Jul 24th, 2016
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  1. The Unknown Hero!
  3. After pulling the test dummy out of the shed, he begun his intense training. Blow after blow the test dummy survived, shaking on the firm metal pole it stood on. Sweat dripped from Kale's forehead, light pants came out as he attempted to grab oxygen. Almost fully exhausted Kale was to test his ki attack, his most powerful technique, Rising Bomber.
  5. "Rising Bomber!!!" A few seconds were given, the purple energy began spiralling in his cupped hands, ready to be exploded out of them. "HAAAAAA!" The young man screamed, his voice echoing across the small valley.
  7. Masaro fell back, throwing his hands over his head and lying down, looking at the many stars above him, wondering what many shapes they could take.
  9. After getting up, Kale changed into a blue armor and a black skin tight jumpsuit. After flying into the city, a weird sound was heard, some sort of demonic screech. A ship soon sent down a few explosions, followed by one large one clearing the landing space. Masaro gave a glance, looking carefully and then fitting himself into a battle stance after moving closer towards the object.
  11. Soon a cloaked figure walked through the opening of the ship, not noticeable from where Kale stood. After the cloak was taken off, the figure was revealed, a purple alien-like creature with antennae popping out and springing up and down before sitting in their natural position.
  13. Kale took the offensive, sending a barrage of ki blasts and running in after them, planning to go with melee. People of the village were running inside, too scared to notice that Kale went to fight 'it'. Kale dashed in, landing three hits before getting flicked back onto the pavement.
  15. The alien creature sent out a shock wave of energy, which made an aftershock leaving many cars and houses permanently damaged. Rage filled within his eyes as he watched the destruction, on the floor he couldn't fight back and attack. He slowly got up, noticing the creature going again by lifting people up out through their houses and exploding them, all simultaneously.
  17. Rage begun to fill inside of Kale, leading him in for another attack. "Stop with the destruction!" He screamed dashing at the speed of light, coming face to face with the alien. Soon the alien sent a quick but powerful punch, Kale grabbing it and then giving a punch in the stomach.
  19. The alien sent a kick directed at the saiyans chest, sending him flying throughout the city, crashing through numerous buildings.
  21. Once again, screams filled the air as a few streets were destroyed, innocent people who were lost because of a terrorising alien.
  23. Kale's eyes then became blank, pupil was. His heart completely stopped, realising the pain that the people must've gone through. A traditional blue aura, the colour of his ki bursted around him, his hair flowing along with it and dust piling up around. The aura soon faded but dusted still threw up, Kale's hair spiking up and turning blonde, then restoring to it's normal state. The process repeated numerous times until his hair stayed blonde, his eyes turning a teal colour, lightning bolts struck and the rocks fell down, his body bigger and more muscular.
  27. "Stop terrorising the city!" A confident voice stated.
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