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  1. Jeevs' Midseason Analysis
  2. Ragna Rocs (Grace/Jennifer)
  3. Chasing: Jennifer/Grace/Jamie
  4. Beating:  Kyler/Teddy
  5. Keeping: Marisa
  6. 0-3 isn't really the best way to open up the season. Scheduling is most likely at fault here, with the Rocs playing their first two without their first round pick (Jamie) and their last one without their starting keeper (Marisa). Their beating has been taking a beating as well, with both beaters being hit out atleast once per game. On top of all this, the chasing just hasn't clicked, averaging 11.33 GPG. The Ragna Rocs need to do something, and they need to do it fast, as they'll be pushed to the brink of elimination with another loss. Look for a big roster shake up coming in their fourth game.
  8. Easy-Bake Ovens
  9. Chasing: Brandon/Amy/Melanie
  10. Beating: Timothy/Ashley
  11. Keeping: Jeevs
  12. In the first match up with the Victorian Violins earlier this week, the Easy-Bake Ovens came out victorious, preserving their undefeated record. Keeping appears to have stabalized after a traumatizing 6.25% blocks in the first game. Beating, which was one of the teams biggest questions heading into the season has lived up to the call, averaging a whopping 16.0 hits per game. The chasing is littered with theives, getting 18 steals per game. Look for another big game in the next Violins vs Ovens game.
  14. Victorian Violins
  15. Chasing: William/Dao/Andrew
  16. Beating: Alysia/Erik
  17. Keeping: Jayson
  18. Even after a minor stumble against the Ovens, the Victorian Violins still look as frightening as ever. Backed by Jayson, arguably this season's best overall keeper, this team is scary good. They lead the league in most hits per game (16.33), which was the biggest question on the Violins roster at the beginning of the season. On top of this, they wield an overwhelming chaser line averaging 48 possesions from reaches per game. Look for a minor switch in their line up in the couple of games, as they look to challenge the Easy-Bake Ovens for their current lead in Spring League '10.
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