PiratesIRC 2021 Changelog

Feb 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. PiratesIRC
  2. Latest Changelog:
  4. ----------December 2021 Changelog----------
  5. Changes:
  6. Added a client-sided sound system for mIRC & AdiIRC:
  7. Testing faster ship-ship communications system (commands and messages)
  8. Players whom are hurt cannot !Pirates Seize
  9. Testing game sounds via Sound Requests. Currently, only sailing sounds are enabled. Most IRC Clients support this and can be enabled by downloading the mp3s at and placing them in your client's sound directory. Read more about sound requests @ or or
  10. !Pirates Today Details - are now sorted by doubloon amounts
  12. Fixes
  13. Sailing to L8 instead of Port-de-Paix
  14. Unable to flee during a Zonbi Horde
  15. Ship auto-sailing after teleporting n' losing a Capn Duel
  16. Ship vs Ship Battles - ship upgrades not received
  17. COPPER PLATING showing incorrect price
  18. Live Map Incorrect Pirate Haven
  19. Buried Treasure dbase
  20. Additional !Pirates Sail Plot fixes
  21. Player nicknames not showing crowns when a new season begins
  22. Ship treasure maps not being found (truncated)
  23. Briscola game
  24. Message for votes needed to Crew Sail
  25. Duplicate joins in Pirate's Dice
  27. ----------November 2021 Changelog----------
  28. Changes:
  29. Curses can no longer be used when encountering a player ship at sea
  30. Added the Italian DLC 🇮🇹: new Italian faction, Italian food within markets, n' a new minigame: Briscola 🤏
  31. Added !Pirates Bans
  32. Curses can be sold at Port Markets
  33. Decreased standard expiration time for ship quests
  34. New players will have an increased chance of positive random events
  35. Added achievement counter "Awarded 2x". Reflects how many times the achievement has been given, per ship
  36. Added acknowledgement to code o' conduct
  37. New players may receive a sword or weapon during a !Pirates Gift
  38. Performing work commands will give extra doubloons for lower level players and the player will be in 'Easy' difficulty
  39. added !Pirates Captain Forfeit
  40. added Buried treasure goal and "1st of the day" bury reward
  41. More vomit fun. See !Pirates Help Vomit
  42. Added a new "quiet" event
  43. Increased difficulty of treasure hunt challenges for ships which have completed a treasure hunt earlier in the day
  44. Shipwrights with "very generous discounts" last only for 5mins
  45. Added more stats to !Pirates Ship Top. Will not be accurate until after today
  46. Players can now overeat
  47. Added !Pirates Vomit
  48. Can only purchase (carry) one cannon shot at a time
  49. Shipwright purchases take time to complete
  50. Ships which have completed a previous treasure hunt in the same day will have to complete all challenges in new treasure hunts
  51. Large payouts from a fight may result in the winner not able to carry all the doubloons
  52. Auction house times have been decreased.
  53. Added limit to how many auctions you can win/bid.
  55. Fixes:
  56. Unable to plot routes (!Pirates Sail Plot) to/from certain locations
  57. Race Minigame - unable to play with another player
  58. !Pirates Ship Awake response missing "no"
