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  1. Covel’s chest burned as he burst through another screen of brush. The other members of his party followed suit, or cleared their own paths in a desperate attempt to escape their pursuers. The mob of undead were hot on their heels. Moans and screams echoed from behind him as the slower members were overtaken by the corpses.
  3. A supposedly simple job gone horribly wrong. The mansion that they were supposed to be looting was allegedly abandoned. Not until the group of adventures were deep inside the mansion did it become apparent that it was not only inhabited, but a bustling haven of every manner of undead.
  5. A tree branch bent wildly and clothes-lined the man running next to Covel. He let out a wheeze as he landed hard on his back. Covel slowed for a moment but resumed his retreat as a ghost rose out of the bark.
  7. A tan woman drenched in blood appeared next to him. She matched his pace perfectly and looked him over. Covel urged his body to sprint harder. It was clear just how outclassed he was. The undead were not hindered by stamina. The ghoul looked completely unphased by the physical exertion.
  9. To his surprise, she let out a grunt and changed course. Coming up from behind a more heavy-set man, she leapt onto him. Her arms held his shoulders as she sunk her teeth into his neck. He cried out and collapsed with her flailing on top of him.
  11. “Don’t let that one get away!” shouted something behind him.
  13. Looking around him, Covel could see that he was the only one left. An arrow whistled past his head.
  15. As he was about to clear a fallen log, a ghost sprang from the decaying tree.
  17. “Boo!”
  19. Covel wasn’t scared by the woman as much as he was surprised by her unconventional entrance. Unable to see the ground on the other side, he tumbled to the ground. Scrambling forward, he nearly knocked over a zombie in front of him. The girl teetered backwards, and began shambling forwards again. Covel drew his sword and took a swing at the undead monstrosity.
  21. There was a sharp clang of metal on metal and Covel found his attack expertly blocked by a dullahan.
  23. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to hit a lady?” asked the helmeted head in her arms.
  25. Overcoming his shock Covel swung at the armored woman. She swept his sword to the side and kicked him squarely in the gut. Covel fell back.
  27. The undead had formed a ring around the duel. Covel realized that even if he were to defeat the knight, he would never escape the multitude of monsters around him.
  29. “Surrender.” Ordered the dullahan.
  31. “Never!” cried Covel. As afraid as he was, he was more angry. Angry at these ratty, rotten husks for ending his life. With a loud shout he charged forwards.
  33. The dullahan tossed her head at him. The rouge cranium caught him on the nose and he faltered. As he looked up at the head rolling at his feet, the dullahan plunged her sword through his chest. A feeling of warmth radiated out from the wound. The blood rushed to Covel’s loins and he slipped into unconsciousness.
  35. ~~~~~~~
  37. Covel groaned. His dick hurt. As he reached down to rub the offending area, he found his hands firmly bound in front of him. Testing the shackles, he began to panic when they showed no signs of loosening. Where was he anyways?
  39. A cell by the looks of it. Peering out through the bars, he could see several other cells lining the corridor. The passage was dimly lit by flickering purple torches.
  41. The sound of foot steps and a conversation sounded from out of sight.
  43. “This is the last of them, milady. I hope you can find one you like.”
  45. It sounded like the dullahan from earlier. Who could her hideous master be? What sort of horror awaited him? Could this be a fate worse than death?
  47. Come to think of it, why wasn’t he dead? Craning his neck back, he attempted to inspect his torso for any sign of injury.
  49. “Ara~ Don’t worry dear, I wouldn’t let such a lovely chest go to waste~”
  51. Covel snapped his head up. A beautiful woman stood in the moonlight streaming through his barred window.
  53. Her skin was as pale as the light she stood in. An extravagant dress covered her modest chest, but left the sides of her slender legs visible. The women of Covel’s village would have killed for a chance to wear such a garment for one night. Her arms were hidden up to the elbows by long gloves with a lacy sleeve. Her hair towered above her in a Victorian style.
  55. Her giggle brought Covel’s attention back to the situation at hand.
  57. “What the hell do you want, corpse?” Said Covel.
  59. “I want to give you a chance, dear.” She said stepping up to the bars of his cell. “You are very special. I promise you that no harm will befall you so long as you remain polite and listen.”
  61. “Go to hell. I’m smart enough not to make deals with demons.” Said Covel.
  63. “Oh? And do I look like a demon to you?”
  65. “All monsters are demons.” Retorted Covel.
  67. “So be it. I was a fool to think that I could trick such a keen and clever man. Come along, Rolan.” Said the wight turning away from the cage. The dullahan followed her and the duo disappeared down the hall.
