anon squeezed my shoulder again and my legs got less jello-y
  202. >"Quit stressing out about it so much. Just remember, look but don't touch! I mean, I see myself in the mirror, I'd fuck me if I could, but you need to remember who's alpha dragon around here! That means I pick who I sleep with!"
  203. >Anon groaned and rubbed his face with his free claw
  204. >Spear coughed and said something about getting food
  205. >Anon nodded and Garble started talking about this new gem cave he found, and that pony gems are garbage compared to it
  206. >Before Anon left with them he asked me if I was hungry
  207. >Then a little softer, and when Garble was out of earshot, he asked if I was ok
  208. >I nodded and smiled, the first real smile I've had since I came back to the dragon lands
  209. >Anon said he'd meet me outside, to look around for anything I wanted before I left
  210. >I did for a minute or two
  211. >The magma glowed softly in the distance, but the rest of the cave was dark, cold, and depressing
  212. >Nothing left here I'd want, just bad memories of lonely nights worrying about things I didn't have to
  213. >I grabbed the bucket of magma I needed so I can complete the home Anon and I built together and made my way outside
  214. >I stepped out of the cave and felt the sun on my face, the wind catching my wings
  215. >For the first time I felt like everything was going to be alright
  216. >Anon is my best dragon, Garble and the rest were jerks but in a bro way, they still cared about me
  217. >The ponies liked me enough to let me live with them
  218. >Spike was an awesome friend and Rarity made me pretty clothes
  219. >Everything was going to be alright!
  220. >Giggling, I hopped in place a little, splashing a little magma on the ground
  221. "Everything is going to be alright!"
  222. >Anon chuckled and shook his head
  223. >He was leaning on the wall outside, grinning at me
  224. >Before he took to the sky, he told me to quit being such a cutie and that he loved me
  225. >But...I thought he liked when I was cute?
  226. >I shouted that I loved him too and I watched him climb, smiling and blushing as his wings opened and closed above me
  227. >He's so majestic...~
  228. >Wait...I meant he was so manly!
  229. >And badass!
  230. >Not majestic!
  231. >Majestic is totally gay!
  233. ~End~
  236. I'd like to thank all of you readers who stuck with me during this story. I know for awhile it fell on the backburner, and who knows how many deadlines I missed, but it felt good to finally finish it up. You guys have been great and very patient through the whole ordeal and I hope the ending is what you expected for our totally-straight dragon. I may turn it into a prose story someday on FIMFiction, but it'll always be here in its original form for everyone to enjoy.
  238. And as always, thanks for reading!
  240. ~ Fizzles_Anon
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