  59. Invalid cells locations after using !Pirates Sail Path
  60. Repeated messages of rowboat be on its way to pick ye up
  61. Unable to complete Zonbi Horde Ship Quest
  62. HiLo Bot's turn and it times out
  63. Duel invalid moves
  64. !PIRATES SAIL PLOT from Villa Hermosa to Florida Keys
  65. Battle-Royale bet messages when only 1 ship is participating
  66. Ship quest to dock at a port expiration
  67. Unable to perform !P BATTLE commands at the beginning of a Ship Battle
  68. Incorrect captain listed in message during a Captain vs Captain Duel
  69. Ship quest to kill a monster at a cell or on the map does not clear after the monster 'expires'
  70. Doubloons won in a fight for players who are challenged can be reduced
  71. ship quest explore
  72. Sail Path to Port-de-Paix
  73. buried treasure database fixes
  74. mirror listed twice in !P FIGHT during a ghoul attack
  75. NULL players "deciding to attack monster"
  76. duplicate nickname given in !P STORE NICKNAME
  77. New day settings not being reset
  78. negative pay loot crate reward
  79. voucher use message
  80. old reference to duel when new command is fight
  81. More never-ending ship battle boardings
  82. New user nickserv issues
  83. Ship quests being marked as complete when they are not
  84. Double stash event for one player where only one occurs
  85. Breeze event requiring only one, !P UNFURL
  86. Auction house times shown as negative
  89. ----------October 2021 Changelog----------
  90. Changes:
  91. Server move complete! You will need to refresh/clear cache for live map. If any other issues/bugs !Pirates Bugs
  92. Added Quiet Event to cell locations
  93. Added Quiet Event to ports
  94. Added ability to use the flask even if stamina is full
  95. Ship Battles: Boarding Phase - ships where the entire crew are asleep/inactive receive a random power bonus
  96. Only 1 skill book can be used per day
  97. Added new mechanic to cannibal attacks 🍽
  98. Added 6 new types of ghoul and 3 items/actions
  99. Decommissioned player ship The Robothive for failure to abide by rules
  100. Decommissioned player ship The Freedom and The Clamorous Dissonance due to lack of players/interest
  101. Added ability to view your own or other player's bug reports (own ship only) !Pirates Bugs PLAYER NAME
  102. View a list of reported, confirmed, n' recently fixed bugs with !Pirates Bugs
  103. New internal comms between ships has been fully implemented.
  104. Updated Code of Conduct/rules:
  105. Added !P REPORT for reporting players breaking rules
  106. Decommissioned player ship: The robothive
  107. Cap'n vs Cap'n duel optimizations
  108. Added emojis to player nicknames when they have certain statuses. Examples: Old 🧓, Brigged 🕲, poisoned 🤢, etc. Read more at
  109. Pirate Legend's nicknames will have a 👑 (crown) for each season they have won.
  110. Bot has a chance to change player's nicknames
  111. Added new Grab event
  112. Added Food Vouchers
  113. Added food expiration and is shown in !P Chest
  114. Fruit no longer gives stamina
  115. Food has been added to the market and the store. Better quality food will be at the market and decrease your hunger more. Common quality and above, gives stamina
  116. Stamina recovered will be doubled if player is not hungry and not sated or above
  117. Rewrote stamina and hunger/fullness systems
  118. New hunger levels from most hungry to full: ravenous, famished, hungry, comfortable, satisfied, sated, gorged
  119. If a ship with a quest to recover a shipwreck, scour a treasure, etc is completed by another ship, the ship quest will be removed
  120. Added minigame, Pirate's Dice. Read more @
  121. Added a single player rhyme event
  122. Added !Pirates Equip - used for weapons and future items
  124. Fixes:
  125. Some events not ending when the ship sails
  126. Ability to use !P WHISTLE more than once during a voyage
  127. Ship only receiving 1 shot and player being charged the amount specified in !P SW BUY TYPE SHOT # AYE
  128. Inconsistent port claiming after using !Pirates MOOR
  129. Investments at Port-de-Paix randomly disappearing
  130. Ship Battles - Ability to board at any distance
  131. multiple zonbi hordes at the same port
  132. in some rare instances, potions being 'stuck' after giving them to another player
  133. After an event, stamina not being restored to all players
  134. overvalued special weapons
  135. Able to eat food vouchers
  136. Inactive players winning MVP after an event
  137. Golem fixes
  138. School of Fish event "time left" incorrect
  139. Food not decreasing alcohol level / drunk state
  140. In some rare cases skill progression being skipped
  141. Meditation skill progression
  142. Incorrect number of claimed ports
  143. Ship Battle - boarding phase - additional fixes
  144. Ship Battle - boarding phase
  145. Black-jack - more than once Ace not counting correctly
  146. Skill progression exploit - Using !P SKILL ANSWER to progress in skill which do not let you progress with !P SKILL LEARN
  147. Overpowered players with the Season Bonus Endless Energy
  148. Live map special items spawning on top of one another
  149. Incorrect skill check cooldown