  69. Covel pondered the conversation. That was… not what he had expected. Not only were all of his limbs attached and his soul uneaten, but the monster had yielded to only the slightest amount of resistance. It must be a trick. He had to stay strong. He would never give them the pleasure of seeing him beg.
  71. Covel sat on the cool bench. As the flames of insubordination faded, he couldn’t help but remember her body. His member stretched against his pants as he remembered her cleavage. Like the reflection of two moons on a still lake. He tried to adjust himself and found that he was unable to do so with his restraints. Wincing, he lay down on the bench and did his best to find a comfortable position to sleep in.
  73. ~~~~~
  75. Covel awoke to a low moaning.
  77. It was still night, but… less nightish. The sky was still dark, but there was a gentle glow from above. Like the sky at dawn, only with the sun rising in the middle of the sky.
  79. The moan had come from a zombie standing at his cell. She was currently trying to insert the key into the lock, and failing miserably. Using both hands, she attempted to drive the key into the lock like a sword. There was a quiet rasp of metal on metal as the key hit the plate the lock was set in, and slid to the side. She bent over at the waist so that the mechanism was at eye level, and pushed the key forward again. She missed, and let out another low groan.
  81. There was a tray of food next to her on the ground that Covel couldn’t ignore. Toast, an egg, some fruit, a slice of what smelled like ham and a tall glass of water. Leagues above the gruel that he was used to eating at the guild hall. His stomach growled. How long had it been since he had eaten?
  83. Though Covel desperately wanted the food, he was nervous about the undead. She didn’t look particularly dangerous, but his hands were still bound. As the zombie tried again, he noticed a ring of keys attached to the back of her belt.
  85. Maybe he could use this predicament to his advantage…
  87. Covel slowly got up and moved towards the door. The zombie paused and looked up at him.
  89. “Are you going to get this open or not?” He asked.
  91. “Dorry…”
  93. Covel took a step back. He didn’t think the thing would respond. Oh well, not like it was intelligent or anything.
  95. Finally, the zombie slid the key into the lock. With an excited grunt, she used both hands to twist the key and began to pull open the door.
  97. Covel kicked the door hard. The zombie and the door flew back. She let out a frightened gurgle as she landed hard on her back. Covel hurried over to her and flipped her onto her stomach. The undead struggled against him but her attacks were powerless against him. Seizing the key ring from her belt, he ripped it off and began to test the keys in his shackles.
  99. The task proved to be harder than he had anticipated. With both hands so close together, he was forced to use his teeth to help line up the key. The zombie clambered out from under him with a growl. Covel shoved her aside and bolted past her down the corridor. Looks like the shackles would have to come off on the fly.
  101. He reached the end of the cell block and hurried up the staircase. He exited into a wine cellar full of cobweb-dusted kegs. Covel quickly surmised that this was the very mansion that his party had been tasked with looting. The building was partially built on a hill, with the majority of the structure on top and a massive system of storage and Gods-know-what underneath. He tried to remember the layout of the building.
  103. Moving as quietly as he could, he hurried up a half flight of stairs to the ground floor. Peeking through the door at the top of the stairs, he saw that the coast was clear. Normally a mansion wouldn’t have security patrolling the interior, but Covel knew from experience that this was an exception. Flicking through the key ring, he attempted a few more times to remove his bindings before moving on.
  105. The house was not conducive to stealth. Long, narrow hallways left Covel completely exposed as he ran through the mansion. He pressed himself flat against a wall when he heard conversation around the corner. Slowly he dared a peek around the corner.
  107. His breath caught in his throat. Two undead were chatting in the hallway, one with a corpse of Covel’s friend tossed over her shoulder. She was splattered in gore, and the boy she was holding was completely naked. The other was some sort of spirit. She sat on a blazing cage that emitted a brilliant blue light.
  109. “Yep, gotta say, the mistress really knows how to look out for us. This is the best I’ve ever eaten.” Said the ghoul as she hefted the body.
  111. “I know! So generous of her to organize this for all of us. I’ve never been so happy. I don’t think he has either~” said the wisp. She opened the cage she sat on to reveal a human inside of it.
  113. Covel had to cover his mouth not to scream. The man inside looked to be in unspeakable agony. His eyes were rolled back into his head, and his mouth hung open in a pained, vacant expression.
  115. “Watch this.” Said the wisp. Though Covel couldn’t see her do anything, the man inside her cage moaned loudly.
  117. The ghoul laughed. “I see you’ve already got him well trained!”
  119. “Ufufu. Of course. We’re perfect for each other.” Said the wisp puffing out her chest. She frowned and closed her cage. “Speaking of which, has the mistress taken her man yet?”
