The first to taste the Seer

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  1. A shadowy arm suddenly swings out to throw Sibylle out of Douma's spot. A nod was given to the Spider, the witch showing her loyalties without speaking.
  2. (Anabelle Lockwood)
  3. Sibylle had arrived back out from the top of the tower, to view the bloodied beaten Seneval - and who she suspected had done it, Douma. Eyes switched between the pair of them before the Spider spoke that she was in his spot.
  5. "Oh." She commented. She had aimed to step away from the spot, to move up further on the stairs before Anabelle's own shadow of an arm swung out, batting her away. She tripped going up the stairs (if such a thing was possible), catching herself with her arms.
  7. "... Anabelle..." She snarled, lowly, under her voice before she pushed herself back up to her feet.
  8. (Sibylle)
  9. The serpent fades into the dark, allowing their shadow to swallow them whole. Taliyah reemerges behind Sibylle, her hand firmly gripping the witch's shoulders. Elongated, emerald nails dig through the woman's clothes and skin both - caring little for what pain it might induce.
  11. "I am hungry," She whispers into their ear, leaning closer to the witch. Her lips part and that long, splitted tongue of the demon licks the woman's cheek, from the line of their jaw to their forehead itself. "..You taste like fire."
  13. A flavor Taliyah seemed to enjoy.
  15. "Can you bring me some food?"
  16. (Taliyah)
  17. She had been too busy doing... Something. Her face contorted to anger - when she had typically been ever so cheerful in the presence of those Demons. But those hateful brown eyes were directed to none other than Anabelle herself.
  19. Thusly, Taliyah caught her off guard, re-emerging behind her, as those nails dug through clothing and skin both and forced her to wince. The Demon whispering in her ear that she was hungry and then... Licking her?
  21. It wasn't surprising, but it was still unnerving. But surprisingly enough she kept her calm! Her hands curled up into little balls and now her lips curled into a grin to face the Demon.
  23. "Ah... The last time I gave someone food they died, my Lady. That would be a terrible thing." She concluded, nodding.
  24. (Sibylle)
  25. The motion of her hands does not go unnoticed, but it is certainly not enough to earn the demon's response. Instead, Taliyah merely proceeds as she'd like. Still holding the woman by her shoulder whilst savoring the rich, explosive flavor of her mana.
  27. "Your eyes allow you to see what's beyond, do they not?"
  29. The witches of Atrellya certainly proved such. A selected few of them were wiser than those of Taliyah's kind, and twofold as cunning. "Then look... Closely." The slits in those emerald-green eyes flashed with occult mana, sending a ripple of the vile magic from the core of the serpent.
  31. "I did not ask for a sandwich. I asked for food. A living magi. Preferably, an awake one," It was much more enjoyable when they screamed, after all. "Can you find me one?"
  32. (Taliyah)
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