  150. 0 payout or penalties in some events when mental state is deranged, maniac, or psychopath
  151. Giving potions to other players
  154. ----------September 2021 Changelog----------
  155. Changes:
  156. Balanced the values of goods ->
  157. Added 23 new hidden caches
  158. Added !P Decode
  159. Added !P Sail Plot <destination> - shows route to destination
  160. Added ability to give potions to other players !Pirates Use <ID> Give <PIRATE>
  161. Potions can be sold in the market
  162. Added which direction to deploy sea anchors
  163. Added confirmation when making purchases from the Shipwright
  164. Players can vote if they wish for their ship to participate in regularly scheduled Battle-Royales
  165. Doubled the durability of the ship upgrade, Cotton Sails
  166. Fullness affects the ability to drink potions. See your fullness with !Pirates Status
  167. Fullness Levels:
  168. -painfully full
  169. -very full
  170. -a little too full
  171. -comfortable
  172. -a little hungry
  173. -very hungry
  174. -painfully hungry
  175. Potions are now useable items ->
  176. Changed all Potion Colors caught with !P Cast
  177. Added ability for Captains to plot custom routes. Includes a +2 speed bonus -> !P Sail Path
  179. Fixes:
  180. !P GOODS not working when ship is in Pirates Merchants season mod
  181. PORT-DE-PAIX being invalid in !P SAIL PATH
  182. Sint Maarten missing from !P PORTS
  183. harpoon when fighting an epic monster
  184. P Sail Path fixes
  185. Ability to post more than 2 items to the Auction house
  186. Battle-Royale voting
  187. In some rare cases, grab event not having a time shown and can never stash the item
  188. Port Control time resetting
  189. Randomized Skill Learn questions
  192. ----------August 2021 Changelog----------
  193. Changes:
  194. Ship upgrades: Fine-Grain Powder, Copper Plating, Cotton Sails now have a finite amount of uses
  195. Special items 'ave been added to the world. These can be obtained by sailin' thru them or by anchoring/mooring/docking at their location. View a list wit' !Pirates Special Items or view at - Read more at
  196. Added a new Grab event
  197. Increased doubloons in !P CAPTAIN CREW BONUS
  198. Teleport Stones now have a finite amount of uses
  199. Changed default setting for new users to 'no highlight' (!P Options)
  200. New confirmation for !P Discard
  201. New web host for and the live map, you may need to refresh/clear your browser cache
  202. Decreased cooldown for incorrect answers for !P SKILL LEARN/ANSWER
  203. Bugged ornamental items were distributed last night/yesterday. If you have any items you cannot sell, fix them with !P USE <ID>
  204. Added special messages if a Captain or crew is trying to sail to a port where an event is occurring like a Zonbi Horde
  205. Decreased chances for ships to Auto Sail to ports which have events occurring like a Zonbi Horde
  206. Whale Oil can be used certain during events, !P Ship Use Whale Oil - See how much Whale Oil the ship has wit' !P Ship Cargo
  207. Added a chance for a skill check in !P Cast. Whomever answers the skill check first and correctly, wins the item
  208. Whale oil, won in a whale encounter, is now stored in the ship's cargo hold !P Ship Cargo
  209. Captain away adjustments
  210. Added new event, Zonbi Horde -
  211. Added 9 new Ship Quests
  213. Fixes:
  215. Found buried treasures not being removed
  216. Mayan number puzzles
  217. Donating at an independent or pirate port not increasing relations with a faction
  218. !P SKILL LEARN/ANSWER questions
  219. P INFO
  220. !P Top Claim Bounty
  221. Firing cannon cooldown when a cannon shot is not specified
  222. !P Ports
  223. Same skill check question when training in a skill
  224. Changed message saying to scour the area after defeating the treasure guardian and the treasure was already looted
  225. In some instances, Raid not clearing rust list
  226. If a Captain is set to Away and is no longer the richest pirate (true captain) the Away Captain will no longer have to pay the Interim Captain
  227. !P SKILL Learn questions
  228. !P Captain Away messages
  229. Joining a Scrabble game when one is not started
  230. Unable to !P Close during a ship battle when voting to close, then becoming Captain
  231. !P HELP DIG text
  232. Imprisonment curse disappearing when not specifying a pirate onboard own ship
  233. Away Captains not paying hourly wages to Interim Captains
  234. Away Captains not be automatically 'marked' as returned
  237. ----------July 2021 Changelog----------
  238. Changes:
  239. If a ship event is occurring, pirates cannot !Pirates Rest
  240. Added Unicode Emoji to AMSSM
  241. Due to database changes, all buried treasures have been wiped
  242. Completed monthly server maintenance
  243. Added more top stats:
  244. Added ability to ban players from using ship messages - Players who continually use ship messages for personal attacks will be banned from sending ship messages
  245. Added more questions to riddles
  246. On Saturdays, the bot ships, HMS Interceptor and HMS Endeavour return for the interests of the English crown. These ships are more deadly in ship battles on Saturdays
