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Language 469/Major System

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Feb 24th, 2021
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  1. Searching for languages that uses numbers(and i think that this do not exists in the real world), ive stumbled across the Mnemonic Major System , and this is a technique to help memorizing words converting it to numbers. Until that i just found it really close to the 469 language and there's all this rules to applying the technique(that ill cover later) but what caught my eyes were this: the creator of the Major System wrote a book(in what he explains the Major System), called Hexaflexagons, Probability Paradoxes, and the Tower of Hanoi.
  3. That immediately locked down my attetion and created the connection between The Prisoner (the supposedly creator of the Language 469 in Tibia World) and the Paradox Tower. And its not just that! Martin Gardner, the creator of the Major System wrote another books called Mathematics, Magic and Mystery , and some people literally call his work as mathmagic, all this can't be just coincidence, as we know Cipsoft always put some RL references in the game.
  5. So that's just how i made the connection between the Major System and the Language 469, and after that i just began learning more about the system and trying to apply it to the information that we have in the game. And what i found is pretty consistent!
  9. Disclaimer: I can't be completely sure about the language 469 being an application of the Major System, but it probably is or is another system remotely close to this.
  13. First ill briefly explain how the system works: its used to transform sound into numerical sequences (this is an important information, as sound is different of words!)
  15. The rules are:
  16. Consoants are replaced by numbers of the table
  17. Vogals and the letters: w, h, y and x, are ignored
  18. Duplicate letters are considered as one (i.e: ss = s)
  21. The table is the following:
  22. Digit Letter
  23. 0 s, z
  24. 1 t, d, th
  25. 2 n
  26. 3 m
  27. 4 r
  28. 5 l
  29. 6 j, ch, sh
  30. 7 c, k, g, q, ck
  31. 8 v, f, ph
  32. 9 p, b
  35. So this is an example of how it works:
  36. For the word Satellite
  37. S S = 0 0
  38. a Vowel, ignored. 0
  39. t t = 1 01
  40. e Vowel, ignored. 01
  41. ll ll = 5, no double letter 015
  42. i Vowel, ignored. 015
  43. t t = 1 0151
  44. e Vowel, ignored. 0151
  45. Satellite = 0151
  49. Now that we know how it works, ill show you some things i could manage to discover applying the Major System:
  51. The NPC A Wrinkled Bonelord, can confirm to us some information about the language and that is 0 = is a bad word, 1 = Tibia, his name is 468468 and the Language is named 469.
  54. So the System works converting sound to numbers, what about the word "Ass"? 'a' = ignored, 'ss' = 0, so "Ass" = 0, a bad word(it makes sense!)
  56. 469, can be converted into some words and one of them cautgh my attention: the word Reshape (The Reshape Language??)
  58. For Tibia = 1, things get interesting as if we use the table it will get the number 19 right? And that really craked my head so what really is Tibia for the game? Tibia is the World for all the NPC and the lore, but directly converting World that would get us 451 and not 1, and this is where my previous information about sound being translated into numbers enters in action! The Major System transform fonetics into numbers, for example: the word "Ice" is transformed to 0 and not to 7, because the fonetic is "Isse".
  60. So i searched for the pronounce of the word "World" , and what a i found as the 'r' is ignored in the pronounce and 'l' is 'dark', as the sound is different from the word "Leader"(where the letter came first). So ignoring w, o, r, and l, from "World", we get World = 1. (I really think this was a little bit overthinked, but is something!)
  65. For the last his name 468468, using a translator for 468 we can find the world Refugee, so could the Wrinkled Bonelord be a Refugee from the bonelords? (the guy is literally alone in a library telling humans about bonelords).
  70. And this is all i could find and work at the moment! I know its a lot of new information and can all be wrong but i think is in the right direction for us to discover more about the Language 469.
  72. In my honest opinion, as i said in the disclaimer, i really think the Language 469 is done using the Major System or some system really close to this one because of the clearly reference of Martin Gardner's work.
  74. The System is great to transform Words(or sounds) into numbers, but too complicated to make the other way, as one number can mean thousands of words, and this makes extremely difficult to translate a simple phrase, like the ones from Knightmare or Avar Tar. And even harder in the books as there's only a bunch of numbers grouped together(i think they just put all the words together to make it even harder for us to tell what it is)
  76. I dont know with this was tried before, but in one of the Wrinkled Bonelord phrases he says that beholders can understand the language because of their eyes, so maybe transforming into them can be the way to discover more in-game.
  78. I hope you liked everything and from this point we can find new things! Ill put some reference links below for all this info and another things like Major System "translators", thank you for your attention!
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