  121. The ghoul scoffed. “No. Hasn’t even laid a finger on ‘em. Can you believe it? I guess all that patience is why she’s in charge though. I really tried to keep it together when I saw this one, but next thing I knew he was completely empty and I was full to bursting. I just don’t understand how she can hold back.”
  123. “I know! I hope that she does something with him soon. All this waiting is making ME horny. Ah, but knowing her I’ll bet she’s got something special planned for him~” said the wisp.
  125. Covel was frozen in place. This was truly a fate worse than death. Eaten alive, trapped in a fiery cage… what fate awaited him?
  127. “Oh!”
  129. Covel jumped as a startled gasp came from behind him. Whipping around, he found himself face to face with a ghost that had come through the wall. He had been so distracted by his eavesdropping that he hadn’t been paying attention. The woman vanished into the wall.
  131. Uh oh.
  133. Covel sprinted in the opposite direction from the wisp and ghoul. He had to find a way out, now. From behind him, there was a shout and the clatter of armor. Slowing down, he tried one of the last keys on the ring in the lock. A perfect fit! With a sigh of relief, he opened the cuffs and rubbed his sore wrists.
  135. “He’s this way! I can smell him!”
  137. Covel burst though a door into the foyer. Heads swiveled as the guards at the door turned their attention to him. They looked just as surprised as he was.
  139. With the door being blocked, Covel made for the grand staircase in the center that led to the second floor.
  141. “Ara, I didn’t think you would be out and about so soon.”
  143. He froze. The woman from before was standing at the top of the stairs looking down at him. Monsters streamed into the room from all sides as his pursuers caught up with him. Covel was trapped halfway up the stairs.
  145. “You bitch…” he hissed.
  147. The guards moved forwards. The wight held up a hand and they ceased their advance.
  149. “I will deal with this.” She said to them.
  151. “You think you can take me? I may be hungry, but I can still beat down some shambling abomination like you any day!” said Covel raising his fists.
  153. The wight frowned. “Covel, do you remember what I told you? All you had to do was listen and be polite. I understand that you are under no small amount of duress, but I simply cannot have you battering my people and saying such vulgar things.”
  155. She took a step towards him.
  157. “All I want is to help you adjust to your new life. You can be happy, but I need you to keep a level head. If you calm down and follow instructions, I won’t be mad.” She said sweetly.
  159. “Liar! I saw what happened to the others!”
  161. The wight chuckled. “Judging by your reaction, you didn’t understand what you were seeing. Tell me, what was it that you saw?”
  163. “I saw a zombie with one of my friends! She had eaten him!” said Covel.
  165. “Did she look like that?” asked the wight pointing behind Covel.
  167. Covel turned. The guards made space around the ghoul and her husband. Unlike before, she was carrying him princess style. His arms were wrapped around her, and his head was nestled against one of her breasts.
  169. “Oh, I guess the honeymoon was a little too much for him. I was taking him back to our room.” Said the ghoul.
  171. Covel stared as the man stirred in his sleep. The ghoul leaned down to nuzzle his head with her cheek.
  173. “See? That could be you. The others as well. We aren’t the monsters that your church has made us out to be. What we truly long for is your company. Now, are you going to behave or will I have to get rough with you?” said the wight. She took another step towards Covel.
  175. “Never!” shouted Covel.
  177. He sprang towards the wight, hoping to destroy the lying temptress. As he was about to strike her, she raised her hand. An ethereal claw manifested itself, and the index finger shot forward. The ghostly digit pierced Covel’s chest and a warm tingling sensation filled him. The tingling felt like when he had burnt his hand as a child. How the skin seemed both wickedly hot, but the breeze on it seemed frigidly cold. He gasped as the strength left his body. As he staggered towards the wight, she reached out to catch him. He collapsed into her arms, with his head coming to rest on her shoulder.
  179. “I was hoping you would say that~” she whispered.
  181. ~~~~~
  183. Back in the shackles. If Covel knew that he would end up like this, he would have stayed in the cell. Currently, he was chained to the wall of the wight’s bedroom. The monster had constructed an elaborate system so that slack in the chain could either be given or taken.
  185. “If you behave, you’ll earn more slack.” She said.
  187. Covel sighed. After she had lanced him with magic, he had been dragged into her room and pinned up. After he was secure, she told him to ‘wait here’ and left. All he wanted now was some food. It had been an entire day since he had eaten. Could it be she intended to starve him?