  247. Due to database changes, all global stats have been wiped.
  248. The Revenge has been renamed Black Pearl
  249. Disabled the bot ship, HMS Interceptor, due to the 2 new player ships.
  250. Testing a Discord ship, The Clamorous Dissonance. Join @
  251. New player ship, The Freedom
  253. Fixes:
  254. Golems spawning in multiple ships when moored at the same port
  255. In some rare instances, chests with monsters not responding to !P Scour
  256. Pirate quests to raid invalid ports
  257. !P Goods during Pirate Merchants Season Mod
  258. Buried Treasure database errors (affected !P Seek)
  259. In some cases, stolen investments (lockpicked) disappearing
  260. AMSSM - missing "confuse"
  261. !P Whistle
  262. Captain giving Rum to non-existent players
  263. Doubloon Rates
  264. Charverin' non-existent players
  265. Ship sabotage: attack
  268. ----------June 2021 Changelog----------
  269. Changes:
  270. Added new ship quests. Get them from meeting with a Governor: !P Governor Meet
  271. Removed !P Captain Quest
  272. Added support for pylink. Currently being used on The Flying Dragon
  273. Added Faction abilities - each faction has a different ability that can be activated and last for 1 hour. Read more at
  274. Captains can meet with port Governors n' be given gifts, intel, or punishments... !Pirates Governor Meet
  275. Disabled !P Ship Upgrades <other ship>
  276. Increased duration of Golem's life by 200%
  277. Added holystone to underway ship tasks
  279. Fixes:
  280. Decoderen for Treasure Hunts
  281. Faction abilities lasting only 5mins, not 1h
  282. !Pirates Post Status showing incorrect claim statuses
  283. Governor invitations at Pirate Havens
  284. In some instances, the Captain Task to meet with the Governor not being marked as completed
  285. Sabotage attack hurting wrong players
  288. ----------May 2021 Changelog----------
  289. Changes:
  290. Specific songs can only be whistled once per day
  291. Players who are brigged over 5 minutes may receive a message to try to escape. The player will need to complete a skill check to escape. The difficulty is based on the time remaining in the brig.
  292. Removed free factions voucher
  293. Faction changes have shifted from the store to the Governor, !Pirates Governor Pledge. Faction changes are limited based on which faction claims the port.
  294. Year now matches live map in !Pirates Time
  295. You can only donate to factions at their own port, Independent ports, or Pirate Havens by visiting the Governor. I.E. To donate to the French, you must be at a French, Independent, or Pirate (Haven) port.
  296. Changed command to Donate/Grant to increase rep with a faction to !Pirates Governor Donate
  297. Added !Pirates Governor
  298. Players will be messaged when they are marked as a suspected bot/using scripts. Players can appeal by messaging the game bot: !Pirates NoTaBot <message>
  299. Decreased Imprisonment curse duration by 50%
  300. Monthly server maintenance completed
  301. Added !Pirates FLIP
  302. Added !Pirates ROLL
  304. Fixes:
  305. Ship tasks
  306. Treasure maps not being transferred from the losing ship after a battle
  307. GFX Maps not be cleared at the end of the Season
  308. Crew sailing showing incorrect voyage time
  309. Monsters still attacking after a curse fails and teleports the ship
  310. Invalid treasure hunt locations
  311. Ghouls not spawning when exploring some cell locations
  314. ----------April 2021 Changelog----------
  315. Changes:
  316. Added Phantasm curse. Spawns a spectral being to attack another ship's crew
  317. Limited the number of Loot Crates a player can possess to 3
  318. Increased times to complete: epic monsters, uber monsters, cannibal attacks, and snake bites
  319. Loser of Captain vs Captain Duels is no longer injured for a short period of time so they may choose where to sail
  320. Pirates is being changed to Cats! All commands are prefixed with !CAT. New commands: Catnap, Catnip, Hiss, Knead, Meow, Purr, Scratch, Spray - April Fools
  322. Fixes:
  323. Ship's tasks completions
  324. Golems not attacking crew on other ships
  325. Ship tasks not clearing after teleported
  326. Inability to whistle when no sailing
  327. Removed ascii characters from some captchas and the race game
  330. ----------March 2021 Changelog----------
  331. Changes:
  332. Command to put out a fire changed to !Pirates Douse
  333. Decreased Epic Monster difficulty
  334. Added a Coffer encounter which acts the same as the mysterious doors
  335. After a fight, the loser will be unable to perform any actions for ~2mins
  336. Spectators can bet who will win duels. Bet will be accepted up to round 3. !Pirates Bet
  337. Added flasks to recover stamina - !Pirates Flask
  338. Added captain task, Explore. The Captain must sail to a cell location and the crew must explore it
  339. The world is no longer as empty! Cell locations can now contain caves, shipwrecks, abandoned towns, destroyed forts, ancient temples, etc. A few minutes after you sail to a cell location, a chance to explore the location will be messaged. Read more at
