Sendai Maximum Overbusiness [Typeset]

Jan 19th, 2017
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  1. Sendai Home Security Kai San Translation
  2. From
  4. >Hayasui: Hi,
  5. >Hayasui: I've got a package here for Sendai-san from Amatsun Prime.
  6. >Jintsuu: Ah, thank you.
  7. >Jintsuu: Nee-san is probably still sleeping.
  8. >Jintsuu: I'll leave it at her door...
  10. >Unryuu: This is a delivery for Sendai-san from Rakuten Books.
  11. >Jintsuu: Thanks a lot.
  12. >???: These are some PC components from PC Koubou (
  13. >???: This is a Camera from Yodobashi (
  14. >???: This is from Chapa net (note: I don't know what this is, Chapa is the pronunciation of "茶巴," whose literal meaning is that of a tea cafe)
  16. >Jintsuu: Even more...!?
  17. >Tama: Pizza delivery, nya~
  18. >Jintsuu: There are only three of us in this house! We can't possibly eat all that!
  19. >Tama: But the order we got said one each of the most expensive ones, nya...
  21. >Jintsuu: Nee-san!
  22. >Jintsuu: You're wasting money, what do you think you're doi--
  24. >Jintsuu: W-Ww-wwW--w-w...
  25. >Sendai: Hm? Eh?
  26. >Jintsuu: W...what the hell...
  27. >Naka: Sendai-chan....could you have been secretly in THAT industry... [Mmmm...//// (note: moan?)]
  28. >Sendai: Why are you looking at me like that?
  30. >Sendai: Hmhmhm....
  31. >Sendai: I've found a way to live without sortieing!
  32. >Hatsuyuki: FX*....
  33. >Naka+Jintsuu: Eff-ecks....?
  34. >(*Note: Foreign Exchange/ForEx.)
  36. >Hatsuyuki: Let me give you an example. Let's say Bob (note: the translator uses a very generic Chinese name) buys 10 apples, each for 100 yen.
  37. >Naka: Bob?
  38. >Hatsuyuki: But afterwards, the Apple farm is hit by air strikes, and apples become a rare commodity. | So when the price reaches 200 yen, Bob sells all his apples to the Admiral,
  39. >Hatsuyuki: What is Bob's rare profit?
  40. >Naka: 1000 Yen.
  41. >Hatsuyuki: Exactly. | So, if he sells ten thousand apples....
  42. >Naka: I don't think the Admiral can eat that many apples.
  43. >Jintsuu: A million...
  45. >Sendai: Das rite!
  46. >Sendai: Just like that!
  47. >[Naka + Jintsuu: Umm.... ten | hundred | thousands.... | ten thousands....]
  48. >Naka + Jintsuu: EhHHHhhhhHHH?!
  49. >Sendai: when I first heard it from her,
  50. >Sendai: I was also thinking, "Like hell I'd get that lucky!"
  51. >Sendai: As expected of Hatsuyuki, the Home Security (in lieu of NEET) Life Expert! [bahahaha]
  52. >Hatsuyuki: Because sortieing is lame.... [it hurts...]
  54. >Naka: H-h-h-h-hold on, are you saying that Sendai-chan isn't being a shipgirl anymore?!
  55. >Jintsuu: N-nee-san's become an
  56. >Sendai: Point being!
  57. >Sendai: Even if I haven't sortied for a while! I'll make sure all of you are taken care of!
  58. >Hatsuyuki: Speaking of which, Sendai-san, even a hikikomori needs a certain level of physical wellness. | it's not a problem for someone who's too lazy for meals like me, | but if you don't go out enough, it might be hard to maintain your figure....
  59. >Sendai: Eh
  60. >Naka: No matter how lazy Sendai-chan is, | I don't think I've ever worried about her getting fat...
  62. >Naka: But if Sendai-chan doesn't even move....
  63. >Sendai: N-nonsense!
  64. >Naka: Hmph~ Well then, try equipping your torpedo tubes.
  65. >Naka: Naka-chang is so disappointed....
  66. >[Naka: See it? Nee-san?]
  67. >Sendai: Al-right--! If you want me a little skinnier I'll get a little skinnier! | But I definitely won't sortie!
  68. >Naka: Why are you so resolute on such strange things...
  70. >Naka: I heard that the US is choosing its new head of state.
  71. >Jintsuu: Recently Sara-chan and Iowa (note: she only mentions Saratoga by name, but she essentially means "Sara and company," which basically is just iowa) have been really busy, I guess that'd be why.
  72. >Naka: Yeah, it seems really troublesome....
  73. >Naka: Well then, Naka-chang took off today, so she's going out to play!
  74. >Jintsuu: Naka-chan
  75. >Jintsuu: Where did you get that cute little dress your'e wearing?
  76. >Naka: and there, more or less....
  77. >Jintsuu: A certain somebody bought it for you, didn't she....?
  79. >Jintsuu: By the way, what happened after that?
  80. >Naka: [Sendai-chan?] She's been shut in her room since then. | Maybe she's given up on her dieting plans?
  81. >Naka: Looks like she'll do anything to stay in the house...
  83. >Naka: Jintsuu-chan | have you not been getting sleep lately?
  84. >Jintsuu: Yeah....the Abyssal hordes come uanbated...
  85. >Hatsuyuki: Sneaky sneaky
  86. >Naka: Ah, it's Hatsuyuki-chan.
  87. >Jintsuu: Ha~Tsu~Yuki~San~
  88. >Hatsuyuki: Hiiiiiiii--!!
  90. >Hatsuyuki: None of the 3rd Torpedo Squadron has sortied since my sister stopped sorteing, huh...?
  91. >Jintsuu: Well, the ones suffering is us in the 2nd Torpedo Squadron! | I'm ending this at the source! Hand over your calculators!
  92. >Jintsuu: I'm going to vaporize it with a fully upgraded rensouhou/twin gun....
  93. >Naka: Uwah, calm down, Jintsuu-chan!!
  94. >Hatsuyuki: Help me~~
  96. >Hatsuyuki: Sendai-san, help meeeeeee
  97. >Jintsuu: You stay right there, I'm not done ta...
  98. >Jintsuu: -lking...
  100. >Sendai: Could it be....because of the recent....
  101. >Sendai: Trump victory...
  102. >Hatsuyuki: Well,
  103. >Hatsuyuki: Since the dust settled on the US Presidential Election, | The Dollar-to-Yen exchange rate shot up and has been skyrocketing since. (
  104. >Hatsuyuki: While this has become a big windfall for some people | my guess is that Sendai-san put her money on the wrong horse.
  105. >Naka: So what you're saying is...
  107. >Hatsuyuki: This is brutal....she's down ten million.
  108. >Naka: Down....?
  109. >Hatsuyuki: What I'm saying is that she's taken on roughly ten million in debt.
  111. >[I sold all my assets to cover my FX debt]
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