  189. The door opened and the wight returned with a little trolley of food. Covel’s stomach growled at the sight.
  191. “Oho, I heard that. Are you hungry?” she asked with a smirk.
  193. “Of course not.” Said Covel. His stomach growled again.
  195. She giggled. “At least one of you is capable of obedience.”
  197. She took a seat at the table in front of his chains and began to hum a tune as she carved up a fruit. Covel watched in envy as the syrupy sweet treat was cut into neat pieces in front of him. With her magic, the wight lifted a slice up to her mouth as she pulled her hair back. Her plump lips opened to take a tiny bite. She hummed contentedly as a dribble of juice ran down her chin. She licked her lips and continued to eat the slice. Covel shifted in his restraints as his stomach and penis betrayed him.
  199. “I know you want some. If you ask nicely, I would be happy to give you some~” she said. She hovered a slice of fruit in front of his face.
  201. Covel grit his teeth. It was no use. No matter how much he wanted to resist her, his body was impossible to ignore. With his remaining strength, he lunged for the food. She pulled it out of his reach and his jaws shut painfully in the space where the fruit had been.
  203. “Ah, ah, ah! Ask.” She said.
  205. “Fuck you…” grumbled Covel.
  207. “Oh come now Covel. There’s really no need for any of this. Nothing will come of these outbursts. No one is around to witness your valor. The only one you’re harming is yourself.”
  209. She was right. What was the point? He wasn’t ever getting out of here. His mind wandered back to the man in the ghoul’s arms. But he couldn’t just give her the satisfaction! There must be a way to wipe that smug look off her face. That would have to come later. He couldn’t do anything if he was starving to death.
  211. “Give it to me…” he said.
  213. She gave a hmph and pulled the slice back to her. “Now with that tone.” She took another bite of fruit and stared at Covel.
  215. “…Please…”
  217. “Hmm? I couldn’t hear you.” She said cupping her ear.
  219. “Please.” Said Covel more firmly.
  221. “Please what?” she asked.
  223. “Please give me some food.”
  225. She unseated herself and stood next to him as she hovered another slice of the fruit over. He tilted his head away as she stroked his cheek.
  227. “There, that wasn’t so bad. Here, open up.” She said. She held the fruit in front of him.
  229. Without hesitation, he lunged forward. It was just as sweet and juicy as he imagined it to be. He took another bite. She slipped her arm behind his head and started to play with his hair.
  231. Covel bent away from her exploratory hand.
  233. “Easy now, it’s alright. Here, have some more.” Said the wight tilting his head back. She pulled another piece towards them.
  235. He did his best to ignore her as she stroked his scalp. It actually felt nice. He unconsciously leaned into her cool fingers as he bit into the second slice. A few drops of nectar ran down his chin.
  237. “Mmm, let me get that for you~”
  239. She leaned in and kissed his cheek. Covel pulled his head away, but she conjured her spectral hand to draw him back.
  241. “I said, let me get that.” She said firmly.
  243. She planted a deep kiss on his chin. Covel could feel her tongue trace over his skin as she lapped up the juice. Her silky hair tickled him. The scent of the food was briefly overpowered by the floral scent. She pulled away from him slowly.
  245. “You taste just as good as I thought~” she said licking her lips.
  247. “Bitch…” muttered Covel under his breath.
  249. The wight took a step back. “Excuse me?”
  251. Covel remained silent. She set the berry she had been holding back onto the plate.
  253. “You really never learn, do you? All I want is to make you happy, and yet you insist on these hostilities! If you won’t calm down…” She brandished her claws. “Then I’ll have to take a more direct approach~”
  255. Covel thrashed in his chains as she her hands moved towards him.
  257. “Fuck you! You killed my friends, chained me up and starved me, and you say you want me to be happy?!”
  259. “Your friends are fine. And all YOU need to do is behave yourself. That’s all I ask. If you came to your senses and gave yourself to me, I would let you out this instant.” She said.
  261. “Damn you!”
  263. She curled her ghostly hand into a fist, except for her index finger. She slowly pushed it into Covel’s shoulder and he groaned as the warm sensation flooded his body again.
  265. “Hm hm hm~ What was that?” asked the wight pulling her hand back.
  267. Covel grit his teeth and grunted. She pushed her finger through the other shoulder. Covel moaned as his erection hardened.
  269. “Covel, Covel, Covel. What am I to do?” she asked. She poked her finger through the middle of his chest.
  271. No matter how hard he tried, Covel couldn’t help but pant and gasp as she penetrated him with her magic. His vision was starting to go black around the edges. He desperately needed release, but was unable to do so. What was happening to him?
