PiratesIRC 2021 Changelog

Feb 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. PiratesIRC
  2. Latest Changelog:
  5. ----------February 2021 Changelog----------
  6. Changes:
  7. Added Cast o' Crabs event
  8. Added Mysterious Doors event
  9. Added !Pirates Tutorial
  10. Added War minigame
  11. Added TicTacToe minigame
  12. Added Hidden Chest event - need at least 3 awake players to occur
  13. Added groan for Zonbis
  14. Pirates with Bounties placed on them will have reduced power
  15. When a pirate plays a minigame for the 1st time for the day, they will receive a random reward
  16. Added Get Even minigame
  17. Added new Captain command: Alert (!Pirates Captain Alert <message>) - sends a private message to the crew who have been awake within the past 30mins. Can be used to alert the crew during or before an event
  18. Increased harpoon's damage to monsters by 10%
  19. Added School o' Fish event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  20. Added Leper event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  21. New ship, The Valencia
  22. Reduced hard epic monster's HP by 10%
  23. Reduced ship damage caused by epic monsters by 40%
  24. Added Jonah event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  25. Added termite event
  26. Added Albatross event
  27. Decommissioned 3 ships with less than 15 crew: Axonites, The Golden Hind, and Twisted Mystic
  29. Fixes:
  30. Zonbi curse
  31. Max Rewards being miscounted
  32. Swab task being generated for all pirate levels during Pirates Choice Season Mod
  33. GFX Maps stuck at "Searchin'..."
  36. ----------January 2021 Changelog----------
  37. Changes:
  38. For Ships on multiple IRC Channels, public messages triggered by a player's command will only be shown in the channel the command was used in
  39. Added 'Rat Attack' event
  40. Battle-Royale: Bets will be taken during the final round with !Pirates Bet. If you win, your money will be tripled!
  41. Curses can be posted to the auction house
  42. Added new soldier event. Patrons can view addition info and tips regarding this new event at May be triggered by treasures or randomly. If ship wins any of these phases, port may be claimed as per port claiming rules Can consist up to 3 phases:
  43. Phase 1 - Attacked by soldiers on foot with option to fallback to the ship after a period of time (starts Phase 2). Can find and use grenades!
  44. Phase 2 - When minimum number of pirates fallback to the ship, can fight the soldiers using the cannons. Have option to get ship underway (starts Phase 3). If soldiers gets onboard the ship, dispatch them quickly, or else!
  45. Phase 3 - Ship gets underway and this starts an interactive port raid
  46. Maximum time a Captain can be away is 6 hours (!P Captain Away)
  47. Ship will not regenerate health during ship events
  48. Added Season Mod, Pirates Choice -
  49. Players with high mental states may have scrambled nicknames
  50. Only 1 Captain at a time can be marked as away
  51. Added Loot Crates -
  54. Fixes:
  55. MVP inconsistencies
  56. Some monsters not being removed from the live map after being defeated
  57. Internal investment dbase fixes
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