  340. Captains marked as away will pay Interim Captains while they be gone
  341. Super wealthy Captains cannot bonus themselves or use !Pirates Scuttlebutt
  342. Added a chance for curses to be a special item at the market
  343. Added a chance for the Golem Curse to be purchased at Pirate Havens
  344. Added interactive duels, !Pirates Duel
  345. Old power based duels can be performed with !Pirates Fight
  346. In some instances, Captains who are greatly ahead in wealth, may be the only one who can make Shipwright purchases
  347. Added Golem Curse - Spawns a Golem 🤖 to fight for your ship or can be spawned on other ships...
  348. James Norrington o' HMS Interceptor has returned from England n' be after Pirates...
  350. Fixes:
  351. Players with "Highlight" off unable to respond to ghoul attacks
  352. Missing messages of the scouting party returning to the ship when doubloons or items are found
  353. !Pirates Explore - The ship be busy wit' an event, try again later!
  354. Any pirate could be saved: !P Save
  355. Ship Tasks
  356. !Pirates Whistle being over generous
  357. Large Black-jack winnings being taxed
  360. ----------February 2021 Changelog----------
  361. Changes:
  362. Added Cast o' Crabs event
  363. Added Mysterious Doors event
  364. Added !Pirates Tutorial
  365. Added War minigame
  366. Added TicTacToe minigame
  367. Added Hidden Chest event - need at least 3 awake players to occur
  368. Added groan for Zonbis
  369. Pirates with Bounties placed on them will have reduced power
  370. When a pirate plays a minigame for the 1st time for the day, they will receive a random reward
  371. Added Get Even minigame
  372. Added new Captain command: Alert (!Pirates Captain Alert <message>) - sends a private message to the crew who have been awake within the past 30mins. Can be used to alert the crew during or before an event
  373. Increased harpoon's damage to monsters by 10%
  374. Added School o' Fish event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  375. Added L3per event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  376. New ship, The Valencia
  377. Reduced hard epic monster's HP by 10%
  378. Reduced ship damage caused by epic monsters by 40%
  379. Added Jonah event - need at least 4 awake players to occur
  380. Added termite event
  381. Added Albatross event
  382. Decommissioned 3 ships with less than 15 crew: Axonites, The Golden Hind, and Twisted Mystic
  384. Fixes:
  385. Zonbi curse
  386. Max Rewards being miscounted
  387. Swab task being generated for all pirate levels during Pirates Choice Season Mod
  388. GFX Maps stuck at "Searchin'..."
  391. ----------January 2021 Changelog----------
  392. Changes:
  393. For Ships on multiple IRC Channels, public messages triggered by a player's command will only be shown in the channel the command was used in
  394. Added 'Rat Attack' event
  395. Battle-Royale: Bets will be taken during the final round with !Pirates Bet. If you win, your money will be tripled!
  396. Curses can be posted to the auction house
  397. Added new soldier event. Patrons can view addition info and tips regarding this new event at May be triggered by treasures or randomly. If ship wins any of these phases, port may be claimed as per port claiming rules Can consist up to 3 phases:
  398. Phase 1 - Attacked by soldiers on foot with option to fallback to the ship after a period of time (starts Phase 2). Can find and use grenades!
  399. Phase 2 - When minimum number of pirates fallback to the ship, can fight the soldiers using the cannons. Have option to get ship underway (starts Phase 3). If soldiers gets onboard the ship, dispatch them quickly, or else!
  400. Phase 3 - Ship gets underway and this starts an interactive port raid
  401. Maximum time a Captain can be away is 6 hours (!P Captain Away)
  402. Ship will not regenerate health during ship events
  403. Added Season Mod, Pirates Choice -
  404. Players with high mental states may have scrambled nicknames
  405. Only 1 Captain at a time can be marked as away
  406. Added Loot Crates -
  409. Fixes:
  410. MVP inconsistencies
  411. Some monsters not being removed from the live map after being defeated
  412. Internal investment dbase fixes
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