  273. “I’m keeping MY promise. Why can’t you reciprocate my love?” said the wight. She pushed through his stomach.
  275. Covel failed to register what she was saying. His dick was painfully swollen and the only thing he could think about was how badly he needed to cum. The undead cradled his cheeks in her hands and stared into his eyes.
  277. “If you can’t be nice to me, then I can’t make you feel good…”
  279. “Please!” pleaded Covel.
  281. “Please what?” she asked.
  283. “Please let me cum!” he begged.
  285. “Would that make you happy?”
  287. “Yes!”
  289. “Then I would be happy to help, dear~”
  291. She crouched in front of him and removed his stained pants. He was already slick from the teasing she had subjected him to. Opening her mouth, she took his tip between her plush lips. Covel gasped as he entered her mouth. For an undead, she was surprisingly warm on the inside. She brushed aside her hair to look up at him, and them placed her hands on either side of him. Conjuring those damnable spectral hands once more, she seized him.
  293. Covel’s vison grew dark and his eyes roled back into his head. His hips bucked against her mouth and she greedily took him deeper as he released into her. A high-pitched contented hum rose from her throat, tickling him as she lapped at the tip to coax out everything he had. Her magic pulled his hips towards her. One of her hands dropped down to her own dripping sex while the other lovingly cradled his balls. She gently massaged him as the orgasm brought him to the brink of unconsciousness.
  295. When he had finally finished, she pulled away slowly. A trail of saliva and precum connected her to his shaft, until it broke and fell over her chest.
  297. “Doesn’t if feel good to listen?” she said, scraping the ooze of her chest and licking her fingers.
  299. Covel couldn’t hear her. His body felt like it was melting in the afterglow. His head drooped, and he closed his eyes.
  301. ~~~~~
  303. He awoke a few moments later to the wight undoing his manacles.
  305. “Awake so soon? With how much you pumped into me I was afraid that I would have to resurrect you~”
  307. She undid the second restraint and he slumped into her arms. She caught him as he fell, wrapping her arms around him. His face was covered by her hair, filling his mind with its pleasant scent.
  309. “You need to sleep. But I simply can’t have you soiling the sheets with all that grime. Not yet at least~” said the wight.
  311. She guided him through a door into a room with a massive bathtub. Built into the floor, the area it covered was as large as some of the shacks Covel had seen back in the village. Steam rose from the surface of the water, shrouding the room in a warm fog.The wight helped him out of the last of his clothes and helped him down the steps. Covel was too weak to protest. The single orgasm had drained more strength from him than any adventure he had ever been on. The wight disrobed and slid into the water as well. Covel marveled at her form. Everything about her was perfect, from her breasts to her tight ass.
  313. “Ahh… Nothing like a bath to help relax, no?” said the wight. She waded through the steam to sit next to Covel.
  315. “Why are you doing this…” asked Covel without opening his eyes.
  317. “Gracious Covel, I think that I’ve said it enough already.” She said with a hint of annoyance.
  319. “I don’t get it… You’re a monster; what could you possibly get from this?” he asked.
  321. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her breasts against his back.
  323. “Someone who loves me.” She whispered into his ear.
  325. “Love?” asked Covel.
  327. “Mmhmm.”
  329. “Liar. I don’t even know who you are.”
  331. She separated from him.
  333. “I… didn’t?” she said.
  335. “No! You and your horde of zombies just grabbed me and threw me into a cell!”
  337. “Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed! With all the excitement I forgot my manners. Well then…”
  339. She moved in front of him and stood up out of the bath. Water streamed down her body, hanging sensually from her breasts and sex.
  340. “I am Countess Otavi. At your service.” She said with a bow. She seated herself in his lap facing him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she looked up at him with a pout. “I’m sorry I was so rude. Can you forgive me Covel?~”
  342. She grinded against his shaft. Covel tried to push her away but he was too weak.
  344. “No! Damn it, no! I don’t believe a word of what you’re saying!”
  346. Otavi giggled. “Then I’ll just force you to accept my apology~”
  348. Covel groaned. What else could this crazy corpse have in store for him?
  350. “Oh, don’t worry honey. That won’t be until tomorrow. I’ll let you have allll night to think it over. Here, let me wash your back.”
  352. Otavi set to work scrubbing Covel as he weakly protested her man-handling. The more she scrubbed, the less he fought as it became clear that she had no ulterior motive. Eventually he simply relaxed and savored the feeling of her cool, flawless skin sliding over him as she washed him. Her delicate hands lingered on his cock, but she relinquished it quickly enough for Covel to ignore the unwanted attention.
