engulfing ocean

May 18th, 2017
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  1. what year is it - - - I had to stop him and pull him back and ask him. what year is it?
  3. I don't know.
  4. he said
  5. It doesn't matter.
  7. Now hurry up
  8. come on
  10. and we continued marching down the tunnel
  11. into an engulfing ocean
  13. don't worry
  14. he said
  15. you won't fit between their baleen teeth
  16. we are safe in the water
  18. and I felt like maybe it was true and that it also must be true
  19. Lord knows that we couldn't go back onto the dry land
  21. where they injected us
  22. and even into the tunnel pursued us
  23. with stacks of things
  24. things to agree upon
  27. shhh.. with a finger to the lip
  28. she grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of the ocean
  29. and up the steps onto a city bus
  30. and she had a ticket for me... she put it in and she validated the fare
  31. the bus was already moving and we had to hold on
  32. quickly... grabbing something
  33. I discovered that the bus was very full with other passengers
  34. my arm up and hand holding awkwardly to a pole and sliding around
  35. and she was gone... I think she had helped me onto the bus and then crouched down and turned into a piece of it...
  36. she had become a bar or a seat or a panel on the bus's floor
  38. I dont even know how to signal for a stop
  39. its getting more crowded and I am getting pressed in
  40. and I don't know what had happened to the engulfing ocean
  41. another impossible place
  42. beyond reason
  44. shuffling out of the bus's doors at what seemed like a popular spot
  45. a lot of the other animals on the bus were getting off at this stop
  46. oh yes
  47. they had become animals now
  48. I myself was something different now
  49. I had hooves and was snarling mad
  50. foam splattered out of my mouth and nose
  52. and despite the way they held me down and stretched me and pulled me
  53. part of me did not flatten and ribbon out like taffy
  54. laughing and snorting
  55. and staring up at a whale filled sky
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