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  1.  Headline
  3. (What is a man...But a miserable pile of secerets..)
  5. General Information:
  7. Full Name: Amikiri Etsuka Longelus Takeshi.
  8. Also Known As: Kiri, Taki, Bane, Beast, Mad King.
  9. Age: Unknown, Age before being pulled into the Timeless Void was 21. Countless eons have passed since. Current state, Endless decay and repair.
  10. Gender: Originally and preferably male, however it is based on the form he chooses.
  11. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  12. Morals: No one being is ranked higher than the other. All things rot in the end. Respect above all else.
  13. Threat Level: Cataclysmic.
  14. IQ: Ancient arcane and forbbiden knowledge lost to time, Vast intelect and near instant deconstruction of knowledge. Most easily compairable to a library of knowledge however his thoughts become blurred and the more feral he becomes, the further he is engulfed by his emotions.
  15. Birthplace: Shadow Lands. Creation after death / Abyssal Void.
  16. Current Residence: Abyssal Void ( Post Corruption)
  17. Occupation(s): Retired war beast.
  18. Personal Quote: "Amuse me little one.."
  19. Voice Actor: Dormin {Antagonist of the game Shadow of the Colossus}
  21. Relationships: Other than his single offspring and two brothers there is no one he allows in his presence.
  24. Summarized Biography
  25. Amikiri Takeshi, A being created for the sole purpose of devouring the essence of his divine creator's kin. A singular vessle inhabited by two beings bound by the forgeing of essence to soul. forced to devour both his original kind and the failed creations like himself he was driven further into maddness. Takeshi ment to fade leaving only a mindless beast of biddings, however due to his adaptive trait Takeshi slowly regained himself after thousands of years under his creators control, unable to do anything but watch as he devoured more and more. After many more years Amikiri began to despise their creator just as much and they came to a temporary agreement long enough only to rid the realms of the mad god once and for all.  After takeing revenge amikiri grew docile and fell into a slumber, however many times over the eons he has awakened and wreaked havok acrossed the realms forceing Takeshi to develope and seek knowledge on sealing rites to contain himself. now he sits idle in the abyssal void constantly being drained by the thousands of seals that adorn his being draining his essence as fast as it can produce keeping him in a constant state of decay and the beast in slumber untill the day he stirs once more.
  27. Physical Information
  29. Species: Manifestation of Lust,Hatred,Shadow and Insanity forged into the broken soul and vessel of a being with a pure adaptablity.
  31. Subspecies: Shadow elf, Maleformed and trapped in constant decay due to locking away the creature with in.
  33. Nationality: Shadow Lands(rp).
  35. Ethnicity Pale smooth flesh with lith frames. Maleformed. Corrupted.
  36. Height:  Thirteen foot six inches as Takeshi. Upward to thirty three meters though it vastly depends on the ammount of matter within his area while changeing.
  38. Weight: At the absolute minnimum three tons while under supression seals. Unsupressed his wieght varies with his mass.
  40. Eye Color: Pitch black orbs with teal hues.
  42. Fur Color: N/A
  44. Clothing Style: The withered remains of a once glorious attire now reduced to a mere waist clothe. often a black fur around the sholders and arm bracers.
  46. Jewelry: a single anceint ring, the only thing he has left from before his death.
  48. Scars/Markings: Torn and petrified flesh allowing one to see inside his ever decaying vessel with ease.
  50. Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
  51. Unmatached physical strength due to his corrupted matter forms. and arcane knowledge allowing him to maintain powerful seals that drain his energy./ Extremely suseptable to True pure light.
  54. Mental Strengths/Weaknesses: Can read ones aura and even sense another down to the monecular level, can react from mind to body near instantly even as he is learning. His emotions are extremely easy to minipulate making it simple to lead him into mindless rage or despair from reliving his creation or past events.
  56. Skills and Talents:
  57. Seal mastery. Since his undeath and bonding to te beast he has dedicated his existance to creating and maintaining the thousands of seals which bind him. His fighting style is loose and unpridictable as he uses his entire body as a single weapon often torquing his body in the air using his tail and causing harm to his own vessel in the process. Despite his ludicris size and weight he is deceptively fast tending to vanish from ones sight before their eyes can process the frames that followed.
  59. Powers and Abilities:
  60. Adaptablity, [ due to the extremities of matter manipulation his very core has become the corrupted equivilent of a collapsing nuetron star, causing his being to grow in density the more matter he absorbs],Matter manipulation and creation, Corruption ( Black matter, Dark matter, Anti-matter and normal matter make up "Shadow Matter") through essence consumption ( Example: If another being absorbs or feeds from his essence.) Full production of shadow matter often dipicted as a thick mist he exhales.
  61. ( Shadow matter exp: The essence of the shadows witch makes his being mixed in with corrupted matter to make a solid and or physical state of being allowing his shadow like constructs to react physically.) Numerous other abilities however in battle he is known to use only his own physical strength.
  63. Transformations: Restricted
  65.  ( Very frail in appearance and covered in thousands of seals. most comparable to a corpse in a constant state or decay and reanimation never seeming to lean more twoards the other.) Released. ( A Hulking black mass of horns and bone. the transformation is more often than not brutal causing his form to be torn and broken as it shifts and changes bringing him great distress and often triggering an instant state of rampage. ALWAYS followed by the riseing of seven pillars, six forming a ring which ensanres him until he slumbers.  each pillar a seal containing a massive amount of his power he is other wise denied unless they crumble.)
  68. Overall Stats
  70. Strength: 10
  72. Defense:8.5
  74. Speed: 9
  76. Dexterity: 7
  78. Willpower: 3
  80. Luck: 0
  81. Special: 7.5
  83. Held Items and Weapon Skills:
  84. No weapons or items. Strictly hand to hand.
  86. Fighter's Rank: War Beast. ( Extreme situational awareness even as he falls into the spiral of maddness and is consumed by his emotions. his one sole purpose is to rend his foe into nothing no matter his mind set.)
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