  354. “There, nice and clean~” cooed Otavi as she massaged shampoo into his scalp. Covel was already almost falling asleep from the treatment and fatigue. He grunted in response.
  356. Otavi rested her head on his shoulder and they sat in silence for some time. Covel’s head fell onto hers and she shook him awake.
  358. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”
  360. Otavi slid out of the bath and procured some towels. Covel’s erection came back with a vengeance at the sight of her perky ass sashaying across the room. At a distance, it seemed as if it didn’t move at all. But up close, one could see the slight jiggle that rippled through her with every step, betraying the true softness of the muscle.
  362. She dried him off and then herself, hanging the damp towels up before escorting him back to the bedroom. She helped Covel flop onto the bed, and he was asleep before she could finish dressing herself.
  364. Otavi slid into the cool sheets next to him. Using her magic, she gently opened his arms and snuggled up to his chest. Her head fit snugly under his chin, just as she knew it would. Lifting his arm back over her, she sighed with content as he squeezed her closer in his sleep.
  366. ~~~~~~
  368. Covel awoke feeling unusually refreshed. As he stretched, the rustling of covers next to him reminded him of the situation he was in. Twisting quickly, he found Otavi laying beside him. Her hair billowed down around her head in unkempt heaps. A stray curl drooped down across her face as she drooled into her pillow. Covel questioned whether this was really the same woman as yesterday.
  370. Even if it wasn’t, he had to escape. An undead was an undead, even if they gave good head. As quietly as he could, Covel moved over to his clothes which still lay discarded by the rack and slipped into his adventuring garments. As he opened the door and peeked into the hall, he jumped as Otavi addressed him from the bed.
  372. “Leaving so soon?”
  374. Covel whipped around to face her. She propped herself up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. He hated how she always addressed him with that smug, condescending tone. He also couldn’t help but marvel at how good she looked; even with her bedhead and loose-fitting pajamas. She smiled.
  376. “I’m getting out of here.” Said Covel flatly.
  378. “No, you’re not. Come back to bed. Breakfast will be here soon.” Said Otavi lifting the covers for him.
  380. “Like hell. I’ve been trapped in this undead nightmare for long enough!”
  382. Otavi shrugged and wrapped herself in the bedding. “You can protest all you want, but I don’t see you leaving~”
  384. Covel blushed and threw the door open. A ghoul was just outside carrying a tray of food, and both she and Covel jumped at the sudden confrontation.
  386. “Oh! Hello, sir. I have your food here.” She said hefting the tray.
  388. “I’m afraid Covel is leaving, dear. I’ll take that though, no sense in letting such good food go to waste.” Said Otavi.
  390. “Truly? You aren’t taking him?!” asked the ghoul hurrying over to place the platters of food on the table near the window.
  392. “I suppose not. He’s leaving right now, see?” said Otavi.
  394. “If you aren’t claiming him, does that mean one of us can have him?” asked the ghoul licking her lips. Covel gulped at the sight of her inhumanly long tongue.
  396. “I find it regrettable, but yes. I just can’t protect him if he leaves after all. Such a shame; with all the mamono between here and the nearest human town, there’s no telling what fate will befall him.” Said Otavi seating herself at the table. She opened the lid to one of the dishes and took and exaggerated sniff of the meat before moving a medallion to her plate.
  398. Covel was still in the doorway, with fists clenched and teeth grit. That bitch may be keeping him here, but she wasn’t bluffing. There was no chance that he could escape the other monsters in the mansion, much less the surrounding country side. The only way that his party had managed to get here in the first place was with intelligence provided by the client on how to reach the mansion unmolested.
  399. He would find a way to escape, but not now. For now he would bide his time.
  401. With his head hung, he slowly shuffled over to the table and seated himself across from Otavi.
  403. “Oh! Covel. How nice of you to join me. Here, I’ve already prepared a plate for you. I had the chef prepare the eggs just the way you like them.” Said Otavi.
  405. “…Does that mean he’s not available anymore?” asked the ghoul.
  407. “No dear, I’m afraid not. There will be others; I promise.” Said Otavi taking the hand of the ghoul into hers.
  409. The ghoul sighed and nodded. She left as Otavi and Covel ate their breakfast in silence.
  411. ~~~~
  413. “Finished?” asked Otavi as Covel set aside his silverware.
  415. Covel nodded.
  417. “Excellent! Now we can pick up where we left off.” Said Otavi.
  419. “What are you talking abo-“
  421. Covel sputtered to a stop as Otavi began to take off her nightwear.
  423. “What the hell are you doing!?” said Covel averting his eyes.
