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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. Slowly, he opened his eyes, the sound of the clashing wooden swords the cause of him being awoken. Garen blinked away the sleepiness and slowly rose up to a sitting position in his bed. For a moment he had forgotten where he was when he began to look around. The place was nothing like his old home in SIlvermere, master crafted wooden walls and floors, marble tables and stone foundations. All replaced by naturally and magicall shaped wood, appliances made of foreign designed wiccer baskets and tables, far smaller too. He let the blanket fall of his torso, which was was bare, and the light shone through the window illuminating all the scars covering his rough skin from years of fighting in wars he no longer believes in. Though he'd never admit it, he sometimes questions if he made the right decision to leave everything behind.
  2. The ex captain of the vanguard rose from his bed in his new home in a small village in Ionia, and began searching for a clean shirt to put on before heading outside. After some scowering of the rather messy hut he found one that would at least pass for clean, without servants, Garen and his new housemate did a poor job of keeping their place tidy. The large man pulled the brown canvas shirt over his head, which hung loosely over his body, even for his size. With the sounds of mock-battle still filling his ears, he decided to see what was going on and moved to the door of the hut to exit.
  3. As Garen emerged from the hut it took his eyes a moment to adjust to the rising sun, but it didn't take long to notice what was going on. After spotting Katarina wielding two wooden shortswords, thwarting off an ambush of young Ionian teenagers laughing as they were "cut down" one by one, any doubts that had plagued his thoughts early were gone, only she had that effect on him. She was so graceful with her moments, yet savage and fierce at the same time, even with the kids. But skillful enough to not really hurt them, her crimson hair swirled around her, her trademarked sly grin stuck on her face as she twirled around, he could warch her for hours, or even do more than watch... Garen shook his head as his mind began to go down a different path, and stepped a bit closer to the group, that were fighting in a small grassy field just off the road that led up to their new home, and cleared his throat as if to get the attention of the group.
  4. Almost instantly Katarina's gaze moved over to Garen.
  5. "Oh, you're finally up, I thought I was gonna have to send my army in to get you out of that bed." Katarina teased, but the smirk on her face disappeared as the sneaky kids took the moment of her distraction to tackle her from behind, causing them to tumble into the grass beneath them.
  6. "And that's a lesson for you all, always keep your eyes on the target." Garen retorted, his turn now to wear the sarcastic smirk as Katarina wrestled the kids off of herself, and blew a few of her red hairs out of her emerald colored eyes, gazing back up to Garen.
  7. "My eyes were on my target." she replied suggestively, and the two had a moment of silence as the stared at eachother, which was interrupted by one of the younger kids int he group
  8. "Are you two gonna kiss now?" the younger girl said, who was watching from off to the side, earning a few chuckles from the rest of the group.
  9. Katarina looked over at the kid with some amusement herself, before rising up to her feet swiftly and approaching Garen, rising to her toes as she leaned in to plant soft kiss on his lips to properly greet him in the morning.
  10. Garen returned the kiss, resting his right hand on the small assassin's hip before speaking up.
  11. "Anyone wanna see how a real soldier beats and assassin?" he said over the top of Katarina, which got a resounding yes from Katarina's attackers.
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