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  1. [*] Added support for Minecraft 1.0 creatures; Blaze, Magma Cube, Snowman, Villager, Mushroom Cow, Ender Dragon.
  2. [*] Added support for potions. Remember that potions work like wool and ink sacks; you need to use the <item>:<data>:<amount> syntax for them to get properly added.
  3. [*] Fixed experience orbs not getting cleared on arena end.
  4. [*] Added a new wave type: Supply Waves. These waves spawn one monster per player, and will drop a random item from a customized drop list (same notation as the class items). The monster list notation is identical to that of default and special waves. Example:
  5. single:
  6.     supply1:
  7.         type: supply
  8.         wave: 8
  9.         monsters:
  10.             cows: 10
  11.             pigs: 5
  12.         drops: grilled_pork, cooked_chicken, cooked_beef, cooked_fish:2
  13. [*] Added new per-arena setting: monster-exp [true|false] (default: false). If true, monsters will drop experience orbs, and if false, they won't.
  14. [*] Added new per-arena setting: clear-boss-before-next: [true|false] (default: false). If true, whenever boss(es) are alive in the arena, waves will not continue until they die. In this respect, it works just like clear-wave-before-next, but only for bosses. If clear-wave-before-next is true, clear-boss-before-next is moot and thus ignored.
  15. [*] Added new per-arena setting: monster-limit: <number> (default: 100). Sets a cap on how many monsters can possibly exist in the arena at any one time. A wave will only spawn monsters up until the limit, and all other monsters in the wave will be left out. If the limit is reached, waves cannot progress until there is room for new monsters to spawn. With a lower value (20-30), this setting is useful with clear-wave-before-next: false, because the arena will thus not cause a server to lag out, if players are camping/exploiting.
  16. [*] Changed per-arena settings: wave-interval, clear-wave-before-next. The wave-interval works as it always did, but it is no longer ignored if clear-wave-before-next is true. The wave-interval specifies the absolute minimum amount of time between waves, e.g. if set to 10, even with clear-wave-before-next: true, and all monsters killed within 2 seconds, it will still take another 8 seconds for the wave to spawn, and if the 10 seconds pass and monsters are still alive, the next wave will start as soon as all monsters are dead. Note that this behavior is only applicable to clear-wave-before-next being true; if it is false, the waves will spawn at every interval.
  17. [*] Removed per-arena settings: detonate-creepers, detonate-damage, max-idle-time, special-modulo, repair-delay. You can safely remove them from your config-file.
  18. [*] Rewrote the spawner algorithm, so waves should no longer spawn in odd patterns (e.g. 25, 18, 39, etc.) as some users have reported.
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