Orion - Dead Dreams

Jan 8th, 2015
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  4. > be anon
  5. > be married to Princess Luna
  6. > currently sitting together in our study room
  7. > "ANON! It's... I think it's time!"
  8. "time for what?"
  9. > "oh I don't know, maybe our foals to be born!"
  10. suddenly realizing the current events "GAURD! GET THE DOCTOR NOW!"
  11. > The gaurd doesn't even reply, he just knows what's happening
  12. > I've been waiting for this time for nearly a year
  13. > found out we were having twins a few months back
  14. > a colt and a filly
  15. > turns out that somehow man and mare are compatible in making children, though not entirely sure if it will be a saytr or pony
  16. > me personally, I hope it's a pony
  17. > Celestia was probably the most excited when we told everyone the news, excluding Ponk of course
  18. "Where is that damned doctor at!?"
  19. > "Anon,'s only been a few minutes. The doc..... The doctor shall arrive soon.... Hopefully. "
  20. > suddenly the doctor and a few nurses burst through the door
  21. "Bout damn time!"
  22. >> "I came as soon as I could sir, how long has she been in labor?" Asks the doctor who shall be named Tim
  23. "Uh, I'm not sure but roughly ten to fifteen minutes."
  24. > suddenly Luna cries out in pain, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I think.... they are...... coming out now!"
  25. >> "Yes, it would seem so. Just push and breathe, push and breathe."
  26. "You are doing great Luna, just hang in there, almost done."
  27. > "AAHH! You will pay.... for this."
  28. > with a loud cry of pain, the first foal is brought into the world
  29. > It's a colt with a grey-ish white coat and dull yellow mane
  30. > "Thats one out, and one to go." Says Tim as he hands (hooves? Hoofs?) over the crying foal to a nurse
  31. > Luna starts having trouble at this point, the doctor and I both notice
  32. "Luna are you ok? What's wrong!? Doc, do something!"
  33. >> "Come on, hang in there until we get the second foal out of you, your highness. I see it coming now."
  34. > And with yet another cry of pain the second foal is born
  35. > Luna faints right after birthing the second foal, only there is something wrong
  36. > gravely wrong
  38. > It's then that I realize that our filly was stillborn
  39. > She had a bright yellow coat with an orange mane
  40. "M-may...may I have her doctor?"
  41. >> "of course sir."
  42. > It's a surreal moment when you hold something that should be alive but isn't
  43. > The only thing I can compare it too is when you are holding a dead pet dog or cat
  44. > but the major difference is when this "pet" is supposed to be your new born daughter
  45. > they moved Luna into our room and onto the bed, cleaned her and our son when they did so
  46. > I didn't know that at the time, I was sitting in a corner holding my daughter's body as if she were alive
  47. > I was crying, but I didn't care
  48. "Doctor, can you do me a favor?"
  49. >> "yes, what is it?"
  50. "Don't tell luna about our daughter, I want to be the one to break the news to her."
  51. >> "If you wish to, I shall let you do so. I am terribly sorry about your loss."
  52. > I don't even reply, I am too lost in my own world of sadness and hatred towards the world
  53. > I try to think if this is just a dream, or some cruel prank by discord
  54. > deep down I know it's real (but it was a dream!)
  55. > a nurse interrupts my thoughts, "excuse me sir, Princess Celestia wishes to see you and your new family. What shall I tell her?"
  56. "Let her in."
  57. >> "Anon! I heard Luna had her fo..."
  58. >her sentence ended abruptly as she noticed how I looked and the fact that I was holding a dead foal
  59. >> "Anon, I'm so sorry. What of the other foal? The colt?"
  60. "Alive, with Luna. She fainted after giving birth. In our room I think."
  61. >> "Does she know?"
  62. "No, I want to be the one to tell her though. But how do I tell her? Hey honey, you know how you had twins? Well we don't have twins anymore cause our daughter is dead!"
  63. > to this I received a slap that I deserved
  64. >> "ANON! I am ashamed of you, I know this is a sad time with the death of your daughter, but you shouldn't go around making it worse!"
  65. > "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Princess Luna is awake and she is asking for you two and your daughter."
  67. "Tell her we will be in there in a few minutes"
  68. >> "Anon, you must tell Luna the truth but you can't be so blunt about it. She would be devastated even more about this."
  69. "You're right, I'm sorry for what I said. Now let's go break the bad news to her."
  70. > I got up and started walking to the door that is to my bedroom where Luna and our colt were
  71. > I painfully reached for the door handle; it wasn't a physical pain, but a pain to the feels
  72. > I slowly turned the handle and opened the door.
  73. > as I slowly walked inside the room, Celestia passed me as she went straight to Luna's side
  74. > luna look very tired, as would anyone who gave birth to twins
  75. > our colt was busy nursing on one of Luna's teats
  76. > she looked up at us as we entered, and she immediately locked eyes with me
  77. >one glance towards our daughter told her everything
  78. > It broke my heart to see her break into violent wailing cries of anguish and knowing that there wasn't much I could do.
  80. this is where the dream ended.
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