  425. “I told you; we’re finishing what we started yesterday. Well, this time I’LL be finishing as well~ You seem awfully embarrassed for seeing a naked undead; could it be that you see me more as a woman?~” said Otavi. She tossed her underwear at him and he quickly pulled it off.
  427. “No! It’s just… you just did it so suddenly.” He said without facing her.
  429. “Then look at me. You shouldn’t have a problem, right? Or are you too proud to admit that you’re aroused by the sight of a monster?” said Otavi. She cupped her breasts and forced them together.
  431. Covel gulped, but didn’t say anything. They both knew that she was right. Otavi giggled.
  433. “I knew it!” she said. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. He leaned back, but made no attempt to force her away. “The best part? This body feels even better than it looks~” she whispered into his ear.
  435. Covel snuck a peek at her against his better judgement. Her perky, palm-sized breasts hung tantalizingly close to him. Her tiny nipples stared back at him. Covel reached up to cup her chest. Otavi gave an appreciative sigh and leaned into his hands. Covel began to lightly squeeze and massage her as she ran her hands over his back. Otavi inched closer to him and kissed him on the lips. Covel pressed his own against hers, entranced by their softness. His eyes stared into her mauve irises. He knew that this was wrong, but he lacked the strength of will to fight her any longer. He had to have her. They kissed again and Covel felt her tongue part his lips. Her hands stretched behind his head to keep him in place as she forced her way into his mouth. He moved his hands up to her shoulders in a weak attempt to keep her at a reasonable distance, but she pressed on. Her platinum hair cascaded down, tickling his face. She pulled away and smiled.
  437. “I never said you could touch~”
  439. Covel let out a startled grunt as her ghostly hands shot out and seized him. In an instant, he was stripped from his clothing. His erect penis dribbled from the excitement as Otavi threw him across the room onto the bed.
  441. “Touching a lady like that… do you have any manners?” she asked mockingly. Her tits gently jiggled as she sauntered over to him. Covel struggled to sit up but was pinned by her magic. She straddled him, positioning her crotch in front of his face. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
  443. Covel stuttered out half of an explanation before Otavi stopped him.
  445. “My eyes are up here.” She said, redirecting his gaze from her dripping slit.
  447. “I-I-I’m sorry!” said Covel.
  449. “Hmph! You will be~”
  451. Otavi scooted forward and pressed her crotch into Covel’s face.
  453. “Show me how sorry you really are. This had better be a good apology considering how well I’ve treated you~” she said.
  455. Covel twisted away, but Otavi forced him back. With no other course of action, he began to lap at her cunt.
  457. “Mmm~ There we go…” said Otavi. She grinded against him and ran her fingers along his scalp. Covel relaxed a bit and began to get more creative with his tongue movements. He had feared that she would taste terrible, but was pleasantly surprised to find that she had a faintly sweet flavor. It reminded him of lavender. Using her moans to gauge his work, he pressed a bit deeper.
  459. “Good boy~ So nice to see that you’ve learned your place. I’m so lucky to have someone so eager to serve me.” Said Otavi.
  461. She raised his arms up to her breasts. Covel needed no instruction and began to fondle her again. Otavi let out a sharp gasp as he teased and tweaked her nipples.
  463. “Oh! So vulgar! Mind your place you- mnph! – vagabond.” She groaned.
  465. Covel continued his assaults for a few more minutes until he felt the magic restraining him tighten. Otavi’s breathing became shallow and rapid, and with a wail she pressed him into her and came. Covel’s damp face fell back onto the bed as Otavi collapsed back onto him. They lay panting for a few minutes as Otavi shivered on top of Covel.
  467. She sat upright on top of him and interlaced her fingers with his. She began to passionately kiss him as she squeezed his hands. Covel moaned in pleasure as her breasts dragged over his body and her supple thighs gripped his waist.
  469. “I don’t think I believe you just yet~” Said Otavi.
  471. She slid backward so that she was positioned over Covel’s cock. His heart raced in anticipation. Using her silky-smooth palm, she began to jerk him off. Covel was about to cum when he felt a tightening sensation at the base of his dick.
  473. “Ah ah ah. First I need you to answer some questions.” Said Otavi. Covel grit his teeth and exhaled sharply as her thumb ran over his tip.
  475. “Now, do you remember why I brought you here?” asked Otavi.
  477. “T-to make me happy…” grunted Covel.
  479. “Good! And why are you in this situation, hmm?~” she asked giving his balls a squeeze.
  481. “Because I was rude!” cried Covel.
  483. “You certainly were. But I can look past that. I am a generous mistress, no?”
  485. Covel squirmed and said nothing. Otavi let out a frustrated huff and blew on the tip of his shaft. Covel’s back arched and he let out a long whine.
  487. “What’s the matter Covel? Am I not the most magnanimous being you have ever had the pleasure of meeting?” she asked sternly.
  489. “Yes! You are! You’re the most beautiful and kind person I’ve ever met!” Said Covel.
  491. “Oh! What a nice compliment. I think you are quite fetching yourself~” she said slowing her pace. “I think I’m ready to forgive you. Now we can start fresh.” She said.
  493. Covel glanced up at her. She was smiling at him, with his erection still in hand. She still had that insufferably smug look on her face.
  495. “The question now, Covel…” she said as she climbed on top of him. Her dripping pussy rubbed against his prick. “…Is what can I do to make you happy?~”
  497. “Please…” said Covel weakly.
  499. “Hmm? I didn’t quite hear that, dear~” said Otavi. She grinded against him and Covel felt a trickle of her juices run down his shaft.
  501. “Please!” said Covel.
  503. “Please what.” Demanded Otavi.
  505. “Let me cum!” pleaded Covel.
  507. “Very well, Covel. And how would you like me to assist you with that?~” she asked.
  509. “Please let me cum inside you!” shouted Covel.
  511. Otavi’s smile turned into a sneer. “Oh ho! Do you really want to stoop so low as to have sex with an undead? Do you really want me to use my monster pussy to get you off? Are you certain that you want to be the father of my undead brood?”
  513. Covel took a rattling breath and nodded. “Yes…”
  515. Otavi licked her chops. “Well then Covel…” she positioned his cock with her hands. “… I would LOVE to make you happy~”
  517. She slammed down onto him and released the magic that had been restraining him. Covel almost blacked out as the orgasm rocked his body and he flooded her womb. Otavi was similarly incapacitated on top of him. Her delicate hands gripped him firmly as she tensed. A stream of fluid ran down Covel’s shaft and over his testicles.
  519. A sharp tingling sensation shot through Covel as Otavi clamped down on him.
  521. “No! Please, I’m sensitive right n-“
  523. Otavi cut him off with a small thrust and twist of her hips.
  525. “All this time and you still haven’t called me by my name.” she said with a pout.
  527. “Please! Otavi! Don’t squirm please it really hu-“
  529. She giggled and squeezed harder. Her walls seemed to undulate around his rod, sucking him deeper into her.
  531. “That’s a good start, but I am a countess after all.” She said puffing out her chest.
  533. Covel took a deep breath and readdressed her. “Please Countess Otavi, don’t tease me like that.”
  535. Otavi made a happy little squeal and bent over to kiss Covel’s forehead.
  537. “Very well. I just can’t resist a request from you when you look so cute~”
  539. Covel breathed a sigh of relief as she dismounted him.
  541. “Oh, but I hope you know that this is just a break.” She said lying beside him.
  543. “Huh?”
  545. “Oh my dear Covel…” said Otavi. She put her hands on the bed next to his head and looked down at him. Her reddish-purple eyes had a predatory gleam as she hovered over him. “I plan on making you MUCH happier~”
  547. ~~~~~~~
  549. Covel awoke feeling groggy and sluggish. Otavi was nestled under his right arm, softly snoring away. His stomach growled and he remembered how long it had been since he had eaten. Gently pushing Otavi aside, he got out of bed and searched for his clothes.
  551. “Mmmuh…”
  553. Otavi thrashed around under the blankets looking for her heater. Covel was about to slip into his pants when he was yanked back into bed.
  555. “Come sleep, I’m still tired.” Whined Otavi.
  557. “Are you kidding me? It’s hard to fall back asleep when you’ve just been thrown fifteen feet. Besides I’m starving.” Said Covel.
  559. He tried to get away but Otavi would have none of it. She quickly reeled him back to her, wrapping her actual arms around his chest.
  561. “No! Stay. I’m cold.” She said. “Besides, the servants will bring us food soon.”
  563. “But…”
  565. “But nothing!” said Otavi. She gave him a kiss on the cheek from behind. “I’m the countess after all. You have to do what I say.”
  567. Covel sighed.
  569. “Unless…”
  571. Otavi dragged him down into the pillow and looked over at him.
  573. “…You become a count~” she said gently poking his nose.
  575. Covel grinned in spite of himself. “Well, I guess that doesn’t sound so bad, Lady Otavi.”
  577. She hummed in contentment and nuzzled her forehead against his. Covel pulled her closer and they drifted back to sleep under the eternal night sky.
  578. ~~~~~~
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